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The end of the 4th war had Naruto and Shikamaru as the only survivors, Kurama feeling the two fading acted fast, sent them back to their Genin days to make sure the war never came to pass. Time Travel AU! 2018 A/N: I am VERY aware that I changed the R and K up in Charka but as this was posted in 2015 While going through the Hokage archives, Naruto discovers a scroll by his father. He reads it and tampers with it but accidentally sends himself back in time. Now he has to repeat his academy days, but this time it'll be different. He has all the power he's had back in his own timeline. NaruxHina, SasuxSaku, and other pairings Armed with knowledge of the future and the help of Kyubi, he is going to go back in time, to change history, save his friends, and undo the evil wrought by Orochimaru. Naruto - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 8 - Words: 19,217 - Reviews: 119 - Favs: 62 - Follows: 107 - Updated: 3/25/2007 - Published: 1/14/2007 - Naruto U. They were there for him; they were there for Uzumaki Naruto. Kakashi smiled, remembering back to the days when he had first taken on his genin team, secure in the belief that they would most likely fail the next day. At the time, he had not believed that Naruto would ever accomplish his dream. Now, it was being fulfilled before his very eyes.

The Blood Washed Past by The Copper Key reviews. Naruto died at age eleven when Orochimaru placed the seal over Kyuubi's in the Forest of Death. Now eight years later, Naruto is sent back in time as a Shinigami to right the past and kill or save his father. YAOI - Itanaru. ADOPTED Naruto is sent back to the day he was born in an attempt to save his friends and village unfortunately he can't do much, at least until he can walk. Family Timetravel Naruto, T, English, Drama & Family, chapters: 32, words: 78k+, favs: 3k+, follows: 1k+, updated: 11/28/2011 published: 3/20/2010 , Naruto U., Minato N Naruto blinked open his eyes to see green and black staring back at him. Two inches from his face. Woah! He cried, startled. Before hitting his head on the desk behind him as he fell back. Needless to say he had bad memories of the last time such a thing had happened in this particular classroom Chapter Text. Naruto Uzumaki, Lord Seventh Hokage, had absolutely no reason to travel back in time. When he was younger and more naïve, he may have desired to undo some of the tragic losses in his life, but the man he was now knew that such things were an inevitable, even necessary part of his life.. He was much older and wiser than he had been during the Fourth Shinobi War

As she was about to argue, Shikaku interrupted in a placating tone, I'll make sure he goes back safe, don't worry, and Shikamaru will go to bed soon, I promise. Naruto-kun was almost finished anyway, so just a few more moments. His wife shrugged and let it go, disappearing back in the house In Earth, Naruto lived a life of a Soldier and a Legend, but when his time to go back to his world, he begins to shape the Fate of Konoha and the world around him. Harem Naruto - Rated: M - English - Adventure - Chapters: 7 - Words: 18,196 - Reviews: 47 - Favs: 254 - Follows: 348 - Updated: 5/17 - Published: 11/12/2019 - [Naruto U., Hinata H.

Read. Naruto the 7th Hokage travels back in time to his genin days with Shikamaru his personal adviser, closest friend and lover. Will they change the past to better it, or will it cause more destruction for the future 118 Fleeting Blossoms » by Whimsical Gypsy In which, a 19-year old Sakura Haruno finds herself hurled into the past, a couple of days before becoming a Genin. Shrinking back to her 12-year old self, she is ready to take on the world with Inner-Sakura as her voice of reason. Accidentally meeting Itachi and a 7-year old Sasuke for a moment was not part of the plan 1k+ Cloud Age Symphony » by slexenskee Let it not be said that being Uzumaki Naruto is anything approaching easy; he has an obligation to the future but a duty to the past, and a time-traveling jutsu that lets him travel between both. OR: Naruto travels between the past and the present, and somehow loses himself in the process Time Travel ~ The Past Meets The Future. 456K 12.7K 24. Boruto and Sarada are the best of friends, well sometimes they fight, like Naruto and Sasuke back in those days. They'd do almost everything together. Boruto and Sarada then snuck into the Forbidden Scrolls Library/Room, and accidentally opened a time travel scroll of the Sandaime Back In Time Fanfiction. The hokage, Naruto was in his office when suddenly, for some unknown reason... he teleported back in the past when he was only 12 yrs old. Well Naruto being Naruto decided to mess things up but in the same time not getting caught. #fanfiction #humor #kurama #naruhina #naruto #past #team7 #teamseven #timetrave

We know that if Hinata goes back in time, her main goal is Naruto's happiness. Now how about a Naruto whose primary reason for being back in time is Hinata? One who doesn't really care to act like his usual dead-last self, and who certainly doesn't have qualms about using makeout sessions as positive reinforcement. NaruHina, time travel It was the teen days she was interested in. And on her 13th birthday, Sarada got her chance. Along with her friend, Boruto Uzumaki, the young Uchiha heiress got sucked into the past, when her parents were 16 years old, to be precise. She goes into that world thinking that her parents were like they were in the outside world, loving and caring Naruto cracks one blue eye open, seeing the shocked look on their faces as well that he made it here before them. Naruto bites his lips and looks back at their sensei, who seems to be staring at him. Well, this certainly will be interesting, thinks Naruto. ~~ Kakashi took his time walking towards the classroom that held his new students 228 Anger and Despair » by The Fox Paradox 9 After the Sasuke retrieval mission Naruto is put to death, after his death Naruto's soul is split into two: Kenpachi Zaraki and Ulquirroa Cifer. Kami brings the two parts back together and gives Naruto a second chance along with a few helpers. NaruHarem DEAD

How do you go about writing him with more substance? For me personally, I like to write him as having a problem with getting too into the job and just becoming a merciless killer for the sake of the village. His big body count during the 3rd War is a sign of that. My head canon is that there were a ton Genin he took out, as well Make a Naruto fanfiction in 3 sentences. Shikimaru knew something was awry when he saw his shadow in the midst of his dark bedroom. A raspy voice made itself known, it's your turn to be the shadow. For once, the Nara didn't use the darkness; the darkness used him. 175

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Summary. Haruno Sakura made a promise. Looking in the eyes of her Shisou and the reanimated Hokage, she took on the most important mission of her life. Go back in time and try to prevent the 4th Shinobi War. Now, Sakura is back to her 5-year-old body, with all the knowledge and haunting memories of the future I'm looking for time travel fics where Naruto goes back in time to take revenge preferably on his father for the whole making him a Jinchuuriki thing. I read a fic called die another day where he goes back in time (not for revenge though) and he ends up with Kushina and Minato gets pissed. I'm looking for more fics like that Back in Time (Naruto fanfic) Fanfiction. The war didn't go as planned Things have gotten from bad, to worse, faster than they could realize. Team seven and their sensei decided to go back in time to change the future in which all of their closest friends have been killed by Madara and Obit..

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Boruto Goes Back In Time Fanfiction. 1024 × 1210. I take it all back... (Boruto and Himawari Time travel) - The Last - Wattpad. 1920 × 1080. Naruto and ino married life fanfiction. Naruto and ino married time travel fanfiction. 1280 × 944. Uchiha Clan: Naruto Sharingan Naruhina Fanfiction Naruto Shippuden Kankuro Genjutsu Time Travel. Naruto and the new Team 7 were on a their way back to Konoha when serval Akatsuki members ambushed them, in another attempted to steal the Kyūbi after Pein had failed. In attempted to help them, Konoha and Suna worked together sending their best available men Comments: Basically - Naruto goes back in time from the standard timeline, Sasuke goes back in time from a timeline where he had the Kyubi instead, and an alcoholic Sakura goes back in time from a timeline so crapsack that allying with Madara was the best option. They all end up in the same timeline, on the day of the Genin exams Summary: Orochimaru is winning, and Konoha and almost all of its citizens are dead. It's up to Naruto and Co. to go back in time into their genin bodies and save the world. Unfortunately, no one told Kakashi this. And he wants, badly, to know what's going on Rated: Fiction K+. Title: Naruto: Path of Ambition Author: Mr. Dus Anime/Manga Humor Naruto Daughter Daddy Ayame Sakura Sasuke Funny Family Comedy Team 7 Reena Time Travel Kinda Cliche. After their first C-class mission Kakashi gave team 7, a light suddenly comes from the sky. Out of it a little 5-year old girl begins to fall, and before anyone can catch her, starts screaming

This is about when boruto and sarada go back in time to the past where naruto and sasuke are the same age as their kids. T t info. Unfortunately naruto and sasuke have to pay the consequences. Second chances naruto timetravel fic fanfiction. Sasuke and naruto get transported back in time thanks to kurama. He tries to send them back in time a day The bug nin then calmly walked back up to his yearmates' balcony and talked to Naruto, several of the Aburame's small Kikai hovering around the blond before landing on his outstretched hands. The two Genin were quickly joined by Shikamaru, Sakura, and Sasuke for a quick discussion that several nin tried and failed to eavesdrop on

NaruHina, one of the most popular Naruto ships out there--Yet some people believe it has no development. Well that's not true, and this essay should prove that. Before we start, I'd like to outline the goals of this essay: 1) To show Naruto and Hinata are a great deal more alike than many think; showing that they share trust within each other chronicles comic doujin fanfiction naruhina naruto nhc kakashihatake obitouchiha. Your choice. *goes back to walking* Kakashi: *starts heading back* I have an idea for naruhina minisodes why don't you switch current Naruto with past genin Naruto like time travel in which current Naruto go to past and past Naruto come to future and they. Naruto does as he's asked and goes back to his apartment OK, Now get some Ramen from your Kitchen, get your toothbrush and toothpaste, your night clothes and then head back downstairs, take your box full of money also, just in case, now tomorrow I want you to stay downstairs and read everything, during the day I will test you OK He's awoken back in his apartment, in his bed. I guess today is the day, then. I won't let you down Kami-sama. Tou-san, kaa-chan, you believed in me too. That's all I need to get stronger than ever and truly defeat Madara when the time comes!, he says, his hand clutched tightly into a fist

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  1. Shifting back into the meditation pose recommended by that old toad Fukusaku Naruto spoke up. That was a good fucking Sakura-chan, i'm surprised that you could take so much. But I really do need to train. Ignoring his efforts to go into sage mode Sakura sat on his lap and wrapped her arms around his neck once more. Come on Naruto-kun
  2. Naruto And Hinata Episodes In Boruto. Boruto looks on terrified and Sakura pummels Naruto when a young Hinata appears and hes forced to confront the awkward history of his parents. With 220 episodes in the first Naruto series another 500 episodes in Naruto. Boruto Time Travel Arc Full Arc Boruto Meets Young Naruto Boruto Goes Back In Time.
  3. Sasuke Time Travel Fanfic Stuck In Naruto Shinobi Chakara Konoha Manga. This is a story about a girl who lives in an isolated world. One day she wakes up in another world where she could meet people without worrying about getting sick. But the problem is people there don't speak the same language
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The Good Left Undone, by Darth Malleus. Recommended by User:USA Bobcat; Pairings: Naruto/Aayla Secura; Synopsis: (Description taken from the Pit) Alone in the world, robbed of his friends, family and the woman he loves.He hunts Akatsuki down to the last man, but as he finishes his job Madara triggers a desperate gambit, transporting him to a greater universe to fight a greater evil Naruto: Hisedai is a storyline set in the Narutoverse around 50 years or more after the Boruto Era, and many heroes of that era have died off. This leaves newer generations in an era of chaos, but how long will this chaos last? 1 Overview 1.1 Plot, Timeline, Arcs 1.1.1 Academy Arc 1.1.2 Genin Mission Arc 1.2 Itsuki Arc 2 Arcs 2.1 Introduction Arc 3 List of Chapters 4 List of Volumes 5 Trivia. The only solution may be to go back in time, so Cloud is understandably concerned. Summary: Pein's final technique wasn't control over death, but time. Naruto, sent back to start his life over, has a chance to change it all. Stuck with a differing Kyuubi attack and a wary, overprotective Fourth, will Naruto be able to do as he planned. Naruto and the new Team 7 were on a their way back to Konoha when serval Akatsuki members ambushed them, in another attempted to steal the Kyūbi after Pein had failed. In attempted to help them, Konoha and Suna worked together sending their best available men. Gaara refused to stay back, joined the.

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1 The Couple 2 Their Relationship 2.1 Prologue 2.2 New Era 2.2.1 Academy Arc 2.2.2 Naruto Gaiden: The Seventh Hokage and the Scarlet Spring Arc 2.2.3 School Trip Arc 2.2.4 Boruto Novel 5: The Last Day at the Ninja Academy! 2.2.5 Graduation Exams Arc 2.2.6 Genin Mission Arc 2.2.7 Versus Momoshiki Arc Boruto: Naruto the Movie 2.2.8 Mitsuki Retrieval Arc 2.2.9 Mujina Bandits Arc 2.2.10. NaruHina in Japan Animate Store. In 2015, Japan Animate Store has a six-month campaign where they use anime couples each month to promote Naruto stuff. NaruHina, SasuSaku, AsuKure, ShikaTema, SaiIno, and ChouKarui are the six of Naruto couples being used to promote Naruto stuff at Japan Animate Store around that time

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Naruto Uzumaki (うずまきナルト, Uzumaki Naruto) is the title character and main protagonist of the series: Naruto.He is a genin-level shinobi from Konohagakure, and a member ofTeam Kakashi.A maternal descendant of the Uzumaki clan, Naruto is the third and current jinchūriki of Kurama — the Nine-Tails. Despite once being ostracised by the majority of the village, he is now regarded as. Naruto gives a hesitant laugh and then the training grounds fall into dead silence for a long time. Naruto's front is slipping and what is behind his brave mask is being revealed. Hinata speaks up to comfort him: However, Naruto, for the first time ever, lets his happy facade fall away and shows Hinata how he is truly feeling Now here's a list of fanfiction you usually won't find on Fanfiction.net, because it prods too much buttock. 1. Ranma Goes to War/Chasing the Wind by J. Austin Wilde This fanfiction is more like an independant book than a fanfic. But basically it starts by throwing the Ranma 1/2 cast into a second Korean war As a genin, due to her focus on her studies, Sakura lacked any particular combat skill, other than the basic skills she learned in the Academy. Also, Sakura didn't belong to any clan, unlike most of her friends, so she didn't have her proper style..

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The Past Arc: The Locus of Konoha (過去篇~木ノ葉の軌跡~, Kako Hen: Konoha no Kiseki) is an arc of the Naruto: Shippūden anime. It covers episodes 176 to 196. This arc is shown as multiple flashbacks from different characters, such as Iruka remembering the time he first met Naruto and Kakashi remembering when he was appointed as leader of Team 7 from his perspective Kakashi's Anbu Arc: The Shinobi That Lives in the Darkness (カカシ暗部篇~闇を生きる忍 Kakashi Anbu Hen ~ Yami o Ikiru Shinobi English TV: Kakashi: Shadow of the Anbu Black Ops) is an arc of the Naruto: Shippūden anime. It covers episodes 349 to 361. The arc focuses on Kakashi Hatake's Anbu background, while.. Also, harem!Naruto is a cliche that I hate. Outside of Naruto-centric fics, raped Sakura is a bad cliche, but rape in general is a cliche in fanfiction. There are particular cliches for every different sort of fic and for each individual pairing especially. I think number #1 biggest cliche in Naruto fanfiction is timetravel, though Back in the Leaf Naruto entered his house with Sakura behind to her surprise it was fully furnished. Let me guess you have been using this place as a base? asked Sakura How do you think Katara and I got into the village in the first place. said Saito I am going to go train. said Naruto as he tossed his coat onto a chair

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  1. d. Fanfic: Scarlet Ch 1, Naruto | FanFiction It's short, but not overly so. Just nine chapters. I don't know if there's some symbolism in that, but I digress. The narrator is Itachi
  2. The Lives Worth Saving - Naruto, at 26, has lived through 10 years of war. At the end, with nothing left to call home, he sends himself back to the beginning, to the day of his younger self's graduation, in an attempt to change it all. Obligatory. Chance for a Prophecy - You can't stop the flow of time
  3. Time and Again by KyLewin: Essentially, this story is a deconstruction of the usual Naruto goes back in time fanfiction. The main difference is that, unlike most other Peggy Sue fics, Naruto not only has a hard time readjusting to his 12-year-old body for the first few days, but he also doesn't even believe that he is in the past; instead, he.
  4. Following Naruto from his time as a genin, we will watch as Naruto learns about who he is. Here is a little bit from Chapter 5: Sasuke looked at his teammate with terror, he looks like, Sasuke thought, a monster, he finished out loud. Upon hearing this, red chakra whirled around Naruto throwing Sasuke back a few feet
  5. Minato knots naruto fanfiction. Itachi is the youngest anbu in naruto. Jan 27, 2018 - #wattpad #fanfiction During the battle with Kaguya, Sasuke is fatally stabbed by Kaguya's deadly rods, before he dies, Sasuke gives Naruto the yin seal, and granting Naruto the rinnegan as well
  6. What if it was something more tangible? With the blood of the Shodai running through his veins, what changes will come to the Narutoverse? Let's find out. LINK ANIME KING 2 im back with new video i hope u enjoy it and also dont forget to subscribe and like this video for more you i will soon be at 20,000 subscribe thank you all for your help gu
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I would recommend 'Team Tensai'/'Mangekyo' by Wingwyrm which is a crack fic about team 7 timetravel but having still access to their full skills, and the actually logical effect of Sasuke having the Mangekyo as such an age. I would also recommand. Neo Paradox says, with a plain tone, That's right, Naruto. I told you that I'm on a mission and nothing will stand in my way. It is nothing personal, but this duel has to end. Naruto ends his turn in which Vice Dragon's power returns to its 2000/2400 while Stardust Dragon goes back to 2500/2000. Current Score: Naruto: 100 Neo. Naruto sends a notice first thing in the morning to the Hyuuga clan, and he receives an answer a couple of days later. He shares the info with Hinata in one of their strolls, with little fanfare, and Hinata takes it in in the same way, with the softest of hums as an answer. If Naruto had any doubts left in his body, the fact that Hinata shared. 20 Powers Only Hardcore Anime Fans Know Naruto Has (And 10 Weaknesses) Naruto began his story without mastery of many powers, but over time, he's developed a lot of special abilities - some that fans might not even recall. Naruto fans have watched the title character for years on his journey to become a ninja Gods go with you. Naruto waved goodbye as Guy bowed to him and trotted off a speedy clip to get back to his team. XXX Naruto strolled up to the two genin from team seven standing by the gate with their packs on their backs after several minutes of surveillance. The girl with the pink hair that was perfectly arranged was standing two feet.

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konoha watches naruto vs sasuke fanfiction. Quand tout le monde accusait le ninja copieur de traître, Suki était la seule à ne pas vouloir y croire. Chapter 1 Regrets Hatake Kakashi speeds through the forest with urgency and haste, as one of his students Uzumaki Naruto lies dying in his arms. Sasuke reaches out a hand for him to take while. Time Mixup, is a story in which 4 people from 4 different bad timelines end up going back into time in order to make sure their future does not happen. The story follows those characters as they go along to find it Black Flower is a story in which Sakura is Blacklight,leading to all of body horror and trying to find out what she i Second Bloom by Just Subliminal is a good Sakura goes back in time to fix [/URL] is pretty good initially. Sakura goes through a groundhog day around the time of the Chunin exams. Definitely a recommend for the early chapters if you like the character. Little Green Leaf - I really like how Naruto fanfic authors often do a great job of.

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Normally, Naruto and his genin team are learning at least C-rank jutsu soon after graduation but everyone seems to forget that D-rank jutsu are literally intended for a genin's skill level. I'd like to see more use of basic techniques such as the Temporary Paralysis Jutsu and Body Flicker Jutsu before delving into anything more advanced Flashes of an unknown past haunt Naruto, entwining his steps with those of a former life no longer content to stay forgotten. There's a voice on the wind and another lifetime in his head, and it's time for Uzushio's Storm God to rise once more. (The soul of a city is a hard thing to kill. Uzushio is still aware, still waiting

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naruto naruhina fanfiction Beast Tamers ch.4 part 1 Some chapters will be posted in parts because they end up being too long and don't really help with a steady schedule lol Rest assured though they will be cut in places that make sense (this one for example was cut after all the sexy stuff because I'm not that evil) which means that sometimes you'll get chapters that are slightly longer than. Naruto can't help but frown at the last line of the description, but that is swiftly overpowered when he goes back and re-reads the second line. His parents both liked Ichiraku's! Truly, his lineage is great! The genin finishes his ramen in his usual record time just as Archie passes the halfway point in his bowl The next day, we see Naruto tying up Sasuke so that he can imitate him and go to Sakura, only for his plan to fall apart as he has to rush to the toilet just as he is about to kiss Sakura. After Naruto comes back, he finds Sasuke much to his surprise, but when he notices Sakura so upset thanks to something Sasuke obviously did, he angrily. Once Tenten wakes up Lee, Team Guy goes back to search for their scroll. During the next phase of the chunin exams, Lee stops Naruto from fighting Neji after Neji's match with Hinata. Lee is determined to win his fight because he wants to go onto the next round, inspired by Neji's, Naruto's, and Sasuke's victories Time Travel. Snape goes back in time, holding the knowledge of what is to come if he fails. No longer holding a grudge, he seeks to shape Harry into the greatest wizard of all time, starting on the day Hagrid took Harry to Diagon Alley. No Horcruxes. My Rating: 5/

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Follow the genin as they embark on a road to the future, stumbling upon mind-bogling revelations and unbelieving truths. What could possible go wrong when Sasuke, Naruto, Sakura and Kakashi wake up in their 12 and 28 year old bodies? • Forums Naruto fanfic prompts and other ideas Rokudaime time travel Konoha. Authors Notes: A few key things should be noted before reading the story. Any. Team 10. In full part of note. From left to right: Front Row: Choji, Ino, Shikamaru Back Row: Asuma. Team 10, also known as Team Asuma, is the sixteenth generation in the Ino-Shika-Cho Trio (いの しか ちょうトリオ, Ino-Shika-Cho Torio). As such, the three team members are good friends and have exceptional team work, although. At one point, Gadjo goes back in time specifically to Ret-Gone Pinky, Elmyra & the Brain. Later on, Gadjo eats (and badly digests) the pie containing Mother Mae Eye, thereby expressing the author's disgust at both the character and her episode. Chapter 12 contains a couple of jabs at Teen Titans Go! Kiba, Hinata and Naruto were ordered to track down and capture the notorious thief Gosunkugi. Shino was originally scheduled to go on the mission but he was busy with another mission at the time. For that reason Naruto went in his place. Gosunkugi had stolen a valuable teapot from the Tea Country daimyou

Emiko Uzumaki is a chunin-level kunoichi of Konohagakure 's who originated from Uzushiogakure's Uzumaki clan . She is the eldest cousin of Naruto Uzumaki . 1 Background 2 Personality 3 Appearance 4 Abilities 5 Part II 5.1 Uzumaki Relatives Arc 5.2 Revival Arc 6 Trivia 7 Reference Emiko was born 3 months prior to Naruto. Her mother, Kanami Uzumaki , left for Akigakure one week before the Nine. The Konoha 12 consists of Team 7 plus three other squads of genin. The group forms the central cast of Naruto and is noted for being the most gifted class to come along in several years. The three other teams in the Konoha 12 are Team 8, Team 10, and Team Guy (sometimes called Team 9). Teams 7, 8, and 10 were together referred to as The Rookie 9 during the Chunin Exams Arc It was a two-chapter Harry Potter fic. It's similar to another where Harry and Ginny plan to go back to the past but is mostly only his recollections of the past. Chapter 87 is In the Era of the Fabled. It was a two-chapter Harry Potter and Naruto crossover. Naruto and Harry are born with each other's expected powers and one odd eye 1 The Couple 2 Their Relationship 2.1 Background 2.2 Part I 2.2.1 Chunin Exams 2.2.2 Konoha Crush 2.2.3 Search for Tsunade 2.2.4 Sasuke Recovery Mission 2.3 Part II 2.3.1 Kazekage Rescue Mission 2.3.2 Akatsuki Suppression Mission 2.3.3 Pain's Assault 2.3.4 Fourth Shinobi World War: Countdown 2.3.5 Fourth Shinobi World War: Confrontation 2.3.6 Fourth Shinobi World War: Climax 2.3.7 Birth of the. The Last Fanfic did do a terrible job in addressing the nature of our main protagonists feelings. It came across as overly dramatic, romantic and a shoujo film to try and cement NaruHina, because the manga did a horrible job at it. Some fans consi.. It took up part of Naruto's day so the hours that Kakashi normally would have had free to see him Naruto was in school and the rest of the time he was gone on missions, Rin told them. He nodded and brought his head back inside motioning for Naruto and Takara to go on through. There goes the rest of our free time, Sasuke.