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SIM cards can only be used in the device type for which they were intended and can't be swapped between different device types. Please only use the SIM card that came with a suitable device. If you need help or would like to get another plan or service, please see the links below: See Optus broadband plans; See Optus mobile plans; Login to My. Take hold of the top of the back cover and remove the back cover. Place your SIM as illustrated in the SIM holder. Slide your SIM into the SIM holder. Place the battery in your mobile phone (top first), matching the battery contacts with the contacts in your mobile phone, and press the battery into place. Place the back cover on your mobile. Prepaid Sim Activation flow. No Tokens available. My Prepaid Daily Plus. $ 10.00. per month. 500MB/day. $10 MyCredit. Close. The $2 Daily Level is deducted from your MyCredit on the first outbound standard national call, SMS, MMS, voicemail, or data use each day after 12am local time

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2. SELF-ACTIVATION. Optus SIM Cards can be activated using NON-AUSTRALIAN PASSPORT WITH VALID AUSTRALIAN VISA after successfully passing through immigration in Australia. You do not need to find an Internet connection to activate the SIM, simply plug in the SIM Card and follow the registration process I needed my Optus Prepaid Australian mobile number to receive a verification text and found out it had expired. This troubled me for some time so I thought I.. I spoke to an Optus rep via the chat function, to request a replacement SIM card as the current one has become damaged. I asked for a SIM card to be sent to me & was told NO & that such a thing can't happen, that I have to go to my nearest Optus store. I said my closest store is more than 65km away,.. Set up SIM card lock Choose a SIM card you want to configure if your phone havs two SIM cards. Turn on Lock SIM card switch to lock the SIM card with PIN code. Page 79 App with usage access Open the menu to view or reset your app usage access. 10.3.5 Accounts Use the settings to add, remove, and manage your email and other supported accounts.

Optus has more than 10 million subscribers, and it is the second most important network operator in Australia. It was originally founded as AUSSAT in 1981, but now it is officially known as Singtel Optus Pty Limited, or just Optus. Let's check their plans: Optus Prepaid Epic Value (2GB - $30) Data: 2GB of mobile dat Looking for an Australian SIM card when exploring Australia? Then you may be wondering which one will be the best for you. Telstra? Optus? Vodafone? Do these.. Disclaimers: * 10GB Bonus Data Offer: To be eligible, you must be a current Australia Post Mobile (AP Mobile) customer on a 30-day Plan and top-up your plan between 5 July 2021 and 15 August 2021 or a new customer who purchases and activates a AP Mobile Starter Pack and 30 day Plan between 5 July 2021 and 15 August 2021. This promotion is not available to any customers on our 365 day Plan Recharge Now! Payment cards accepted. Recharge with. Credit Card or Debit Card. Next. Recharge with PayPal Phones & Sim Cards; Phones & Sim Cards . Show filters . 15 Products. Sort by: Relevance. Telstra Essential Smart 3 each Telstra Essential Smart 3 each $ 69. 00. Was $99.00 Optus 4g Oppo Ax5s Smartphone Black each Optus 4g Oppo Ax5s Smartphone Black each $ 229. 00. Add to cart . Save to list + Optus X Pro each Optus X Pro each $ 179. 00. Add.

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make offer - optus $50 prepaid sim card + 4g + expiry 1 nov 2020 + trio fit (std+micro+nano) OPTUS $40 PREPAID SIMCARD + 4G + EXPIRY 1 MARCH 2021 + TRIO FIT (STD+MICRO+NANO) $14.3 You can recharge your sim right away or you can recharge it later. We recommend the preloaded plans so you don't have to recharge them Untick any option that wants to do Auto-recharge (this will cause your credit card to be billed when it runs out of credi Pull out the card tray and place the nano-SIM card and the microSDXC card on the tray, as shown. Carefully slide the tray back into place. Note: microSDXC™ not included and must be purchased separately Optus X Vista Quick Start Guide 1225.indd 5 2018/12/25 15:06:48..

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  1. M2M SIM is a specialist provider of iot and M2M sim cards and data plans for Australia and around the world. We have the cheapest pricing for M2M data packs that roam on Telstra, OPTUS and Vodafone. All SIMs are controlled via Jasper iot platform and bil
  2. Optus Prepaid Epic Data - $30 Recharge: Optus Prepaid Epic Data - $30 Recharge ; Big data and big discounts are the trend for SIM-only and prepaid phone plans. Get extra data for a significantly lower price for a limited time, and hey because there are alot of contract-free options you can always change again later on down the track.
  3. To activate the SIM card: 1) Self activate through Optus online activation portal. 2) or, call optus hotline (toll free) to get assisted activation. SIM Card size? Comes in 3 different sizes to suit your phone; Standard, Micro and Nano SIM size. Fit all mobile phones and devices. Tethering? Yes, tethering is ok. How to top-up when needed.

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My Plan Plus 12M SIM plans: New services only. Excludes TechFund and Fleet customers. Cancellation fees apply. $45 My Plan Plus 12M SIM: New services with credit check only. On $45 My Plan Plus 12M SIM, Min Cost over 12 mths is $497, Not available with other discount offers including TechFund and Fleet customers Yes you could have, put the normal SIM in the 3G phone, copy the contacts to the handset, change to the 3G SIM (by Optus) and then copy the contacts back. A bit of a pain, but you would still have your contacts. I'd recommend using SIM back up now that youre on 3G. Archive View Return to standard view A SIM access card Connection to Optus 3G, 4G & GSM Networks Mobile coverage across Australia; More details. Australian mobile number has 10 digits - starting with 04 XX XXX XXX There is no charge for incoming calls. To dial from overseas to Australia, dial +614 XX XXX XXX (+ sign is your country of origin international dialling code no)

There should be one, I am looking at an Optus Sim starter kit right now and on the back, bottom left there's something that says. Expires on xx.xx.xx (where xx is a number/date) It says Activate within 30 days or by the date advertised on a promotion whichever is earliest. I've activated sims from here 30+ days after purchase without issues We will send your SIM card to you for free; Activate your SIM Keep your current number or get a new one; You're connected! Your service is now ready to use — it's that easy! Catch Connect is powered by the Optus 4G Plus network which covers 96.9% of the Australian population and the Optus 3G network which covers 98.5% of Australians

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For Optus, you'll be charged $25 for sim replacement if your sim card is lost/stolen. But if you're upgrading your simcard to a 3G sim or if your sim card is damaged (by showing it to the sales rep), then Optus can do it for free. Hope this helps! User #181694 1903 posts This data SIM plan isn't quite as cheap as the Optus deal above, but it's permanently priced at $36 per month, so you won't be in for a rude shock when the first 12 months is up. The only catch is, unlike the Optus pick, Moose Mobile's Data SIM deal is only available on a 12-month contract 98.5% of the population covered by the Optus network; Best virtual network provider 2020. GET SIM. Choose your add-ons. You can add these packs once you receive your SIM. Data pack. 3GB data for $10/mth. International talk pack +100 international minutes to 35 countries for $5/mt

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  1. Great value on prepaid mobile phones plans, data and tablets plans. Get all the calling & data without being locked into expensive long term contracts
  2. In 2017, I chose Optus. In 2019, I went with Vodafone. Both had kiosks at my arrival airport and both offered similar plans. I'll focus on the more recent 2019 experience with Vodafone. Set up was quick and efficient. The Starter Pack, included in the cost of the plan, came with a SIM card and SIM card removal tool
  3. This Optus Broadband Sim delivers 25 GB of ongoing data to keep you connected. This SIM has a three-in-one shape that allows it to be used in multiple kinds of smartphones. You can stay connected using this SIM card. It utilises the Optus network. The 3-in-1 sim card fits all mobile broadband devices. It includes 25 GB of data
  4. Store Optus M2M IoT SIM card with 10mb Data plan. Previous Optus M2M IoT SIM card with 20mb Data plan. Optus M2M IoT SIM card with 10mb Data plan. Optus M2M IoT SIM card with 10mb Data plan. from 7.00 every month. SIM Size: Select SIM Size Micro Nano Standard. Micro Nano Standard
  5. Optus $2 Pre-Paid Sim Card $ 0.00. Category: Sim Cards. 3-in-1 SIM fits all phones; Transfer your number from another provider or get a new number; Select a plan and recharge amount when you activate; Out of stock. Get an alert when the product is in stock: Get an alert. Finance available. Related Products-57%
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Which size SIM card do I need? All of our SIM Cards are triple punched meaning they are convertible to Standard, Micro and Nano SIM Cards. You can check your mobile handset's manual or manufacturer's website to find out which SIM size you need Optus Prepaid Epic Data - $30 SIM: Optus Prepaid Epic Data - $30 SIM ; 40GB Data Starter Pack Deal: 40GB total data on first three $30 Epic Data recharges. 10GB Data from 4th recharge onwards. Find out more ; $30 With the 3SIXT SIM Adapter Multi-Pack you can convert a nano SIM card or Micro SIM card into a regular SIM card easily and safely. Simply slip in your Nano SIM or Micro SIM into the corresponding adapter, click into your device's SIM tray or slot and go! Optus has partnered with Cellnet as its accessories provider, giving you a great range of. Installing the nano-SIM Card and the microSDXC™ Card (Optional) The nano-SIM card can be installed or removed while the phone is turned on. Power off your phone before removing or replacing the battery. Warning! To avoid damage to the phone, do not use any other kind of SIM cards, or any non-standard nano-SIM card cut from a SIM card. Page 6.

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Optus Epic Data $30 - 35GB data (on first 3 recharges, 10GB standard data from 4th recharge) - Expiry : 28 Days- Unlimited Standard National Talk &Text (Unlimited calls to standard national numbers, 13/1300 numbers and Voicemail.Unlimited standard national SMS and MMS. ) - Unlimited standard international calls from Australia to Canada, mainland China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India Activating your SIM card is easy. Activation should take around 15 minutes but occasionally it may take up to 48 hours. Simply go to activate with your Australian debit or credit card and follow the prompt to activate your service. You need to activate your SIM card within 30 days of purchase or by the date advertised on a promotion in order to take advantage of advertised inclusions Vodafone, Optus and Telstra also all offer prepaid, bring-your-own-phone plans, at varying price points. No matter what you're after or where you live, there is likely a competitive SIM card phone plan in the local Coles, Woolies, or 7-Eleven. This makes it easy to purchase and plans are easy to recharge Enjoy the unique benefits that come with the Optus $2 Prepaid SIM! You can keep your own number and manage monthly plans with no hassle. Prepaid SIM: $2 Sims includes SIM only and no recharge value. $30 sim: includes $30 recharge, $40 sim: includes $40 recharge, expiry days and included value will depend on your plan Overall, I find Optus (starting at $10) 1 to be the best option for SIM cards at Perth Airport. Optus typically offers coverage everywhere I travel, which usually places them above Vodafone on my list of preferences. If I know I'm going to travel extensively in rural Australia, I like to find a Telstra SIM card 2 instead

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  1. Nano SIM card (4FF) Bluetooth 4.2 with stereo headset support & 3.5mm wired stereo headset socket FM Radio, MP3 Player and ringtones, A-GPS Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n 4G Voice calling with 150Mbps data speed
  2. SIM supports nano SIM size (4FF) Operating System. Android 9 Pie (Go Edition) Processor. 1.4GHz quad core Spreadtrum CPU with 1GB RAM + 16GB ROM. Memory. 16GB ROM with approx 9GB user space, plus up to 256GB expandable storage using microSD card. Display. 5.0″ 18:9 ratio, 960 x 480 pixels FWVGA 214ppi, capacitve touch
  3. Catch Connect is a great value mobile service provider powered by the Optus 4G Plus Network. We offer amazing prepaid mobile and data only plans at equally amazing prices, with the speed, coverage and service you can expect from one of Australia's leading telecommunications companies. Your SIM card will be dispatched to your delivery.

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Enjoy the flexibility of no lock-in contracts with our SIM-only plans, all powered by the Optus 4G Plus Network. Choose a new mobile phone number or keep your existing number 1, and enjoy unlimited talk and text within Australia. Select plan Activate SIM Manage account Four great mobile phone plans to choose from. To find the best mobile phone plans for you, you can choose from: Prepaid. No lock-in contract and some of the best mobile phone deals. Phone plans. Telstra mobile phone plans that include the phone in the overall cost. BYO. Mobile phone plans where you bring the phone, Apple or Android. Upfront plans Get yourself this Optus $40 card and get connected! $40 SIM and recharge. All-in-one. 4G ready. Compatible with Nano, Micro and Standard SIM slots. Terms & Conditions: Prepaid SIM: $2 Sims includes SIM only and no recharge value. $30 sim: includes $30 recharge, $40 sim: includes $40 recharge, expirydaysand included value will depend on your plan

SIM cards are readily available in Australia, from all the Telcos, including Telstea, Optus, and Vodafone. Usually the cost of the Sim is $2, but often they are free. You still have to pay for a plan, either data only, or voice/text/data. To register the card and sign up you need ID (drivers licence, passport) and an Australian address Optus $2 Pre-Paid Nano Sim Starter Kit. $2. Optus $2 Prepaid Mobile Broadband SIM Starter Kit. $2. Amaysim $2 SIM Pack. $2. Sort by. Relevance. Display This item Australia Prepaid SIM Card 28 Days Unlimited Calls, texts 25GB Internet Data AU39.95 International Calls Credit Australian Optus Network Cricket Wireless 3-in-1 SIM Kit - Bring Your Own Phone - 2. Optus Mobile Broadband SIM Card 4GB Prepaid Data. Bulk Buy, Can Post. Optus 4GB Data SIM Cards. $4 each. Prepaid mobile broadband. Fast 4G data on Optus network. 4GB Prepaid Data on each SIM card. 28 days to use data. Ideal for: -3G/4G/5G Modem -Pocket Wifi -USB Dongle -4G USB Modem Postage available starting at $1

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Answer 1 of 16: Hi all, so I was in Melbourne in 2013 and I am going there again next year. The last time I was there, the Optus shop did not sell the $2 prepaid SIM card - it only sold the $29.95 starter kit + $30 recharge voucher only - which means that I paid.. When you have an Optus My Plan Plus or My Plan Business plan for your mobile phone you can share the data in your mobile plan with up to five SIM-ready mobile broadband devices - like tablets, USB (bank account or credit card) or BPay savings, a payment processing fee will apply. For details go t Re: Optus Prepaid SIM Card at Melbourne Airport. Optus has regular, micro sim and nano sims. The $2 sim is not a nano sim and therefore can't be used with phones such as the iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, Nokia Lumia 930 and HTC One (M8), which require a nano SIM. So you will have to buy a regular/micro sim NEW, Australian Optus PREPAID SIM card. NANO, MICRO or STD. AUSTRALIA. New New New. $8.33 + $4.45 shipping + $4.45 shipping + $4.45 shipping. Seller 98.1% positive Seller 98.1% positive Seller 98.1% positive. Report item - opens in a new window or tab. Description; Shipping and payments

The ACMA's rules on ID checks for prepaid mobiles. Telcos must check your identity when you buy or activate a prepaid mobile service. There are several ways they can do this. Read about ID checks here and then contact your provider. You can't activate your mobile service here - contact your telco! On this page. Proof of identity The $30 (AUD) Optus Prepaid Epic Data SIM card includes up to 35GB of data for each 28 day period as a bonus for the first three 28-day periods - so roughly 3 months. After that it drops down to 10GB/28-days, though this isn't a concern for most short term travellers Hi i have an optus prepaid sim and i want to change it to telstra can i do this on line - 20506

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Choose a SIM only plan that suits you. Month to Month. No contracts. Generous data allowances. A range of customisable plans to suit every budget. View Plans. 12 & 24 Months. Lock in our competitive value offers for 12 or 24 months and keep the rewards coming. View Plans Report Inappropriate Content. Caaf. Level 23: Superhero. August 2014. Re: How to unlock optus phone to use telstra sim. In response to La. If in fact it's been network unlocked, simply purchase either a post/per sim and utilise the telstra network. Cheers, Dave

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Postpaid month-to-month plan at $149 per month. 250GB of data shared across 4 SIMs (1 primary SIM, 3 family SIMs) This breaks down to 62.5GB of data per SIM at $37.25 per SIM (Compare to the Small Optus Choice plan of $39 for 10GB data, or Medium Optus Choice plan of $49 for 60GB data) Unlimited standard national calls, texts, and MMS Telstra SIM required. Unlocking fee applies for use with a non-Telstra SIM card. Limit 1 per customer and no trade sales. Availability of colours may vary. $10 Credit: Can be used on calls/messages to standard Australian numbers and calls/diversions to MessageBank. Excess data charged $2/MB Optus $3 A Day SIM card for Unlimited Data, Unlimited Talk and Unlimited Text. I've used it for streaming to mobile devices and tv, works flawlessly. Pay only on days you need to use. $410. Norwood, SA. 14/03/2020. Search alert. Get notified when new items are posted. Search alert.

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Optus. Services & Currency. Optus is an Australian leader in integrated telecommunications, delivering cutting-edge communications, information technology and entertainment services. T1 International, Before Security Optus. T1 International At the time of writing, Optus is supporting eSIM with Postpaid (SIM only) plans only, with no support for pre-paid at this stage. How to activate Optus eSIM. To sign up you will need to get an eSIM QR card to activate the eSIM and an eligible iPhone model running iOS 12.2 or newer. Optus states these are only available in stores

  1. We've contacted Optus to find out whether or not the 2-in-1 SIM card is backwards compatable - so you can go back to your standard phone if you can't bear the antenna issues surrounding the.
  2. imum, 200 Mb recommended
  3. Thread: Sim Card from Optus. Thread Tools. Show Printable Version; 28th July 2010, 02:44 PM #1. marcmarcdv. View Profile View Forum Posts View Articles Join Date Jul 2010 Posts 100. Sim Card from Optus Has anyone recevied the new sim from optus yet? as today was the day to recevied them 28th.
  4. Optus $30 Pre-Paid Sim Kit. $ 30.00 $ 13.00. Category: Sim Cards. Includes $30 recharge on your chosen Pre-Paid plan. 3 in 1 SIM fits all phones. Keep your own number or get a new number. 80 in stock. Optus $30 Pre-Paid Sim Kit quantity
  5. Get your PUK code with Optus My Account - Optus Gurus If you've accidentally entered your pin number incorrectly 3 times you'll need your PUK code. The PUK code is used to unlock your SIM card
  6. ate in blue. Remove. Remove the back cover. Remove the battery
  7. Best SIM-only plan under AU$40. Circles.Life | 100GB data | No lock-in contract | AU$30p/m (first 12 months, then AU$38p/m) Circles.Life is often our best overall pick for a plan under AU$40, and.

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  1. Locate SIM tray. The SIM & microSD tray is located on the top of the device. To insert a SIM or microSD card, insert a SIM tool into the small hole to eject the SIM & microSD tray. Note: To prevent data corruption, it is recommended to unmount your memory card before removing it
  2. imum cost of $10. In-store price $2. 3-in-1 SIM fits all phones. Transfer your number from another provider or get a new number. Select a plan and recharge amount when you activate
  3. chat-script optus ATDT*98# TIMEOUT 30 CONNECT interface Dialer0 bandwidth 384 ip address negotiated ip virtual-reassembly encapsulation ppp dialer pool 1 dialer idle-timeout 0 dialer string optus dialer persistent fair-queue 64 16 0 ppp authentication chap callin ppp chap hostname connect ppp chap password 0 connect ppp ipcp dns request ppp ipcp route default pp
  4. i, micro and nano sizes, so you're ready to get connected right away, regardless of what device you have. Optus 4G Mobile Network Enjoy great coverage and data inclusions on the Optus 4G network
  5. Enter Prepaid Service Number to Recharge: Payment cards accepted. Recharge with credit card
  6. Find your SIM Card number on the back of the product package or if you no longer have the product package, you can also find the SIM Card phone number from the plastic card. Works in 135+ countries . Reusable for frequent travellers . Express shipping to your home . 100% money-back guarantee.

All our sim-only plans are Prepaid, meaning you'll always pay/recharge for your chosen plan upfront. This is seamless process if you link a payment method (such as a credit/debit card or PayPal) to your account, as this allows your plan to automatically recharge at the end of each plan period iPad Pro 10.5-inch Wi-Fi + Cellular model. iPad Pro (9.7-inch) Wi-Fi + Cellular model. iPad mini (5th generation) iPad Air (3rd generation) These iPad models also have a SIM tray for a nano-SIM card — you can use a nano-SIM card from a carrier or an active Apple SIM.*. These models won't support an Apple SIM card that hasn't been activated Vodafone, Telstra and Optus all have similar network coverage of the major population centres of Australia, but Telstra and Optus is somewhat better in remote areas. Unless you intend to remain in a capital city, it is important, therefore, to get a sim card from Telstra or Optus or a smaller telco which is hosted by Telstra or Optus Sixfab SIM is a cellular connectivity solution for connecting your IoT devices with the best global networks. You can activate and use your SIM card in a few minutes, without any contract or commitment. $ 3.00. 518 in stock Blank sim card. hi. I tried to replacement my sim card from Telstra to Boost. However, I bouth a starter Boost sim card from Woolworths and when I tried to port, Telstra support center said I have to use the Blank sim of Boost. Where can I buy the blank sim??? 26-10-2018 9:41 PM