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Cheyenne was making history, many folks knew about her and were now witnessing that Blackrocks Kennel is for real and has quality animals. On that particular night the killer from Cali only lasted 17 min with Cheyenne. The best in show was not even voted on; it was automatic for Gr. Ch. Cheyenne 6xw 1xBIS blackrock's chucki blackrock's pamela chu 1xw blackrock's papirrin 1xw otc blackrock's pitys ch 3xw blackrock's toya 1xw blackrocks kennels chuki blackrocks madison blacrock's toya 1xw 1xw p.o.w kennel's morenita 2xw 1xlg b.i.


  1. BLACKROCKS KENNELS CH CUKO. Cuko was the pick of the litter chosen by Mr. Rule Garza. He was a littermate to Gr. Ch. Cheyenne, down from Cascudo 2xw and Tatis ROM. One day Mr. Garza agrees to sell me Cuko because he had no time from being so busy with work. Before I bought him, I was told he was very restless and active but he had not been.
  2. o was in Monterrey Mexico. He was brought over by Joyero of Blackrocks Kennels. He was a big buckskin dog with a black mask and was bred by EFram in Texas. Joyero told me and Dtown that the dog was a super hard biting muzzle dog
  3. Site about American Pit Bull Terriers. 3510 views. You can search pedigree of Blackrock kennels' Gr Ch Sam Jr on:. www.pitbulldatabase.com; pedigree.pitbullworld.or
  4. ation and good sense Ricky had bred bulldogs that could compete and win over the best in the country
  5. This way you can in a simple step give control of the pedigree to another user without the need to have the webmaster make the transfer. The length of the Description field was increased. You can now enter a more extensive description of the dog. The Description field comes with a simple, but extremely useful editor

Southern Kennel's had flown in SCK's Blondie from Ecuador to Florida to breed to Super Kennel's Ch.357.However, the bitch did not take. At that time. Evolution Kennel's had a Gr.Ch.Mayday-SCK's Blondie female named Macha that was in heat. So, Evolution Kennel's called Southern and asked if he could use the stud fee and send SK the pick of the litter female Gr Ch Texas won vs.: Warpaint Kennels & B.B.'s Whiskey, a.k.a. Boyd's Red Dog M39˝ :35. by R. Kirkland. Gr Ch Texas lost his title vs. Roadblock's Ch Joey, now he is Ch Texas and Ch Joey is Gr Ch Joey. Gr Ch Joey won vs. Ch Redman before winning vs. Gr Ch Texas. Gr Ch Joey next won vs. Grim Reaper's Ch Waldo There are currently, 597 guest(s) and 264 member(s) that are online. You are Anonymous user. You can register by clicking her Triangle Gang's Grip was bred old man Riley out of Triangle Gang's Houdini and HOF's Ch Codie, a double bred Gr Ch Andy Capp daughter of Steve The B.C. Boys' Gr Ch Snaps. As you may know ,Houdini is a son of Evolution Kennels' Gr Ch Macho Buck R.O.M., Dog Of The Year 2004 and out Ch Sable bitch. Grip was raised by me since a pup

From that litter came out Ritter Kennels' Inka ROM who produced Ritter Kennels' Ch Sweet Becky, Krik Kennels' Ch Krik and Bingo Kennels' Gr Ch Boogie Boy. GR.CH BLACKROCKS CHEYENNE 6XW BIS Abril (7) Março (7) Fevereiro (5) Janeiro (17) 2012 (52) Novembro (1). if you blinked, you missed her coming. #1 vs. game on kennels in oklahoma, #2 vs. aries kennels in reynosa and #3 vs. bluff city kennels & tenesse bad boys. mother of blackrocks kennels' ch. rosie (4xw), down town's ch. roxie, and evolution kennels' ch. bisexual when bred to evolution kennels' gr. ch. machobuck capital kennels gr ch osiris 2 bis after winning his championship and the best in show bis trophy! august 2015: we were called out by hcr kennels with his dog dave 2xw 1xgl who beat 2 good dogs in mexico under blackrocks kennel and in peru showing very good mouth and game, we hooked osiris at 52 pounds, once again we traveled to lima to the. Ste. they are down from the old bloodlines. For the record Many Pit Bulls have some of the Carver bloodline in them, but not many are pure Carver. dama has boudreaux skull 2xw - gr ch (carver's) davis midnight cowboy- gr ch reddicks herman 5xw - clemmon's toby and gr ch adam's zebo . I have the mom pics and the dad BLACKROCKS KENNELS CH COMINO The first time I saw Comino was in Monterrey Mexico. He was brought over by Joyero of Blackrocks Kennels. He was a big buckskin dog with a black mask and was bred by EFram in Texas. Joyero told me and Dtown that the dog was a super hard biting muzzle dog. We thought sure..


Announcement of Current Pups from Tom Garner Kennels. TOM GARNER'S PUPS - from February 2021 - WITH PICTURES! Price for each litter is included in the individual litter descriptions. Below is a listing of the pups that are available from Tom Garner's yard as of February 2021. There is a pedigree link attached for each breeding Pr Stewart Colby's Ch Sam 2W Colby (Rampage) Blackrock kennels' Gr Ch Sam Jr ; Dad with Samantha ; AC/DC's Samba ; Hide's Sammy ; S.T.P's Gr Ch Sampson ; Hall's Sampson 2w ; Rebel's Gr Ch Samson ; Rebel's Gr Ch Samson ; Rebel's Gr Ch Samson ; Rebel's Gr Ch Samson ; Rebel's Gr Ch Samson ; Rebel's Gr Ch Samson ; S.T.P's Gr Ch Samso Rebel's Gr Ch Shady Lady with Kornel. Knee Deep's Gr Ch Shevy. Sorrells' Gr Ch Shoeshone. Slingshot & Hoosier's Gr Ch Shotsie. Kamakaza's kennels' Gr Ch Shotzy. Sole's Gr Ch Simba Jr. Sole's Gr Ch Simba Jr. Crews' Gr Ch Sir Dog. Trueblood's Gr Ch Sir Thomas 7W Por There are currently, 550 guest(s) and 183 member(s) that are online. You are Anonymous user. You can register by clicking her

When bred to Israel Kennels JIMMY she produced Blackrocks Kennels CH PITYS. Sporting Dog Journal Grand Champion Guerreros JULIO Guerrereo & Cheves CASCO Cheves CHINAKA Blackrocks Kennels CHEYENNE Flores CHIFLADO Blackrocks Kennels TATIS ROM Espinosas LILU. CHEYENNE, a black bitch, won a total of of six times, only going over the hour mark one. PARENTS: SOUTHERN KENNELS` MACHO 1XW ROM x THE CHOSEN FEW'S CHEYENNE ROM 2XW, 1XGL By Southern Kennels & MAYDAY. If we study the roots of CH AWESOME BUCK (4XW) pedigree, we can see that it comes from a very select breeding plan of SOUTHERN KENNELS (HOUSE OF GR CH MAYDAY-ROM - & - DOY-1996). Let's break it down for the fancier to understand Dogs with titles. Список ROM. Список GR CH. Список Чемпионов. Новости шоу. The Scratch №3 2001. The Scratch №2 2001. The magazine is issued in Russian jkidd1 UKC Forum Member. Registered: Dec 2005 Location: Indiana Posts: 2504. A car hit a pole so i got called into work this morning at 7a.m. after being out til 2:30 a.m. huntin, then I get this text, lol, gotta love i

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