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Scotts EZ Seed Patch and Repair 3.75-lb Sun and Shade Lawn Repair Mix. Scotts EZ Seed Patch and Repair Sun and Shade is a revolutionary seeding mix for seeding success (subject to care)! The unique combination of Scotts high performance seed, premium continuous release lawn food, and super-absorbent growing material, makes it possible for grass to grow anywhere (subject to proper care) Get free shipping on qualified Patch & Repair Grass Seed or Buy Online Pick Up in Store today in the Outdoors Department Apply Scotts® EZ Patch™ Lawn Repair for St. Augustine Lawns then place new sod or plugs. 2. Water well. New seed and sod require more frequent watering. Keep your soil moist, but don't drown it. 3. Feed your lawn. After 6 to 8 weeks, give your new grass the nutrients it needs to grow lush and strong

Scotts EZ Patch Lawn Repair For St. Augustine Lawns - 3.75 lb., Ready-to-use Mulch, and Fertilizer Lawn Repair, Repairs St. Augustinegrass, Does Not Contain Grass Seeds, Covers up to 85 sq. ft. 3.7 out of 5 stars. 1,157. $11.98. $11 Scotts EZ Patch Lawn Repair For St. Augustine Lawns - 3.75 lb., Ready-to-use Mulch, and Fertilizer Lawn Repair, Repairs St. Augustinegrass, Does Not Contain Grass Seeds, Covers up to 85 sq. ft. 3.7 out of 5 stars 1,37 1. Prep - Remove dead grass if necessary and loosen the top 2 inches of soil. 2. Apply - First, shake the bag to mix the contents. Next, evenly spread a thin layer of PatchMaster® Lawn Repair Mix so the area is completely covered. 3. Water - A deep and thorough initial watering is the key to success. Gently water the area until PatchMaster.

Here's how to patch a lawn with turf: Using a shovel, cut a patch of the sod to fit the bald spot in your lawn. Place it over the problem area. Merge the edges of the sod with the surrounding grass by pressing it with your hands. If the sod seems higher than the surrounding lawn, remove a little soil out of the patch, smooth and try again Scotts EZ Seed Patch and Repair Sun and Shade - 20 lb., Combination Mulch, Seed, and Fertilizer, Repairs Bare Spots, Includes Tackifier to Reduce Seed Wash-Away, Seeds up to 445 sq. ft. 4.1 out of 5 stars 4,841. $54.75$54.75. Scotts PatchMaster Lawn Repair Mix Tall Fescue Mix - 10 lb., All-In-One Bare Spot Repair, Feeds for up to 6 Weeks for. Scotts EZ Seed Patch & Repair Sun and Shade Scotts EZ Seed Patch & Repair Sun and Shade is a revolutionary seeding mix that guarantees seeding success (subject to proper care)! The unique combination of Scotts high performance seed, premium continuous release lawn food, and super-absorbent growing material, makes it possible for grass to grow. Then, lightly water the area to help the seeds germinate. You can also use a lawn repair mix ($15, The Home Depot) that includes grass seed and mulch or soil, and just sprinkle that on top of the bare patch. Mow the new grass when it reaches about 3 inches tall. add layer of topsoil above grass seed Start with a grass seed product that combines seed, fertilizer and mulch. 3 Steps to Repair Dead Patches In Your Lawn. 1. Prepare the Soil: Begin by removing thatch from the area of dead grass using a garden rake or hand rake. Once you get below the layer of thatch, rake the soil to loosen it for the seeds

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Scotts EZ Patch Lawn Repair For St. Augustine Lawns - 3.75 lb., Ready-to-use Mulch, and Fertilizer Lawn Repair, Repairs St. Augustinegrass, Does Not Contain Grass Seeds, Covers up to 85 sq. ft. 3.7 out of 5 stars. 1,234. $16.48. $16 Repairing Bare Spots. 1. Dig up the area to a 6-in. depth, breaking up the clumps. (If the problem was caused by a spilled chemical such as gasoline or an herbicide, remove several inches of surface soil.) 2. Mix in topsoil to improve soil quality and help new sod or grass seed get off to a good start. 3 Cut Out the Old Turf. Place the patch over the bare spot. Use a sharp shovel to trace around the sod patch into the healthy lawn around the bare spot. 2  Remove the sod patch, then remove the dead grass and the ring of healthy grass around the bare patch, using a hand cultivator

How to Patch Your Lawn Learn how easy it is to repair bare spots for a prettier lawn. Grass seed plays an important role in helping you maintain a beautiful, thick, green lawn. When you need seed for your lawn, it's important to consider the type of project you have and choose the correct grass seed product for your needs. Scotts® EZ. Associate Rick from our How-To Community shows you how to patch brown spots in your lawn. Follow his tips to get your lawn looking green and lush again.#TheH.. Now you know how to fix a brown patch in your lawn. Brown patches don't have to get in the way of your luscious, green backyard dreams. Follow these easy steps for how to solve this problem and repair dead grass on your own. If you find that the brown patch es or dead grass are a recurring issue, call us today for a free lawn consultation. Grass patch repair works hard to provide your lawn with the nourishment it needs to flourish once again, repairing damaged areas with a quick patch fix that lasts all summer long. Plus, you'll find a lawn repair kit from all your favourite brands, including Miracle Gro lawn feed, Westland lawn feed and Evergreen lawn feed

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How to Repair a Thin Lawn by Overseeding. Rake the area well, picking up any leaves and debris in the turf. Cast the seeds over the turf, and then spread about a half an inch of compost or topsoil on the lawn. To get good seed-to-soil contact, gently rake the seeds and soil into the grass. Water the seeds in the early morning and evening until. This video will show you how to plant grass seed to fix or repair bare or dead spots in the lawn. I also discuss my above ground sprinkler system and you ca.. Dealing with patches of dry grass in your lawn can be a real challenge. They seem to mysteriously show up without warning and quickly wear out their welcome. Determining the reasons why those patches of dead grass are there in the first place will help you figure out a game plan to fix them once and for all Repair thin or bare areas with Scotts® EZ Seed®. Guaranteed to grow grass anywhere, EZ Seed® features a unique combination of Scotts® high-performance seed, continuous-release fertilizer and Scotts® super-absorbent growing material that keeps seed from drying out. Simply rake ground to loosen soil, apply EZ Seed® and water in The best method for grass spot repair is to overseed with new grass seed in the affected area. Overseeding, or planting new grass seed, allows for a healthy new start and can result in a virtually undetectable repair. The best time to sow seeds for lawn patch repair depends on the type of grass you have

Bare patches can be a nuisance and usually let the garden down. But there are certain tricks that can be useful in these circumstances. From shade to compaction, there is a solution for most bare patches. This article provides some suggestions for repairing a bare patch of lawn Scotts EZ Patch Lawn Repair For St. Augustine Lawns - 3.75 lb., Ready-to-use Mulch, and Fertilizer Lawn Repair, Repairs St. Augustinegrass, Does Not Contain Grass Seeds, Covers up to 85 sq. ft Lawn Repair & Grass Patching Get your turf back in top condition and fix patches in your lawn with our selection of grass seed specially designed for lawn repair and grass patches. This store is temporarily not accepting online orders due to increased demand Patch Repair makes it easy to repair bare spots and problem areas. It is a perfect match for your Heartland Seed lawn. Formulated and mixed specifically for your region of the country. Best for use in full sun to medium shade. Germinates in 7 to 14 days. Covers up to 75 sq. ft. Easy to use Biodegradable Dog Patch products can quickly repair the damage caused by pet urine in your lawn. Dog Patch Spot Repair is a combination of premium grass seed and granulated mulch. Dog Patch Spot Repair contains Double Time™ to provide quicker establishment and weed suppression while using less water, less fertilizer and less chemicals

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Find My Store. for pricing and availability. 199. Scotts. EZ Seed Patch and Repair 3.75-lb Bermuda Lawn Repair Mix. Model #17582. Find My Store. for pricing and availability. 38647BAB-4253-4399-BF34-F2AE8036D83D@1.00x Get free shipping on qualified Mixed, Patch & Repair Grass Seed or Buy Online Pick Up in Store today in the Outdoors Department Scotts. PatchMaster Lawn Repair Mix Sun and Shade Mix 4.75-lb Sun and Shade Lawn Repair Mix. Find My Store. for pricing and availability. 38647BAB-4253-4399-BF34-F2AE8036D83D@1.00x. 222. Scotts. Turf Builder Thick'R Lawn Tall Fescue 40-lb Tall Fescue Lawn Repair Mix. Model #30075A The grass seed in Black Beauty® Lawn Repair germinates in 10 to 14 days. Touch-Up™ TRI-RYE Perennial Ryegrass is a 100% premium perennial ryegrass blend. The three perennial ryegrasses in this mixture are all dark-green in color and fast to germinate so they are great for filling in bare spots and thickening the lawn quickly This complete, All-In-One™ Lawn Repair Kit® is the easy way to repair bare spots in your lawn. It combines starter fertilizer, high-performance grass seed and mulch to repair difficult areas and quickly blend into existing grass. 5lb bag covers up to 100 sq. ft. and is 100% guaranteed. To read PDF files, you need the Adobe Acrobat Reader 6.0.

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Grotrax is a revolutionary new all-in-one grass roll. Available in Year Round Green, Bermuda, Rye and Tall Fescue varieties to match your climate, Grotrax combines exceptional seed blends, mulch, and fertilizer between two moisture holding Bio Fabric layers for FAST germination and growth. Roll, water and grow Scotts EZ Seed Patch and Repair 3.75-lb Sun and Shade Lawn Repair Mix Scotts EZ Seed Patch and Repair Sun and Shade is a revolutionary seeding mix for seeding success (subject to care)! The unique combination of Scotts high performance seed, premium continuous release lawn food, and super-absorbent growing material, makes it possible for grass.

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  1. One dry, hot sunny day is all it takes to wipe out a new lawn. Pro tip: A $25 timer for your hose, available at any garden or home center, might be helpful if you can't be home to water as needed. After the grass is three inches high, you can start mowing and begin a normal watering regime. Step 10
  2. Mow your lawn before repairing the patches, as you won't be able to while the new seedlings establish. Rake away any clippings, stones or debris from the patchy section and to loosen the soil Use a quick release fertiliser to speed up the growth of the new grass, applying at a rate of 70g per m2 and watering in until dissolve
  3. Over time, pet urine can lead to unsightly dead patches on your lawn. Fortunately, there are a couple simple remedies you can use to repair dead grass. Try applying a lawn repair treatment to the affected areas, which will introduce enzymes and nutrients to encourage the grass to grow. You can also repair dead grass with limestone

Gardening expert Katie Rushworth shows you how to clear and repair the bare and brown patches in your lawn. Start by raking out any dead grass and moss to al.. The Spruce / K. Dave. Causes . The Rhizoctonia fungus may be present for some time in the soil before it manifests as brown patch disease.The fungus overwinters in the lawn grass or soil beneath in the form of fungal bodies known as sclerotia, and it can survive for years until conditions are right.Rhizoctonia is most likely to cause brown patch during the periods of high temperature and high. Mike from The Lawn Company shows how to repair an area of lawn that's been damaged using just a rake, some grass seed, and some top dressing.Subscribe! h.. When the ground warms up in the spring, the grass uses those nutrients to jump-start its growth. Keep mowing your lawn until the grass stops growing. On your final mowing of the year, cut the grass to 1 to 1-1/2 inches high. Note: This reduces the chance that your lawn will get snow mold and vole damage

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  1. Pennington One Step Complete lawn repair products and Pennington Smart Seed have what you need to patch or repair bare spots, fix thin lawns, and grow a thick, beautiful, spot-free lawn. Pennington One Step Complete simplifies bare spot repair by combining everything you need in a premium, pre-mixed product that's easy to use and guaranteed to.
  2. Scotts PatchMaster Lawn Repair Mix Review. Brown, bare spots appear in a lawn from too little irrigation, or in some cases, from lack of sunshine under a large tree. Healthy lawns need enough.
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  4. ate and root best when it comes into direct contact with soil. Loosen the soil. At least scratch the surface, or better yet, dig and loosen the top 2 or 3 inches. If the soil is particularly poor, work in a little compost or similar organic matter
  5. Prepare the damaged area by removing all dead grass and 1 to 2 of soil 3/4 past the edge of the dead grass. So you won't have to cut the sod in odd shapes, remove the dead grass so that the prepared area forms a square. Cut the edges of the area straight. Water the area, then amend the soil by working in either compost, leaf mold or fine.

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Grass seed germinates readily in the spring, so this is the ideal time to fix any bare patches that have appeared and make sure your lawn is a solid block of perfect green. New lawns can be started from seed in spring, and bare-patches over-sown with seed to help them fill out Whatever the culprit, brown grass should be assessed and addressed ASAP before the pesky patches eventually destroy your lawn. Read on for seven remedies Brown lawn patches are probably the most frustrating problems that homeowners have with their lawns. Because there are so many different kinds of problems that can cause brown spots on grass, home diagnostics can be tricky, but there are a number of care items that help with brown lawn repair, even if you don't know what's really wrong with your lawn

As the grass continues to grow the mulch will start to break up and work its way down around the base of the grass. Before long, your repair patch will blend in with your existing grass. And you'll have a lush spot-free lawn again. The 1 Step Complete worked so well, I had to really search for the new grass so I could take an after picture The Grass Patch has been providing new landscape design and installation in addition to turfgrass products to Central Texas since 1978. We offer a complete landscape and irrigation design as well as installation all completed in-house by our team of professionals. Our licensed and award winning design team works closely with our experienced and. How to repair a patch. Follow these simple steps to repair the patches in your lawn. Step 1: Remove any debris. Use a lawn rake to remove any debris from your garden. It is important to rake your grass especially during autumn and winter as grass that is covered with leaves and other debris which can damage the lawn due to lack of light and air Vigoro Fast Grass Mix germinates impressively quickly and sprouts in as little as three days. Anytime you need speedy ground cover, erosion control, or want to repair patches in your yard, this is your best bet. The seed works in both sunny and shady areas and produces lush green grass with semi-fine blades and virtually no weeds

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Pennington One Step Complete Dense Shade Grass Seed Repair is an all-in-one mulch, seed and fertilizer product that provides everything you need for quick and easy lawn repairs on your way to a thicker, lusher, spot-free lawn. The Dense shade formulation is excellent for areas with 50-70%. The 10 pound bag covers up to 150 sq. ft Tips to Repair Patches Of Dead Grass in Your Yard. If your yard already has damage from your dog's urine, there are a few steps you can follow to try and repair it: First, rake the yellow grass areas to remove any dead grass; Apply a mixture of water and limestone to the ground; Cover the affected area with grass seeds and new topsoi Scotts EZ Patch Lawn Repair for St. Augustine Lawns offers a brand new way to repair bare spots in your St. Augustinegrass lawns. With its unique blend of super-absorbent mulch and controlled release fertilizer technology, you can repair your bare spots 60% faster*

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  1. How to repair a thin and patchy lawn. When the grass dies, for whatever reason, the dead material is left in the patch or sward of the grass to decompose slowly. To help your lawn thicken up again and recover quicker, rake out as much of this material as you can. This will provide space for the healthy grass to spread back through and also.
  2. Method 1. If your bare patches are fairly small (smaller than an A4 sheet of paper), you can fix these patches without having to buy turf. First, de-compact the ground with a chipping hoe or similar, to break up the soil to allow air and nutrients to penetrate. Turn the ground over to make sure it is de-compacted to a depth of at least 100mm
  3. Just three simple steps separate you from quick, successful lawn patch and repair: Prepare the damaged area by removing any dead grass or debris and raking it lightly with a garden rake. Spread the One Step Complete seeding mixture over the area. For bare spots, use approximately 1 cup per square foot. (For Bermudagrass lawns, use 3/4 cup per.
  4. A patch of dead grass, even a small one, in an otherwise acceptable lawn can be an eyesore and a weed magnet, says LSU AgCenter horticulturist Dr. Tom Koske. Use turfgrass to patch the lawn. It's easy, immediate and permanent and checks soil erosion. To repair a lawn with turfgrass sod, Koske says to follow eight steps

For extended results for grass up to 25% damage: Spread seeding mix approximately 1 cup/15 sq.ft. everywhere healthy beautiful grass is desired. Water. Keep the soil moist by watering daily (twice a day, if needed) until grass sprouts and reaches about 3 tall. The wood mulch turns a darker color when properly watered If the dead patches in the turf continue for a long period of time, and never spread and never repair over time, then we can usually easily rule out lawn pest or lawn disease as the cause, as these will continue to spread over time, and sometimes even repair on their own, or otherwise change appearance and shape over time Preparing bare spots for repair. Mow damaged spots and surrounding areas at normal spring mowing levels, and then remove dead or damaged grass to expose clean soil. If leveling is needed, add or remove topsoil, rake spots briskly, and then smooth the surface. Loose, smooth soil invites new seedlings to take hold

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The fastest way to repair damaged or dead grass is to seed and/or sod. After following the steps outlined above, apply seed or sod to dead areas of your lawn. If seeding, make sure you have loose enough soil or use topsoil to plant your seed. Water is a must to regrow a yard from seed or sod successfully Resod Photo 1: Cut the sod patch. Lay the new sod over the dead spot and cut through both with a sharp spade. Dig the turf from the dead area and lay in the new sod patch. Water well. Here's how to cut out damaged grass and cut a sod patch that fits perfectly in its place: Lay a piece of sod over the bad spot and slice through both the sod.

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Try watering your grass more often to see if this clears up the problem. Adjust your sprinklers or the way you water the grass using a garden hose. The yellow patches should clear up quickly if dryness is the problem. If you don't notice a change within two weeks, a different lawn problem may be causing these ugly patches to show up on your lawn Besides patches of grass turning brown and never re-greening even with plenty of water, a few telltale signs point to grubs as the cause of your lawn's failing health. Though the damage likely occurred in fall, spring is when the telltale signs show up, as healthy grass starts to grow and turn a deeper shade of green by the day 10. Turf repair (optional - additional fee) Accidents happen. In the case that regular maintenance won't correct your turf problem, we also offer repair services for your artificial lawn. Our team will repair seams and edges, tears in the turf, turf melting/burning, and correct the base beneath the turf if needed. 11 Schultz® Once 'N Done™ grass seed patches and repairs the toughest areas. This revolutionary seeding mix contains natural fertilizer and twice the seed of the leading national brand. An all-in-one Patch and Repair product which is comparable to Scotts EZ Seed. Contains, Mulch (compressed coconut coir), Starter Fertilizer and Lawn Seed. Requires less watering for establishment. Easy 3.

When your lawn has this disease, it tends to have mottled patches of yellow to brown and dead grass. The edges of the patches may have red/pink coloration of red spores. On touch, the affected grass has a slimy feel. For you to fix the problem, you need to kill the spores of the fungus using spectracide. Brown patch. Symptoms of the fungal. Soak the patch until the grass is sopping wet to dilute the urine acids and salts and wash them deeper into the soil, beyond the grass roots. Scrape up the dead grass with a hand rake and remove it. Rough up the area to loosen the soil 1/2-in. deep. Seeds germinate better in soft soil

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In this video, This Old House landscape contractor Roger Cook and host Kevin O'Connor patch a lawn with grass seed. Steps: 1. Mow the lawn relatively short. 2. Use a grub hoe to remove the damaged grass and weeds, but leave the topsoil. 3. Rake up and remove the excavated lawn debris A lawn can tolerate some degree of grub infestation, but if the concentration is high, dead patches will appear in your lawn. 2  A strong sign that you are dealing with grubs is if the dead patch lifts away from the ground easily when you tug on the grass. Grubs eat the roots of grass and leave nothing to hold the grass in place Grass Lawn Speedy Seed, Ultra Patch 1kg Hard Wearing, Fast Growing, Pet Urine Neutraliser, Defra Approved, Grass Seed Patch Repair 4.1 out of 5 stars 480 £8.95 £ 8 . 9

Steps To Repair Lawn Patches. Step 1. Remove any dead grass from the patch you need to repair and loosen the soil with a rake. Step 2. Apply/lay the grass seed/turf as per the instructions, this is crucial as it makes all the difference to the success of germination for the grass seed, and the roots of the turf getting established. Step 3 Pet Patch is our liquid lawn repair solution for pet spots. It contains a unique soil remediation blend to help revive damaged lawn areas. One of the key ingredients is a non-ionic surfactant blend that allows water to penetrate more deeply into the soil, and for the soil to hold moisture more effectively

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  1. Scotts® EZ Seed® Patch & Repair Sun and Shade is a revolutionary seeding mix that guarantees seeding success! The unique combination of Scotts® high performance seed, premium, continuous release lawn food, and super-absorbent growing material, make it possible for grass to grow anywhere
  2. e Why You Have Bare Patches - & Correct Problem. The first step in how to plant grass seed in bare spots of your lawn is to deter
  3. Patch & Repair FASTFIX® 9-1-1. C-I-L ® FASTFIX ® with SURESTART ® XTREME is a premium blend of lawn fertilizer, grass seed, compost and iron that thickens and greens your lawn while preventing the spread of weeds in one easy application. It feeds and greens in 48 hours and boosts soil activity for a more vigorous lawn

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  1. In this post, I am going to show you how to repair this grass and get it back to normal. Firstly, let's take a look at a patch of lawn that has been burnt by fertilizer: As you can see, this part of the lawn has been scorched. This fertilizer burn is caused by a build-up of nitrogen and soluble salts, which can cause the grass to dry out
  2. Excessive moisture can lead to Brown patch, so be sure to water your lawn either early in the morning before 10 a.m., or between 4 p.m. and 6 p.m. to ensure that the grass dries out fully before nightfall. If you allow your grass to remain wet all night, it will become more susceptible to disease and pests
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  4. Fungus: Patches caused by fungus have an irregular shape and can sometimes have grass growing in the middle of the patch. Fungus proliferates in places that are rainy, humid or lack sunlight
  5. Step 2. Topdress with Compost. Poor soil is one of the leading causes of dead grass patches. Topdressing your lawn with compost is the best way to provide much-needed nutrients and improve the quality of the soil. Compost adds organic matter that improves the soil structure
  6. Improper Mowing: Mowing the lawn too short can stress the grass and cause it to turn dry and brown. As a general rule of thumb, remove no more than one-third the height at each mowing. Although a length of 2 ½ inches (6 cm.) is okay, 3 inches (8 cm.) is healthier during summer heat. Mow regularly and don't allow the grass to become too long
  7. To repair patches of dead grass, remove the dead sod. Place the debris in the trash. Dig up the soil within the bared area and turn it over. If the dead sod was caused by too much fertilizer or.

Take the guesswork and the waiting out of bare spot repairs with Pennington One Step Complete Sun and Shade. With this versatile all-in-one mulch, seed and fertilizer product, you can patch and repair bare spots, pet damage or thin lawn areas in full sun to medium shade and get results in just two weeks or less. For the first week or so after planting, be sure the soil doesn't go dry. After the grass is up and growing, keep the area just moist (not soggy or dry). This may mean watering a couple of times a day early on (for short, five-minute applications). Over time, you can go to a once-a-day watering for 10 or 15 minutes rejuvenate your lawn. repair bare patches. reduce the risk of overtaking weeds. strengthen and increase the health of your lawn. Overseed in Autumn . Overseed in Spring. Oversowing in early Autumn means the seed has time to establish prior to the cold season and will prepare it for the cooler winter weather Divot repair advice for golfers. There is quite debate about whether golfers should replace the divot with the grass patch or not. Some argue that it is advisable not to fill the divot with the patch that has been sliced off as this will make the surface appear seamless Scotts PatchMaster Tall Fescue Grass Patch & RepairCombination of tall fescue grass seed, starter fertilizer, and starter mulch. All-in-one product includes everything needed to repair bare spots. Blend with existing tall fescue lawns. Germinates in about 7 days. 4.75 lb bag covers up to 115 sq ft

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Scotts EZ Seed Patch and Repair Centipede Grass is a revolutionary seeding mix that guarantees seeding success (Subject to proper care)! The unique combination of Scotts high performance seed, premium continuous release lawn food, and Scotts super-absorbent growing material, make it possible for grass to grow in tough conditions, guaranteed. Repairs bald patches in grass. Miracle-Gro EverGreen Lawn Repair Kit is a combination of grass seed and lawn food specially formulated to over-seed and thicken an existing lawn, or to repair bare patches of grass To repair damaged areas of centipede lawn, first consider your symptoms. If they are consistent with cold injury, then repairing the areas is a little easier. If you have large patch disease in your yard you will need to plan to treat the lawn with fungicides this fall and make sure you are not over fertilizing or over watering How to Repair a Lawn With Lots of Moss. Where moss is found extensively in a lawn area, it indicates an unhealthy lawn. Moss does not kill grass but instead colonizes spots that are bare or have.

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The reasoning behind spring lawn spots. The toughest part of dealing with a bare spots in lawns is discovering what causes bare spots lawn issues. Learn ten common reasons for spring grass patches and what you can do to fix them and revive dead grass spots Sanding a lawn is a landscape process known as topdressing. The purpose of topdressing a lawn is to remove large divots and level out uneven spots. This leveling process helps prevent water from pooling in a lawn. Centipede grass propagates quickly by spreading out from its original growth, hence its name Yates Easy Patch Lawn Repair is an all purpose blend that can be used on bare patches in common lawns under all conditions, sun, shade or even in high traffic areas. COVERAGE. Yates Easy Patch Lawn Repair will cover 40 patches. Approximate patch size 15cm x 15cm. HOW TO REPAIR A PATCH: Remove dead grass and loosen soil. Shake container well

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The Grass Patch, Inc. recommends you run through your irrigation system every month to check for possible issues with coverage and general function. You can run a manual check of each zone for 2 to 3 minutes to make a visual inspection Guide on how to repair bare patches. Established lawns can become thin and worm over time and can benefit from over sowing with new lawn seed to help thicken up and revive the look of the lawn. For bare patches, loosen the soil in the bare patch with a rake or garden fork to create a soft, loose surface

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