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  2. Local news, on the other hand, is likely to focus on matters close to home, such as regional business, crime, sports, and weather. 5 The NBC Nightly News, for example, covers presidential campaigns and the White House or skirmishes between North Korea and South Korea, while the NBC affiliate in Los Angeles (KNBC-TV) and the NBC affiliate in.
  3. shortening of both television news stories and sound bites, one could well argue that the evolutionary process will continue. Newspaper Style News in newspapers is written so that it may be edited from the bottom up. As old editors liked to say, a page form is not made of rubber. It won't stretch. What doesn't fit is thrown away
  4. Multiple Choice Quiz. The tone for broadcast news stories should be. a. conversational, informal and relaxed. b. consistent with the rhetorical principles of Aristotle and Cicero. c. similar to the tone adopted by a college lecturer. d. similar to the tone of a lawyer advising a client. When a broadcast news story includes a name that may not.
  5. International and U.S. news a lesser part of people's media diet. Publics in 37 of the 38 countries surveyed are less likely to closely follow news about other countries than they are to follow national or local news. A global median of 57% say they follow international news closely, and just 16% follow it very closely
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  1. Your editors will likely object if you use slang, contractions or sentence fragments in a feature story, just as they would for a news story.(True or False) F News stories are written in the past tense, but feature stories are often written in the present tense.(True or False
  2. For basics, we recommend you tell your story to local newspapers because: They are easier to obtain coverage because they cover a niche area, so there will be less competition. Your story is likely to be about someone in the community, so it's very relevant to the readers; therefore, very likely to be covered
  3. The only group with a level of engagement that is similarly low is U.S. adults who get their political news primarily from local television, 11% of whom are following election news very closely. This is a common thread throughout the analysis: The social media group and the local TV group are often comparable in their lower levels of engagement.

Go to NBCNews.com for breaking news, videos, and the latest top stories in world news, business, politics, health and pop culture Most of all, it was a reminder that if he becomes the next mayor, which looks extremely likely, we're going to have an extremely smart, albeit flawed leader at the helm for the next four or. News stories always have to be cut because reporters write them too long, and the (imperfect) theory was that a well structured story could always be cut from the bottom so that in extremis (do.

No one expected Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr., who was a potentially strong candidate to be New York City's first Latino mayor, to announce in late January that he would drop out of the 2021 mayoral race and retire from politics at the end of his term.. In a matter of weeks, Bronx Democratic Party boss Assemblyman Marcos Crespo dropped his own bombshell: after a decade in office. Fox News Headlines 24/7 Sports & Entertainment reporter Mike Gunzelman with an update. Tiger Woods will likely face a lengthy recovery following his near-fatal car crash in Los Angeles this week. The latest coronavirus news updated every day including coronavirus cases, the latest news, features and interviews from New Scientist and essential information about the covid-19 pandemi

Her lead was wider among registered Pennsylvania voters, 48 percent to 35 percent. That's the largest lead for Clinton in Pennsylvania among a set of recent polls that have shown an advantage for. All the top stories -- local news, local sports, lifestyle, opinions, obituaries, entertainment, plus regional/national/global info to keep you informed. Newsletter arrives every morning for your. When a county goes from receiving no military equipment to $2,539,767 worth (the largest figure that went to one agency in our data), more than twice as many civilians are likely to die in that.

Adults 70-Plus Three Times as Likely to Die Following Low-Level Falls Julius Cheng, M.D., M.P.H. While simple falls, such as slipping while walking off a curb, may seem relatively harmless, they can actually lead to severe injury and death in elderly individuals, according to a new study published in The Journal of Trauma: Injury, Infection. We also discovered that blacks are more likely to be searched following a stop. Just by getting in a car, a black driver has about twice the odds of being pulled over, and about four times the. L.A. officers who caused giant blast with fireworks likely made 'significant miscalculation'. The blast in a neighborhood injured 17 people — including nine officers and a federal agent. Police. A study from the local Hurley Medical Center found that 2.1 percent of children age 5 and under had elevated blood lead levels prior to the switch to Flint River water, compared to 4.0 percent.

  1. Spending Review: Council tax likely to rise, says think-tank. Households face a rise in council tax after Chancellor Rishi Sunak cut support for local authorities in his Spending Review, experts.
  2. A news story is a written or recorded (or, occasionally, live) article or interview that informs the public about current events, concerns, or ideas.You don't usually write the story - though sometimes local media will use exactly what words you give them - but you provide story ideas to journalists who then flesh out your idea to create.
  3. The following year, a study by two University of Colorado social scientists published in the journal Sociological Perspectives found that African-American families with incomes of $50,000 to.
  4. This is the first Lake Geneva Bacon Fest and Regional News General Manager Rob Ireland hopes to make it the first of many Bacon Fests. In future years, likely capacity will be able to be increased, but it was limited this year
  5. Unopened 'Legend of Zelda' Game From 1987 Sells for $870,000. An unopened copy of Nintendo's The Legend of Zelda that was made in 1987 has sold at auction for $870,000. Heritage Auctions in.
  6. There is only one task that men and women are equally likely to take the lead on -- paying bills. In 37% of U.S. households, the woman primarily pays the bills, while in 34% of households, the man does. Planning family activities is the only task that is reported as being shared equally by a majority, 52%. In households that don't share the job.

Read full articles, watch videos, browse thousands of titles and more on the Local stories topic with Google News Environmental engineers worry about high chloride levels because studies have shown that lead corrosion is more likely when the ratio of chloride to sulfate concentrations is greater than 0.58

Stay up-to-date with the latest news, stories and headlines in Monroe, MI from Monroe Evening News. Redistricting likely done in October. DANCE FACTORY / Bedford grads lead local youths to. The FBI is warning law enforcement agencies across the country that the decision by the grand jury considering the Ferguson shooting will likely lead some extremist protesters to threaten. Get the latest news from the BBC in Coventry and Warwickshire: Local website with breaking news, sport, weather and travel from the area plus in-depth features, analysis, audio and video coverage. KETV NewsWatch 7 is your source for the latest local headlines and live alerts. Visit Omaha's most reliable source for breaking news

— Local governments have authority to set their own stricter rules. Burlington, the state's most populous city, reduced its outdoor gathering limit to 25 in late August when college students. Many news stories have reported on individual stories of teenagers who have suffered from anxiety, depression, and other mental health challenges during the pandemic, said Angela L. Duckworth, a professor at the University of Pennsylvania and lead author of the study Expert predicts 25% of colleges will fail in the next 20 years. For the first time in 185 years, there will be no fall semester at Green Mountain College in western Vermont. The college, which. A little-known phenomenon called confirmation bias, helps us make good decisions, but also leads us to buy into information that supports our existing beliefs. If new information doesn't confirm.

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State and local governments spent at least $400 million, largely on land and infrastructure Foxconn will likely never need. a 261,000-square-foot manufacturing center and a nine-story glass. Spending Review: Council tax likely to rise, says think-tank. Households face a rise in council tax after Chancellor Rishi Sunak cut support for local authorities in his Spending Review, experts. Exit Full Screen. It's still possible to test positive for the coronavirus even after getting vaccinated, experts said. Both the Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna vaccines require two doses per. Summary: A number of videos have surfaced on popular channels showing people experiencing some adverse effects following the coronavirus vaccine.Researchers say some of the cases could be related to functional neurological disorder, a common neuropsychological condition. Source: Mass General Videos of people experiencing severe neurological symptoms, including convulsions and difficulty.

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T he pension prospects of more than six million teachers, nurses, civil servants, local government workers and other public servants are in limbo following a court judgment last year and the. Topic: Local. Authorities asking for public's help in finding driver who struck and killed woman, 61, in Weymouth and left scene Receive the latest news and breaking updates, straight from our. News. Local Education Crime Politics Former President Trump Weather Frank Cerabino. Starving manatees overwhelm Florida rescuers. SOS Cuba protests taking place across Florida 'Joyful' Mora family. Employee discontent is growing at Destination Toronto — formerly Tourism Toronto — following reports that the agency temporarily laid off more than half of its local Toronto workers at the. Soft news, also called market-centred journalism, journalistic style and genre that blurs the line between information and entertainment. Although the term soft news was originally synonymous with feature stories placed in newspapers or television newscasts for human interest, the concept expanded to include a wide range of media outlets that present more personality-centred stories

Get New Orleans, Louisiana latest news. Find photos and videos, comment on the news, and join the forum discussions at NOLA.com Lead Stories DEADBEAT DEBTORS Funeral home operators contracted by the Government to carry out pauper burials say they are owed in excess of $25 million, but the Institute of Forensic Science and Legal Medicine (IFSLM), which has been fingered for blame, says that funding is.. News, email and search are just the beginning. Discover more every day. Find your yodel

News in Numbers. 70%. The proportion of state and local government employees who are fully vaccinated against COVID-19. Of the government workers who have not been vaccinated, 33 percent cited a. Flawed trials lead to death chamber. Under Gov. George W. Bush, Texas has executed dozens of Death Row inmates whose cases were compromised by unreliable evidence, disbarred or suspended defense.

A large majority of black adults (80%) expect that national news stories will be accurate, more than the share of whites (70%) or Hispanics (71%) who say the same. Overall, 71% of U.S. adults have this expectation. 2 Black adults are more likely to feel connected to their main source of news While local and cable TV news are cited at roughly the same rates overall, for example, cable news is far more likely to be named as the most helpful source. About four-in-ten (41%) U.S. adults who say they learned about the election from cable TV news in the past week name it as the most helpful type of source, while this is true of only 22%.

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Employee burnout has only gotten worse over the last year: more than half (52%) of respondents are feeling burned out, and more than two-thirds (67%) believe the feeling has worsened over the course of the pandemic.; Those who work virtually are more likely to say burnout has worsened over the course of the pandemic (38%) than are those working on site (28%); other notable differences can also. The anticipated trilogy between heavyweight champion Tyson Fury and Tuscaloosa native Deontay Wilder is likely to be postponed after a COVID-19 outbreak in the Fury camp, per a report from ESPN's. Kotak Mahindra Bank. NSE 0.11 % and HDFC Bank may be among the top suitors to buy the retail franchise of Citibank in India, which is likely to be valued at around $2 billion if the entire business is sold in one bloc, said people familiar with the developments. Tata Capital, Axis Bank, IDFC First and ICICI Bank may also be interested in buying. The COVID-19 vaccines that are currently in development or have been approved are expected to provide at least some protection against new virus variants because these vaccines elicit a broad immune response involving a range of antibodies and cells. Therefore, changes or mutations in the virus should not make vaccines completely ineffective Get breaking news and the latest headlines on business, entertainment, politics, world news, tech, sports, videos and much more from AO

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When people get together in groups, unusual things can happen — both good and bad. Groups create important social institutions that an individual could not achieve alone, but there can be a darker side to such alliances: Belonging to a group makes people more likely to harm others outside the group Life After COVID-19: The Road To Recovery. May 13, 2020 -- The symptoms came suddenly but took a long time to leave. Akhink Omer, 31, still remembers the exact date: March 9. One day she felt. African-American women are more likely to lose a baby in the first year of life than women of any other race. Scientists think that stress from racism makes their bodies and babies more vulnerable News; Opinion; Shannon Deery: Daniel Andrews likely to lead Vic Labor to next election. Dan Andrews' extended absence has given plenty of Labor contenders a chance to prove themselves worthy of.

Earlier studies had shown male chimps were more likely than females to try to put hard feelings to rest following a head-to-head conflict, spurring Benenson and Wrangham to wonder whether the same might be true among humans. To get at the question, they turned to a modern form of conflict: sports Paid Sick Leave. The 2017 Employer Health Benefits Survey found that about two in three firms (68%) provide paid sick leave to their full-time workers (Figure 5).Large firms (94%) were more likely. Streaming video services are also likely to benefit as people seek out more entertainment or news content. The biggest bumps in usage and time spent are likely to go to dominant SVODs, like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime Video, and could even drive some subscriber additions. Ad-supported VOD services like Roku Channel and Pluto TV could also.

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Bitcoin price bounces back above $30,000. Bitcoin has returned above $30,000 on Wednesday morning, proving that $29k remains the key price support. It is the second time since the price crash from. Therefore Israeli women of all ages really like strong men, whoms shoulder could you lead upon. It is not unexpected, that Judio women are looking for strong and supported men. Costly absolutely the case story about beautiful Judio women. That our bride company Israeli mail order brides suggest a whole lot of brides to be

Lead story (aka Lead) - first story in a newscast or segment (in broadcasting) or a story that is above the fold in print-this considered the most important news story of the day. Outcue - usually the last thing a reporter says in either a live or recorded news story (i.e. PKG) indicating the piece is ending Lead, a naturally occurring metal, is abundantly found throughout the Earth. It has been used in a wide variety of products including gasoline, paint, plumbing pipes, ceramics, solders, batteries, and even cosmetics. Lead is hazardous to our health. Due to health concerns, in 1973, the federal government began to phase out lead in gasoline and.

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Lead writing example Write a good lead for the following story. The Miami Dolphins lost in a 41-14 blowout against the Buffalo Bills on Sunday, but that was the least of cornerback Brent Grimes' worries.. According to Adam Beasley of the Miami Herald, Grimes' wife, Miko, was arrested on charges of battery on a police officer andresisting arrest with violence Types of leads in news writing 1. Types of Leads in News Writing (Various Patterns) 2. Summary/digest/Straight Leads It brings the central issue of discussions at first. It tells readers what they want to know in a creative manner If the reader only read the lead, he or she would have a solid grasp of the story. Example: Twelve persons were killed & at least 50 injured and ho The local news stations are covering a story about a lost child. You tune to one station and hear that the child was last seen with a male parent. On another station, the report states that the child was last seen with her father does not involve the analysis of multiple interpretations Poll: As Delta spreads, 62% of vaccinated Americans say they want a COVID booster shot. While the approved vaccines still offer near-complete protection against severe illness, hospitalization and death from Delta — more than 99 percent of those who've died from COVID this year were unvaccinated — the variant's transmissibility and ability to dodge at least some immune defenses recently. The current season of The Bachelor hasn't even come to an end, but ABC is so impressed with one of Matt James' current contestants, the network is nearly set on its next

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Their local news had shot a video of them and they asked to be counted, and we put them in the sheet. People are very active and it's not part of the broader public discourse about where we are as a country. I think it's important to tell that story. This originally appeared on the Weatherhead Center website. Part two of the series is now. The following morning, this would suggest that had the Post reached out to the company it likely could have corrected its story prior to publication. When one news outlet runs a story, the. Refusing to self-isolate when told to is now illegal in England, with fines of up to £10,000. Anyone who tests positive for Covid-19, or has been told they have been in contact with someone who.


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Fort Myers reopens city's trails following the county's lead. The city of Fort Myers has decided to follow the lead of Lee County and has reopened some of its parks and trails. The city reopened. You're Shopping South Loop #1950. OPEN Until 10:00 pm. 1300 S Clinton Street. Chicago, IL. (312)850-4836. Store Details Local Ad If there is a single pesticide almost everyone can name, it's DDT. DDT was one of the first chemicals in widespread use as a pesticide. Following World War II, it was promoted as a wonder-chemical, the simple solution to pest problems large and small. Today, nearly 40 years after DDT was banned in the U.S., we continue to live with its long-lasting effects: Food supplies: USD The following are five of the biggest issues that nurses face today: Burnout. Nurses often experience burnout, which, according to Nursing.org, is caused by chronic overwork and an ongoing lack of. Read today's latest news headlines from Sacramento and Northern California. Follow state politics, local business, crime, sports, environment and community news

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Poverty does not tell the whole story of mass incarceration. Because of who is most likely to be poor in the United States, poverty and its connections to incarceration lead to disparate impacts on minority populations. The data show, however, that even after accounting for poverty, racial disparities in incarceration rates persist From wrestling mat to Justice Department, Kristen Clarke known for breaking barriers. Kristen Clarke has been confirmed by the Senate to lead the Justice Department's Civil Rights Division.

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A local breast cancer recurrence may lead to any of the following symptoms: a new lump in the breast. a new area of the breast that seems unnaturally firm. redness or swelling of the skin in or around the breast area. flattening or other changes to the nipple. bumps on or under the skin of the chest wall Effects that scientists had predicted in the past would result from global climate change are now occurring: loss of sea ice, accelerated sea level rise and longer, more intense heat waves. Taken as a whole, the range of published evidence indicates that the net damage costs of climate change are likely to be significant and to increase over time Plan for Wisconsin tax cut could lead to big break for railroad companies. MADISON - The business tax state lawmakers are about to pass could quickly lead to a $45 million-a-year tax break for.