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In order to create a clipping mask in Procreate, simply create a new layer directly above the layer you wish to paint above. Then tap that layer in the layers panel and click Clipping Mask, as seen below. This will make the area outside the shape below it locked, and you can paint above it without worrying about going outside the bounds. Clipping Masks differ from Layer Masks in that they are independent of the layer they affect. You can pick up and move a Clipping Mask like any normal layer. When you move a Clipping Mask's layer order, it will clip to the layer below it. Move a clipped layer to the bottom of your Layers Panel, the Clipping Mask Use a clipping mask with text Step 1 - Create a new layer. Do this by selecting the layers image in the top right corner. Here you select the + sign to add another layer. Step 2 - Select clipping mask. Select the new layer and tap the layer to see your options. Here you should see an option for a clipping mask. Select the clipping mask option Procreate's definition sums it up nicely : 'Clipping Masks let you clip multiple layers to the content of one layer, allowing for powerful non-destructive alterations' Regular masking only allows you to attach a mask to one single layer

The clipping mask function on Procreate allows the top layer to be clipped or cut to the same size and shape as the bottom layer. This function allows you to see in more detail how a product will look when actually completed. The first thing you must do is make sure the photo or file you import is prepared properly Lets talk about the clipping mask on procreate. I prefer using the clipping mask instead of the mask layer just because you're able to edit the clipping mask later. It has become one of my favorite tools to use on procreate. It just makes adding texture to your image so much easier; especially if you can't make up your mind on what color or texture to use Procreate Tips - How to Use Alpha Lock, Clipping Mask & Layer Mask in ProcreateJOIN MY PATREON FOR FREE BRUSHES, COLOR PALETTES & TUTORIALS: https://bit.ly/3.. That's where the Clipping mask and Alpha lock come into play. The first step is to create a base layer where we can clip the other layers, so we can have the drawing separated to change the details more easily. Start by creating a base layer, and use it to paint the whole drawing, you can use the same colour

How to use Clipping Masks on Procreate . To use a clipping mask, you have to create a brand new layer. In the layers panel, place this new layer on top of the layer you'd like to modify. Tap in the new layer with your stylus. An options menu will appear on the left. Select Clipping Mask For more advanced Procreate artists you might be wanting to level up and learn how to use the Clipping Mask and Alpha Lock in your pieces. These two features can completely transform your design process and allow for so many new possibilities. CLIPPING MASK. 1. Create lettering on a laye

clipping mask colour changes I need procreate help! Im quite new to procreate .so i decided to use clipping mask to add smoother shading to my shape by adding a new layer and clipping it to the shape however when selecting a colour and shading the circle on the new layer the colour isn't true to the colour i have picked am i doing it wrong A Clipping Mask functions like a Layer Mask, but isn't attached to a single specific layer. A Clipping Mask acts as a separate and distinct layer of its own. You can link Clipping Masks to any other layer. Because of this, you can move a Clipping Mask from one layer to another. Or stack multiple Clipping Masks above a single base layer Procreate Tutorial: Patterned Clipping Mask Letters. You can create these tropical letters in Procreate in just a few simple steps! Patterned Clipping Mask Letters. Last week, I showed you how to use my Tropical Vibes Procreate stamps to create realistic-looking tropical florals and leaves One of the more confusing features of Procreate is the many way to create and use Masks. What is the difference between Alpha Lock, Clipping Masks, and Layer Masks? When is the best time to use each of these? Non-destructive manipulation — huh??? Masks are a highly useful feature of digital illustration, and after watching this.. In Procreate, clipping masks function similarly to clipping masks in Photoshop. How to Use a Clipping Mask? You can use a clipping mask in Procreate in the following ways - create a new layer above your template, fill it with color, texture, or desired file, and then choose clipping mask from the flyout menu

The clipping mask is a function in Procreate similar to the clipping mask function in Photoshop and other programs. The top image is clipped into the exact shape of the bottom layer. This function is handy when doing home decor and home furniture design. There are many ways you can use the clipping mask function A place for Procreate feature requests and constructive feedback. Before posting, please utilise Search to see if your suggestion has already been raised, and add your voice to existing threads where possible Alternatively, you can create a clipping mask. Be sure to select the clipping mask layer when blending. Using Alpha Lock When Blending. It's a good idea to turn on alpha lock when blending. This keeps you from drawing outside the original drawing, but it also prevents you from blending the background color with the drawing In this class, we will learn all about two fantastic tools that will make our lives much more easier: layer masks and clipping masks. Thanks to these tools we will speed up our drawing process and stop making destructive edits to our drawings. We will start learning what masking is and the different ways we have to mask an image in Procreate 5. Drawing using clip mask: Let's start with the clip mosque that's keepers shape in the center. I'll, um, removing the previous rough guideline there. I'll pick a green color. I learned one more layer before the drawer and use option clip Mosque, adding some leaves in here. Amusing Gil Green kind of tone

9. How to Use the Clipping Mask in Procreate. The Clipping Mask is a neat feature that lets you clip a layer to another layer below it. For example, you could use the Clipping Mask to color your drawing or add details without going over the lines. Open the Layers menu The clipping mask feature in procreate make designing very easy! More videos to come - please consider supporting me on my RedBubble site. Article by BincyPrintCo. 2.7k. Digital Painting Tutorials Digital Art Tutorial Art Tutorials Digital Art Beginner Posca Art Ipad Art Graphic Design Tutorials Digital Illustration Cute Art

Male mit mir zusammen in Procreate diesen schönen Ausblick. Ich benutze dabei häufig Clipping-Maske und auch Alphasperre, was dir helfen kann, ihren Einsatz. This is how I blend everyday in Procreate and I'm excited to share my process with you guys! Let's get started. 1. Make a clipping mask. If you don't know how to do this you can just put your objects one one single layer. Just remember, you can only blend if all objects are 'together' things can't be on separate layers. 2 Now you can use either Alpha Lock or a Clipping Mask to start adding texture to your drawings in Procreate. I hope this Procreate tutorial has been helpful. As you can see, it's a simple process that has a big impact on your artwork! If you have any questions about Procreate or adding texture to your artwork, drop them in the comments ⤹ Clipping mask - stars ⤹ Clipping mask - lighting effects - Overlay ⤹ Clipping mask - shoreline ⤹ Clipping mask - trees highlights - Overlay When you join, you'll gain access to dozens of Procreate freebies: brushes, paper textures, workbooks, and my entire library of color palettes. I send out updates each week with my best tips. · The clipping mask is a function in Procreate that is similar to the clipping mask function in Photoshop and other programs. The top image is clipped into the exact shape of the bottom layer. This function is very useful when doing home decor and home furniture design. There are many ways you can use the clipping mask function,

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  2. Create a new layer above your lettering layer and set the new layer to clipping mask. Choose a soft airbrush and use the color black. Lightly color on all the areas where the strokes overlap. The harder you press with the Apple pencil, the darker your shadow is going to be. Make sure you are drawing on the clipping mask layer
  3. A clipping mask is a layer whose content and transparency is used to control what is visible in the masked layer(s), in a non-destructive way. Procreate coloring and clipping mask. I recently got an Ipad Pro with Procreate. I start by doing the lineart and then I want to color, and shade. i saw people use the clipping mask and I did the.
  4. 6. What is the difference between Alpha Lock and Clipping Masks? Alpha Lock Alpha Lock is Procreate's way to help you color inside the lines, if you will. B asically, alpha lock will help you easily add textures, shadows, highlights, or whatever you want, to a shape. Let's say that we have this shape and we want to make it come alive
  5. Set the brush size here is set to 14%. Choose a dark green to paint the leaves and the stem, keeping the brush size at 14%. Then, switch to a lighter green to add some dimension. For this, add a new layer above the greenery layer, and make it a clipping mask. Use super light pressure to paint this in
  6. First, create an image, type some text or upload a file that you want to use. This will become your clipping mask. Next, upload a background image such as a watercolor background or even a photograph. Place this image on top in the layer panel. Select the top layer and hit CTRL-G and watch the magic happen
  7. Add a clipping mask and set the layer Blend Mode to Multiply. Decrease the layer opacity down to about 65%. Paint a bit of darkness from where the light is emerging from the water with the Powder Brush. Decrease the brush size and add final touches above the clipping mask but below the lighting layers

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  1. On the layer and a menu appears. The individual settings allow you to rename the layer or turn the layer into a clipping mask. Clipping Mask: All changes and operations that take place here will only affect the layer below. You can also create a layer mask. Layer Mode: To change the mode of your layer, open the Layers panel. To the left.
  2. I have already written lots about how to use Procreate to work from photos for quilt design...but it can also be a terrific tool if you are looking at a new fabric collection and deciding how you might use it! The key tools we'll use today are reference layer and clipping mask...sounds very complicated bu
  3. Procreate's powerful mask options provide a way to non-destructively edit a single (or multiple) layers in a given document. Designers and illustrators alike use masks to bring in texture, shadows, highlights, patterns, images, and more. There are three mask options to choose from in the Procreate application: Alpha Lock, Mask, and Clipping Mask
  4. First add a new layer on top and set this one to clipping mask. That way, whatever we paint on this new layer, it'll only show up on the candy cane shape. On this layer we'll start adding the red stripes using the monoline brush. After you've added the stripes, we'll add some light and shadow to the candy cane
  5. Once I have my renders, I can start the paint-over process. First I bring all my images into Procreate and stack them in the layers box. I can now start to make new layers, like a colour pass that has a clipping mask to the basic render below it. This way I can paint the basic colours on top of my render

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  1. Then I'm tapping the new layer once and selecting Clipping Mask. That way, when I draw in the shading, it will only affect the dimension layer below it. Shadow, by definition, has to be darker, so I'm selecting an even darker pink from my palette. In my layers palette, I'm making 100% sure I'm on that clipping mask layer
  2. procreate tutorial, selection tool, abstract florals, pattern in procreate, clipping mask, download swatch to procreate, free color swatch, free tutorial. In today's tutorial, we will learn to create a beautiful abstract floral illustration in Procreate! We will be using the selection tool and clipping masks to create this pattern
  3. Procreate clipping mask tutorial! Follow my tik tok for more :) designedbyblythe. tik toks. 0:45. Digital Painting Tutorials. Digital Art Tutorial. Inkscape Tutorials. Art Tutorials. Digital Art Beginner. Ipad Hacks. Lettering Tutorial. Organize. Phone Organization
  4. The curved arrows are for Undo and Redo. You can also use a 2 finger tap to undo and a 3 finger tap to redo. In the top left corner, Gallery takes you back to the gallery screen of your artwork. If you leave art before you are finished, Procreate saves your work. Even blank canvases will still be there
  5. To create a clipping mask, tap on this new layer and select clipping mask. Drawing on a clipping layer only allows you to draw over the layer underneath. If portions of the underneath layer are transparent, you cannot draw over them. Use a large soft airbrush on the clipping layer to add a color tint on the sun
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Step 8 - Color the stem. Use a base green for the stem and small leaves. Once you have the base color, make a new layer, click on it and turn it into a clipping mask. Start to add shadows with a darker shade of green. Use a lighter version to add some lights to the stem of your rose Procreate Tutorial - Abstract floral Illustration. procreate tutorial, selection tool, abstract florals, pattern in procreate, clipping mask, download swatch to procreate, free color swatch, free tutorial In today's tutorial, we will learn to create a beautiful abstract. Tutorials Procreate

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Step 2: For shading I create a new layer and use a reddish color to simply paint over the areas I want darker like shown in the image below. I always use blend mode multiply for shading. Step 3: Next I simply smudge the paints using the smudge tool (the finger like icon next to brush, check out the video below to watch me blend) as I mentioned. In the third project of the course, we dive into 3D lettering! I'm sharing my easy method for creating pop-off-the screen lettering with extrusion shading and a fun background texture. We'll once again make use of clipping masks and layer masks, this time applying a layer mask *to* a clipping mask! We're getting all sorts of crazy over here

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In this Procreate tutorial, you'll learn how to create an easy split monogram. You'll also learn how to create your own foil texture and I'll show you how to make that from scratch! We'll also cover how to use clipping masks as well as how to make your own texture brush stamp and how to use the liquify tool. This short tutorial is packed with lots of Procreate tips and tricks Procreate brushes are great, but adding .ABRs brings textures to a new level. If you've already made a pack of your personal favorites, it just makes sense to use them in both programs. You can make another layer and convert that to a Clipping Mask so you can add texture and color to the circle in a non-destructive way Understanding how Alplha Lock, Clipping Mask & Layer Masks work in Procreate. Requirements. Must have an iPad, Apple Pencil and a copy of Procreate. Description. Have you ever wondered if there was an easier way to paint shadows and lights in Procreate!? Well, as a matter of fact, there is - welcome to Understanding Aplha Lock, Clipping Mask.

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Mobile Tutorials. Video tutorials and guides for learning about mobile design applications, such as Procreate and the Affinity suite. One of the many ways in which you can use your iPad to edit photos is by creating. If you've ever wanted to change the color of an object in a photo then today you're in. Although Procreate doesn't. Procreate | Clipping mask & Alfa lock. 0 Comments / 30 August 2020. Hoi! Welcome to my blog! Today I wanted to explain how I use some of my fave tools on Procreate..

Procreate Pocket. Procreate Pocket is the several feature packed and multipurpose art application that is specially designed for iPhone. It offers hundreds of handmade & breakthrough brushes, an innovative, layered system, a collection of advanced artistic tools, the new Valkyrie graphics and you can also connect your keyboard to use shortcuts How To Change Image Color In Procreate for The iPad June 24, 2021 If you've ever wanted to change the color of an object in a photo then today you're i All brushes from Spicy textures set for Procreate are pressure sensitive and optimized for use with the Apple Pencil, so you have great control over your art. You could use brushes itself, as it is, or apply it directly to the object you work on, using Clipping Mask or Alpha lock functions in Procreate. Here is how: Step 1. 1st Way

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14. How I arrange layers. 15. Layers: Color blend mode. 16. Layers: Rename / Select / Fill Layer / Clear. 17. Layers: 3 types of mask (Alpha Lock/ Mask/ Clipping Mask) 18 * 3 texture stamps, great for backgrounds or adding more texture to drawings on clipping mask layers; * 3 texture brushes for adding subtle texture to specific areas; * 1 stipple brush * 1 polka dot brush * 1 smooth shadow & highlight brush, for adding just the right amount of depth an detail to your drawings Feb 6, 2021 - Julie Andrews and her husband, director Blake Edwards, made seven films during their 41 years of marriage

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In Procreate you can choose between Disc, Classic, Harmony and Value view modes. Disc matches Color Wheel in Photoshop, Classic is a Hue Cube, and Value view stands for Sliders. Harmony view was added with the recent 5.0 update and represents an interactive color wheel which helps you to choose harmonious colors and is great for learning color. Clipping Mask Feature in Procreate. 06:50. Q+A Section 2 lectures • 4min. Primary and Secondary Layers. 03:34. Bonus Lecture. 00:42. Instructor. Robert Marzullo. Comic Book Artist / Illustrator. 4.6 Instructor Rating. 5,847 Reviews. 36,443 Students. 18 Courses. I have been a working professional artist for most of my life. I have been. Procreate Tips: Clipping Mask, Alpha Lock & Masking erincaitdesigns (@erincaitdesigns) on TikTok | 2766 Likes. 332 Fans. New York Based Digital Designer Etsy: ErinCaitDesigns Use TIKTOK for 10% of Clipping mask is a recent update from Procreate 4.2 that I absolutely love, this lets you clip multiple layers to the content of one layer, allowing non-destructive alterations. Alpha lock is a transparency lock. If you turn them on in layers, any painting or other action you do on that layer will only affect the pixels that were already there I add texture to each shape as a new layer, and make this layer a 'clipping mask'. As the name suggests, a clipping mask 'clips' a layer to the one below it. Anything you draw on the clipping mask layer will only show up on top of the layer below, which in this case hides anything on the texture layer that is outside the shape

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Well, as a matter of fact, there is - welcome to Understanding Aplha Lock, Clipping Mask & Layer Mask in Procreate! Join this special class from artist and illustrator Ghost Paper and learn all of the ins and outs of these Layer Panel features - including the way of 'Non-destructive work' on all of your illustrations If you want to Transform the layer or the mask independently, deselect the other item first. A clipping mask is a layer that is placed above your original artwork. Layer Mask doesn't have its own Duplicate button. What is the difference between Alpha Lock, Clipping Masks, and Layer Masks? Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Tap your Primary layer to invoke the Layer Options menu, then tap Clipping. STEP 4 - RELEASE CLIPPING MASKS Release the clipping masks by keeping the same shapes. Tap on the layer and now tap on the Clipping mask again. You'll see that shapes are getting messier because they show the imperfections hidden by the clipping masks. Let's clean that up! Tap on the original G and tap select 02 Clipping Mask and Alpha Lock . The clipping mask is a recent update from Procreate 4.2 that I absolutely love, this lets you clip multiple layers to the content of one layer, allowing non-destructive alterations. The alpha lock is a transparency lock

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Procreate coloring and clipping mask. I recently got an Ipad Pro with Procreate. I start by doing the lineart and then I want to color, and shade. i saw people use the clipping mask and I did the same. The thing is, when I color the color clipping-mask ipad procreate. asked Aug 12 '20 at 9:48 Clipping mask. Effects. Cropping. Smudge tool. Create a complex illustration step-by-step. You will learn the main tools of Procreate, all the techniques that I use in my process daily hidden tricks and, most importantly, you will practice creating a professional artwork from scratch Within this blog post, we have gone through few important questions like How does a clipping mask work, What is a clipping mask in Adobe Photoshop, What is the difference between a layer mask and a clipping mask, What is clipping path in Photoshop, What command makes a clipping mask, Why does my clipping mask turn white Combine Down - Combine active layer & layer below into Layer Group. While some of these are pretty self-explanatory, there may still be a few settings that might be difficult to get a sense of. For those, I would highly recommend watching the video linked below to get a better understanding. 4

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Procreate version 5.0.8. Release Date: 2020-07-30. Changes: Jul 30, 2020 Version 5.0.8 This update contains a fix for lag when returning to the Gallery and failure to load in some cases. A new button in the About section has appeared so that the artwork recovery will only begin when you request it To add shadows, start by creating a new Clipping Mask in between the patterns and their walls. Select a sprayer. We've used a Canvas Light brush from The Ultimate Background Set but you can also find Procreate's native Soft Brush under the Airbrushing panel You are not going to be disappointed with these brushes! It is a brush pack built around my original glitter brush, but now there are 5 more to really enhance your art work and make the glitter effect a breeze! Use the glitter overlay brush inside a clipping mask layer. Follow this tutorial to blend colors with the Clipping Mask. Clipping Mask used to be my favorite tool in Photoshop that I missed so much in Procreate! I found a way to still get my stuff done using Alpha Lock feature (which you learned about if you've taken my Mastering Procreate App Course). Liquify Tool (New Options) Procreate Liquify Tool has been available for a while Pick the target layer, and create clipping mask layer. create as many as you want. Start adding depth, mixing complimenting colors with natural textures. Enjoy experimenting until you find the perfect pattern to apply to your art. Product Features: 30 Procreate texture brushes; Stone and concrete textures; Liquid and water textures; Terrain and.

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At the end of Colorful houses with Procreate class you'll master alpha channel, clipping mask and more functions in Procreate that will help you in your digital paintings, and you'll be able to express different moods from one single drawing I'm using my all-time favorite Procreate brush, the Fine Point Calligraphy Pen Adding a blank layer on top, I tapped it once and selected Clipping Mask. Then I picked pure white from my color palette, tapped the blank layer again, and clicked Fill Layer. Voilà! You've got white calligraphy! View fullsize. Click to enlarge

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Procreate is accessible whether you're a design professional, a seasoned digital artist or a beginner to the world of digital illustration. I've been using Procreate for a few months and there are still features I'm finding out about that improve my artwork. For example, layer 7 was a clipping mask to make the blend for the circle in. Learn how to create a clipping mask with Adobe Illustrator from expert Will Focus Dubois in this Howcast video Go to your pattern layer and add a layer mask to it. Take your black tile cutter-sharp edges brush (or a default Procreate hard brush) at 40 % (always have the same brush size which depends on the size of your design!) and draw a line around your orange border. By doing so, you let the grout shine through Feb 8, 2021 - This Pin was discovered by Sole. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinteres Play with a layer mode and use clipping mask for more interesting way to tint your drawing. Have fun! Buying this set you will get: 24 watercolor brushes for ProCreare (.brushset), including 3 ink brushes from the «INK set». 26 watercolor stamp brushes for ProCreate (.brushset) 1 hour time-lapse demo video without voice commentary (1080p

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Updating to Procreate 4.2 is free for anyone that has already purchased. You can access by going to the App Store, tap the 'Updates' tab at the bottom of the screen, and you should see Procreate icon with a button to 'Update' next to it. The advantage of using a Clipping Mask, is that you can group multiple layers under the one. Learn basic Procreate functions and make a simple sticker. In this mini course we will cover all the basic functions of how to use Procreate and what everything means. From your gallery to your canvas, you'll learn about color profiles, the brush library, how to use layers, alpha lock, and clipping mask. We will also cover how to create a. Procreate will automatically import and open the file in the app. 6. Exit Procreate and open the folder link again and repeat the process for the remaining Procreate file. Then open the layers panel and clicking on the image of the new layer select Clipping Mask from the option menu. Now you have a fun border that you can add icons or.