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Große Auswahl an Kickstarter Preis. Kickstarter Preis zum kleinen Preis hier bestellen Kostenloser Versand verfügbar. Kauf auf eBay. eBay-Garantie Secure your self-cleaning bamboo towels in your home today by ordering 6 x Soji Towel Set (one bath towel and one hand towel in each set) for 58% off MSRP only on Kickstarter. Keep yourself and your towels sparkling clean forever . $350 Off Retail | 58% Off. Shipping cost to be calculated and paid after the end of the campaign. Includes Sento is raising funds for Sento Towel 2: The NEXT Upgrade For Your Everyday Essential on Kickstarter! || SENTO 2.0 || Kickstarter's most funded towel is back! ⚒ Premium materials, superior technology with Japanese craftsmanship. Apollo is raising funds for Apollo Bath Towels: An Upgrade For Your Everyday Essential on Kickstarter! The Softest, Most Durable, Ultra Absorbent Towels featuring our XPLORE 11® Patented Technology. Discovered by NASA, Perfected By Us

Get 2 extra large Onsen bath sheet sets for the Kickstarter exclusive price of $155. Retail Price: ($190) FREE shipping on all orders in the USA. Includes: 2× bath sheet. 2× face towel. 2× hand towel. Less. Estimated delivery Jun 2017 Get the pocket towel + standard towel and be ready to travel the world. The set comes in a small reusable cotton drawstring bag for zero-waste shipping. Includes: 1x Pocket Towel 1x Standard Towel 1x Cotton Drawstring Bag 2.8 lbs of Trash Collected Les Kickstarter Campaign Link: https://bit.ly/3hHpjWSQuick-dry, Odor-free, Soft giant waffle Bath Towel that soaks water as a super-sponge! Sustainable 100% Orga.. William Diricco is raising funds for PANGEA Bamboo Eco Towel 2.0: Perfected for the Outdoors on Kickstarter! The Only Plastic-Free, High-Performance Adventure Towel that Cleans Trash from the Ocean and CO2 from the Air That's why these anti-microbial towels and sponges were such major hits on Kickstarter. More than 6,000 backers threw money into the Mizu Smart Towel and Orijin Sponge campaigns over the promise.

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  1. Archived. is this kickstarter project a SCAM? Sento Towel. So I was an early backer of this project and I hoped that the company would give a legit updates to their products but each updates had been stretch goals with new products and sketch drawings instead of any real products information. It has reached over $600k and expires in 3 days
  2. Kanso Self Cleaning Towel solves your problem of owning a million towels and having laundry to do more than once a week. Kanso towels only need to be washed once a week and polygiene fibers are used to inhibit the growth of fungi and bacteria. The best part is, if your towel ever begins to smell musty you can send it back for a full refund or a new towel
  3. A good towel is a dry towel. What makes our's damn good at absorbing moisture is the deep honeycomb-like pockets. This tasty texture gives it more surface area and allows air to filter through, helping it to dry quicker. It feels like a soothing bear hug from a waffle. Benefits . No one is more important to us than our day one backers
  4. K-25 | Bath Towel ReinventedQuick-dry, Odor-free, Soft giant waffle Bath Towel that soaks water as a super-sponge! Sustainable 100% Organic cottonBack This P..

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  1. One KANSO Towel Set for the Kickstarter Exclusive Price of $55. Retail Price: ($70) Included Items Face Towel Hand Towel Kanso Towel Estimated Shipping April 2019 35 claimed. Ships worldwide. KANSO BATH SHEET $65 USD $80 USD (18% off) One KANSO Bath Sheet for the Kickstarter Special Price of $65!.
  2. The Original Wearable Beach Towel For Kids and Adults. Wear towel. The towel you can wear, tear, and lay on. Lay Flat, Wearable, Sand Free, Odor Resistant, Quick Dry, Absorbent, Wearable Beach Towel. Senior Living Towel. Assisted Living Clothing. Towels For Seniors. Baby Boomer Towel. Adaptive Cart Towel
  3. Anact is an activist brand that just so happens to make your favorite towel. We believe in simple acts that create positive impact. Our act is creating sustainable products that solve problems while making a more transparent and environmentally friendly textile industry
  4. The Sand Free towel has evolved. We spent 12 months and thousands of dollars developing our revolutionary and unique Ecolite™ fabric. Each towel contains an estimated 20 plastic bottles that have been recycled into our butter soft fabric. A quick shake and the sand falls straight off - even when it's wet
  5. Cycloth: Hand Towel Dispenser Keeps Towels Dry & SterilizedImprove hygiene, save money & environment w/ Cycloth which continuously & automatically dispenses.
  6. Bathroom essentials that offer peak performance, serious softness and engineered endurance at accessible prices. Bath towels, robes and more. Free shipping on all US orders and hassle-free returns, obviously

Toliya travel towel backing levels and cost. The Toliya travel towel is on Kickstarter and has currently raised over CAD$16,000 (about USD$12,000) from a CAD$10,000 goal. Here are a few of the levels that you can back the project at. CAD$36 (about USD$27) - 1 Toliya towel; CAD$69 (about USD$52) - 2 Toliya towels Kickstarter for the Smartest Towel Ever Creates International Buzz Share Article NEONSUN hit their funding goal in 3 days from organic shares of their video, which highlights the new fun-cessory and it's unique features like waterproof/ sand proof pockets The good (by good I mean great) news is that we are still going to put our new range into production, ready for summer and whether you are one of our amazing Kickstarter backers who still want a towel or a newbie reading this blog, we would love for you to get your hands on our new microfibre round towel range

The towel in our Kickstarter project is made in Imabari, Ehime Prefecture, an area known as one of the best towel producers in Japan. The craftspeople are very careful while making the towels, and arguably the most prominent characteristic of this towel is the absorbency You can check the price or purchase in the description below !https://mizu-towel.kckb.st/eemd On kickstarter. Quick-dry, Odor-free, Soft giant waffle Bath Towel that soaks water as a super-sponge! Sustainable 100% Organic cotto Last year, the company raised over $1.5 million on Kickstarter to manufacture self-cleaning sheets, and it was such a huge hit—they raised more than $535,000 and their goal was $20,000—they decided to put that technology to use for towels as well. Founder Alex Szpakowski tells Domino, Towels are a breeding ground for bacteria Their previous product was the PANGEA Bamboo Travel Towel, a sustainable bamboo-fiber towel that went on to become Kickstarter's most funded travel towel ever. With the Bamboo Adventure Towel 2.0, PANGEA hopes to make everything bigger and better, from the towel itself, to the impact the towel has

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  1. Love the towel. It is the most absorbent towel I have ever used. I hope you will make other colors to match other bathrooms. It has cut down on my hair drying time with the blower and my hair looks healthier because of it
  2. CHARLOTTE, N.C. (PRWEB) November 28, 2017 Less than one month ago, Weave Textile Co. launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter with a funding goal of $40,000 for borderless, fair trade bath towels. Weave Towels combine both design and comfort to promote maximum absorbency and durability. The Weave Textile Co. team continues to raise funds with only eight days left in their crowdfunding.
  3. TALKFUNDING MAIN Pangea Bamboo ECO Towel 2 live on Kickstarter. Pangea Ecological Movement Kickstarter Campaign For A Sustainable Bamboo Towel That Cleans Pe..
  4. NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ (PRWEB) June 27, 2017 Cyprium, the germ and odor free towels, today launched on Kickstarter.The world's first copper-infused luxury towels destroy bacteria and fungus using patented technology. Cyprium towels offer an alternative to average household towels which can carry up to 10 million bacteria and fungus cells
  5. Auto- und Motorrad-Zubehör von Top-Marken. Kostenlose Lieferung möglic
  6. Silvon towels, launched on Kickstarter, are made with pure silver, which promises to permanently prevent 99 percent of all bacteria before it even starts growing. So what does this mean? These towels are basically from the future because they essentially clean themselves
  7. 4. The Bath Towel by Casamera . Stinky. Wrinkled. Oddly damp come morning. Surprisingly, I'm NOT talking about your ex. It's your old bath towel that's the problem! The Bath Towel by Casamera is an Egyptian honeycomb towel fit for the gods. Its luxurious woven fabric wraps you in a warm cocoon of comfort the second you step out of the.

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  1. The average price for a higher end beach Towel is $40-80 and those brands won't save your cellphone from getting soaked. That said we're all ears and want to price reasonably! 1. share. Report Save. Continue this thread I reported their Kickstarter to Kickstarter and haven't received a response back. I pledged $1 on their Kickstarter so I.
  2. The original PANGEA BAMBOO TRAVEL TOWEL was a great success — but we wanted to make it better. We listened to your feedback and improved it to create The BEST Outdoor Towel on the Planet. NEW FUNCTIONS! We added reinforced slits on the corners. Now you can use your towel as a sunshade or cloak to prevent sunburns
  3. Robot folds your laundry. The FoldiMate Kickstarter project may have been too far ahead of its time. The robo-machine's purpose is to fold your shirts, towels and pants so you don't have to. The.
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  5. Rather than throwing in the towel, he built a separate website outside of Kickstarter that would allow him to stay in contact with backers should he want to reach out to them down the line
  6. The towel launched on Kickstarter today, with five vibrant, travel inspired designs to choose from. Continue Reading Evolve's sustainable, sand free towel with the Mirissa print
  7. Love the towel. It is the most absorbent towel I have ever used. I hope you will make other colors to match other bathrooms. It has cut down on my hair drying time with the blower and my hair looks healthier because of it

Get the Beach Craze The Classic Pestemal SHOP NOW. Our Story. How our textiles are mad Fast forward to today, and the Raine Electric scooter has 480 backers on Kickstarter who have pledged over $435,000 in total. Now it looks like delivery will never be a reality, with the team. By supporting us now, you have an opportunity to be one of the first users of our towels and get the towels cheaper than the retail price. How does Kickstarter work? Kickstarter is a rewards-based crowdfunding platform - you can pre-order our products in order to make it possible for us to finance our first collection The Arctic Cool® Instant Cooling Towel truly lives up to its name. Just soak the towel with water, and, instantly, the HydroFreeze™ Technology snaps into action. Immediately, you'll feel the invigorating cooling effect that will help you play harder, no matter where your lifestyle takes you. The uber-light, high-performance mesh absorbs.

These are the types of situations where the made in the USA nano technology compressed towel comes in. The towels are called Moon Towels and they are meant to replace traditional towels, wet naps, wipes, facial tissues, and paper towels. Developed by a team of two these towels are made from a environmental friendly and 100% biodegradable nano. Indiegogo is your destination for clever innovations in tech, design, and more, often with special perks and pricing for early adopters. Back a campaign, share your ideas and feedback with the project team - and join the risks and rewards of bringing new products to life Sep 26, 2015 - New items added daily. See more ideas about kickstarter, wellness design, large beach towels The oversized (and they are seriously large and luxe sized) bath towels are $38; hand towel are $18; and a bath mat is $28 online. Smarter and Cleaner. The Mizu Smart Towel, recently funded by a Kickstarter campaign, is designed to change color when it detects excess bacteria, dirt, or sweat. All that science is hidden under two sleek stripes. SafeTea Towel: Fire resistant kitchen towel I've just launched my first Kickstarter project - the SafeTea Towel. Unlike traditional kitchen towels, if a flame comes in contact with a SafeTea Towel, the fabric will not provide fuel for the fire to sustain itself and spread

Luxe Hardcore Sheet Bundle. From: $240 Includes 1 Core Sheet Set, 1 Duvet Cover, and 2 extra Pillowcases. 4.6 star rating 91936 Reviews. Color Ships by Sold out. Classic Core Sheet Set. From: $109 Includes 1 Flat Sheet, 1 Fitted Sheet, and 2 Pillowcases. 4.5 star rating 13984 Reviews. Color Ships by Sold out --> We are a new ecological movement founded by Marcos, William, and Juan. Four travelers that met last year in Mexico and teamed-up to explore the world together, seeking adventure and pure nature.Unfortunately, every time we found a new beautiful place we also found trash. > So we decided to start cl funded. $52,610. pledged. 30. days to go. Kickstarter Technology. SEALVAC: Vacuum Sealing Done In Seconds To Prevent Spoilage. SEALVAC extends the shelf-life of your foods by up to 5x longer and gives you an extra 30% in fridge space all at the push of a button Picture: Kickstarter Source:Supplied COULD this be the end of hiding your wallet under a beach towel? A clever entrepreneur has invented a plastic vault which screws into the sand and holds. Roseville entrepreneur launches Kickstarter for greeting 'CLARDS' that clean up. CLARDS is a greeting card that doubles as an eco-friendly paper towel alternative. It comes three years after Carla.

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Projects Using. Crowd Ox. More and more Kickstarter and Indiegogo project creators are trusting Crowd Ox to send dynamic product surveys, raise additional funding, verify backer orders, and ship their projects on time. Here are a few of the many projects using Crowd Ox. Lift curses or die trying in the first choose-your-own-path.

The Social Kickstarter Club Find awesome projects & great backer deals with your friends SUBMIT YOUR PROJECT BROWSE PROJECTS Get The Best Backer Deals Find the best deals and share awesome discounts on projects you love JOIN NOW Feature Your Crowdfunding Project Highlight your project with featuring in our community FEATURE YOUR PROJEC The Strategist is designed to surface the most useful, expert recommendations for things to buy across the vast e-commerce landscape. Some of our latest conquests include the best women's jeans. Flying the flag for Kickstarter on the tea towels of tomorrow. Crowdfunding platform launched in Denmark on Tuesday. October 23rd, 2014 7:00 pm| by admin.

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Finding a quality bath towel that combines luxury softness and odor resistance can be hard to come by these days, especially at an affordable price, but with this incredible bamboo bath towel we've given you all that and so much more. Experience the naturally moisture-wicking, odor-resistant properties that our bamboo fabric has to offer $1.5mln in the Final Hours: A Successful Kickstarter Story. 29.05.2020. Let me tell you about the last day of Pico's crowdfunding campaign, and how a quarantined team of 80 joined together in one massive push to cross an unbelievable threshold. 10:00 am — $1,463,561 The best phone number and way to avoid the wait on hold, available live chat options, and the best ways overall to contact Kickstarter in an easy-to-use summary, as well as a full comparison of the 2 ways to reach Kickstarter, compared by speed and customer recommendations Well, raising $37,455 on Kickstarter - a crowdfunding platform - isn't a bad start. Especially when your target was actually lower than that, at $20,000. Overall, there are 354 people in 37 countries that have supported Gabby Samkova's business venture so far, which aims to reduce waste by recycling plastic bottles into towels The PicoMax will be available in three color options that include white coral, stone blue and sea green. It's on Kickstarter right now with pledges for a single planter starting at $69. The.

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The ONLY wearable sport towel NOW on KICKSTARTER! Limited Launch 7/14-8/14. By: Laura Alison® Design . 1 2. The Hooded Infinity Sport Towel... where fashion and function collide! HUNTINGTON, N.Y. - July 13, 2016 - PRLog-- Check out our new product release HERE ON KICKSTARTER! The Hooded Infinity Sport Towel is the ONLY wearable sport towel. ZPM Espresso team officially throw in the towel. This is a real shame and this is only the second time a Kickstarter project of mine has failed to deliver. I actually had one of the beta test machines (Round 1) and sent it back with notes. The machines really do exist and work, for the most part.. Nebia by Moen™ Partnership. Nebia by Moen™ is the perfect blend of Moen's nearly 80 years of plumbing industry expertise, history of innovation and strong distribution network with Nebia's creative startup mindset to make this unique spa shower more readily available and accessible to consumers The company is currently raising funds on Kickstarter for its all-new art project, which is a personalized art towel featuring a hand-drawn portrait of a person or a pet. Furthermore, Polar Bear is welcoming art lovers from around the world to support this crowdfunding campaign, and it is offering this towel with free international shipping as.

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Another VR Kickstarter doing extremely well is the Tundra Tracker which is now over $900k after only looking for $250,000. For further updates on the latest VR crowd-funding projects, keep reading. Press Release issued May 18, 2018: BARE NECK'D is a Tennessee based American startup founded by the couple of William and Evelyn Turbeville. The company has recently launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to introduce its unique and effective cooling solution that will beat the heat like nothing else. These Ice Cooling Towels launched by the company use real ice and keep the user cool.

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throw 1. an act or result of throwing dice 2. a. the eccentricity of a cam b. the radial distance between the central axis of a crankshaft and the axis of a crankpin forming part of the shaft 3. a sheet of fabric used for draping over an easel or unfinished painting, etc., to keep the dust off 4. Geology the vertical displacement of rock strata at a. K-25 - https://k-25-bath-towel-reinvented.kckb.st/bb9651b0 Quick-dry, Odor-free, Soft giant waffle Bath Towel that soaks water as a super-sponge! Sustainable 100% Organic cotton K-25 Organic Bath Towels | Quick-dry, odor-free and super soft waffle Bath Towel. Our lattice towels ar

No fear the K-25 Smart Towel is on the way thanks to a high performing Kickstarter campaign and the face of towels may just change forever. Seriously. If a company presents a way to greatly improve a product that people use every day (or at least they should use unless they want to be stinky sweaty) one shouldn't be surprised when interest is high FlipTowel Kickstarter Campaign (Oct. 18th - Nov. 18th) Go to Our Kickstarter . Never Miss an Update! Subscribe to our Mailing List. Flip Towel - Use for virtually all indoor/outdoor activities - Super-Absorbent Microfiber - Machine Washable - Easy to Use - No holding, losing, or stopping

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Carovea Victor, a 5E sourcebook heavily inspired by the Roman Empire is now available on Kickstarter! Play in a setting where ceasars wage war against barbarians! 14 new classes and archetypes, new feature: Human Ethnicities (11 ethnicities), 5 new factions, feats, artifacts, monsters, NPCs, storytelling ideas, one-shot adventure, extensive. Main Digest. Cyprium, the germ and odor free towels, have launched on Kickstarter. The world's first copper-infused luxury towels destroy bacteria and fungus using patented technology. Cyprium towels offer an alternative to average household towels which can carry up to 10 million bacteria and fungus cells. Regular towels become an oasis for. These guys are by far the best Kickstarter & Indiegogo agency on the whole space! We have already launched 2 crowdfunding campaigns, tested 5 different crowdfunding agencies (some of the most popular ones) and Backercamp has been by far the one showing better results. Right now is the only one agency we are working with and after 6 months of. Electroloom Throws In The Towel. The once successful Kickstarter and National Science Foundation (NSF) research grant winner Electroloom is saying Thanks and Farewell to its backers. Towel. Towel. Sort By: Featured Items Beach Towel Wave Ocean $16.99 - $26.99 Compare. Quick Shop Beach Towel Wave $16.99 - $26.99 Compare. Quick Shop Beach Towel Stripe Gradient $19.99 - $29.99 Compare. Quick Shop Beach Towel Swirl $16.99 - $26.99 Compare. Quick Shop Beach Towel Cabana Stripe.

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The PANGEA Bamboo Eco Towel 2.0 is Functional and Sustainable. The PANGEA Bamboo Eco Towel 2.0 is an outdoor adventure-ready linen product that is focused on providing an impressive functionality that doesn't come at the expense of the planet. Featuring a carbon-negative design, the towels are crafted using bamboo and maintain an ultra. kickstarter.com Other features include beach tires, a bungee cord with lock down ties so you can use the cooler as a dolly to transport all your other towels, umbrellas, chairs, etc. And, most. (MODA MODA Kickstarter) The post 'Wow, my hair thanks you': This $8 microfiber towel on Amazon is the best-kept secret to great hair appeared first on In The Know. 1d ago

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COMPACT & LIGHTWEIGHT. Save room in your beach bag with the Shader Towel. Made of lightweight, comfortable fabric, these towels can easily fold up to 1/5th the original size. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device The company uses inmates to do everything from making bath towels to operating customer service call Allowing prisoners to run Kickstarter-backed businesses is more of a starting point than an.

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In the news story that never ends, after reversing its position earlier and admitting that it was NOT the original TSR reincarnated, the new TSR company, embroiled in acrimony for the last two weeks, and having blamed the widespread criticism it has received on Wizards of the Coast, has deleted its own Twitter account and rebranded its website, misspelling it's own name in the process