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1,861 satisfied customers. 2004 Eclipse: convertible..rains water accumalates on the driver side. I have a 2004 Eclipse convertible. When it rains water accumalates on the driver side underneath the floor mats. Nothing else seems to get wet and I can''t figure out where the water is coming in from read more. Ms. Wrench A heater core leak usually leaks on the passenger side, and a A/C drain (plain water) leak usually happens on the driver side floor or in the middle center section of the floor. When you make a hard or fast turn, the water will splash out of the evaporator case and onto your feet sometimes as you driveor somewhere inside the vehicle Why is the drivers side floor board wet after it rains. The seal on your windshield or door may be leaking. The water could run behind the trim and pool on the floor, leaving no obvious water trail. Yes it could leak on the drivers side as well as the passenger side In late summer the floor carpets became wet. Now that winter is here and the heater is on, the well on the driver's side where the gas tank and trunk levers are located is alwa read more. I have a 2004 Camry LE V6 (128000 kms). After a heavy rainfall the carpet on the drivers seat is very wet It's usually caused by an HVAC system component in the dashboard leaking into onto the floor on the passenger's side. As it works to keep your car cool, the A/C system creates a lot of condensation. This condensation normally drips down the evaporator drain hose and onto the ground harmlessly as you drive

It's a '93 Cutlass Ciera. I've noticed water under my driver's side floor mat for the last couple weeks. I thought it was originally just water from wet boots and would dry out eventually, but it hasn't. I read through a couple other threads on here re water under floor mats and some suggestions were leaking door seals, windshield seals, clogged A/C drain, or water coming up from the. We live in Oregon and when it pours down rain it soaks the drivers side floorboard in the center and up behind the gas pedal, typically these down pours have also caused there to be standing water on floorboard of the back seat behind the drivers seat SOLVED!!! Water in driver's side floorboard. So, I have read over time where many have posted about water being in the driver's side floor area. There have been a number of possible causes like plugged sunroof drains, plugged drain holes etc. I found a solution to my water issue and it may help. Underneath the carpet on the driver's side. Floor carpeting was soaking wet. Unclip the door entry/scuff trim panel and lift the carpeting to check. Also verify the pass-through door harness grommet (between the door hinges) has not unclipped or come loose, allowing water entry into the cabin. Best of luck with your finds, 1 - 15 of 15 Posts I got a 2008 328i, and I have noticed in the last couple of weeks a wet carpet in the driver side foot well area. The carpet is wet under the all weather floor mat I have, in the area of he brake pedal and the foot rest. I don't feel any wetness in the carpet above or to the side, but it may have dried since

Look under your vehicle right about where your feet would be if sitting in the car. You should find an open ended hose about the size of your little finger. If nothing is dripping out of it or very little is while ac is running then it's stopped up. Sometimes a coat hanger ran up the hose will get it un stopped I just went through this on a 2010 Highlander. My driveway is sloped with the vehicle slightly nose-down. I had a sporadic problem of water on the driver's side floor. I checked the seam on the bottom of the car right under the hinge of the driver's door. It seemed to have notches in it that would weep Today I noticed that on the drivers side where I put my feet, the floor mat and the rug underneath were wet as hell. The entire car is dry including the trunk. I noticed however that the rug on my side is dry where the pedals are, underneath my seat, where it attaches to the door railing, and next to the foot rest The driver's floor mat was soaked in my car after it rained. Problem was fixed after I resealed the hood release cable grommet. It's not that complicated. There are four penetrations of the wiper tray into the cabin. Starting at the driver side: 1. Hood release cable grommet. 2. Relay box cover. 3. Cabin filter housing. 4 Jack up the car and remove the front tire on the driver's side. Then partially remove the wheel well shield facing the wet floor. Look up and you should see two holes where cables/wires can go through. Check to make sure the plugs are in place and tight

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I have a 2008 Nissan Rogue, and Was cleaning out my car and noticed that both the carpets on the passenger and driver side were soaked. For a bit of knowledge, I have rubber floor mats that are NOT wet, but the carpet mat and the floor boards are both soaked Water on floor passenger side Diagnose and fix water on floor passenger side. A damp carpet or water on floor passenger side situation can be caused by a plugged AC condensate drain line, a leaking heater core, leaking windshield seal, a problem with sunroof drains or water ingestion from the fresh air intake on your car's HVAC system The driver's side rear floor is absolutely soaked after a heavy rain! We do not feel any water around the roof liner or other carpeting, just the 'well' where a rear passenger riding on the driver's side would put their feet

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Posted August 2, 2018. So I have a wet, soaked carpet and mat on driver side front. I noticed the soaked floor mat couple of weeks ago, I thought it was due to the me going in/out of the car, the day before during heavy rain. I took mat out and left in the sun to dry the carpet underneath was just damp so didn't think much of it Wet Drivers Side Floor. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 10 of 10 Posts. N mine would leak on the drivers side if the car was backed in my driveway and on the Passenger side if pulled straight in, as Nooby said water finds a way! check to make sure the drains hoses are attached as well, my were disconnected. In the past few months, a few days after it rains I'd notice a slight odor in the car, but the carpet and floor mats were dry. Friday I took the car through a car wash to was off the road salt and gunk after returning from my trip up North. When I got home there was a wet spot on the drivers side floor next to my left foot I just got my 08 cobalt on 10/19 and after it rained my driver side floor board was soaked the water was coming under the dash where the hood release is, any idea how the water is getting into the car? Also im sorry for using this thread new to the site and forums in general, couldn't figure out how to start my own

First time poster, just wanted to share my experience with a wet floor so we are all informed: 2016 HR-V, EXL, FWD - Day 1: The driver side carpet felt damp, checked under it and the floor was soaked too. Felt under the steering wheel, but didn't notice any leak or liquid, or the check engine light my car drivers footwell has been getting saturated with water recently. i noticed it about a week a go, i cleared it out and had hoped it was just a build up from off my shoes, but no, after last nights rain it was drenched again. i cant feel any soggyness around the perimeter of the floor, it re.. I have a wet drivers side floor in my 2008 dodge avenger what steps do I need to take to find the cause or do you already know of this problem and the solution. Drivers side floor gets wet. There is on spot where water seems to puddle. I did not notice it until after it had been raining a couple of days. PLEASE HELP If so, check for clogged drains in the channel where the sunroof rides--there are usually two, one front, one rear. If you have no sunroof, check the trunk for leaks. Water can enter through the trunk seal, the tail light gaskets or a seam under the trunk, and when you brake, the water works its way up into the car

I could see water under the gas tank release lever. Tried to soak up with towels and a wet/dry vac; but still wet. Note: No water on floor of passenger side of the car. Next night it rained, I looked at the sunroof and could see some (very minor) drips from the sunroof seal towards the front of the car Today I decided to remove my rubber winter mats that where over the factory cloth mats to vacuum my interior. To my surprise my whole driver side floor mat and the carpet underneath where soaked in water. The back left passenger side are was I little wet also. I checked to see if the right front passenger side was wet also but it was completely.

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  1. My focus is a 2008 1.6 tdci, and I had same problem, wet drivers side footwell carpet. After over 2 weeks and 3 courtesy cars, it was a bulhead leak causing the problem. Quot
  2. Wet driver's side floor (under mat) Ok, so I have looked all over the internet searching for others with a similar problem, and had some success but nothing has worked. My 4runner smells musty, and after pulling the floormat up on the driver's side, I noticed a wet spot on the backside of the mat where my foot would rest while driving
  3. Chase91 said: I have a 2010 Focus that every time it rains my passenger side front and back floor boards are wet. I have checked to make sure the weather seals are good and that when the water is poured down the windshield it is not leaking passed the cowl. The only thing I can think of is my pollen/air filter (according to other websites)
  4. g from, no noticeable leaks. Anyone ever experience this. My old rabbit did this but it was a rust bucket

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Jan 31, 2012. #1. This has been driving me crazy lately, initially we found the front passenger floor wet over a year ago this was caused by the pollen filter housing and that was an easy fix. However nearly 3 months ago I found a small patch of water right in the centre of the passenger floor. At first my thoughts were a hole in the floor or. I have a 2001 PF which is parked slightly uphill on my driveway. When it rains and it can rain hard I have a dry interior. IF I park the car flat or downhill then I will have the wet drivers side carpet. The passenger side remains dry. I will try the clean the sunroof drains and door drains to see if that will fix it both passenger and driver floor board wet 1 Answer. both the driver and passenger side floor board have wet spot the size of a dvd, there is no other wet spots but in the floor board. My car is a 2001 executive series lincoln. What could be the problem.. The floor is wet on the passenger and driver side in the exact same spot. It's wet on the flat surface area and does not seem to go higher up. It's only in the front area of the truck though (may be because I have an xtra cab) Discussion Starter · #1 · Jan 5, 2015. Just purchased a new Crew Cab Colorado on 12/20. Opened the drivers side door on Christmas after some moderate rain the night before to find the entire drivers side floor soaked in water. Also, when I opened the door it seemed like a 1/2 gallon of water spilled out of the truck from the door and the.

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Hey, so I have had my compass for 3 months now, and its been in the shop 5 times now for a leak that occurred on the driver side floorboard and in the back seat, my guess is it was wet and leaking since it was put on the lot in June. I never thought to check the floorboards for leaks on a.. The most common causes for a wet Jeep floor are listed and described below. 1. The Cowl is Clogged. The most common reason that someone may end up with water on their Jeep's floorboard is that a cowl is clogged. The cowl is a drain on the front of your Jeep, and if it is clogged, it is going to cause drainage problems Here are some tips for how to dry out your wet car in three easy steps so you can get back on the road as soon as possible. 1. Water, Water Everywhere. Your first order of business is to get as much water out of your car as possible as quickly as you can. If your floorboards have an inch or more of standing water, you'll want to use a wet/dry. I have a 2013 3 Skyactiv hatchback. We have been getting a lot of rain here in sunny CA. I noticed that the driver side footwell carpet and floor mat are wet. It appears that it gets more wet when I drive. Very wet. I do not have a sunroof. Does anyone have water issues and/or ideas where I.. I cleaned the car, picked up the trash from every door and from under the seats as well as from the trunk, but the smell didn't go away. WATER UNDER FLOOR MATS. Next, I started looking for any spills in the car. Imagine my surprise when I discovered soaking wet carpet under our rubber floor mats

Aside from an electrical problem, a leak inside your car might be the most annoying thing you can experience. John Paul helps diagnose a leaking Ford Escape this week. Q. When it rains heavily, the floorboard on the driver's side of my 2008 Ford Escape turns into a puddle of water. I have a sunroof, [ My wife's 2013 PF has soaking wet drivers side carpet. Originally she just took the floor mats out which were wet thinking that she spilled something but after a couple of days she said that now the carpet is wet. She has no sunroof so I ruled out a sunroof drain leak. Any one else have this.. I spent 10 years traveling around the country, racing with my dad by my side. While we live in different areas of the country, my dad still drag races at 80 years old in the car that he built when I was 16 while I race other vehicles, including my 2017 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat and my 1972 Dodge Demon 340 Question: Every time it rains my floor gets wet on the driver's side. My husband broke the hood latch on my car and it hasn't been replaced. Also, my windshield got hail damaged during the storms in 2017, and I got my windshield replaced. My sunroof had a recall and work was done on it all in the same year

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Here is my solution, my floor would get sopping wet after rains and snow on the passenger floor. What I did to fix it was a pulled the kick panel off and noticed that water would fill that cavity, so I drilled 3 holes so that the water would drain to the outside of the vehicle. I may have put a plug or something in so the water does not go into. 39 Posts. Discussion Starter · #1 · Sep 18, 2016. I have a water leak. I can't figure it out. The only thing that makes sense is that it's coming from the A/C condenser drain. I really get a lot of water in there. I noticed it last week, I dried it out, put a towel under the mat, and drove it a few hundred miles (no rain) my 2002 toyoya sienna has a bad water leak,after a couple weeks of winter rain storms,the front carpets are soaked below the floor mats,the car has no sunroof,and it only leaks or shows signs of this when parked flat in my driveway.after checking,water testing,removing kick panels i don't see any water dripping from under dash area's on either. I started noticing a funny smell a few days ago and wasn't sure what it was. Well today I went to remove the passenger side floor mat to shake off some dirt and noticed the back of the floor mat and the floor were wet. The floor was soaked. I immediately called my trusted service guy to see if he could have it checked out The floor on my driver's side was soaked after a rainy day under my floor mat. It must have been going on for a while and I wasn't aware. I removed and replaced the seals above the door with clear.

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  1. After long rainy days, I will get my rear passenger floor carpet drenched in rain water. This happens both on the driver and passenger side. The leak does not seem to be from the roof or above since my floor mats are not wet just the carpet underneath it! The culpri
  2. Found carpet wet by A Pillar on both driver and passenger side. ONLY in floor depression (the way the car was designed), but is very wet (40 paper towels, 5 towels rung out ten times each, and.
  3. But then engineers discovered that running the Edge through a car wash led to a sopping wet floor on the driver's side. crumple zone and frame caused by water sitting in the car for.
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  5. Drivers Side Floor Wet. I have a 1990 Toyota Corolla Hatchback ( AE92). I left my car at a mates for a few months so he could fix a few engine problems whilst I was overseas. The car was not driven and was left outside. After some rain, my mate told me the floor of the drivers side had a big pool of water in it, and I saw this too

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Hi all, was cleaning the car out yesterday and came across a pool of water on the floor of driver side :scratchchin at least a 1/4 inch, never been there before ,so i have been reading through the forum's on water leaks not sure where to start looking ,it's a 2006 gt,any help welcome,cheer Background: A few weeks ago on my Dakota, I lifted up the driver's rubber floor mat and discovered that both the factory floor mat and the carpet were soaked, I thought it was just a leak in my rubber floor mats, so I sucked up what I could with a shop vac and let it dry. BUT, I checked again recently and the carpet was wet again, mainly by the trans tunnel, but also a little wet by the area. Ok I have a 4 cylinder 2.2l 97 camry and cannot figure out why there is a spot of either oil or sludge coming up from the floor on the passanger side. Its not constantly flowing but it has gotten bigger since I bought the car

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  1. RobC216. Well I purchased a 2008 dodge avenger a few weeks ago and after having a remote start installed on it I noticed that the drivers side floor would become soaked with water when it rained ( not on top of the carpet but from under it). Well at first I thought it was from the fact that they did not properly put the rubber grommets back in.
  2. I have an 02 mdx with 290000 miles. The carpet will be the last renovation job. But I ran into a snag!!! Very wet carpet on driver and passenger side. I live in California and it has been raining. I'm going thru the process of identifying my wet carpet on both the passenger side and drivers side
  3. Hi, I have a 2006 GC and have pretty much the same issue. Water leaking when heavy rain hits. It's creating a puddle in the driver side floor board and I just noticed its also wet in the back row driver side passenger floor
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Are you finding wet spots on your floor mats? Unless you've been driving with spill-prone toddlers and un-potty trained puppies, the culprit might be a car air conditioner leak. Car A/C leaks can happen for a variety of reasons, and it's crucial to address them quickly to avoid more serious (and expensive) repairs I have recently noticed on the drivers side carpet a small 3 inch damp spot, it seems to be coming from under the textured re inforced floor panel below the pedals. Its not flooding the floor pan its simply damp and starting to smell of must. Could this textured floor panel be letting in water..

if ur car has a sunroof check the drain tube in the driver's side!!..happened to me with my accord wagon, the dude installing the alarm pulled it out of the drain and then I had a Pool inside everytime it rained!!..check if thats correctly installed!! for all the others put the sticky stuff when you put the windshield in every hole you have in the floor of the car!!..you have to pull the. Progress on my soundproofing/sound system refit was halted by a water leak into the front passenger footwell The carpet is out, exposing the bare floor, and I noticed that after days parked in heavy rain, there was a few mm depth of water along the side of the floor, all the way back to the seat crossmember. When I removed the carpet several days ago, it was dry, and I hadn't noticed any wet. If you search there are similar posts but to driver side and it was the a/c line. Below is one link. Water on Driver's Side Floor - Fixed Hi, First time poster, just wanted to share my experience with a wet floor so we are all informed: 2016 HR-V, EXL, FWD - Day 1: The driver side carpet felt damp, checked under it and the floor was soaked too. The floor was wet after the first rain. my 2016 RAV 4 leaks water only to the driver's floor board. My car stinks!!!!! My husband is going to be checking the drains, etc. parked and the.

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I'm cleaning the floors to put in my new floor mats right now. On the front passenger side I had the factory carpeted mat with the Ford OEM all weather mat on top of it. When I pulled up the carpeted mat it's thoroughly wet! Not a trace of water anywhere else, except the carpet under it is.. My 08 Sedan appears to be leaking water directly over the dead pedal on the drivers side floor board. It appears to be coming down the a-post and dripping on the floor. I cannot trace it to an exact entry point, but it only occurs during heavy rainfall. My dilemma is this- I had to have my windshield replaced due to catching a rock at 70mph the wet floor could be as a result of a blocked drain pipe around the sun roof the is 2 pipes that can get blocked you need to open the sunroof and you will see 2 holes on the frunt side of the opening you need to use some electrical flex ect to unblock the pipes my one was so blocked i had to take off the housing nuder the drivers wheel and push it up from underneeth as well think this could. The Reasons For Car Leaking Water On Passenger Side. A car needs different types of liquids to operate but only two systems use water-based fluids. These are the engine cooling and windshield washing systems. When there is water on the passenger side of the car, investigate these two areas: 1. The Cooling System Of The Engine

Hey Guys, i have a rather wet situation. I have a leak on my drivers side, the front floor board is soaking wet, and the back seat floor board is damp.. Up the sides of the carpet is dry (near the center console, and drivers side door). It is really wet right under the pedals, but gets dry fast the closer you get to the firewall 117 Posts. #13 · Aug 30, 2010. HANGEMHI said: Ok, update on my water leak issue.. Found out it only does it when it rains or its washed. Pulled the driver side fender liner and windshield wiper and cowl off. ( had to fix spray nozzle on passenger side wiper anyhow, was clogged, air compressor fixed that Honda Accord: Why is My Car Leaking Water by the Front Driver Side Floor. It's annoying when rain is still pouring all over you when you're driving. You might as well have gotten a convertible. This guide will help you to diagnose and repair a water leak inside your Honda Accord Drivers Side Footwell leaking So thank you all for your responses. First thing this morning bought some 18 guage wire and tried to feed wire down drivers side sunroof drain channel. Wire would only travel about four inches, so I abandoned this in case of puncturing the pipe. Next I blew compressed air into the sunroof drain hole, again to no avail I took my car in last fall to find/repair a leak causing a soaked driver's side floor board. They repaired a leak at the bottom of the windshield. Winter came and the floor had never dried. Was not sure if wet boots or cold, damp air prevented floor from drying or if leak was still present. Floor appeared wetter after recent rains

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I have a 2011 Acadia and it is leaking both onnthe driver and passenger side of the car. After a rain my carpets under my floornmats are wet. When I lift the mats up I see moisture spotsnon thebottom of my mats. I do not have an extended warrenty. I have had to have so much done to it for only having it a year. It needed 107 Posts. Discussion Starter · #9 · May 21, 2010. so after running water directly into the cowl, i saw it draining out under the condenser, so that ain't it. I'm thinking that it is coming from under the carpet, because if it was coming from above my rubber floor mats would be wet, and I've never noticed them being wet, just under them No water found on the floor of the front passenger seat nor directly behind it. Is there water in the spare tire well of your trunk? If they are wet, chances are the rear deck drain line is leaking into the trunk. that will cause water to run down behind the rear seat, puddle under the seat, and ultimately the floorboard in the rear. '98 S70 T5

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  1. My car would be so hot and my windshield so soaked that the defrost was basically useless. My tire pressure is constantly low. Not even a week after an oil change and having my tire pressure rectified, all four tires would indicate they are low again. It's insane. I got this car June 2015 and apparently it's been leaking the entire time
  2. The floor of a car isn't usually flat so even if the water is getting into the car at the front it can run under the carpet and pool at the lowest point, which might be near the back seats. Depending on how good your garage is, it might not be worth taking it to a garage until you've investigated yourself
  3. Another question about water in the car door. Hi, I had a lot of sloshing sounds after the heavy rain somewhere around the front passenger side of the car. Today, after a rain and snow it's freezing and my rear passenger side floor is a real ice rink, the rag is covered with ice. All windows have a thick ice frost on the inside of the car as.
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  5. The drivers side of my Corsa (2001) is completely wet, and even worse under the seat (all where the a passenger directly behind me would put their feet). The problem is now the inside of the car is always wet/damp given the English weather! So the carpet seems to have mould on it, same for other areas (ceiling etc), as it's been constantly wet.
  6. Like everybody else, my 2007 Jeep Commander floods my passenger side floor everytime it rains. I gag while driving in my car from the heavy smell of mold. Now, the mold has gotten so bad that I can not even turn the air on in a 100 degree weather because my vents are blowing out a very obvious smell, MOLD
  7. Joined Mar 12, 2007. ·. 2 Posts. #7 · Dec 15, 2009. My wife has had her Mazda 3 for almost four years now, and within the last two months (during rainy weather) we have noticed that the carpet under the floormats has been wet on two separate occasions (we let the car dry out the first time)

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  1. Re: Driver's side floorboard full of water. Window seals, clogged drain at bottom of window in front. A leak in the firewall. Seal on the XM/Onstar sharkfin antenna. Door seals. Those are all possibilities. But, just because it is water you are finding in the front, don't discount leaks in the rear
  2. Driving through high flood waters or leaving a car door open while it rains can cause the interior of your car to get wet, especially the carpet and floors. To keep mildew from growing on and underneath it, lift up the carpet, use towels and a shop vac to remove the excess water, and run some fans in your car to help evaporate all the moisture out
  3. Discussion Starter · #1 · Oct 12, 2014. I've discovered water pooling in the passenger side floorboard of my 2008 SEL. I've done some research and the problem seems to stem from the AC drain line. Originally I took the car to the dealership and they blew out the line with compressed air. A week later and the water still exists
  4. My car is always garaged at work and at home so it rarely sees bad weather. I was out of town for two weeks and my car was outside the entire time. A huge thunderstorm came through the night and the next day I find that the rear footwell carpets are soaked with water, mainly the driver side. Nothing else in my car seems to have gotten wet
  5. utes a side to do. 1. Safely jack up the car and remove a front road wheel.

Vehicles Affected: MINI Cooper & Cooper S (All models 2007-2014) If you have wet carpet on the passenger floor, or have a damp mildew smell in your vehicle. Check the passenger floor board or carpet for water saturation. The carpet pad on the generation 2 Mini Cooper is almost 2 inches thick. So a lot of water will hide under the carpet before you will notice a problem 26 Posts. Discussion Starter · #1 · Jul 16, 2013. Our ST has been in the shop for two days now because of a significant amount of water in the driver's footwell. We got in the car Sunday morning and noticed a bad smell, and when we pulled up the Husky Liner we found that the carpet was completely saturated. Since the liner covers most all the. The vent well is the area under the grille at the bottom of the windscreen. It has a drain either side that is prone to getting blocked with leaf debris. Your problem could also be the pollen filter that sits in the vent well. If the seal has failed or if the waterproof top is cracked or displaced, rainwater will drip or even flow into the car VW's do that too. Its a fault in the drain lines from the sun/moon roof. They can sometimes be blown out with compressed air and sometimes they have to be replaced. They are usually a plastic tube that runs down the pillar between front and back seat and dumps on the ground, that breaks or plugs up and then water finds its own path