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Historically Accurate WWI reproduction rations and personal items for German and American troops. Showing 1-16 of 100 results Sort by popularity Sort by latest Sort by price: low to high Sort by price: high to lo The meat ration was reduced progressively during the war, and one meatless day per week was introduced from June 1916; by the end of that year it was 250g (8 3/4 oz.) fresh meat or 150g (5 1/4 oz.) preserved, or 200g (7 oz) fresh meat for support and train personnel. At the same time the sugar ration was only 17g (6/10 oz.). German Iron Ration Reproduction WW2 U.S. Cigarettes 200s Packing Sleeve $15.00. WW2 German 6 Cigarette Pack (Refillable)/Match book (Smokers pack) $6.00. Reproduction WW2 German Cigarette Packs (Refillable) $10.00. WW1 Gartons H.P. Sauce Label $3.00. Reproduction WW1 Machonochie Brothers Army Ration Label $2.00

Reproduction German Rations and prop ration packaging. Knacke Brot Brittle Bread Ration Box, WWII German Reproduction $ 5.0 Reproduction WW2 Morale K Ration Boxes and inner component wrappers $40.00; Reproduction WW2 British 24 Hour Ration Box with menu $20.00; WW2 German Patronenkasten 88 Ammunition Crate $150.00; WW1 Gartons H.P. Sauce Label $3.0

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Set of 12 REPRODUCTION WW1 ERA German Imperial Army ration tin labels 2 of each Label. $4.69

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Featuring Reproduction Food Rations from World War 1, World War 2 for Germany, America, Great Britain, France, Australia and Russia. Fully edible, fresh and authentic! We are coming to you with a new web site, old ration favourites, some new squaddies and even George, a.k.a. 'Grandarse' who is the founder of the Knacker Squaddies ration sites. D5024 - Front Line Troops Ration box - Frontkämpfer im Grosskampf. Rated 5.00 out of 5. € 4,50. Details M1898 BUTCHER BAYONET & SCABBARD. $ 99.95. FIELD GRADE REPRODUCTION WWI GERMAN M1898 BUTCHER BAYONET & SCABBARD. Each federal state had its own preferences concerning equipment at the turn of the century. This was also the case with bayonets, called Seitengewehr in German, which means protection arm to be carried at the side. Docs and labels. Labels and packaging. Below you will find a range of items that you can print to finish off your wwii display with a bunch of original looking consumables. Many thanks to those who have contributed, if you have any you could add, please email [alex (a)panzergrenadier.net] or contact us through the site

Welcome to World War Supply, your exclusive military accessory dealer! We are a veteran owned and operated company who takes pride in historically accurate and quality reproduction militaria. We have been collecting and dealing for over 20 years, and have become an industry leader in providing well priced and quality accessories Reproduction Rations Items; Back to All Personal Items Original Rations Items. Red Rubber Canteen Gasket $0.75 USD. Buy Reproduction Honey Jar Labels (set of 2) Reproduction Edelweiß German Toilet Paper $3.00 USD. Sold Out Reproduction Ration Bags for Panzer Crews (Pack of 20) $5.00 USD. Buy. Details about Reproduction german ww2 boxed rations See original listing. Reproduction german ww2 boxed rations: Condition: New. Ended: Jun 13, 2021. Winning bid: US $91.00 [ 30 bids] Shipping: WW2 German Visor Cap officer World War II Reproduction Germany Military. On the whole, the regular German Army foot soldier (Landser) received scientifically designed, high-calorie/protein rations. Typically, each soldier carried a daily supply of the so-called Halbieserne or Iron Ration that contained one 300-gram tin of meat and one 125- or 150-gram unit of hard bread

The Wehrmacht's Eiserne Portionen or iron ration was a pre-packaged emergency combat ration somewhat like the U.S. Army's K-Ration, designed to feed one man for one day, but without the amenities that accompanied the American ration. The iron ration consisted of 250 grams of Zwieback (hard biscuits or crackers) packed in waxed paper, 200 grams of canned Fleischkonserve (tinned meat), and. Hebert Brach, 6th company, 2nd BN, GR916, had this to say after finally receiving his first German rations in days, When we had reached the foot of the hill, there stood a soldier with a loaf of bread in his hand, cutting off slice after slice, which our men practically tore out of his hand, for we had waited six days for rations, since the supply train could not be brought closer because. Unboxing and testing World War Two, reproduction German field rations.#MRE #Rations #WW Great War food : Great War period rations, WW1 food labels, Great War rations of the First World War, available from Tommy's Pack Fillers. Great War replicas - Text list. Download Printable WW1 repro catalogue. Tell a friend about Tommy's Pack Fillers << WW1 Tommy's Pack Fillers History Bunker Ltd World War 1 and World War 2 reproduction military uniforms. Since 2006 the company and product range has grown rapidly and we now carry over 1000 product lines including WW1 British Army uniforms, WW1 Anzac uniforms, WW1 German uniforms, WW2 Soviet Red Army uniforms, WW2 Italian uniforms, WW2 Japanese uniforms as well as British Napoleonic, Crimean and Victorian uniform

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  3. Mid-war K-Ration Boxes Here they are! Our brand new reproduction K-Rations are finally available. Over the years, WWII Supply Room has been known for producing the best reproduction K-Ration boxes. Our newest run is not only the best replica we have ever produced, but is without a doubt the highest quality reproduction ever brought to market
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Millones de Productos que Comprar! Envío Gratis en Productos Participantes Reproduction Rations Items; Back to All Personal Items Original Rations Items. Red Rubber Canteen Gasket $0.75 USD. Buy Reproduction Honey Jar Labels (set of 2) Reproduction Edelweiß German Toilet Paper $3.00 USD. Sold Out Reproduction Ration Bags for Panzer Crews (Pack of 20) $5.00 USD. Buy. For almost 10 years we have supplied premium reproduction WW1 and WW2 German uniforms including, standard German infantry uniforms, Waffen SS uniforms, Kriegsmarine leather jackets, Afrika Korps uniforms and much much more Our client list includes major movie production companies such and Warner Bros, Universal studios and Paramount Pictures, as well as prestigious museums such as Madame. Repro-Rations has quite an extensive line of WWII German items. A while ago, I contacted them, and I asked if they had any plans to expand their German WWI line. I was told that they would like to offer more WWI German items. Unfortunately, right now, they haven't been able to locate any more good original examples to use for replicating Price US$ 38/pair ( UK Pounds 20, Euro 32) delivered. World War One (ww1, wwi) Imperial German Army Bread Bag: Available is Ochre, tan, Grey, Field grey and olive color 100% cotton canvas. It has two compartments and the outer flap is 10.5″ X 10.5″. Has D ring and leather tab on the left side for attaching canteen

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New Reproduction C-Rations Available. German military outfitter Bausenwein is offering brand new, reproduction C-rations. They have the following menus: Ham & Eggs Ingredients: 82.5% whole egg, 9.3% of pork, onion, herbs, spices, salt, E250, E621, E300/E301, dextrose. Pork Slices Ingredients Ration parties, like this one from the 12th Battalion Royal Irish Rifles, had to bring rations from horse-drawn limbers at night to avoid enemy fire. Supply lines were often targeted by both sides The German Army also had pre-made rations (mostly canned meats and hard crackers, the infamous Iron Ration) but there were also dehydrated and condensed canned items, such as tomato soup and milk. I actually tried Erbswurst (literally, pea sausage, dehydrated pea soup wrapped to look like sausage- pretty good) The rice recipes are scaled for one portion. According to WWI German Army daily ration tables, 125 grams or rice or 250 grams of pulses (peas, beans, or lentils) could be substituted for 1500 grams of potatoes. Buckwheat, oat groats, or other grains can be used in the same way as rice in any of the following recipes

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Repro-rations. Post by rationtin440 baiscally they are commercial foods re-packed into WW1 and WW2 rations from the major allied and axis powers. One particular item I'd love to try is the Erbswurst pea soup which I'm thinking that housil might be familiar with since it is German food re-packed. Top. housil Moderator Posts: 5440 Joined: Tue. WWI Leather saddle wallets (reproduction) $ 160.00 UK 1903 Pattern Leather Cavalry Bandolier - 5 Pocket JAWA COSTUME $ 65.00 U.S. WWII COLT 45 M7 , M-7 SHOULDER HOLSTER - BROWN $ 29.9

US Army 1906 Pattern Emergency Ration This is a quality reproduction of one of the two styles of emergency ration issued by the US Army from about 1906 through WWI. US$ 24.0 WW1 German M 1915 Tornister Rucksack Knapsack Backpack Suspenders Straps Ersatz. $165.00. 0 bids. $30.00 shipping. Ending Saturday at 3:07AM PDT. 2d 14h

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Cost: $150.00 per Emergency Ration. WORLD WAR II K RATION This reproduction K Ration is based on extensive research primarily provided by QMC Historical Studies, The Development of Special Rations for the Army, September 1944 (Reprinted by George A. Peterson, NCHS, Inc.) and the personal collection of our good friend John Della Penna German Army in the Second World War. German rations were issued on a scale according to the duties and locations of the troops, there were 4 scales of ration; Ration I (Verpflegungssatz I) is for troops committed to combat, for those that are recuperating from combat, and for troops stationed in Norway north of 66° N. Latitude.Ration II (Verpflegungssatz II) is for occupation and line-of. A German courier delivering mail and rations to combat troops in the trenches. The German Army, like all others, had ration scales laid down for both men and horses. However, once the Russian campaign had started, ration supplies were often erratic, and the men in the field had to scavenge for themselves

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Reproduction Ration Bags for Panzer Crews (Pack of 20) $5.00 USD. Buy Original Drinking Straws From $3.00 USD. Weimerer Lebkuchen Paper Box $5.50 USD. Buy German Heavy Duty P38 Can Opener $6.00 USD. Buy Original Vau-Ge Cellophane for Canning $7.50 USD. Buy Kaffee-Ersatz Coffee Substitute Bag $5.00 USD. Bu Wholesale ww1 and ww2 reproduction german uniforms,caps,awards,et Store > WW1 Helmet & Hat Accessories > WW1 German Helmet Parts > WW1 German M16 Helmet Liner: Reproduction WWI German M16 Helmet Liner. Very high quality liner made in Europe. We believe this to be the best and most accurate liner available. Marked with size and manufacturers stamps and made from 100% natural materials

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• Fallschirmjager.Biz - information & militaria shop for items related to the British, United States & German Paratroops from WW2. J. Murray, Inc, 1944 - original helmets, restored helmets, and parts. The Signal Depot - Museum Quality Reproduction C-Rations 1944 ETO Ration Card(A) Charms Candy Label - Click HERE to see the repro compared to original These candys were an issue item. My original came out of an original lifeboat ration. These were also part of the Paratrooper's Ration. I made the inner wrapper from a piece of typing paper US Model 1917 and/or French FT-17 Two Man Six Ton tank one hour DVD of Hayes Otoupalik's original and operational WW1 Tank and its live firing 37mm Cannon being taken through its paces in a WW1 reenacting scene! Incredible! $24.50. WW1 Soldiers navy Cut Sweet Scotch Snuff. Great find for the WW1 doughboy's Luger, Repro Military WWI & WWII German Holsters, WW1 & WW2 Reproductions. Luger P-08 Lanyard. $ 5.95. SKU: GER-002. Add to cart. Add to Wishlist. Remove from Wishlist. Add to Wishlist. WW1 & WW2 Reproductions This German WWII M31 Breadbag Reproduction is a replica of the earlier canvas Brotbeutel. The Bread bag was used to carry personal items such as a days rations, cleaning kit, field cap and other essentials. Our version is made with an olive canvas and leather strapping with three hole dished metal buttons. The M31 bread-bags have leather reinforcing strips sewn onto the belt straps which are.

on offer is a set of 12 reproduction ww1 austro- hungary army ration labels as shown in the photograph.included in the set is 2 each of leberwurst,bratwurst,fleichkonserve, hartswiebek, rindebraten and erdbeerenklemmen.ideal for re-enactment battle days for a fraction of the cost for originals. these work out at 24p per label World War II: The G.I. For U.S. Troops, there were two major types of rations during the World War II : the C-Ration (for combat troops) and the K-Ration (less bulky and initially developed for. WWII Field Ration Nescafe Coffee Tin. Item: WWII3679. Original, unopened tin of Nescafe coffee extract. These were part of the GI rations. Instructions indicate to place contents in to a canteen cup. Lithograph is in excellent condition Reproduction WW1 German Leder Mask. 0.0 star rating. Write a review. $225.00. A nice reproduction of the German leather was with the correct can. The can has the appropriate label in it as well as the correct weight straps and buckle. The masks are a size medium and smaller. ×

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on offer is a set of 30 reproduction ww2 german ration labels as shown in the photo. consists of four each of evaporated milk. cherry jam, sauerkraut, tomato soup, fleisch konserve,bratwurst, leberwurst and knackerbrot which are correct colour and printing WW2 WWII Wehrmacht German Military Army Box Chest Airtight Luftdichter Tag 1943. Pre-owned. Pre-owned Pre-owned. C $245.39. + C $180.00 shipping. + C $180.00 shipping + C $180.00 shipping. Seller 100% positive Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for WW2 RED ARMY / WEHRMACHT RATION - canned pork - tushonka 1941 - repro (d) at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products Ww2 reproduction. Our HBT reproduction is made like the original from 100% cotton twill. Organizing as an LLC in 2003, Bombs Away now manufactures over 13 different types of highly detailed replica ordnance, ranging from US WWII aerial bombs, 5 High Velocity Aircraft rockets, low drag series aerial bombs and present day missiles, like the AIM-9M Sidewinder US Navy WWII Shawl Collar Denim. This table shows the reductions in German food rations between April 1915 and March 1916 for a variety of foods. The statistics clearly indicate the effectiveness of the Allied blockade of German food imports as people had to give up a variety of foods. Prisoners of war also experienced these food shortages, although Allied prisoners received the same rations as German troops