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Line is important to artists because it can describe shape and by shape we recognize: Objects. Lines that appear to follow the boundaries of a slice or cross-section of three-dimentional form are called: Cross Contour Lines. An implied line is created by positioning a series of Line is important because. 1all photographs have visible lines. 2it can be living or artificial elements. 3it directs the eye to the focus of the photograph. 4there should be action in all parts of th photograph. A line in art is important because it is what people start with when drawing. In every piece art in the word there is a line drawn in it The Importance of the Assembly Line The assembly line was important during this time due to its purpose in mass production. But, to this day is still used as the main form of manufacturing and is a big factor in commerce around the globe. It allowed vehicles to be produced less expensively for both the consumer and the company

At a Glance The dryline is a spring and summer feature that is critical in severe weather forecasting. Drylines most often occur in the Plains states and can trigger thunderstorms that produce.. A controlled impedance line occurs if a PCB design has a specific characteristic impedance throughout the length of a trace. Because capacitance occurs as a function of the relative permittivity of the dielectric material, we can control the impedance with a trace that has a uniform cross-sectional geometry and consistent permittivity

My Main Line Health Chart is your secure, online health management tool, because your family's well-being is important to you around the clock--not just during office hours. This secure portal connects you to your Main Line Health healthcare team and important information from your electronic medical record, 24/7. Communicate with your docto A water service line is the pipe that brings fresh water into the house and does not include pipes that carry away wastewater. Water line insurance, or exterior water service line coverage, is not a true insurance policy but a financial contract between a consumer and a company

And because water is imperative to so many bodily functions, dehydration can be very dangerous. Severe dehydration can result in a number of severe complications, including: swelling in your brai In the past, during the industrial era when most jobs were represented by people on a manufacturing line doing one thing all day - teamwork wasn't as important as it is today. In today's knowledge economy, most of our jobs involve interacting with others that are not even in the same line of profession The dry line is important because: O The air subsides in a dry line reducing cloud cover O The ink doesn't smudge when it is dry O Clothes dry faster in the wind. Severe weather may occur because of the density contrast of dry and moist air. The density of moist air is greater than that of dry air vital for investors. Finally, the A/D line is important because it can reveal divergence in the market, as it has done previously in history. Disadvantages-The advance-decline line measures (on a cumulative basis) the net difference in the number of stocks advancing in price and the number of stocks declining in price. The net advance (or decline), therefore, reflects the breadth of the market. This post describes research conducted by Ellen Langer at Harvard in 1978 for a study of the power of the word because. Langer had people request to break in on a line of people waiting to use a.

Line is important because 1all photographs have visible

On the contrary, it is exactly because these are so important that he suggests the recall. The main problem Elkington sees is that the 3BL has been reduced to an accounting and reporting tool. The Wallace Line or Wallace's Line is a faunal boundary line drawn in 1859 by the Welsh naturalist Alfred Russel Wallace and named by English biologist Thomas Henry Huxley that separates the biogeographical realms of Asia and Wallacea, a transitional zone between Asia and Australia.West of the line are found organisms related to Asiatic species; to the east, a mixture of species of Asian and. A sun serum, mineral sunscreen, and tinted lip balms with SPF 15 make up her vegan and cruelty-free collection. I've always known the importance of sunscreen; I just didn't think it applied to me. The concept of slope is important in economics because it is used to measure the rate at which changes are taking place. Economists often look at how things change and about how one item changes in response to a change in another item. It may show for example how demand changes when price changes or.

The argument is that because bar charts encode data by length, truncating the axis naturally misleads your audience. In contrast, line charts encode by slope or position, so baseline zero isn't as important. But I'm not so sure about that This is important because it allowed Henry Ford to develop his automobiles faster, which allowed him to increase sales while also lowering the overall price of the automobile. Henry Ford's Model T In fact, Henry Ford identified several main benefits of the assembly line method in his 1922 autobiography HeLa cells are the first immortal human cell line. The cells came from a cervical cancer sample obtained from Henrietta Lack in 1951, without her knowledge or permission. HeLa cells have led to many important scientific discoveries, yet there are disadvantages to working with them. HeLa cells have led to the examination of the ethical. In case of official mails, the subject lines can have big impacts - first impression matters, and a Subject Line is the the first and foremost element of any email, and is the item, based on which the receiver may decide whether to open the mail or not (Until the receiver is already expecting a mail from you 5. Strategic Importance. Above all the most important benefits of a tagline is that it represents the vision and mission of the business in front of the customers. For businesses, taglines are important because they help businesses convey what they are trying to solve for their customers. The knowledge of the vision and mission of the business.

Line breaks serve an important function in setting the rhythm of a poem, since they insert a pause between the final word of one line and the first word of the next line. For this reason, line breaks conventionally occur where natural pauses in language also occur—such as after punctuation, at the end of a thought, or between distinct images They suggest that line managers' perceptions of HR duties vary across managerial levels, whereby senior line managers are feeling more supported by HR specialists because of their higher level position. Another exception is the study by Konrad et al. (1997) of the activities that women and men in managerial positions consider enjoyable. Their. Encuentra tus esenciales diarios preferidos y descubre las últimas novedade Line Variation - adding interest to your lines is important in creating successful artwork. Length - lines can be long or short. Width - lines can be wide or skinny. Texture - lines can be rough or smooth. Direction - lines can move in any direction. Degree of curve - lines can curve gradually or not at all

This article describes why it is important to think about the personal information you post on line before you post it Michael Rubino, Ph.D, MFT , Community Contributor Posted Mon, Jan 8, 2018 at. There are many important things in life, but the most important thing to me is family. Your family is made up of people that bring out the best in you. Although you cannot choose your family, they are the people you can relate to the most. They are the people who are always cheering you on and truly want the best for you Motion in a Straight Line Important Extra Questions Short Answer Type Question 1. Prove that the average velocity of a particle over an interval of time is either smaller than or equal to the average speed of the particle over the same interval Because buy-in must be broad for a team to function, Keyser considers clients part of that culture as well. Learning to serve others as a team can be challenging and complicated, but it can also be deeply rewarding. Selfless service requires people to collaborate and go the extra mile

The economy is so important because it goes beyond a set of money crazy businessmen. It s even beyond greedy officials of the central bank, the economy is beyond us all and as such, it is very important to every single person. The economy is simply an organized system that is made up of organizations and institutions such as schools, hospitals. Clothing is important because it reflects an individual's culture, personality and preferences. People can use clothing to enhance personal appearance and protect the body from extreme temperatures and elements in various climates. People often form first impressions based on what a person wears

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Important About !important. The only way to override an !important rule is to include another !important rule on a declaration with the same (or higher) specificity in the source code - and here the problem starts! This makes the CSS code confusing and the debugging will be hard, especially if you have a large style sheet Line-item budgeting is still the most widely used approach in many organizations, including schools, because of its simplicity and its control orientation. It is referred to as the historical approach because administrators and chief executives often base their expenditure requests on historical expenditure and revenue data

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19 Reasons why PPE is important. PPE is your personal control which is there to look after you. It protects you. The whole reason for PPE is to protect you, so if you don't wear or use it, it can't do its job. It's your last line of defence. Your PPE is the last barrier you have against hazards Sleep is one of the most important things you can do to maintain good health. Getting enough sleep is critical for your safety, as well as your emotional and physical well-being. The bottom line is for optimal health; you should make getting plenty of sleep a priority! Sources. Harvard Medical School. Characteristics of Sleep The Importance of the Subject Line. When it comes to sending an important email, whether it be to one person or a mass marketing communication, the key to success is creating engaging content. With email marketing, the aim is to achieve a high open rate and, ideally, a high click rate. Though the body of an email is always the most important. Art is very important in the society because it is an essential ingredient to empowering the hearts of people. When activists are showing images of children suffering from poverty or oppression in their campaigns, this is the art pulling the heartstrings of society's elite and powerful to make changes

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Daily use for epidemic prevention. Mysterious magic word. Epidemic Prevention Phonetic Sticke Educational research is important in education because it is conducted in order to provide reliable information regarding educational issues and their solutions. Ntombi on March 24, 2018: Thank you. Annacky A. Alweendo on March 22, 2018: very interesting. happy for reason number four A PICC line is a longer catheter that's also placed in the upper arm. Its tip ends in the largest vein of the body, which is why it's considered a central line. PICC stands for peripherally inserted central-line catheter. A CVC is identical to a PICC line, except it's placed in the chest or neck

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3. Reading is important because it develops the mind. The mind is a muscle. It needs exercise. Understanding the written word is one way the mind grows in its ability. Teaching young children to read helps them develop their language skills. It also helps them learn to listen. Everybody wants to talk, but few can really listen The number one reason why customer service is important in a business is because it correlates to revenue: 84% of organizations working to improve customer service report an increase in revenue. Better customer service begins with better customer service software—Start your free trial of Groove today. The keyword in that chart is working

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February 18, 2011. For much of their history, Americans dealt with racial differences by drawing a strict line between white people and black people. But Daniel J. Sharfstein, an associate. Marketing is important because it helps you sell your products or services. The bottom line of any business is to make money and marketing is an essential channel to reach that end goal. Creativs explained that without marketing many businesses wouldn't exist because marketing is ultimately what drives sales To reduce some visual clutter, the data labels and most of the markers of individual points on our line have been removed. Only the markers for the months in which we hit our maximum and minimum sales values remain, because they are important to the story we plan to tell with this graph The other word is because. One of the most important characteristics of compelling, persuasive content is specificity. The more specific you are, the more credible your points, arguments, or sales pitch. There are many ways to be specific in your writing. One of the best is simply giving a reason why

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Simple linear regression is important because it has been applied in many biological, behavioral, environmental and social sciences. With its ability to describe possible relationships between identified variables, it has aided the fields of epidemiology, finance, economics and trend line in analyzing significant data that proves to be of. Which reason best explains why it is important for HR to know the line managers and their needs? o Because line managers are the ones responsible for interviewing and hiring potential employees, it is best that HR collaborate on recruiting efforts to ensure the right people are hired. o Because line managers are responsible for the health and. Because of this, the Mason-Dixon Line became a symbol in the quest for freedom. Making it across significantly improved your chances of making it to freedom. Today, the Mason-Dixon Line does not have the same significance (obviously, since slavery is no longer legal) although it still serves as a useful demarcation in terms of American politics Poverty lines are unable to account for this important correlate of poverty, which is problematic because health interventions can play an important role in reducing poverty. Last, knowing that a family is below the poverty line does not tell us the extent to which they are otherwise integrated into society

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Analyze how the teacher writes tests. Ask students who have already taken the course under the teacher. Most teachers use objective test questions (multiple choice, True/False, matching, fill-in-the-blank, etc.) The reason is that objective test q.. 5. Prayer is important because it's how we make requests. God delights in us. He longs to bless us and shower His favor upon us. When our desires line up with His desires for us, amazing things happen! But when you pray, go away by yourself, shut the door behind you, and pray to your Father in private

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  1. imize the germs passed around your family, make regular hand washing a rule for everyone, especially: before eating and cooking. after using the bathroom. after cleaning around the house. after touching animals, including family pets. before and after visiting or taking care of any sick friends or relatives
  2. Education is important in life because it gives people the skills and tools they need to navigate the world. Without education, people would not be able to read, write, calculate or communicate; they would also not be able to perform jobs competently, accurately and safely
  3. g a part of our society. Each day our society becomes more and more diverse; we meet more people daily and each one brings a new perspective about something into our lives. People everywhere have different opinions and ideas that we might never have thought of
  4. Ms. Sue. Sep 10, 2014. It is important to line up decimal numbers in their place value because it helps make the problem easier to solve and it makes less mistakes because you know the place value for each one.
  5. SDN is important because it gives network operators new ways to design, build, and operate their networks.. Over the past two decades, networks have come under increased traffic demands and.
  6. It's also true that Jill has a plethora of contacts that she will be happy to introduce you to because her bottom line is to help you succeed. But, in my opinion, the most important thing about Jill is that she has a gigantic heart. She is so giving of her time and talents that anyone who is serious about business and or publicity should work.

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Aleutie. Jazz music is an incredibly important part of American culture. There is a rich jazz history that has had a ripple effect on nearly every aspect of American life from style and social. BLUF is a military communications acronym—it stands for bottom line up front—that's designed to enforce speed and clarity in reports and emails. The basic idea is simple: put the most important details first. Don't tease or delay your main point because people are busy and their time is valuable The fall line is a geological boundary, about twenty miles wide, running northeast across Georgia from Columbus to Augusta.It is a gently sloping region that rapidly loses elevation from the north to the south, thereby creating a series of waterfalls.During the Mesozoic Era (251-65.5 million years ago), the fall line was the shoreline of the Atlantic Ocean; today it separates Upper Coastal. A nice advantage over basic email. 5. Ubiquity. Because electronic faxing has established a foothold worldwide with a universally accepted protocol, fax technology (cloud or physical fax machines) is ubiquitous and is deeply integrated into business processes, such as transferring medical records or financial information Please Hurry Line is important because A: All photographs have visible lines B: It can be living or artificial elements C: It directs the eye to the focus of the photo graph D: There should be action in all parts of the photograp

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It is an important tool that coordinates all aspects, vendors, and guests. This tool is essential to the vendors and service workers who are in charge of the event from start to finish. Without the details included in the timeline it would be extremely hard to keep an event on track It is important to note that not only should the beer lines be cleaned at least every fourteen days but so should the keg couplers and faucets. These components also require cleaning because they too are in contact with the beer and need to be maintained at the same level as the beer lines It is important that an I-line assembly line be short; if it's too long, it will create an impediment because it takes too long to go from one side of the I-line to the other. It also can increase the waste when supervising the line because of the long walking distances

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The part of a line that connects two points. It is the shortest distance between the two points. It has a length. Adding the word segment is important, because a line normally extends in both directions without end. But a line segment has definite end points. Try moving points A and B Because these resources are limited, so are the numbers of goods and services we produce with them. Combine this with the fact that human wants seem to be virtually infinite, and you can see why scarcity is a problem. Workers on an assembly line are an example of the divisions of labor. Most important, economics provides the tools to.

There can be many other specific reasons why reading is important. For a person in the corporate world, reading may have different benefits than that of a person in sports. But the bottom line is that reading is certainly very important, no matter in what field you are. And if you aren't reading yet, you should not wait any longer Bottom Line: Money is Something You'll Always Need. Working to make money may seem like a hassle, especially if your job is mundane and you don't love what you do. Even so, money justifies your labor. Because you're paid for your work, you receive something of value that allows you to live your life For this reason, a line commutated converter for HVDC is also considered as a current-source inverter. Voltage-sourced converters. Because thyristors can only be turned on (not off) by control action, the control system has only one degree of freedom - when to turn on the thyristor. This is an important limitation in some circumstances Jean-Luc Picard (13 July 2305-) is a character in the Star Trek fictional universe, the captain of the USS Enterprise -D and the Enterprise -E. He was played by British actor Patrick Stewart in the television series Star Trek: The Next Generation, the subsequent films and the streaming television series Star Trek: Picard

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  1. Here are five reasons why life insurance is important. 1. It Can Help to Financially Protect Your Family. Life insurance is meant to help protect your family's financial future. Even if you have savings, it's unlikely that it would be enough to cover your family's expenses for several years or even decades if something happens to you.
  2. Data visualization is the representation of data or information in a graph, chart, or other visual format. It communicates relationships of the data with images. This is important because it allows trends and patterns to be more easily seen. With the rise of big data upon us, we need to be able to interpret increasingly larger batches of data
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  4. 5. chown. The chown command allows you to change the owner and group owner of a file. Listing our example.txt file with ls -l we can see dave dave in the file description. The first of these indicates the name of the file owner, which in this case is the user dave

Because quality hires not only impact your bottom line (retention rates, higher performance), it creates the flavor of how your service or product is created and delivered. You want employees who are like-minded with the values and best practices by which your company wants to be identified, says Brown Why is inventory management in business important? Inventory management can make or break a business. Inventory is often the largest item in the current assets category on a balance sheet. Issues with inventory can contribute to business losses, even failures. Proper management of the supply chain, on the other hand, can allow a business to thrive Why Leadership Skills Are Important. Leadership can come naturally, but it's not necessarily innate. Leadership can be learned through leadership development programs, where leadership skills are created, developed, and improved through rigorous education and practice. Those skills can help demonstrate why leadership is important In the New Testament, the blood of Jesus Christ, therefore, becomes the foundation for God's new covenant of grace. At the Last Supper, Jesus said to his disciples: This cup that is poured out for you is the new covenant in my blood. (Luke 22:20, ESV) Beloved hymns express the precious and powerful nature of the blood of Jesus Christ Proper skin care is important because our skin is the largest barrier against infection that we have. Keeping our skin healthy and moist helps keep this barrier strong. When the skin gets dry or irritated by harsh soaps, cracks in the skin can occur. Cracks in the skin make a person more prone to infection. Skincare products should be free of.

Because the most important tasks have been predetermined by us, as long as we follow our routine, we know that we will complete what is important and not spend time and effort on frivolous things. 9. Prioritization The beauty of designing a set routine is that it forces us to prioritize and decide what is important to us The Triple Bottom Line Defined. The TBL is an accounting framework that incorporates three dimensions of performance: social, environmental and financial. This differs from traditional reporting frameworks as it includes ecological (or environmental) and social measures that can be difficult to assign appropriate means of measurement. The TBL.

A line plot consists of a horizontal line which is the x-axis with equal intervals. It is important for a line to plot to have a title and a label of the x-axis to provide the reader an overview. Self-awareness is an important part of career development because it forces you to look at yourself objectively and make changes or corrections. Examining your strengths, weaknesses, accomplishments and failures can help you determine what works and what doesn't in order for you to move forward with reenergized goals and fresh career objectives. Yes, I am missing out on important opportunities because of my email style. I receive from Mark Ling about Chris has just written a really interesting post on 4 Email Etiquette Tips Any Why They're Important. I am beginner affiliate marketing and not so know yet how to step, I still affraid to work business it and so I bad in English Language

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Hide importance markers in Gmail. Using a browser, open Gmail. You can't change this setting from the Gmail app, but the settings you choose on your computer will apply to your app too. In the top right, click Settings See all settings. In the Importance markers section, select No markers. At the bottom of the page, click Save Changes Education is important for children because they are the future of the world and they should be updated with current affairs. They are the pillars of the nation, to develop a country and the world the future should be secure and the children are the weapons to build the nation with all their knowledge and education This is important because it shows that Hofeller's work formed the basis for DOJ's request to add the citizenship question, the bottom line is the Trump administration doesn't deny that portions of its first draft of a request to add a citizenship question to the census were written by Thomas Hofeller, who advocated for the question because it would be, in Thomas Hofeller own words.

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College education is important because you need a degree in order to get a good job or a stable career. I'd like to talk of some of the benefits that furthering your education can provide, and as well as the joy it can bring to each and every one of us. A good education can be your way into a prosperous career This is important because it shows the beginning of Spain's downfall as one of the major European countries in imperialism. The United States rises with new territories gained from the Spanish, and become more powerful and wealthy in the near future. Jan 5, 1899 Mrs. Walters: Oh, she's just upset because the nigra uses the guest bath and so do we. Minny Jackson: Forgive me, Lord, but I have to kill that woman, Aibileen. Now, she gone to putting pencil. Maxine Waters shows why the Sarah Huckabee Sanders-Red Hen story is extremely important The Fix's Aaron Blake analyzes whether calls for civility will help or hurt Democrats in the 2018.

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Additionally, a care plan is important because it helps your family and other loved ones to understand your wishes and how they can support you as well. If you have health and social care needs and do not currently receive support, the first thing to do is to request a needs assessment from your local council. Article By: Viktor Berg Just because articles, photos, videos, or other content is online, doesn't mean it's free to use. If a piece of online content was created and published by someone else, don't use it without their expressed permission. It's important for kids and adults to know how to use the platforms appropriately, and that there are consequences. The bottom line is we have no idea, Deeks said. We have lots of interesting questions, lots of important questions and lots of anecdotes. But at the end of day, we don't have much data at all The last line of the poem is the most important one and holds the key to the allegorical meaning of the poem. It is only for this last line 'And miles to go before I sleep' that the poem has been highly acclaimed. It suggests that we have a lot of things to do before we die. So we cannot stop and watch at a beautiful thing and waste our time The last line is so important to nail because it will send the audience out of the theater on the right emotional note. Having a perfect capper ensures the movie will linger in the viewer's head long after it's over. Very few films are able to come up with a truly iconic final line. .

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The bottom line is that using one password everywhere is a risk you shouldn't allow. At a minimum, use unique passwords for your important accounts, like banking and other financially-related activities. Don't forget that all of your email accounts are important accounts, particularly if they can be used for password recovery on other. 6. History can inspire us to learn more. Finally, history is important because it is a long, nearly endless collection of stories, lessons, and philosophies to learn. There is bound to be something meaningful in history for everyone, whether that be a source of identity, a feeling of hope or inspiration, or even something like an idea for your. Why is this important? Because if you've marketed or branded yourself as sustainable, you need information to back it up. Customers, potential employees, investors , contractors, clients and competitors are all looking at your sustainability reporting, or lack there of Mangroves are important to people because they help stabilize Florida's coastline ecosystem and prevent erosion. Mangroves also provide natural infrastructure and protection to nearby populated areas by preventing erosion and absorbing storm surge impacts during extreme weather events such as hurricanes. YouTube. Shafiq Zikri. 8.53K subscribers