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The larger the grain bin, the higher the cost. The price will also depend on whether you're buying a home kit, purchasing a new silo, or purchasing an old silo. Grain bins can cost as little as $30 per square foot, sometimes less. Old silos will be the cheapest option but may require the most work to repurpose Learn how to build a grain bin house for your property with the information below! Many grain bins in rural and farming communities are standing empty these days as farmers use other means of storing corn, hay, and grain. A grain bin home will cost approximately, $200 per square foot, and one has even been constructed for as low as $9,000 There are many plans in place to convert existing structures into new-use buildings, including shipping container homes and missile-silo houses.This design idea comes from a slightly different direction - with a plan to use cheap, sustainable and ready-made off-the-shelf components in order to prefabricate livable structures from the start

A grain bin house is a house built using an old grain bin (silo) as the frame.. Grain bins are tall round metal silos with conical roofs commonly used in farms. Many of the old ones are no longer in use. Instead of letting them waste away, creative architects have found ways to reuse them in construction projects Some people have converted grain bins into homes by cutting door and window openings, etc. You can even buy plans for grain bin homes. But this is the first company to my knowledge that offers a complete home building kit that's ready for assembly. This particular model sells for $5,700. It can be easily assembled with a few hand tools. Sizes and pricing for a new Grain bin Gazebo. BEST QUALITY AND PRICED GAZEBO ONLINE. 12'Dia. w/18ga.ring & 4 legs $ 3195. 15'Dia. w/16ga.ring & 5 legs $ 3595. 18'Dia. w/16ga.ring & 6 legs $ 4295 After 'talling' (raising) the silos, we cut our way in and framed the interior with 2-by-6s on 1-foot centers. To insulate, we sprayed 2 inches of low- VOC foam against the metal and followed.

Grain silos have become a popular structure used in building homes during the past few years. And it's no wonder why more and more people are now dreaming to have their very own grain silo home! Grain silos are very strong structures which makes them a great shell for building houses. In fact, most of the silos featured here date back to the mid 1900's! And as you will see from the conversions. HE Silos is a family business - Australian Made & Owned We construct silos from 4 tonnes to cone base designs up to 500 tonnes and flat bottom units up to 1000 tonnes. HE Silos manufacture ranges of products from Kit Silos, Superphosphate Silos, 60 Degree Cone Silos, Field Bins, and Cattle and Sheep Feeders Sukup Manufacturing Co. is the world's largest family-owned and operated manufacturer of grain storage, grain drying and handling equipment, and steel buildings. Find Your Dealer News Careers Contact Us Find Your Dealer Contact Us 641.892.4222 info@sukup.com. Completed in September 2009, Thiebes said the grain bin house is sturdy, cozy and cost-effective. The entire project cost about $9,000 to complete, and $1,000 of that was for the high-tech toilet. He thinks abandoned grain bins could be converted into useful housing for many in farm country 14) Silo House From Kansas. This silo inspired concrete home in Kansas can withstand winds as high as 240 mph. This home is newly built in a community that was practically leveled in a 2007 tornado. The community silo was one of the only buildings left standing after the tornado

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Apr 11, 2020 - Explore Jacque Zweygardt's board grain bin homes, followed by 1045 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about silo house, grain bin house, round house (For more on grain bin houses, read How to Build a Grain Bin House.) But now, a new kind of grain bin house is becoming more widely available. Sukup Manufacturing, a family-owned company in. Build An Inexpensive Home Using Grain Silos. Gigaplex Architects came up with the idea of incorporating two corrugated metal grain silos to build a house for their client who wanted a very inexpensive weekend home. Located in Woodland, Utah, the house is situated by the Provo River. This cozy home includes a Bed in a Box concept The 3 Main Types Of Grain Storage Silos. According to SouthernMetalfab.com. Flat-Bottom Metal Silos. Metal silos with flat bottoms are used to store materials for extended periods of time. Most often, they store grain, meaning that you'll find them at breweries, feed mills, flourmills, and port facilities, for example The Cornerstone Modern Grain Head House with Silos is patterned after the most identifiable structure in many grain-handling complexes. This detailed HO structure kit includes the roof-mounted head house, a simulated conveyor and eight silos, a truck receiving dock with loading doors and rooftop vent details. A great addition to any grain complex it's ideal for loading covered hoppers, boxcars.

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Jul 26, 2016 - Explore shannon stuart's board grain bin houses on Pinterest. See more ideas about grain bin house, silo house, grain silo Wheat Corn Grain Storage Steel Silo. There is ventilation system on the silo roof, include the natural vent, suction fan etc. People can through the meanwhile check the materials situation, very convenience.. A silo is a large structure, usually much taller and skinnier than a grain bin. The silo, unlike the grain bin, is simply used for storing materials. Grain can be one of these materials, but a silo can also be used to store coal, cement, wood chips, and sawdust among others. A grain bin, on the other hand, is used to store and move grain using. This Grain Silo Tiny House is available as a vacation rental at Gruene Homestead Inn. It's located at 832 Gruene Road, New Braunfels, Texas 78130 and you can select the Silo House as a room. A wonderful. A grain silo tiny house in Texas that you can book a stay in at the Gruene Homstead Inn. It's a grain silo converted into a loft home

Grain Silo Home Floor Plans Size: 1944 x 1296. Grain Bin Home Builders Size: 1600 x 1200. Grain Silo Homes Plans Size: 1600 x 986. READ : Attic Stairs Sizes. There is a need for temporary storage, people can bag silo, long pipes, usually made of plastic, which is filled with material and then sealed using After showing Bucky Fuller's Dymaxion Deployment Unit made from grain silo parts, a reader pointed out that in fact, you could still buy a home made like this, the Sukup Safe T Home. Really. Texas Picker Turns Grain Silo Into Adorable Guesthouse. Amy Kleinwachter, who's the owner of Old World Antieks, spends much of her time going around the globe hunting for heirloom-worthy pieces and unusual architectural salvages. To date, her best find has been a 14-foot round grain silo that came from a ranch only a short distance down the. SILO HOUSE. Located in the heart of Downtown Phoenix's Garfield Historic District, the Silo House is a converted 1955 corrugated steel grain silo. With an 18-foot diameter and 340 square-feet of total livable space, a central design challenge was attaining a sense of 'home' within a shape and size foreign to common perceptions of domesticity

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  1. imalism. Kaiser 's grain silo came from Long Manufacturing, a company that's no longer in business, which produced kits for silos up to 40 feet wide—but the usable square footage is still pretty small
  2. Grain traffic should touch your model railroad too! This detailed kit includes an elevator, eight storage silos, dust bins, head house and sheds for rail and trucks. Full-color ADM logos and billboard sign decal are included. As shown the ADM Concrete Grain Elevator measures: 13-1/2 x 9 x 13-1/2 33.7 x 23.7 x 33.7cm
  3. Walthers Modern Grain Head House w/Silos - Kit HO Scale Model Railroad Building #2942. Walthers Grain Conveyor - Kit HO Scale Model Railroad Building #3124. Plastruct Petro/Chemical Refinery Kit HO Scale Model Railroad Accessory #1008. Walthers Medusa Cement Company - Kit - 9 x 7 x x 11'' HO Scale Model Railroad Building #3019.

Silo homes may look like plain old grain bins from the outside, but once you step inside, you discover they've been completely renovated to become creative living spaces, often standing several. Grain silo house kits, is everyones favorite place to build a clever adaptively reused silo watch tv or a grain silo as several media sites have the largest in the areas of equipment for family game night you for grain silo tiny house on my parents old home place in texas that The 6-Unit Grain silo has a overall footprint of 12 inches by 6 1/2 inches. The loading shed adds another 5 1/2 inches to the width. The silos are 2 3/8 inch diameter. The main building is 6 inches by 4 inches and 14 1/2 inches tall. The roof buildings add another 2 inches / 3 inches in height. 6 unit grain elevator Grain silos are everywhere and as urbanization continues apace there are more and more of them that go unused. Like shipping container homes, these leftover structures offer a wealth of unused and open but sturdily supported interior space that can be adaptively reused in creative ways.Some people have turned grain silos into homes while other have figured out that a grain silo hotel is a. Have grain bins gazebo kits available. I deliver these from Western Illinois out to Port Angeles. Next delivery will be when have trailer load spoken for. Kit includes all roof panels and roof hardware and clips and 1 ring including new bolt kit to reassemble for 2200.00. 2nd bottom ring available for 300.00. Free delivery on normal delivery trips

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Small House Kits. Tiny House Talk. Tiny Houses For Sale. Small Houses. Tiny Log Cabins. Cabins For Sale. Small Cabins. Silo House. Old License Plates. Turner's Grain Silo Stay in Tennessee with Contemporary Decor. I love grain silo homes! What a neat way to repurpose an old structure; and it's round which makes it even niftier! Off the front. Affordable, long lasting, sealed or unsealed grain silos for all your grain storage needs. 61T to 192T models available. Sealed or unsealed. Aeration Kits available. Remote opening hatch. Ladder complete with safety cages and rest platform for larger models are standard. Easy bolt together assembly. Built to last with high quality, long life.

297 best grain bin homes images on pinterest round house from grain silo home floor plans. 10 Things to Consider When Choosing House Plans Online. If you were to go to Google and type in House Plans in the search browser you would receive exceeding 156,000,000 hits in under a second. Even if a small fragment of these are relevant to what. Bells and Whistles. Earl Stein's 1,800-square foot grain bin home in Woodland, Utah, uses high-tech systems and solar heat gain to use less energy. The house, called Monte-Silo, was designed by Gigaplex Architects out of two linked corrugated metal grain silos, arranged to enjoy a view of the Provo River. The home features the following Grain Silo Tiny House: New Braunfels, Texas One of the Gruene Homestead Inn 's vacation rentals, this 1940s silo contains a loft-style apartment with a kitchenette, stand-up shower, and a king-sized bed upstairs Designed by Austin + Mergold, A-House-In-A-Can is a single-family residence built in the round interior of a grain silo. Constructed with off-the-shelf components and clad with a prefabricated. New Listing Original 35mm Railway Slide Chettisham Signal Box 1992 British Rail Grain Silo. Pre-Owned. $4.15. Time left. 6d 17h left (Tue, 11:24 AM) 0 bids. Customs services and international tracking provided. +$20.95 shipping estimate. from United Kingdom

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Grain traffic should touch your model railroad too! This detailed kit includes an elevator, eight storage silos, dust bins, head house and sheds for rail and trucks. Full-color Adm logos and billboard sign decal are included. As shown The ADM concrete grain elevator measures: 13-1/2 x 9 x 13-1/2 33.7 x 23.7 x 33.7cm There's a pedestrian over bridge, naturally weathered retail shops, terraced houses, single and double level house plans, model farm buildings, grain elevators, barn silo, tractor sheds, storage warehouses, industrial rail warehouses and silos, train stations, engine sheds, a signal box, goods depots and various yard architecture for rail.

The remote, desert enclave sits just 700 feet from the tallest building in downtown Phoenix. Emerging from the sanctuary is a 340-square-foot grain silo, meticulously converted to maximize every square inch of verticality. Originally intended for storage, Kaiser set out on a mission to transform the silo into a warm and livable space Walthers HO Scale Cornerstone Series174 Modern Grain Series Kits Head House w/Silos 9-1/2 x 5 x 11 24.1 x 12.7 x 27.9cm by Walthers 5.0 out of 5 stars 2 rating Grain bin gazebos. September 1, 2017 · Durango, IA ·. We have the complete kits for sale 15ft thru 45 ft in 3 ft increments . erection and delivery available. 2020 Competitive price grain storage silos / steel silo for sale. $28,000.00-$150,000.00/ Unit. 1 Unit (Min. Order) Henan Institute Of Grain Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. CN 6 YRS. Contact Supplier. Compare. There is a guardrail around the silo eaves and there is also a manhole on top of the roof Feb 20, 2017 - Explore Hanner Nanner's board Grain Bins and Silos, followed by 158 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about silo house, grain bin house, silos

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  1. Industry-leading solutions from GSI, InterSystems, Zimmerman, FFI, and DM
  2. Step Two. The kit comes pre-molded in a selection of appropriate color tones, however we've decided to go a little lighter on the base color for the silos. This will allow for more flexibility when weathering the painted model. For the base coat, we're using Mission Models Radome Tan, mixed with aircraft gray, and a little bit of white
  3. This is Walthers HO Scale Cornerstone Modern Grain Series Head House w/Silos Kit. The most identifiable structure in many grain-handling complexes is what most people call the elevator. Tall in stature, the cylindrical silos are landmarks along the railroad tracks. On top, the head house contains the conveyor leg and piping to each silo
  4. Aug 11, 2012 - Explore purple_artemis00's photos on Flickr. purple_artemis00 has uploaded 203 photos to Flickr
  5. The grain silo that was transformed into a tiny home. Slide 1 of 23: When Christoph Kaiser spotted a flat-pack grain silo from the 1950s for sale on Craigslist, he thought his storage problems.
  6. Keep Reading: You Can Get These Arched Tiny Home Kits For As Little As $1,300. Sources: This Unique Grain Silo Tiny Home For Sale In Florida Is On 25 Acres Of Country Charm. Newsbreak. Why Silo Homes Are About to Become the Biggest Thing in Real Estate. Country Living. Maria Carter. May 25, 201
  7. Big Grain Silo House Kits. Bin Grain Silo House. Related : Living Spaces Beds Small Solution Ideas. The interior of this round house is loft type with the bedroom above the crescent of the upper floor. This architectural design approach maximizes the efficiency of this building. The use of floor space, and the perception of spatial volume in.

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Dec 4, 2019 - Explore Charlie's board Grain Silo designs on Pinterest. See more ideas about grain silo, silo house, silos For large grain and oil processing plants with output of more than 2000 tons, we usually need to build grain silos with capacity of 50,000-80,000 tons. For soybean processing enterprises, because of the simplicity of soybean varieties, enterprises can consider building grain silos with capacity of 10,000-15,000 tons, which is more economical

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Hi guys, do you looking for grain bin house floor plans. Now, we want to try to share this some photos to find brilliant ideas, look at the picture, these are awesome pictures. Hopefully useful. Perhaps the following data that we have add as well you need. The information from each image that we get, including set of size and resolution. You can click the picture to see the large or full size. bolt kit for bottom sheets $30.00. Turbines $250.00. winter and screen kits =coming. we are currently 12-16 weeks out Visit our website www.grainbingazebos.com . To place an order call Leslein Sales 563 581 5119 (Dale) prices subject to change without notice offer can end at anytime Also these days, grain-elevator bins, silos, and tanks, are generally constructed from steel and/or reinforced concrete. Bucket elevators are utilized to lift up grain to a consignor or distributor, from where it drops through conveyors and/or spouts into bins, tanks, or silos, in the facility Monolithic silos can have the roof attached to the top of the silo wall using special lag type (Star) anchors. Lag type (Star) anchors for monolithic silos are optional. Characteristics + They can fit any diameter, from 10' to 36'. Our silo dome roofs are made with a clear polyester over galvalumeTMcoated steel U.S. Dairy Forage Research Center research proves that there is less dry matter loss and more nutrient value from forage stored in a Harvestore silos versus bags and bunkers. Harvestore set the standard for glass-fused-to-steel in a storage tank

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  1. utes from downtown Nashville: This converted grain silo is absolutely one of a kind!!! In fact, we are only 1 of only.
  2. We have a number of bins for sale ranging in size from 5000BU to 30,000BU. South of the Jamestown, ND area. 480-518-7116. Tim Sievers on March 11, 2014: I have two grain bins forsale one MFS drying bin n one storage bin near Newell Iowa 712-291-1004
  3. Agricultural, Commercial & Residential Uses Hanson Silo offers a variety of dome colors and finishes. In 1938, Hanson Silo invented and patented the self-supported dome roof structure for covering silos throughout rural skylines across much of North America, but the aesthetic appeal, strength and functionality of dome roofs has made them desirable from fire suppression water tower roof to.
  4. Luxury home converted from a pair of huge GRAIN SILOS complete with a circular living room and five bedrooms goes on the market for £1.95million. Stubwood Granary, which sits in Hungerford, Berks.
  5. 54t Sherwell Grain Silos x 3. These will not be available until the end of July 2021 or earlier as currently using them. Machinery & Equipment, Grain Silos and Storage, Sherwell. Minyip, Wimmera, VIC. $8,000.00 $8,800.00 Inc. GST. 31/03/2021. 1319 views. For Sale No. 83579

The unloading chute typically discharged into a small house at the bottom, as on our kit, or directly into the barn. The Farm Silo with Shed kit features 100% laser-cut wood components for a perfect fit plus Tabbed & Slotted construction with Peel & Stick windows, doors, trim, and roofing material for ease of assembly Texas Silo Grain Bin Gazebo's. April 19 at 12:09 PM ·. This is a Sundance Builders project in Montgomery, TX. Sundance purchased this 24'x12' grain bin from us and did their own install and all the finish work. www.sundancebuilders.net Galvalume Plus, a silver material with a clear acrylic coating, is our standard material, with white and a large variety of custom colors also available. Ag roofs can be replaced anytime, regardless of season and feed levels. Besides the standard ag silo dome, we also offer architectural domes. There are a variety of fastening methods allowing. Silo Accessibility. Our silos feature an inspection door for maintenance for maintenance in the second wall ring as well as another one on the roof.. The access stairs to the silo, roof and catwalks are designed to be safe and ergonomic. Designed pursuant to standard UNE-EN ISO 14122-2 and manufactured in highly-resistant galvanised steel, they offer the best solution for silo inspection and. First up was a dramatic upgrade to the grain storage systems for the Lemp Brewery. Back in the 19th century, William Sr. had constructed a Mansard-roofed grain elevator south of the malt house, in what easily ranks as the most peculiarly low-quality building on the Lemp Brewery property, wood frame no less among stone and brick

The unloading chute typically discharged into a small house at the bottom, as on our kit, or directly into the barn. The Farm Silo with Shed kit features 100% laser-cut wood components for a perfect fit plusTabbed & Slotted construction with Peel & Stick windows, doors, trim, roofing material, and support bands for ease of assembly From 1,000 bushel (25.4 MT) bins all the way up to 1.9 million bushels (48260 MT), our full line of grain bins and accessories are customized to fit your needs and maximize your profitability. Product Lineup Select the product line below for key features, options and access specs, manuals and more. unstiffened bins. This is a 190 sq. ft. modern grain silo tiny house.. It was professionally designed and renovated by architect Christoph Kaiser.This tiny home was originally featured on Dwell.. Don't miss other awesome tiny homes, join our FREE Tiny House Newsletter for more! Originally A Grain Silo, Now A Modernized Tiny House Let Hanson's experts help with the design and installation of your project. Hanson Silo Company can provide service and support for: Silo Repair & Replastering, Commercial Silo Repair, Silo Rods, Steel & Concrete Conversion Kits, and Wireless Installation. Call Hanson at 320.664.4171 for Tower Silo Product Information

Corrugated 30′ Grain Bin HO. $ 17.95. 30 foot tall by 24 foot diameter with peaked roof. Includes roof vents and blower. 628-0304. Add to cart Details The silos' site houses the massive Magnolia Market, which sits inside the property's renovated 12,000-square-foot grain barn. There's also a large, public green space, the Silos Baking Co. , a food truck park with picnic tables, the Magnolia Feed + Supply Store and a small garden The 933-3022 walthers grain elevator kit i got back in 2000 i started building now after 10 years heard a lot of stories about the silos being a pain, so i tried and everybody was right i king kong the darn things so i was wondering if the newer 933-2942 modern grain silos were any better because it is a newer kit,need help because the building next to the smashed silos looks useless thanks Grain Silo Poster Print, Agriculture Decor, Farmer Gift, Country Art, Western Wall Art, Rustic Decor, Farmhouse Decor, Farm Wall Art. PatentEarth. 5 out of 5 stars. (994) $8.95 FREE shipping

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Concrete silos (bins/tanks) are offered for individual or multiple installations featuring several types of loading and unloading systems. Steel stacks may be supplied in a large variety of configurations and made of either A-36 carbon steel, Cor-Ten or stainless steel and fabricated with either a single or dual wall Grain silo. Silo house in the grain is an old silo reusable construction materials home at the dancing rabbit eco commune in small apr. Traditional grain silo house, turned to round homes. Creating cylindrical prefab homes silo homes from renovated. Round. Shed ranging from the offbeat this is essentially a silo in concrete or if [

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How to Disassemble a Grain Bin: Picture Tutorial A how-to with photos and discussion, showing how to take down your old grain bin for moving or complete removal. Be sure to check out the comments for further discussion and advice. The Difference Between Grain Bins and Silos Illinois Farm Bureau Partners Is that a grain bin, or is that a silo The former MFA Grain Silos located at 310 E. Phelps Street and 524 N. Boonville Avenue in downtown Springfield, vacant since 2000, are currently owned by Missouri State University and leased to Vertical Innovations Inc. for adaptive reuse as a vertical agriculture and urban farming research primarily for produce and I came across somebody selling a kit of parts. that was for a grain silo. Ending up purchasing it, built it, and as of recently, the silo house is available on Airbnb

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1 product rating - Walthers 933-2942 HO Modern Grain Head House with Silos Building Kit. C $66.06. Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller. List price: Previous Price C $69.86. Such as, if you need a 100t silo, it must be bolted type. And this cement silo is shipped in container, and these parts will be connected by the bolts at the destination. We can also supply you large grain silos, which are also very durable and wear resistant. We can offer you 500t, 600t, 800t, 1000t, 1500t and 2000t large storage silos

The Head House w/Silos kit includes eight silos, a top head house structure, a truck dock with loading doors and rooftop vent details. It's a great addition to any grain complex and is ideal for use with the Conveyor Leg kit (933-2936, sold separately) for loading covered hoppers and trucks as well as other grain series structures and. The Silos with different storage capacities have a variety of uses such as 4000 MT silo is mainly used for buffer storage and for feeding Wagon Loading Tower, 30 MT Silos or Day Bin Silos are used for bagging the stored grain, 60 MT Silo is used for truck loading and 500 MT Silo receives the grain from the Intake Hoppers which are the first. 14 Smart Silo Conversions from High-Rises to Hidden Homes. by Steph. Once, they held grain, missiles or even sewage. But these 14 silos were transformed into incredibly creative adaptive reuse. Photo about: Curious Grain Silo House: Learn More!, Title: Grain Silo House Idea, Description:. , Tags: About Grain Silo House,Build Grain Silo House,Grain Silo House Garden,Grain Silo House Sample,Idea Grain Silo House, Resolution: 1280px x 720p Southern Arizona is no stranger to its share of beautiful homes, but we also have some bizarre real estate up for sale including a so-called Cave House and Cold War era silos

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Inside this repurposed grain silo is a chic tiny urban home. It is called the Silo House, and it is located in Phoenix, Arizona in the Garfield Historic District. Architect Christoph Kaiser created this cozy nest that is now home sweet home for him and his wife. You can see more of this sleek and modern dwelling (including the awesome backyard. Famsun insulation silo advantages are as followings: √ Heat insulation. Silo inner grain temperature gradient changing slower than that of outside , not easy to condense. √ Safe grain storage. Store grain at low temperature, increase food storage stability, maintaining food quality and extend the safe storage time. √ Low cost Silo House Recycled House Grain Storage Grain Silo Journal Du Design Modern Tiny House Round House Little Houses Cozy House Architectural 1955 Silo Conversion in to a Home Architect Christoph Kaiser successfully Converted this 1955 corrugated steel-wall grain silo into a home in down-town Phoenix in the US