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Mini Rex By staff | Last Updated : 16th December 2019 The Mini Rex, known for its smooth, fluffy coat and easy-going temperament, is a smaller variety of the Rex rabbit that was first discovered in France in the 1900s Mini Rex Rabbit Temperament Mini Rex Rabbits make excellent pets for families or individuals. They have a gentle, easygoing, curious and sociable temperament. Although, of course, they do each have their own distinct personality

Mini rex are one of the most popular rabbit breeds, and it's not hard to see why. These small, compact rabbits have thick fur coats that come in a rainbow of rich colors. The best feature of these little rabbits is their super-soft rex fur, which is composed almost entirely of plushy undercoat. History, Temperament, and Common Uses Mini Rex rabbits are America's favorite rabbit breeds thanks to their delightful fluff appearance, docile temperaments, and cuddly size. These rabbits are ideal for beginner parents, children, and the elderly as long as you handle them gently. It would be best to take care of your pet's overall health, housing, and diet needs Mini Rex Rabbit Behavior and Temperament Though all rabbits are individuals, the Mini Rex Rabbit is generally known for being very sweet, friendly, and calm. It is also usually docile and accepting of gentle handling

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  1. Temperament/Behavior The Mini Rex rabbit is a popular rabbit breed for families looking for a first-time pet for their children. Because of its quiet, calm nature, these bunnies are also wonderful choices for couples, singles or retirees looking for a little bundle of joy. Kits (baby rabbits) shouldn't be alone with children without supervision
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  3. As the breed's name implies, the Mini Rex rabbit is quite a small species of rabbit (though still larger than most dwarf species of rabbits) usually weighing on average between 3.5 to 4.5 lbs (1.6 to 2kg), almost six pounds lighter than their regular Rex counterparts
  4. The Mini Rex is one of the best rabbit breeds that will work best with children. Its size and good temperament also make it a good choice for seniors, singles, and first-time pet owners. Personality and Behavior. Image Source. The Mini Rex is popular for families that are looking for first-time pets
  5. Personality and Temperament of the Mini Rex Rabbits The Mini Rex bunnies are considered as friendly, calm, and docile breed for the first time owners, couples, singles, or families who want to add a little furball of joy to their family and home. It is a good companion for children to play with
  6. Mini Rex Temperament The Mini Rex rabbit is a popular breed among families with children and other pets, as they can easily adapt to this kind of cohabitation, as long as they are properly introduced to other animals, and children are instructed on how to handle them
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Temperament Mini Rex rabbits are livelier than the larger Standard Rex, but still generally good-natured and easy-going. They are intelligent and affectionate, very maternal (often mothering other rabbits), and enjoy company. Mini Rex are quite active rabbits and can be boisterous and playful Mini Rex Rabbit - Everything You Need to Know. The Mini Rex is a cute rabbit breed that has the softest of rabbit fur. The velvety texture is plush and thick on the rabbit's body. They also come in a wonderful array of beautiful color and patterns that are accepted by the American Rabbit Breeders Association Mini-rex have a very docile temperament. They are very friendly. Their wonderful fur makes them a great pet for adults and children. They are gentle and loving, very smart and playful While the Mini Rex has undoubtedly achieved unparalleled success as a show rabbit, the breed also takes top prize as a pet rabbit, thanks to their universally appealing characteristics. While there are always individual exceptions to the rule, the majority of Mini Rex rabbits are calm, pleasant, and sensible, while not devoid of personality Mini Rex Personality. Mini rexes are quite literally smaller versions of the normal rex rabbit. The differences lay in the adult size of each (8-11 lbs. for a rex, and 3.5-4.5 lbs. for a mini rex) and in their personalities. Mini rexes have the same personality as the normal rex, only dialed up. The mini rex is more boisterous and playful.

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The Rex temperament is very solid and good-natured, and they are known to be very maternal creatures, often accepting the young of other rabbits and raising them as their own. They are relatively calm rabbits, though they are still Rabbits, and will not do particularly well in chaotic situations 1. Mini Rex. Size: 3.5-4.5 lbs Appearance: Long, erect ears and short necks. Short, smooth fur that is extremely dense and can be a variety of colors. Rexes generally have rounded backs with well-developed shoulders Temperament: Said to be more lively than the Standard Rex, but still easy-going and kind-natured. Mini rexes are not as good with children as they were more lively and entergetic, and also quite a small breed. Size: 3-5 lbs Lifespan: 8-10 yrs Grooming: Easy (daily brushing during sheds The Mini Rex breed has a maximum weight of 4.5 pounds. The breed standard for Mini Rex specifies that it has a compact, balanced, smooth body. The ears are upright and close together. The ideal for shoulders, midsection, and hindquarters calls for them to be firm and well-filled

Rex Rabbits as Pets: Colors, Lifespan and Temperament. The Rex rabbit, in particular, is a popular choice for a pet due to its soft coat that is a result of the rex mutation found in this breed. The Rex is one smart rabbit. They respond to their name and know who their owner is, or at least who feeds them Mini Rex Rabbit. Size: Small/Mini Weight: 3.5- 4.5 lb Lifespan: 7-10 years Body Shape: Compact Best Suited For: Rabbits for Singles, Rabbit for Seniors, House/Apartment Rabbits, Families with children, First-time owners, Indoor Rabbits Temperament: Calm, curious, friendly Comparable Breeds: Mini Lop, Mini Satin Rabbi The Mini Rex rabbit is a fairly new type of rabbit. Its small size, low maintenance coat, and friendly personality have made them very popular pets. The Mini Rex comes in a rainbow of colors. As far as rabbit breeds go, the Mini Rex rabbit is robust and healthy. It's also a popular show breed Personality: Mini rex are generally a very friendly breed. They have a medium level of activity, and can be perfectly content to play or to just sit on a lap and be petted Mini rex rabbit. They have an overall charming appearance with a well-proportioned physique and luxurious coat. These breeds appear to have a springy, smooth, and short but not too soft fur of about 5/8 inches. They can be made good pets because of their quiet and calm nature

Its legs are rather short. The Mini Rex's fur is the talking point of this breed. It is quite dense, straight, upright, and more spiky to look at. It is smooth to touch and quite silky as well. Competition parameters state that the fur must be between ½ inch to ⅞ inch long. Their jovial temperament makes them ideal pets for families with. The Mini Rex rabbit ranges from 3 to 4½ pounds. The recognized color varieties are black, blue, broken group, castor, chinchilla, chocolate, Himalayan, lilac, lynx, opal, red, seal, tortoise and white. Special Considerations/Notes: The Mini Rex rabbit breed is known to have a docile temperament. Its life expectancy is 6 to 10 years

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People sometimes call rex standard rex to differentiate between the rex and mini rex breeds. Rex rabbits are usually calm, good natured, and friendly, enjoying attention from people and other rabbits. They are sometimes likened to cats in temperament. Rex are very intelligent rabbits as well. Rex are usually show rabbits They do tend to be calmer in personality, however. Mini Rex tend to have long, sharp toe nails or at least they seem that way because of the shorter fur which exposes the nails more. Checkered Giants, Britannia Petites, and Mini Lops have reputations as biters. Belgian Hares should be housed in a solid-bottom rather than wire-bottom cages.. Mini Rex. No list of the best dwarf bunny breeds would be complete without the much-loved Mini Rex. Though it's only a But it's in the temperament stakes where this bunny truly shines. Playful and energetic, American Fuzzy Lops are no stranger to action and adventure. They're also a good choice for children and have plenty of love and.

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Whether it involves daily interaction with owners or other rabbits, these animals require a lot of interaction. Rabbits come in many different breeds—lionhead, mini lop, mini rex, rex, lop, Dutch, English spot, and hotot, to name a few—and some can even be raised as show animals THE MINI REX UNIQUE PERSONALITY Personality . The Mini Rex rabbit is a popular rabbit breed for families looking for a first-time pet for their children. Because of its quiet, calm nature, these bunnies are also wonderful choices for couples, singles or retirees looking for a little bundle of joy Mini Rex Rabbit small Size rabbit with a compact body. The mini rex rabbit has a compact body type with a plush coat and velvety fur. Mini Rex Size is small, with 3-4 pounds of weight. However, the females are bigger than males. Their back is fully rounded with a wholly developed shoulder. The legs are straight with a filled body

The Mini Rex is a domestic breed of rabbits of a small size and are miniature version of the Rex Rabbit as their name implies. They have extremely dense fur that stands upright. Their fur color ranges from black to chocolate, or opal. It was bred in 1984 in Florida in the US. The Mini Rex has a shoulder height of 6-7.5 (15.2-19 cm), body length between 10.5-12.5 (26.7-31.8 cm), and. The Rex breed was found early on in the 1900's but the mini Rex was first recognized and showed in 1988. It was a domestic breed. Appearance; Colors: castor, black, blue, white (REW/BEW), chocolate, sable, seal, chinchilla, tortoiseshell, lynx, opal, Himalayan, red, lilac, otter / silver martin, broken / dalmation, smoke pearl, and orange Amanda. Joined Jan 26, 2006. ·. 1,138 Posts. Discussion Starter • #4 • Oct 22, 2008. Okay, I went out and picked up each buck, the mini weighs about 1/2 lb less than the Standard. If it isn't raining tomorrow, I will take my scale out there tomorrow, and weigh them

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  1. Rex baby rabbits are incredibly cute. Expect your doe to give birth to a small litter of around four babies if you get a smaller type of Rex, or a bigger litter of 6-12 kits if you get one of the larger Rexes. Rex Rabbits live between 9 to 12 years, but dwarf types like the Mini Rex can maybe hope for a maximum of 6 years. If you decide to.
  2. ; Bình luận Size: Small/Mini Weight: lb Lifespan: 7-10 years Body Shape: Compact Best Suited For: Rabbits for Singles, Rabbit for Seniors, House/Apartment Rabbits, Families with children, First-time owners, Indoor Rabbits Temperament: Calm, curious, friendly Comparable Breeds: Mini Lop, Mini Satin.
  3. Mini Rex Rabbit. The Mini Rex is a smaller version of the Rex. They weigh about three-and-a-half to four-and-a-half pounds and have a more compact body shape compared to the commercial type Rex. Since they were bred to be a smaller version of the Rex, they have very similar features such as their fur and the gentle temperament
  4. Black Otter Rex Rabbit Temperament. Black otter Rex and Mini Rex rabbits can be expected to have the same temperament as the rest of their Rex or Mini Rex brethren. So far, there's no evidence that coat color affects bunny temperament for either better or worse
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  6. Mini Rex is a breed of domestic rabbit that was created in 1984 in Florida by the late Monna Berryhill of Texas. The Rex mutation, derived in France in the 19th century, is recessive and causes the hair to protrude outwards from the body, instead of lying flat, and the guard hairs to be shortened to the length of the undercoat.. The small size, plush coat and friendly personalities of Mini Rex.
  7. Harlequins, Lionheads, Rex, Polish, and Mini Lop rabbits are particularly cuddly. Dutch, Jersey Wooly, Himalayan and Chinchilla rabbits are easy-going and cheerfully tolerate handling. Every rabbit has a unique personality, so choosing a breed and hoping for the best is not enough

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I am sadly needing to rehome my mini rex bunny as i am moving to college and cannot take him with me. He is full of personality, liter trained, used to small dogs, and free roamed. He will come with all of his things such as a backpack, carrier, food, etc. For more info, feel free to message me. Selling $120 obo The mini rex is known for its sweet temperament. The Mini Rex rabbit is a very diminutive rabbit with an ARBA guideline maximum senior show weight of only 4 1/2 pounds for does and 4 1/4 pounds for bucks. Its body is rather short and close coupled. The top body line rises gradually from the base of the ears to a high point over the center of.

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Rex rabbits will also need a never-ending supply of timothy hay to keep their front teeth under control. While these items are not expensive, they will add up over time to a considerable expense. Typical Behavior & Temperament. The Rex rabbit is an extremely friendly breed that is popular among children because it enjoys being around people Rabbit breed profiles. Pet rabbit breed profiles including dutch, netherland dwarf, lop, dwarf lop, mini lop, lionhead. Information on size, lifespan, temperament, colours, care, suitability as childrens pet, house rabbit. There are currently more than 60 rabbit breeds and 500 varieties worldwide, with new ones being developed all the time The coat on a Mini Rex is ideally 5/8 of an inch in length and extremely dense, with a softness that is simply unrivaled which is one of the reasons they have become one of the most popular and readily available pet rabbits and are good with children. They have sweet disposition and even temperament and love being rubbed gently on the forehead

Mini Rexes enjoy attention and have a friendly, playful nature. Some pet owners have reported that Mini Rexes cause less of an allergic reaction because of their Rex type coat. The small size and easy care of a Mini Rex makes it a good house pet and their soaring popularity is testament to their quirky personality. Varietie mini rex rabbits. (Findlay) <. image 1 of 2. >. QR Code Link to This Post. Two female rabbits for sale , $30 ea. sweet temperament, and almost 10 weeks old. do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers. post id: 7343708332

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Polish are a very compact type of rabbit with a flyback coat. They have a short head with well filled cheeks. Their ear length should not exceed 3and touch each other all the way up to the tips. They should have a bold, bright eye. Until the 1950s most polish were white and has either blue or red eyes This is Sheba, my beautiful Blue Eyed White Mini Rex rabbit! She's a very affectionate bunny and loves visitors but for some reason she hates my Mini Lop doe..

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  1. The Mini Plush Lop was first developed by an American breeder Devie D'anniballe in 1995 by crossing Mini Rex, Mini Lop, with Holland Lop. Standard Plush Lops, on the other hand, were first created by Christine Toyer in Australia by crossing Standard Rex with Dwarf Lop
  2. Personality of a Lionhead rabbit. The lionhead can be seen as a friendly and well-mannered rabbit with a good personality. Although they enjoy attention of their owners and/or other rabbits a lot they don't find it hard to be on their own. A strong social connection between rabbit and owner is therefore not required but still recommended
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  4. i rex rabbits. Shortly after that, American Chinchillas joined the rabbitry. All of our kids have shared in the excitement of raising and showing their own rabbits

Three Mini Rex does are available for adoption. They were born on 10th of March, 2021. These are purebred girls. There is no pedigree. Mother is a broken black otter. The father is a black otter. At maturity, these bunnies can weigh no more than 5 pounds. Friendly personality. This is an excellent house pet Personality and Temperament. One of the factors behind the popularity of Rex rabbits as pets, is its friendly nature. Even though, personality and temperament are based on genetics to a certain degree and the extent of socialization of the animal; in general, it can be said that, these rabbits gel well with humans and other pets Indeed personality really doesn't go by breed, but by bun. Rex bunnies are sold in pet stores and said to be great pets - mine is hyper, high strung, anti-social and really not very friendly, but I still love her. Others may be friendly, or cuddly, it all depends on the rabbit and how it was raised / it's own personality Mini Satin rabbits were developed from breeding standard-sized satin with Netherlands or polish Dwarfs. This miniature was popularized due to its size and coat. They are very adorable companions having exquisite hair shell that reflects light forming satin sheen. Generally, Mini Satin are known for their cool and gentle temperament Kindly Make A Perfect Choice and get yourself a Devon Rex cat or even a pair.We understand that offering yourself a puppy is no ordinary purchase. balinese cat hypoallergenic cats, devon rex cats, cat colours, german rex, devon rex kittens, mini rex personality, rex features, chat rex devon, rex cats, devons, cornish rex hypoallergenic cats.

The Rex was first shown in public in Paris in 1924 and has been recognised as a standard breed since 1925 in many parts of Europe. The breed made its way to the US after the Paris International Rabbit Show in 1924 and quickly established itself as one of the most popular breeds of domesticated rabbit. The Rex mutation also appears in cats and. chinchilla mini rex - $45 (joplin) View larger image. Ad id: 2608205435928911. Views: 30. Price: $45.00. Jr. Chinchilla buck, nice type, super docile personality. Will trade for a a nice Himalayan or other shaded variety mini rex, or even for a rabbit hutch. Pickup in joplin Heppin Kanina Rabbitry. 238 likes. I am just a youth in southwest Missouri showing rabbits I breed mini Rex, including the varieties of black otter, broken black, blue eyed white, And I breed..

Rabbits for Sale. July 6 at 10:33 PM ·. Hi, I've a beautiful pure bred mini rex doe, looking for her forever home. Would make a lovely pet, sweet natured been handled regular by myself & children. Comes with small bag of change over food, please get intouch for further info. Thanks May 8, 2019 - Explore Minnie's board Mini rex rabbit on Pinterest. See more ideas about mini rex rabbit, rex rabbit, rabbit

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Mini Rex fur should be DENSE! This is a hard thing to accomplish. What is Density? Density is the thickness of the coat. The thicker it is the better. When you flatten your hand out and gently pat the rabbit's fur, your hand will SPRING back. This is what you are wanting in fur type Mini Rex Personality is livelier and easy going. They enjoy company, care, and love. Mostly the rabbits live for eight years, but some have longer lives due to good health. Mini Rex Rabbit Care mini rex also need care like other rabbits Same like other rabbits, this Rabbit Breeds also need adequate care and attention. One has to provide. Breed Info Colors - Black, Blue, Blue eyed white, Castor, Chinchilla, chocolate, Himalayan, lilac, lynx, opal, otter, Red, Sable point, Seal, Tortoise, White, Silver marten, any broken colors.Total of 18 varieties. Life span - 10+ years with proper care Weight - Does 3.5 - 4.5 Bucks 3 - 4.25 How Many?? - Rabbits typically live happier in pairs, they groom each other, keep each other warm, but.

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  1. i rex rabbits has a compact body with narrow shoulders; short, thick, upright ears, and a rex coat. Rex coats have guard hairs which.
  2. I would recommend a full-sized Rex if you are considering a pet for children, as they are likely to be more laid back in personality and less fragile than the Mini Rex. Mini Rex are, however, very popular with adults and children alike. General NotesBoth the standard Rex and the Mini Rex make excellent house rabbits, that is, rabbits that live.
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The 'Rex' is a gentle, playful and intelligent breed of rabbit for all those looking for a lovable, low maintenance pet. Yes, they do eat a lot and they are most definitely messy. But, at least, they can be potty-trained more easily than others. (Phew, I was about to stop writing further when I typed in the word 'messy'). If it is a rabbit that you want, Rex is the perfect breed for all The Mini Rex, known for its smooth, fluffy coat and easy-going temperament, is a smaller variety of the Rex rabbit that was first discovered in France in the 1900s. The ARBA recognized the original Rex Rabbit breed- these bunnies weigh about 9 lbs, but demand grew for a smaller version What is the ideal weight for a mini rex rabbit? What kind of temperament does a mini cocker have? Will playing mini-putt golf help your real golf game? Tags dogs pet health . Question by tigereye476 (32) What kind of temperament does a mini schnoodle have? I am considering getting a mini schnoodle..