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  1. Carjacker Crossdraw. This specialized rig was designed for use when seated. In a vehicle or at a desk it provides immediate access to the weapon. The loop-around flap slips beneath the belt's lower edge and comes up to snap to the holster back, folding over the top for a close and secure carry
  2. Cross draw style of gun carrying is available within a different holsters' design configurations including the holsters carried on belt from the inside or outside position that are standardly called cross draw holsters. In general, cross-draw holsters designed for the belt usage is the most used version of the craw draw holsters
  3. MTR is now offering A-1C Crossdraw belt holster that carries a compact handgun in both crossdraw carry and the increasingly-popular appendix position. Features: Premium Grade A bullhide leather Tunnel belt loop and side slot for stability Crossdraw or butt-rearward appendix carry Full slide/barrel coverage Double layer reinforced mouth piece provides easy eyes off reholstering Custom Hand.
  4. Regulator® is our (outside the waist band) cross draw holster. It is designed with the same belt loop concept as the Marshal holster just in the opposite draw direction, for a comfortable fit in the cross draw position. There is a loop that would point to the front of your body (in the cross draw position) and a loop
  5. The Azula Gun Holsters Seated Cross Draw holster is designed for someone that wants fast access to their handgun while in a seated or sitting position. The perfect cant for use while driving a vehicle, riding a horse, riding a 4 wheeler or motorcycle and any seated position. Will work while in an upright position such as standing or walking but.

We have cross draw holsters available with a neutral or butt-forward cant, and crossdraw holsters that can accommodate handguns of different barrel lengths. Several models allow the user to adjust the tension for a perfect fit, and/or have quick on and off loops for your convenience. Some models can also fit larger firearms with attached weapon. I wore a custom made cross draw holster for that detail because it was so easy to draw my gun from the driver's seat of the car I was sitting in. The Galco Phoenix holster worn cross draw . There are a few genuine advantages to cross draw carry: -As mentioned before, comfort and easy access to the gun in a seated position.. A crossdraw driving holster which allows a horizontal carry for your handgun. Hand boned and molded for each weapon. Right or left hand draw. UA-33491683-1 Search. Sale Items. Fancy Stitch Double-Ply BLACK BELT. Sale price ONLY for ONE 1.5 black belt SIZE 41. $69.99. NEW SHOULDER RIGS. 35 Degree Double Rig. Double Rig wit

Hey, bcraig, . . . there is a holster originated as a driver's self defense holster . . . it's called a Carjacker. See the video here: The part you want to see mostly is about 2 minutes into it, . . . the two guys are talking about it, . . . and the wearer un-snaps it and takes it off his belt . . . showing you the back side of it and how the. Positives and Negatives of Cross Draw Holsters. Cross draw has hit some heavy criticism in online gun forums. Competition shooters have largely shewed the idea altogether because it adds milliseconds to their time. Serious minded gun owners may have followed suit - but for a different reason This model represents our most comfortable leather cross draw holster for everyday wearing. Widely spaced belt slots allow the pistol to ride close to the body for both comfort and concealability. Steel-reinforced thumb break provides security an

The Cross draw leather holster is designed for the OWB cross-draw carry. The holster is made of premium leather (cowhide) hand molded to fit specific gun make and model. It is secured to the belt by two wide spaced belt slots for perfect stability. The belt slots will fit standard 1.6 wide belts Highest quality leather gun holsters made in America for conceal carry. Kusiak Holsters are Handmade in the USA pressed molded to its specific pistol. Minimalist holsters for IWB, AIWB and OWB carry. Conceal carry with a Kusiak Holster, a USA product. Shop Holsters for the Sig P365 and much more. EDC Holsters Carjacker Crossdraw. This is a quick wraparound snap-on/off design for seated use in a vehicle. Wrapid. A close concealing belt holster with the quick on/off convenience of belt loops wrapping up under the belt to locking one-way snaps. Tension. Thumbreak. Saddle Style. The classic close-carry belt holster for low profile concealed carry. Carjacker Crossdraw Holster Andrews Custom Leather. This setup is for active self defense when inside a vehicle i.e. car holster Andrews Custom Leather: Squa.. Making a Cross Draw holster for a Single Action revolver. I won't be showing a lot of detail in this video but I will do others that show more detail in the.

Pusat Holster Revolver Leather Cross Draw 4 inch Holster for Smith Wesson K Frame Models 19, 65, 66 357 Magnum Left Hand Draw Black-Brown Colors $36.00 $ 36 . 00 $18.00 shippin Handmade leather holsters for many types of concealed carry including car, notebooks, personal wear, shoulder rigs, and others. Also makes western rigs, and belts Andrews Custom Leather. Andrews Custom Leather - Product List. HOW TO ORDER ORDERING INFO Caveats (please read) EXOTIC SKINS CATALOG Exotic Catalog CONCEALED MacDaniel II MacDaniel II Crossdraw Carjacker Crossdraw Saddle Style Hybrid Saddle Style IPSC Saddle Palmer Practical Pocket Holster Wallet Holster Belts/Gun Belts Magazine Pouches. These holsters may be ordered with either a suede or leather lining. Full Flap. For the convenience of crossdraw carry with full weather protection. Fully suede lined. PRICES Modified Crossdraw Open Trigger. 4 From $145.00 (plain finish) 6 From $155.00 (plain finish

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Carjacker Crossdraw | OpenCarry.org - A Right Unexercised is a Right Lost. We are now running on a new, and hopefully much-improved, server. In addition we are also on new forum software. Any move entails a lot of technical details and I suspect we will encounter a few issues as the new server goes live. Please be patient with us Description. Model 1880s™ is the holster for the single action shooter on the budget of the working cowboy. It is reminiscent of the rigs worn in American Westerns in the 1950's and 60's. The holster is high-ride and is now available for both a strong side draw and cross draw. It is constructed of premium full-grain natural tan steerhide Joined Jul 22, 2010. ·. 633 Posts. #8 · Nov 1, 2011. If you go cross draw, please practice carefully so that you don't muzzle sweep people around you in the draw stroke. I think the LC9 would be well suited to cross draw, improving your ability to present the pistol when seated/driving. J

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  1. Andrews Custom Leather makes a Carjacker Crossdraw holster with about as much angle as you can get short of horizontal. I like that it goes on and off without undoing your belt. Mainsail, Aug 5, 2018 #4. ApacheCoTodd likes this. cw308 Member. Joined: Nov 2, 2015 Messages: 186 Location
  2. I do considerable driving and typically carry my G19 crossdraw in an Andrews Custom Gun Leather Carjacker (website seems to be down at the moment, no link available ). This holster attaches to the seatbelt and can easily be slid down the seatbelt between the seat and the door if concealment is needed
  3. I've been looking for a crossdraw holster for my 1911 and the carjacker holster from andrews leather looks like a good choice, but I'm looking for any one who has one for a review or who has one from a diiferent maker that they like
  4. I really want one of Andrews' carjacker crossdraw holsters as it attaches without removing your belt. You can get in the car and switch your carry gun to the carjacker holster, and then back when you get out. The Following 3 Users Like Post: Ghlover, Iggy, longhair #5.
  5. 1) A cross-draw is right there, only your right arm needs movement to draw. 2) With the cross-draw, one can lean to the right, away from the threat, i.e. a potential carjacker, instead of into it with a strong side rig. 3) A cross-draw holster is much more accessible to both hands than a on or behind the hip rig

A holster worn forward of the hip can benefit from the same slight muzzle-forward-rake angle the same as crossdraw. BTW, it's not just me building a lifestyle around a gimpy shoulder and wrist; I have long arms and a short torso, so 0230-0300 with a vertical draw is best for me, regardless 'I'm thinking I'd like a cross draw holster for my new Colt Detective special when it comes home. Wear it on my left side for a right hand draw, would sure be handy for sitting in a chair or while riding in a car. Anyone have any experience with these? What is a good brand to look at?.. Carjacker crossdraw--1911 (can be concealed with shirt, jacket or hoodie) Hybrid Saddle w/thumbreak--5 629 S & W (yes, it is very concealable) Pocket holster--642 S & W (completely undetectable with slightly baggy shorts) In my opinion these are some of the best holsters available

1911 'TIL DEATH DO US PART. Joined May 12, 2015. ·. 23,645 Posts. #8 · Apr 23, 2016. Simply rugged makes a three slot pancake holster that can be worn strong side or cross draw. They also have inside out straps available so it can be worn IWB or OWB. Lots of options with holsters from them They make a 'carjacker crossdraw' holster that snaps on/off very easily. I have one for a SIG 229. Not super great as a full time concealment holster although it works with a good cover garment. critter, Feb 4, 2014 #3. Redranger Member. Joined: Mar 28, 2011 Messages: 35 ANDRES CAR JACKER CROSS DRAW BROWN LEATHER HOLSTER FOR COLT 1911 non rail or clones. Condition is Pre-owned. The entire rig can be unsnapped and withdrawn from the belt in seconds, suede lined. Carjacker Crossdraw - Open Muzzle for multiple barrel lengths Shoulder Holsters. Most items are customized for each individual customer. A number of our Express Line products may be purchased online by visiting our Order Online page. For all other products, please call 603-647-2971 to order, or click here for other ordering options For use while driving Andrews Custom Leather has a carjacker cross-draw holster I have been thinking about real hard. Take a look at it. Click to expand... That would require two holsters, one for in the car, and one for walking around. Unless you wanted to carry crossdraw all the time

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  1. Many professionals store a cross draw anti carjacking holster for the belt in the glove box of their cars, unless they use a shoulder holster all the time. Galco Miami Del Fatti Deep Concealment Shoulder Holster . Shoulder holsters are made to hold the gun vertically, horizontally, or, better, in-between, and they work for both standing and.
  2. Download. In General. Carjacker Crossdraw // Holster // Andrews Custom Leather. This setup is for active self defense when inside a vehicle i.e. car holster. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE & RING THE
  3. d, Diamond D Custom Leather, Alaska Hunter model, or Andrews Custom Leather, Carjacker Crossdraw. Don,t know if either one will do exactly what you want, but probably worth a look.

One of my favorite holsters, one that I use daily is the Andrews Custom Leather Carjacker. This boned leather holster can be attached to your belt in a crossdraw fashion, I prefer to attach it to my seatbelt. Attached to the seatbelt, it is a crossdraw holster that holds the weapon quite securely Glock 43 holsters can come in a large variety of materials and carry styles that will allow you an easy draw and re-holstering while being comfortable at all times. We offer Leather, Nylon Glock 43 holsters. You can choose between IWB, OWB, Ankle, Appendix, Concealed Carry, Cross Draw, Concealment Bag, Drop Leg, Duty, Light & Laser Bearing. Andrews Leather makes a holster called the Carjacker, which is styled like that. I THINK they only offer it for autos, though. However, they do also offer custom rigs. cartridge slide and cross draw holster. But I'd like a cross draw holster with a pretty aggressive cant to it. Most cross draw holsters I've found have only a slight cant to. Crossdraw holsters disappear completely. Every month for the past 3 months, I call KramerLeather to ask for the LCR9mm and the promise is soon. I am really spoiled by their holsters both for the exact fit for a particular firearm and their fit on my body. Expensive but worth the wait

Sam Andrews Carjacker Crossdraw Holster. Holster is brown leather, suede lined with a slot for a belt up to 1 3/4. Beautiful made as is all of Sam's work. This will fit a range of GLOCK models such as: G19, G23, G32. G17, G22, G31. G26, G27, G33. Leather, stitching and hardware all in great condition. Anything from Sam takes a few months With that said, I wouldn't mind getting one of the carjacker holsters with the snap belt loop thing. Seems like great quality and easy on/off for use when driving. Then I can keep my Kahr, XDS or Hellcat in my pocket when driving with my revolver or maybe a 1911 on my left side with this other holster for quick access.

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The carjacker looks like a good option... I was also thinking it might be an option to kind of custimaize a holster you could strap to the inside of either your left or right thigh so the gun is sitting in the holster pointed straight down (or canted, depending on drawing preference) and if you ever needed it, could be right there on the inside of the thigh for easy drawing Carjacker Crossdraw // Holster // Andrews Custom Leather. 25. Andrews Custom Leather First Time on The Hacienda. 26. Everyday Carry // From Da Crib. 27. Andrews Custom Leather Colt Python & Cabot 1911 Holsters. 28. Mauser Broomhandle with Sam Andrews. 29

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I don't have a holster for you to try, but if you decide you want a holster to ride behind your back as you described, check out the Carjacker Crossdraw holster from Andrews Leather. A lefthand Carjacker may meet your needs. Andrews makes quality custom leather products Are You Kidding, everyone can recommend a good leather Holster. Lol Galco, Safariland, Bianchi. I have had at least one holster from each of these. I used to have a Pancake holster from Galco, that worked very well with an S&W model 19, 2&1/2 barrel. Now I have a model 66, just like the model 19, Galco no longer makes that Holster Kydex and Leather Gear. Andrews Custom Leather. Jump to Latest Follo

There are a number of similar hybrid IWB holsters with adjustable belt clip cant/height. These include things like the Crossbreed Supertuck and Comptac MTAC. By manipulating the clips, you may be able to achieve a reverse cant cross draw setup, by installing the clip closest to your centerline as high as possible, and the clip further from your. I have the same problem. Lots of driving and frequent stops. I thought about having a holster mounted in my car, but decided to wear a crossdraw. After much looking I had one made at a local leathershop. **** at MJN Leather Shop in Tea, SD custom made this holster and mag pouch for me. Price was $120 for both Get the best deals on Leather Concealment Holster Colt Hunting Gun Holsters when you shop the largest online selection at eBay.com. Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands | affordable prices Man that is a sweet looking crossdraw holster. If you ever find out the maker, let me know. Just looking at it you can tell it's comfortable to wear. I'd love to have something like that for my Speed Six. Save Share. Andrews Carjacker Crossdraw Andrews Custom Leather

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This leaves the leather. For driving long distances with a handgun, the only real options are a shoulder holster, a heavily canted belt holster, or off body carry. I opted for the Carjacker Crossdraw from Andrews Leather, an excellent fit for driving and deskwork. I don't know anything about shoulder holsters so I won't try to tell you about them an IWB or OWB Kydex crossdraw holster for an officer sized 1911. Need something for my hour commute each way daily. Against company policy to carry at work, but I would like to have something on my person back and forth. A double magazine pouch would be nice too. Clip on is a must have. eEditted coz I cain't sppeel While drawing from an ankle holster is slow and awkward if you're standing up, it's pretty darn easy for most people to draw from an ankle holster while seated. Cross-draw (the front left side of centerline for a right-handed shooter) is another less common carry method that works quite well when seated in a vehicle because there are fewer. Carjacker Crossdraw // Holster // Andrews Custom Leather. 25. Andrews Custom Leather First Time on The Hacienda. 26. Everyday Carry // From Da Crib. Andrews Custom Leather Colt Python & Cabot 1911 Holsters. 28. Mauser Broomhandle with Sam Andrews. 29

4,243 Posts. #4 · Jul 10, 2019. I've been dealing with Mr Andrews several years and have had made several carjacker crossdraw holsters made. He does awesome work. I've also have some of his exotic grips and they're fine. The exotic grips have plenty of grip, more than smooth wood but not as much as aggressive G10's 2,975 Posts. Discussion Starter · #1 · 2 mo ago. Occasionally I spend 8 hours as an RSO which requires me to wear a vest. On a whim I picked up a used DM Bullard crossdraw holster which makes for a much easier draw especially when driving or wearing a coat or vest. A bit of practice tells me this method of carry has its place in certain. Car Holster. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 20 of 22 Posts. 1; 2; Next. 1 of 2 Go to page. Go. Last. Do such creatures exist? I am baffled as to how anyone rides in a car or sits in a chair with a handgun behind their hip. I'm looking for a crossdraw holster with a thumb break that will fit a Kimber ultra carry

Consequently I gave up on corssdraw for now and I bought a Galco Fletch High Ride OWB Holster. It actually conceals much better than any other holster I have had including my corssbreed quikclip and it is more comfortable. I am gonna stick with it for now and I will eventually work on getting a good crossdraw holster when the finances are in order Andrews Custom Leather - Fine Handmade Holsters Makers of concelaed carry rigs, incuding the popular MacDaniel II IWB. Traditional cow hide and newer exoctic skin holsters. Andrews Custom Leather, 2745 Industry Center Rd., Saint Augustine, FL (2020

Carjacker Crossdraw // Holster // Andrews Custom Leather. 25. Andrews Custom Leather First Time on The Hacienda. 26. Everyday Carry // From Da Crib. 27. Andrews Custom Leather Colt Python & Cabot 1911 Holsters. 28. Mauser Broomhandle with Sam Andrews To the point of removing the IWB holster, putting the gun in it, and then putting the holster back on. That's why they don't put it in a different holster. I'm of the mindset that if driving is uncomfortable, the holster and/or it's position are the real problem. This is the #1 reason I run at 3:30, as opposed to 4-5 o'clock

When you need comfort in an automobile and exceptional concealment on the street, the Cross Draw is the holster for you. To accommodate your preference the, Cross Draw adjusts from vertical to 45 degree cant. The security of the gun is maintained by an adjustable retention system. Belt Sizes: Up to 2.25. Made in the USA from high strength KYDEX® Jan 3, 2015 #1. Looking for a used carjacker crossdraw model leather holster made by Andrews Custom Leather to fit a J-frame revolver. PM if you have one that you would like to sell. Here is a photo: Last edited: Jan 3, 2015. partsman, Jan 3, 2015. partsman, Jan 3, 2015. #1. Jan 3, 2015 #2 This Glock cross draw holster fits belts up to one and a half inches wide with a strong metal clip. It comes in black, and it can be purchased in either left hand or right hand. Performance - The DeSantis Sky Cop Holster for Glock 19/26 is also on our list as one of the best cross draw concealed holsters on the market

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The crossdraw holster is demanding of time but once the advantages of the type are understood, it is a holster that is appreciated. The trick is understanding the crossdraw. For my part, that is a long story. I admit much of my early fascination with this type of carry was predicated upon the media and photographs of a certain Southern sheriff. This cross-draw holster comes in mahogany and black color and can be ordered for both right and left-handed shooters. This product is a combination of convenient draw, durable materials and high retention, which is exactly what an ideal cross-draw holster means. Note - The holster comes with 1.5'' wide belt slots

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They make a darn good looking cross draw holster! Looks like top quality stuff. Only problem...They're about 8-10 weeks out on making them. The Carjacker looks really good, but I'm thinking my fat belly might get in the way and be uncomfortable, with a handgun sitting sideways on my belt, while setting down.. Advantages: Crossdraw makes the gun very accessible to either hand. It lets a right-handed driver in an American-style vehicle bring the gun quickly up in line with the window to fend off a carjacker, and even a banker behind a desk will find it faster to access than a hip holster, particularly if seated in an armchair

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Some of the stitching on the belt loop worked loose on my Uncle Mikes plain jane black cordura holster with the snap. Been carrying my 6 629 cross draw for a long time like that. For horseback riding, sitting in the truck, or whatever I am sold on it. Also keeps it out of the way when I want to sling my rifle when walking the woods M4Carbine.net Forums. Help; Remember Me For times I am away from it using a walker I CC with a shoulder holster, gun under left arm. For times one is actually IN the wheelchair, what do you guys out there think about this? Concealed Carry for wheelchairs - YouTube Thanks for any honest information / feedback you have to offer I have a few customers that have requested a type of cross-draw holster that rides nearly parallel to the belt. They are all avid MC riders and want something as comfortable as possible and easily accessible while driving or ridiing their bikes. Ive seen them in the past refferred to as a Drivers..

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I have 2 from Andrew's Leather.com for my CZ SPO1 Tactical .40 S&W and a Beretta 96, both in Carjacker CrossDraw. Works great while sitting in the car; during long drives, very accessable/comfortable This cross-draw/driving thing is new to me but so eloquently simple in it's genius. New holster search has begun. Master's Holder has some holsters that I like for my Sigs. I will see if I can find the sight for you A crossdraw or shoulder holster is ideal for vehicle carry. Each offers a good sharp draw when seated. An overlooked combination is the ankle holster. Very slow from a standing position, the ankle holster is handy when seated. Cross the legs in a parking lot and the ankle holster places the handgun at your fingertips Most holster photos show a guy with a slim waist (and no gut hanging over, like the rest of us) and a gun well-secured and hidden over his right kidney. We can see the occasional appendix carry holster, but rare is a recent photo of a shoulder holster rig, a midback belt holster, or even the favorite of Western movie gunfighters, the cross-draw. The holster has two clips you can attach to your pants or a belt. For ergonomic draw, the holster is designed to position your weapon at a 15 degree cant. 6. Old Faithful Holsters. Old Faithful Holsters is one of the best leather holster makers for concealment and comfort. They offer a 30-day challenge guarantee in which you can try a holster.

Holsters, Gun Holster, Deep Concealment Holster, Covert Gunleather for Guns, Anti-Hijack holster, In-Car holster, Gun Leather for Guns and Firearms or Andrews Custom Leather - Carjacker Crossdraw or CCWSUPPLY.BIZ - Ross M23 Driving Holster The drop leg holsters are pure Hollywood. If the daypack doesnt have a belt on it something like a Tom Threepersons holster is going to be better (IMO) than the tied down drop leg rigs. My favorite hoster is a Freedom Arms cross draw. Their holsters for their Model 97 might be able to hold the smaller frame Vaquero but I can't confirm that

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Pocket and Wallet Holsters. 0. Belt 1) Crossdraw - I use Andrews Custom Leather Carjacker. Attaches right to the seatbelt and gives me the quickest access. Michigan is an open carry state so I've had no problems. But the holster will slide down between the seat and door (if you want) to provide some concealment while still allowing quick access The best Glock 26 holsters are designed specifically for the Glock 26 handgun, a portable and packable gun for a concealed carry. It is also small enough for a secondary or backup gun for the police and law enforcement. It is also popular among the civilian market that uses it for self-defense Greetings, Im new to the forum, and have been making holsters off and on for a few years. An uncle past away recently, and I in herited his leather and leather-working tools. Recently Ive been wanting to get back into making holsters, and Iintend on designing a pattern for a snub-nose Colt New Se.. It is the PERFECT CROSSDRAW holster. Try to draw your weapon while seated, your elbow is blocked by the seat. SigTac HOL-RPR-TAU247 RH Retention Rotating Paddle Holster Taurus 4 24/7 No Box 798681455256 | eBa

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Crossdraw. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 12 of 12 Posts. TCP1984 · Registered. Joined Feb 4, 2014 · 127 Posts . Discussion Starter · #1 · Mar 13, 2014. Anyone ever carry crossdraw?. Massad Ayoob: Press-Out vs. Index Draw. Most street draws end at gunpoint, not with shots fired, so it's important to keep your finger out of the triggerguard until you're absolutely sure you must fire. The ability to swiftly draw and fire is a critical survival skill for cops, soldiers and law-abiding armed citizens alike The holster will stay put, and the gun can be drawn quickly. But I'd like a place to mount my M&P40 Compact. I read where someone was looking at mounting a holster to the side of the flow through console, and getting a replacement trim piece for later. I'd love to see a pic of that. I did buy the mount that straps to the dash, below the wheel

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Crossdraw makes the gun very accessible to either hand. It lets a right-handed driver in an American-style vehicle bring the gun quickly up in line with the window to fend off a carjacker, and even a banker behind a desk will find it faster to access than a hip holster, particularly if seated in an armchair Many holster makers, I believe Galco is one of them, make a large nylon pouch that can be used and hung from the chair or around the waist.The best solution would be to get some heavy duty velcro and velcro your favorite OWB holster to the wheelchair itself. I spent quite a few months in a wheelchair during a recovery period and this worked for me Click Here To See The Comments A review of articles, blogs, and videos on new holsters for concealed carry usually begins and ends with the latest inside-the-waistband (IWB) leather, nylon, or Kydex miracle, designed to give you maximum comfort and hideability. Most holster photos show a guy with a slim waist (and no gut hanging [ Poly is small enough and light enough to conceal well under a jacket or un-tucked shirt, and rides very well in a cross draw holster while seated in a vehicle, for immediate access. The Polymer Public Defender wears better sights than previous models of the Judge, as Poly's rear sight is windage-adjustable, yet still low-profile and snag-free Regarding holsters, it's a highly personal thing. I've used countless different types. The type of clothing one wears and the weapon carried can affect the holster as well. Personally, I'm not a big fan of shoulder holsters. I just don't like them as I don't find them comfortable and unless something is worn over them they aren't exactly concealed