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BESA, therefore, launched the 'Ventilation Hygiene Elite' scheme at its recent national conference in London. The scheme, which is approved and administered by the Association's independent certification arm BESCA, is based on BESA's long-established best practice standard TR19 In response, the 'Ventilation Hygiene Elite' (VHE) scheme is based on BESA's long-established and industry recognised specification and guide to good practice TR19®. The scheme is developed, approved and administered by BESCA, who will audit firms' work to ensure standards are maintained and manage a database of post-clean reports

The vent hygiene elite scheme is based on BESCA's long-established and industry recognised cleaning process and preferred standards called BESA's Guide To Good Practice TR19. The scheme was developed for our industry by leaders in our industry and is now independently administered and audited by the associations accreditation arm BESCA The scheme is operated by BESCA, the UKAS-accredited certification arm of BESA. The Ventilation Hygiene Elite (VHE) scheme is based on BESA's established specification and guide to good practice, TR19. BESCA will audit firms' work to ensure standards are maintained and manage a database of post-clean reports BESCA Strengthens Vent Hygiene Scheme. BESCA has responded to growing demand for improved fire safety in buildings by adding new features to its Ventilation Hygiene Elite (VHE) scheme website. The scheme is based on BESA's long-established guide to good practice and the most recently released Specification, TR19® Grease, which sets the.

BESA launches ventilation hygiene elite scheme - The BES

New Ventilation Hygiene Elite scheme launched - BESC

We are a current BESA member, which means that our business and the services we provide have passed an auditing process completed by BESA and that we are subject to further auditing to maintain our membership. As members of the Ventilation Hygiene Elite Scheme, we have access to the BESCA portal, so that our reports can be registered and audited We are approved members of the BESA Ventilation Hygiene Elite Scheme. Our professional services include: Air hygiene surveys of ventilation and extract systems. Kitchen extract grease level monitoring. Kitchen extract cleans. Ventilation system duct cleaning. Ductwork decontamination and disinfection. Installation of access doors To certify cleaning to this new specification there is a chargeable registration requirement for post system cleans in order to receive BESCA (Building Engineering Services Competence Assessment) certification of TR19 Grease compliance via its Ventilation Hygiene Elite (VHE) Scheme, of which Swiftclean is a founder member Gary Nicholls has been invited to take up the position of chairman of the user group for the Ventilation Hygiene Elite (VHE) Scheme, which is run under the auspices of Building Engineering Services Competence Assessment (BESCA), a BESA company Help ensure that the ventilation system in your commercial kitchen is safe, hygienic and TR19 compliant to reduce fire risks. Rentokil Specialist Hygiene is a BESA member, members of the Ventilation Hygiene Elite Scheme and provide TR19 compliant ventilation cleaning services for your commercial kitchen

Vent Hygiene Elite Scheme. The new SKILLcard qualification route for Vent Hygiene comes hot on the heels of the full launch in July of the new 'Ventilation Hygiene Elite' (VHE) scheme which is based on BESA's long-established and industry recognised specification and guide to good practice TR19®. The scheme is developed, approved and. Issue 6 YOUR BESA National Conference BESCA Ventilation Hygiene Elite Scheme Also in this issue A word with new president Tim Hopkinson P7 First IAQ standard P15 BESA Knowledge and Job Board P23 Be a mate and start talking about mental health P25 www.theBESA.com @BESAGroup BESA Group. BESA Group 2 Companies: PUBLICATIONS TRAININ Building Engineering Services Competence Assessment's Ventilation Hygiene Elite (VHE) Scheme authorised by both the RISCAuthority and BESA and ensure any work undertaken conforms to the TR19® specification. No third party may provide services, imply or state that such services meet the TR19® specification Rentokil Specialist Hygiene is a BESA member, is a part of the Ventilation Hygiene Elite Accreditation Scheme and provides TR19 compliant ventilation cleaning services for your commercial kitchen. A post-clean verification TR19 compliant report is provided as evidence of your compliance and includes photographs, recommendations and a cleaning.

We can now provide post-clean certification as members of the Vent Hygiene Elite Scheme, which is overseen by BESCA, the certification arm of BESA. Members of the VHE Scheme are generally members of BESA and are therefore experts in their field. We recommend always using a BESA member, preferably a member of the VHE scheme, to provide your. - Ventilation Hygiene - Formed by the Service and Facilities Group, the Ventilation Hygiene Branch was instrumental in the development of the BESA Guide to Good Practice for the Internal Cleanliness of Ventilation Systems (TR19), and continues to focus on topical issues relating to ductwork cleaning This will feed neatly into a session dedicated to the Association's recently updated kitchen ventilation maintenance guidance TR/19, which will be delivered by the BESA Ventilation Hygiene group. They will also outline changes and improvements to the Ventilation Hygiene Elite registration scheme • BESCA - Building Engineering Services Competence Assessment Ltd - Ventilation Hygiene Elite Scheme • Loss Prevention Certification Board scheme LPS 2084 Requirements for the approval and listing of companies carrying out inspection, cleaning and maintenance of ductwork systems Further benefits of using accredited contractors include

Lex Hygiene is a BESA approved air and grease duct cleaning company in Yorkshire. Our staff are fully qualified and trained to approved GHT (Grease Hygiene Technician) standards. We also part of the BESCA Vent Hygiene Elite scheme, VHE. Contact Lex Hygiene today to find out how we can help you and your business stay safe and legal this year BESA aims to turn theory into practice. This year's BESA National Conference will take place at the Millennium Gloucester Hotel, London on 21 November. The conference will be held on 21 November at the Millennium Gloucester Hotel. ventilation and off-site manufacturing..

BESA launches vent hygiene safety scheme - The BES

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BESA launches ventilation hygiene elite schem

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  1. A wise strategy is to choose a member of the BESA, essentially one who is a member of the BESCA Vent Hygiene Elite Scheme (or VHE scheme). Swiftclean was influential in the formulation of TR/17, which preceded TR/19, and has been closely involved in developing every subsequent edition of the TR/19 guidelines, including TR19® Grease
  2. Certification body BESCA, part of the wider BESA Group, was today announced as a 2020 finalist for the HVAC Initiative of the Year category of the prestigious H&V News Awards for its Ventilation Hygiene Elite (VHE) scheme. The VHE scheme is based on BESA's long-established and industry recognised specification and guide to good practice.
  3. BESA Licensed Training Provider (LTP) Green Book Training Scheme Jun 2013 - Jun 2013 Licensed to deliver the Building & Engineering Services Association's (B&ES) course on Ventilation Hygiene Ductwork Cleaning Green Book Training Scheme
  4. B&ES. For a century and more members of the Heating and Ventilating Contractors' Association (B&ES) have demonstrated an unrivalled commitment to higher standards and best practice.. Since April 2003, the B&ES membership criteria have included a requirement for the independent inspection and assessment of both new and existing members.. Potential members must undergo a full inspection and.
  5. Get in touch ‍ At System Hygienics we offer a total solution to all of your ventilation hygiene and maintenance needs, including ventilation cleaning, riser cleaning and fire damper testing. To discuss what we can do for you, get in touch at info@systemhygienics.co.uk or call 01323481170

In order to certify cleaning to this new specification there is a chargeable registration requirement for post system cleans, in order to receive BESCA (Building Engineering Services Competence Assessment Ltd) certification of TR19® Grease compliance via its Ventilation Hygiene Elite (VHE) Scheme, of which Swiftclean is a founder member Join ceda. e learning; Members Login; Home; About ceda. About Us; Meet ceda; Ask a Specialis SKILLcard has announced that the CRO cards for Vent Hygiene Specialist, Ductwork Cleaning Specialist and Kitchen Grease Extract Operative will close on 1 November 2019. This is the third wave of CRO closures as part of its plan to deliver the Construction Leadership Council's (CLC) 2025 vision. All card schemes carrying the CSCS logo including [ Cleanliness of Ventilation Systems, to be adopted. Cleaning intervals depend on the type of equipment and extent of its use, but it is recommended removable grease filters are cleaned at least weekly and ductwork to the extraction system is subject to a maintenance contract that includes a deep clean a minimum of at least once ever Email: kristian.williams@hydro.co.uk. Telephone: 07796 268488. At Hydro-X, The South is our largest Region and we have expanded to two new offices serving the South West in Exeter and the South East in Hertfordshire, supported by our head office and manufacturing facility in Yorkshire. And have recently incorporated a new Engineering Business.

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  1. • Duncan Sibbald, head of certification, BESA Duncan has decades of experience running ventilation firms and been instrumental in the development of BESA's Vent Hygiene Elite scheme. • Stewart Clements, director of the HHIC Stewart has been involved with the heating and plumbing industry for 30 years
  2. BESA Launches Ventilation Hygiene Elite Scheme; BESA National Conference-The FM Opportunity; BESA New Affiliate; BESA North West Awards 2019 - Employer Training Initiative of the Year; BESA North.
  3. BESA Health & Wellbeing in Buildings. See Bio. Speaker Doug Booker. Chief Executive. National Air Quality Testing Services, University of Lancaster. See Bio. Speaker George Friend. Chair. BESA Ventilation Hygiene group and CEO of Ventilation Surveys and Services Ltd. See Bio. SPEAKER Stephen Haynes. Head of Programme. Mates in Mind. See Bio.
  4. Swiftclean's Gary Nicholls named Chairman of VHE scheme user group. Gary Nicholls has been invited to take up the position of Chairman of the user group for the Ventilation Hygiene Elite (VHE) Scheme, which is run under the auspices of BESCA (Building Engineering Services Competence Assessment Ltd) a BESA company
  5. Swiftclean, Southend-On-Sea. 163 likes. Swiftclean is one of the largest independent companies operating in the ventilation ductwork hygiene and Legionella risk management sectors

- Nathan Wood, Chair of the BESA Health & Wellbeing in Buildings Group and Managing Director of Farmwood M&E - Doug Booker, Chief Executive of National Air Quality Testing Services, University of Lancaster. - George Friend, Chair of the BESA Ventilation Hygiene group and CEO of Ventilation Surveys and Services Ltd. 12:4 1,996 sq.ft. (185 sq.m.) Plot Area. 4 BHK. 3 Baths. Independent house villa for sale in maitreya lokvihar orange city park, kamptee, nagpur, maharashtra. An independent house villa comes whirling in a phenomenal and prime location of kamptee, nagpur, maharashtra fmj.co.uk — Home / Announcements / Fusion 21 names suppliers appointed to its £80m Lifts Framework Posted by: Sarah OBeirne in Announcements, Building services, Business, Maintenance, News, procurement 1 min ago 11 Views Procurement organisation and social enterprise Fusion21 has announced the suppliers successfully appointed to its national Lifts Framework - worth up to £80 Million over. Many building insurers will now stipulate that your kitchen extracting system is cleaned in its entirety. With the update of TR19 & the introduction of the new vent hygiene elite scheme, we ensure. Ventilation Surveys and Services (VSS) A fast track duct-cleaning project delivered ahead of schedule - that's how VSS does business Ventilation Surveys and Services (VSS) are the UK's leading specialist in ventilation hygiene and are contracted to carry out this specialist work in all NI health trusts on a long-term procurement contract

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Greater focus on ventilation hygiene now vital

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