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As our numbers show in 2021 average cost that homeowners paid for asphalt sealing in San Bernardino county is between $181.00 and $970.00. This Driveway Sealing Ontario Quote Includes: Average labor costs to seal asphalt paving in Ontario, California. Average costs for materials and equipment for driveway sealing in Ontario Then, simply put the numbers in the appropriate fields and press Calculate Estimate. You'll be given an approximate cost for your driveway sealing. Your estimate is calculated using the Driveway Guys' price of $0.21 per square foot of driveway. Remember, Driveway Guys does more than seal your driveway The cost to seal a concrete driveway with an acrylic spray-on cure and seal will cost about $0.53 per square foot. Two applications of a nonmetallic color and concrete hardener cost about $2.40 per square foot. Solvent-based concrete sealers are of a higher quality and are the most popular choice amongst homeowners Concrete driveways are more durable, requiring resealing about every five years. Cost of Driveway Sealing Professional driveway resealing costs anywhere from about $0.10 to $0.25 per square foot. That works out to $100 to $250 for a 1,000-square-foot driveway A typical asphalt driveway will require, at minimum, two base coats. One coat will go on the bottom and another will be present at the top. The cost of asphalt ranges from approx. $3 to $5 per square foot, including labor. It is easier to get a better idea of the total cost when you calculate it on the basis of tonnes

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The price of the concrete landscaping project is calculated based on a few factors. Since concrete is priced by square footage, the shape and size of the area will increase/decrease the cost. The average price of concrete ranges from $10 - $16 per square foot. Factors that impact the price of your concrete projec Here's what's likely to affect the cost to pave a driveway: #1: Surface Area. The very first point affecting your project in terms of asphalt paving cost is the surface area. Of course, the larger the area, the greater will be the cost. And the smaller the area, the lesser will be the expenses Ontario Asphalt Sealing & Hot Asphalt Repair by Gerald Aubrey Residential Driveway Repair Services. Proper driveway repair, maintenance and sealing will extend the life of your driveway. We use a high-quality sealer that leaves the driveway looking fabulous for an average of 2-3 years. We'll edge and blow off the driveway to prepare it for sealing Call The Driveway Doctor to seal in your investment. Serving commercial and residential properties throughout Southern Ontario, The Driveway Doctor can seal, restore, repair, beautify and protect just about any driveway or parking lot. It will keep looking like new. It will feel like new. It will behave like new. But it won't cost you like new

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  1. Also known as chip seal, a seal coat can extend the life expectancy of a given roadway by many years at a fraction of the cost of repolishing. Budget wise, it costs approximately thirty five to sixty thousand dollars to place a seal coat on one mile of a two-lane track
  2. Sealing your driveway is the most cost effective and quick way to preserve your driveway from deterioration. In general, applying sealer every 2-3 years will prolong your driveway's overall lifetime. Contact us today for a free consultation and discover how we can help
  3. Our sealing process delivers long-lasting protection, has a beautiful matt smooth appearance and protects your driveway from our harsh Ontario weather. We can perform just about any asphalt driveway repair job. Much like changing the oil in your car, ongoing maintenance of your asphalt driveway can reduce the time, hassle and cost which comes.
  4. Toronto Driveway Sealers offer you the best driveway sealing, asphalt repairs, driveway repairs, pothole repairs, and asphalt sealing in the city. Give us a call today at (647) 363-7616 to get your FREE QUOTE
  5. Most contractors charge between $12.00 to $17.00 per square foot to install an asphalt driveway. However, there are some factors that could increase the asphalt paving labour cost estimate. For example, if the company has to excavate your driveway first, it could cost you up to $5,100.00 more depending on the size of your driveway
  6. Asphalt Driveway Sealing, Stamped Concrete Renewal. Since 1993. Get An Estimate At No Cost! Call or message us with your name, number and address. We'll stop by and leave an estimate for free! Superior Driveway Sealing. Beamsville, Ontario L0R, Canada. 905-563-0257. Hours. Sunday to Saturday, 7:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m..
  7. We have been a Driveway Sealing company service Richmond hill and the surrounding area's for over 20 years. We were one of the first established in Ontario. Our specialty is helping clients improve the curb appeal of their homes while helping to increase the life of their driveways. Our Services Include: Driveway Sealing (Blacktop) Driveway Repair

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  1. Ottawa Asphalt Sealing & Driveway Repairs Call Us Today For An Estimate Ottawa 613.698.7325 North Bay 705.498.732
  2. Driveway Sealing Ontario County Costs. Knowing the driveway sealing Geneva costs is recommended before starting a driveway sealing project. While looking at national averages can give a general idea, such numbers usually do not include factors which may affect the final price, such as local labor hourly rates, material costs and any local permits required for the Geneva driveway sealing project
  3. Cost of paving materials (asphalt, concrete, paver stone) Type of paving material. Average price per square foot. Asphalt. starting at $3 per square foot, can go up to $10. Concrete. between $7 and $15 per square foot. Paver stone. between $12 and $20, depending on the type of paving stone
  4. We all know paving your driveway costs a very pretty penny, and still your driveway is not exempt from the laws of nature. Cracks and discolouration are an inevitable result of water and snow seeping into the asphalt and creating pools of water beneath it, which in turn freezes and thaws repeatedly causing it to crack. While we cannot change the weather, at Presidential Properties we are.
  5. all residential and commercial sealing. No hidden. charges of any kind! Flexible Hours - We work 7 days a week to help fit your. needs and can accommodate any schedule, weather permitting. Safe Choice - We guarantee all of our work and are fully insured. Easy Online Free Estimate Request - Fill out our. contact form and we will get back to you
  6. We specialise in driveway sealing and parking lots Line panting website@topcoatdrivewaysealing.com Call text or email 705 4400901. Favourite. Driveway Sealing & Repair *Great Prices*. Barrie < 15 hours ago. Offering driveway sealing & repairs for Barrie and the surrounding areas, 6th year in business
  7. Favourite. Driveway/Asphalt. Mississauga / Peel Region 12/06/2021. WESTONTARIOPAVING With over 35 years in the business , Now offers Driveway paving At a competitive price and amazing quality. Call /text Giuseppe at 6474680171 for a free estimate . We also do interlocking & concrete. Favourite. $325.00

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  1. Call Us: 289-204-2274. We offer a service for driveway sealing Hamilton locals can count on for a job done right the first time. When you want your driveway to last for years and uphold to the weather we receive here in Hamilton, then you can rely on our Hamilton paving services because we only uses the most high quality seals and waxes to keep.
  2. Our sealing process delivers long-lasting protection, has a beautiful matt smooth appearance and protects your driveway from our harsh Ontario weather Back to Black Asphalt sealing and Crack Repair will tackle your driveway repair job using our industrial asphalt repair products. At the same time, we'll ensure the delicate garden or stone work.
  3. The average cost of a 16x38 foot tar and chip driveway is $1,850.The base cost can range between $1 and $5 per square foot.Driveways on the cheaper end can cost as little as $650 while more expensive ones cost about $3,050.This kind of paving is usually less than the cost of installing a concrete driveway but more than one made of gravel. While several variables affect the price of a.
  4. Driveway Guys work on both residential and commercial buildings driveways and parking lots. From driveway sealing, repairs, patching to line markings we offer a broad range of services. You'll love the convenience of having just one company that can complete your entire project. Driveway Repair and Maintenance Company Residential and Corporate Services in Durham Regio
  5. For amazing and long lasting results on your home improvement, Hamilton driveway sealing, new construction, or commercial property, give us a call today at 289-204-2274! Paving Services Needed * Driveway Walkway Curbs Asphalt Patterned Asphalt Interlocking Brick Landscaping Concrete Othe

An average seal coat driveway, from start to finish, typically costs around $200. That includes everything, cleaning and prepping and application of the seal coating material. Now, of course, there are variables that go into this figure including actual seal coating material, labor, and area preparation that are the main cost-driving factors Conoce toda la variedad de partes y refacciones que tenemos para tu aut asphalt sealing is the key to keeping a structurally sound and attractive surface. We recommend sealing 12 months after installation and every 2 years thereafter. Acorn Pro is your asphalt sealing specialist, offering residential and commercial asphalt sealing services to The Southern Ontario area since 1988 Asphalt Driveway Sealing. Canadian Property Stars is Canada's largest professional driveway sealing company, providing top quality service to thousands of Ontario customers each year. Our fleet of mobile driveway sealing carts allows us to reduce overhead expenses and costly fuel consumption in turn passing the savings on to you JHC Landscaping offers top-tier sealing and paving services within the GTA. A newly installed asphalt driveway should cure for up to 90 days after installation before sealing. Our company offers professional services that will prevent you from having to undertake a DIY sealing procedure, which usually involves highly varying costs. Our teams.

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Driveway Sealing Services in Niagara. Derek Vittie is a native of Pelham Ontario and has been a professional sealer since 2015. He has sealed over 650 driveways. Call Derek at: 289-501-9274. Driveway/patio sealing is both easy and cost effective method to protect and prolong the life of your driveway Driveway Sealing 50 years Family owned business. Asphalt Sealing All over Mississauga, Brampton, GTA, Milton, Georgetow

The team at Pete's Driveway Sealing & Repairs has been serving clients across the Greater Toronto Area for 15 years, we specialize in residential and commercial driveway paving and repairs. We also provide protection coatings for asphalt, repair parking lots and tennis courts, remove oil stains and more. We stand by our work, and when we are. Like a canvas for pint-sized chalk artists, a freshly sealed driveway can set the scene for future Picassos and Monets. Allow artistic expression with today's WagJag: $59 for driveway sealing from A-1 Driveway Sealing (a $149 value). Canadian weather can cause asphalt to dry, crack, leak and lift Ontario Paving specializes in new and existing asphalt projects and parking lot maintenance. For both residential and commercial services. Given the hard winters in Ontario, asphalt pavements take a lot of abuse and wear and tear. It is important to regularly treat your pavements to enhance the life, appearance of any property, and most. Here are some examples of cost for sealing a driveway: $0.25: Average cost per square foot to seal an asphalt driveway with a hot rubberized tar treatment from All Pro Paving in Perris, California. Coating lasts 3-5 years. Coarser asphalt will require more product and may have a higher price per square foot. $0.20: Cost per square foot for a. CONTACT. Thank you for visiting our website. If you have any questions about driveway sealing, or would like to schedule an appointment for a free quote, please contact us. 613-558-7419. ottawadriveway@gmail.com

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Pro Seal is a family owned and operated business located in Nepean, Ontario. We have been in business since 1991, and a member of the Ottawa Better Business Bureau since 2007. Please contact us, by phone or email, for a personal one-on-one consult and free estimate Driveway sealing in Ontario by Acorn Pro providing the best in asphalt sealing for over 20 years. professional and affordable as we specialize in asphalt sealing and repairs. Contact us. Mississauga, Georgetown, Milton, Oakville, Brampton, Burlington, Barrie, Wasaga Beach, Halton Hills, Ontario Driveway sealing cost. Driveway sealing is quite affordable when compared to its benefits. Expect to spend between $10-$16 per 100 square feet. Therefore, a driveway of about 1000 square feet will cost $100-$160 to seal. It is recommended to have your driveway sealed at least every 3-10 years CHEVRIER GROUP OTTAWA DRIVEWAY EXPERTS 11-300 Earl Grey Drive, Suite 450 Kanata, Ontario K2T 1C1 Phone : # 613-864-1485 Fax: # 613-592-561

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driveway sealing. Paving Contractors review in Mississauga. Almost 4 years ago. Great job done by Rod from ACORN PRO. Very professional, competent, on time and reasonable priced. I would strongly recommend the company to others, and definitely I will call him back for future resurfacing jobs. Job Price BBB Accredited Paving Contractors near Ottawa, ON. BBB Start with Trust ®. Your guide to trusted BBB Ratings, customer reviews and BBB Accredited businesses We specialize in driveway sealing, repairs and power cleaning. We use only the best products when it comes to your driveway. If you are in need of a Driveway Sealing or Driveway Repair Company in Markham Call us today for a free estimate at 905-806-8577 or simply fill out our quote form and we will be happy to send you some pricing

A concrete driveway 90 feet long and ten feet wide would be around $1800 for materials plus an additional $2000 or so for labor, for a total cost of nearly $4000. Asphalt driveway paving costs $2-$6 per square foot installed. For a 500 square foot (50 x 10) driveway this works out to an average cost of $2500 The average cost is $5000 to haul away an old asphalt driveway and replace it with a new one. This is based on several factors. Asphalt repairs cost anywhere from $20 to $6,000 or more. Most homeowners spend $900 to $3,100 for repairs. This doesn't account for driveway paving and sealing. An Expert Costs Comparison of Repaving vs Resurfacing.

Driveway Sealing. Your driveway can really boost the curb appeal of your property. All new driveways begin with a layer of sealant for protection, but with the sun, water, and general usage and wear on your driveway, this seal becomes broken down. Eventually, the water will permeate into the gravel below Driveway Sealing & Repair Rochester NY Commercial Paving & Striping. With over 20 years of professional experience in the asphalt sealcoat industry, SealTek delivers on job quality and customer satisfaction. We are Rochester New York's Number #1 Pavement Sealcoater! Professional Sealcoating - Finished to Perfection Driveway Sealing London Ontario. The good news is driveway sealing and parking lot sealcoating can fortify your asphalt surfaces, allowing them to stay stronger and last longer. When it's time for blacktop sealing at your property, London Paint & Spray is the team to trust. Cut costs by making your asphalt last Website More Info. (585) 454-6590. Rochester, NY 14608. We had Tandoi put asphalt on our 2 driveways last year and they came back this year to seal them. They were great, I've already recommended them. 2. PJ Paving. Asphalt Paving & Sealcoating Driveway Contractors Parking Lot Maintenance & Marking. 8 Asphalt crack repair by filling is a common approach to improving the appearance and/or functionality of damaged asphalt surfaces like driveways. The cost to apply average asphalt crack repair depends upon the area and condition of the surface and cracks, the type of filler, special preparation needs, and the labor rate

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Before you hire a driveway and paving contractor in Lambton Shores, Ontario, shop through our network of over 18 local driveway and paving contractors. Read through customer reviews, check out their past projects and then request a quote from the best driveway and paving contractors near you Replacement costs between $11 and $21 per square foot, depending on whether your driveway needs re-grading, ease of access, and other factors. Installation $10-$18/square foot If you're looking to install an all-new asphalt driveway , it will usually cost between $10 and $18 per square foot Asphalt Sealing for You Driveways - Home Service Solutions. Ontario 519-576-3111. Customer Service. Serving over 10,000 happy customers. Locally owned and operated. 100% customer satisfaction and work guarantee. Laurie. Impressed. I was so impressed with the contractors who did my work Asphalt is one of the most commonly used materials for public roads and driveways because its cost effective and aesthetically pleasing. Paving is also a quick way to improve your home's curb appeal and increase your property value. It requires less maintenance than gravel, and makes ice and snow removal much easier Concrete Driveway Sealer- Kitchener, Cambridge Ontario. Ontario 519-576-3111. Customer Service. Serving over 10,000 happy customers. Locally owned and operated. 100% customer satisfaction and work guarantee. Laurie. Impressed. I was so impressed with the contractors who did my work

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Sudbury Driveway Sealing, Sudbury, Ontario. 282 likes · 2 talking about this. Driveway and Parking lot sealing and Line painting Commercial and Residentia Here's how asphalt driveway sealing costs are calculated: Mobilization. Most contractors will factor in a mobilization fee which is the amount of money it costs just to get the equipment and crew to a job site. When you look at the cost a contractor incurs just getting to the job site, it can add up pretty quickly before they've even put a bit.

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Asphalt Sealing provides professional driveway sealing services in Toronto A beautiful driveway will go a long way when it comes to improving the curb appeal of homeowners' property. Of course, asphalt is not immune to damage and, if left as is, the once beautiful driveway can soon become an eyesore Asphalt Driveway Paving Cost. Asphalt, also known as blacktop, is a blend of dark pitch and sand or gravel. It costs $8.50 per square foot — $2040 for a single-car driveway and $3553 for a two-car sized drive — and is available in colors on the black-gray spectrum. The cost of materials plus labor averages $3500—$4100 Get a Quote! 1421 Prestone Drive. Orléans, Ontario. K1E 2X3. info@ppsottawa.com. Tel: (613) 898-3865. Looking refresh your home or business? Contact us about asphalt repair and sealing in Ottawa, Ontario The cost of paving a new driveway is largely dependent on size, materials and labor and can fall anywhere between $.50 per square foot and $50 per square foot.. Find driveway contractors near me on ConcreteNetwork.com.. When choosing driveway paving materials it is important to compare upfront prices to long-term costs. Some paving materials are very affordable to install, but require regular.

Concrete driveways can last 50 years or longer with lesser maintenance and repair costs. A sealer applied every few years is very beneficial on concrete driveways as well. Appearance. Concrete driveways are available in a wider variety of choices than asphalt. Stained and stamped concrete driveways offer a distinct appeal and cost less in the. Residential and commercial driveway repair services, hot asphalt sealing, parking lot maintenance. Ontario Asphalt Sealing . . . read more about our services. 613.355.9002 This option is available for an additional cost. Driveway Repair, Sealing & Services Include: sweeping, steel brush cleaning, high pressure blowing, grass and weed. The labor cost of driveway sealing is, on average, $1.15 per square foot.So if you don't fancy trying to reseal the driveway yourself, you'll pay around $575 per 500 feet or $1,150 per 1,000 feet.Remember, too, some contractors have a minimum labor fee, so if you only have a small area, you'll pay the same labor costs as the contractor's minimum fee Welcome to Guardian Driveway Sealing! Our vision is to be the quality leader in residential asphalt sealing and customer service. With over 25 years of combined experience our team welcomes you to the future of commercial asphalt care. Visit Guardian Asphalt Care and Guardian Construction Installation Labor. $1,500 - $2,500. $1,500. $2,500. Installation labor to excavate and prepare the driveway base, complete the pour, and apply a standard brush finish. Price does not include permit and inspection fees. Job Supplies. $175 - $250. $175

100%. 7 Reviews. Deery Crack Sealer - 75 Boxes / 2,250 lbs. $1,899.00 As low as $1,795.00. Add to Wish List. Add to Cart. Add to Compare. Shop All Supplies Some experts recommend sealing a driveway every year, depending on climate and other conditions. Do-it-yourself supplies can cost $50-$200 depending on the size and condition of the driveway, and the quality of the sealer. Professional driveway sealing can cost $200-$500 or more. Shopping for an asphalt driveway Hot Rock Paving - Driveway Paving | Tar & Chip- Ontario. Welcome to. Hot Rock Paving. Our company mission is to provide quality service at reasonable rates for all projects regardless of size. We also believe in safety, for you and our staff, and ensure that all industry safety requirements are adhered to on each job. About Us EPOXYSHIELD® Premium Spot Cleaner is the ideal ready-to-use cleaner for asphalt driveways prior to sealing. It easily removes automobile fluids including oil, grease and other types of soil and flushes them away when rinsed with water. Versatile EPOXYSHIELD® Premium Spot Cleaner can also be used on surfaces such as concrete, masonry, brick.

The average cost to seal a driveway is between $0.68 and $2.25 per sq.ft. for materials and labor, which would cost $355 to $600 for a 400 sq.ft. driveway to be sealed after cleaning. The cost of sealing depends on the surface being sealed (asphalt, concrete, etc.), the sealant being used, and how much surface area is being covered Home » Ontario Contractor costs - Exterior. Ontario Contractor costs - Exterior. Resurface existing Asphalt driveway . $2.00 - 3.00 sq.ft. Asphalt driveway - new construction . $1.00 - 1.25 sq.ft. Seal Asphalt driveway . $75.00 - up . Install interlocking paving stone driveway . $2.00 - 7.00 sq.ft. New concrete driveway. T. Weber Co. Ltd. has been servicing the Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, Guelph, Elmira and surrounding area for over 45 years. Our business involves a wide range of services including asphalt paving, asphalt repairs, oil undercoating and snow plowing. Our expertise in asphalt work ranges from residential driveway paving and repairs to large.

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SEALALL HARDSCAPING. Restoring your home exterior is in trusted hands with SealAll. From pressure washing, interlocking installations, interlocking repair, stamped concrete sealing to natural stone sealing and more, we make it our No. 1 priority to listen to your needs. We go the extra mile, work tirelessly to select the right materials for. Terra Nova Paving Inc. Paving KW area for over 20 years. (519) 569-1254 The average cost is between $2000 - $7000 for driveways between 300 and 900 square feet. That's just for the concrete driveway and doesn't include sub-base prep, existing driveway removal, drainage installation, and landscaping. These things can add between $1500 - $5000 to the cost of an average size concrete driveway

Pavement Sealing , Asphalt Paving and Line painting Serving Ontario since 2008. Click here for a quote. (705) 812-1568. Pavement Asset Management. Pavement Asset Management Pavement Asset Management Pavement Asset Management Maintenance and Asphalt Repair for London Homes & Businesses by K & H Asphalt, Sealing & Striping. When it comes to asphalt repair in the London, Ontario region, K & H Asphalt, Sealing & Striping is the name you can trust to get the job done right. For over 30 years, our team has provided asphalt repair services in London & more including. On average, the cost of sealing a 20'x24' driveway costs between $100 and $190. Regardless of the size of aforementioned factors, many contractors charge a minimum fee for the project. If two coats of sealer are being applied, you will likely see a 50% increase in the average cost Capital Asphalt & Sealing Ltd. is a family owned and operated business with deep roots in the Ottawa Valley. Established in 1993, we have recently celebrated 25 years successfully serving thousands of satisfied customers and repeat clients. We have consistently remained one of the top rated paving/asphalt business's with the Better Business. Serving Ottawa and surrounding areas since 2012. Providing a variety of services like asphalt paving, landscaping, driveway sealing, and excavation. Specialized in catering to both residential and commercial. Email: [email protected] Call: +1 (613) 898-452

Interlocking Pressure Washing, Sanding and Sealing in Ontario Home. Services. Our Work. Contact Us. More (647) 715 - 6233. Before and After Driveway Milton. Before and After Sealing Walkway Mississauga. Sealed vs non Sealed. Before and After Driveway Milton. 1/8. Interlocking Restoration Experts. Power Washing. Sealing. High Pressure Washing Seal King is a manufacturer of Paving Stone Sealer, Natural Stone Sealer, Concrete Sealer,Impressed Concrete Sealer, Asphalt Sealer, Wood Sealer, and Surface Cleaners Seal N Save is your premier choice and one-stop shop for asphalt services! In fact, we are the leaders in Thunder Bay for both residential and commercial asphalt paving and sealing. Locally owned and operated by Bill Nicholl for over 30 years, so you can rest assured that the job will be done right every time. Call us today at (807) 768-1112 to. The cost to seal a blacktop driveway ranges from $0.88 per square foot to as much as $2.10 a square foot, depending mostly on the sealer type and your driveway's condition. Most people pay around $1.05 a square foot for a mid-grade sealer on a driveway that is in fair to moderate condition

Enhance the appearance and value of your property with asphalt services from SEAL PRO ASPHALT MAINTENANCE in Leamington, Windsor, and Lakeshore, Ontario, as well as Essex County. We provide asphalt repair and maintenance, specializing in driveway sealing. We also offer snow plowing services for all of Southern Ontario Sealing also refreshes your pavement giving it a polished and uniform look, without the costs of having to repave. Lots and Lines provides pavement sealing services for both commercial and residential clients. First the entire lot or driveway is cleaned via brooms and power blower than a liquid asphalt sealer is applied to asphalt surfaces Driveway Sealing London Ontario. The good news is driveway sealing and parking lot sealcoating can fortify your asphalt surfaces, allowing them to stay stronger and last longer. When it's time for blacktop sealing at your property, London Paint & Spray is the team to trust. Cut costs by making your asphalt last Brick Fix is a company dedicated to providing you with the best brick driveway, walkway, and patio you can have. We have years of experience in the industry to make sure your driveway is repaired to perfection in a timely manner. We are celebrating our 10th year in business. We learned the trade by working with

You could hire a cleaning and sealing contractor to prepare your driveway for winter. But the interlock cost can vary wildly. Some companies may charge a few hundred dollars while others can easily cost $1000 or more. However, for significantly less, you can clean and seal your interlock just like the pros and enjoy the same result The typical range for the cost of an asphalt driveway is $2,932 to $6,568, with a national average of $4,737. Paving an asphalt driveway costs $4,737 on average, with a range between $2,932 and.

Trust the professionals from Master Sealer for all you interlock sealing maintenance needs in Vaughan, Mississauga and Toronto. Call 905-850-8955 for a free estimate Driveways are Our Specialty! With this outlook, we have established our excellence in asphalt and paving, including sealing and crack repair. Our services have further evolved to offer interlocking, grading and excavating. During the winter months, we also offer reliable snow removal and plowing. Amaranth, Ontario L9W 0M4. 519-941-4246. A driveway sealer protects your driveway from wear and tear caused by vehicles and the natural outdoor elements that lead to cracking and chipping. Two types of sealers are available for use on asphalt driveways -- oil based and water based. Which one is best is a matter of debate. Both have their pros and cons, and each is inherently different

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Most driveway sealer manufacturers recommend two coats with a minimum drying time of eight hours between coats, so this driveway sealing project will fill an entire weekend. The best asphalt driveway sealer materials cost about $100, but you'll save about $200 in labor over a professional job We provide a variety of paving services including interlocking, driveway paving, driveway sealing, etc. Call 289-217-9180 for a free quote today

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