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To fix this problem, move the object so that it does not overlap the text. You can move an object or a group of objects by dragging it, nudging it, or using measurements to position it on the page. Drag the object to a new position Position the mouse pointer over the object until the pointer changes to the Move pointer When you to type middle or start of the text your forward text deleted so in this video you will learn how to fix the overwrite problem in Microsoft word by. Click and drag the bottom margin until your header text is the desired distance from your document text. Sometimes a header or footer overlaps the margin so that it prints too close to the top or bottom edge of the paper. When this happens, you need to increase the distance of the header or footer text from the edge of the page

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  1. Click and drag the bottom margin until your header text is the desired distance from your document text. Sometimes a header or footer overlaps the margin so that it prints too close to the top or..
  2. Fix 1 - Insert Key Try pressing the Insert key to toggle typing back to regular functionality. The Insert key is usually found next to the Backspace key. If you're on a laptop, you may have to hold down a Function (Fn) key while pressing another key to toggle Insert
  3. I am trying to format my Master's thesis but Word 2010 is fighting with me. I have some tables and they are overlapping. Rows of one table separate from the rest of the table and end up 3 pages earlier. I would just like the tables to appear after a section of text and remain as a whole. Also the Table description/figure label keeps being orphaned
  4. I am trying to create a template in Word 2010 that will consist of a series of text boxes that can be filled in. I have set up the typical size of each text box and aligned them. I have also set the properties (shape properties) of each text box so that it will grow if the text entered is larger than the size I have set up

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  1. You hit the insert button (if you still have that on your keyboard) or you accidentally clicked the INS/OVR in the status bar. With that you're in overwrite mode and everything you type replaces existing text. Remedy is: repeat that action
  2. Some of the PDF downloads are very clear: All information looks as it should. I do notice though that some PDFs have fields in which the text answers are all bunched together and overlapping.... it seems that any field that would require scrolling has all the text bunched up this way
  3. What they have started running into last week is on some programs the text blocks will overlap on popup windows and occasionally it will do it to toolbars. There doesn't seem to be a rhyme or reason to it and changing the resolution doesn't get rid of the issue. I also tried changing the text size back on all the special settings and it didn't.
  4. To fix the related issues in the demo: Either remove that table-layout rule or increase the width, or do both. Other things might be helping: Remove white-space:nowrap; if it's set somewhere related. Set word-break:break-all; as needed, to force long words to break
  5. If that is not possible, sometimes you end up with better results if you try to export the PDF file as a Word document and then edit in Word. Another option might be to completely remove the section in question from your PDF file and copy and paste formatted text from a Word document into your PDF file. Likes. 1

Saving a MS Word to PDF - overlapping text and improper figure numbering I have quite a large document (created with Microsoft Word) with a list of figures/tables. When I try saving it as a PDF there are two main issues arise 3 years, 12 months ago. eeklund. [Mooberry Book Manager] Overlapping text. Started by: kimkraj. 2. 6. 4 years ago. kimkraj. [Refur] post text messed up with audio files

In Word 2013 'Move with text' and 'Fix position on page' appear as options on the Wrap Text menu and on the little pop out Layout Options menu (so long as your picture isn't in line with the text) Make sure the Move with Text check box is selected. Set the Vertical Position to 0 Relative to Paragraph. Click OK to close the Table Positioning dialog box. In the Text Wrapping section choose None In this video I show you how I can quickly merge overlapping text outlines using the pathfinder tool in Adobe Illustrator

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Screen resolution and text size affect this. Try sizing up or down with CTRL + or -. This resets the page zoom. You can change the font size by clicking on the wrench (upper right), then select Options, and go to the Under the Hood page to adjust font size Word 2011 allows me to overlap a picture (with wrap text) over the footer or header. Same thing with Word 2016 in Compatibility mode. Somehow, Word 2016 (without compatibility) doesn't allow me I'm trying to change an overlapping element (text) in my css file. One line of texts (in a regular browser) appears as two lines of text in mobile, overlapped together. This change is for the mobile version of the site (the @media section for landscape tablets) Currently, the header (h2) text is overlapping on an iPad/tablet

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To insert a text box, switch to the Insert tab and click the Text Box button. On the drop-down menu, choose the type of the text box you want. Here, we're going with the Simple Text Box option. Advertisement. After insertion, the text box is selected automatically so you can go ahead and type in your text. Then, drag it over. If the text still overlaps with underline, I recommend you check the Word client. Click File>Option>Proofing>AutoCorrect Option, please refer to the following picture: We'd better check and uncheck the settings to fix the issue. Regards I'm using Illustrator CS6 and Adobe Acrobat Pro 6. When I bundle multiple sheets into one PDF the I'll sometimes get a word that overlaps. The letters come out on top of one another.. It is very random, just a few words on a page, doesn't always happen, also doesn't always happen to the same page in.. Sometimes nowrap is helpful when you don't want the text to break in an awkward spot However, nowrap can sometimes lead to overlapping text. You can easily fix it by setting the white-space to be normal Click the Wrap Text button on the toolbar. Make sure you're in the contextual Shape Format menu at the top, and click this button towards the right of the toolbar panel. This feature is also available in Word's mobile versions. When your image is selected, you can tap Wrap Text on the Picture menu, and select Behind Text here

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  1. Before Word 2007, double-click the image. On the Layout tab, choose In line with text; In Word 2007 and Word 2010, click the image. Click the Picture Tools Formatting tab. Then click the Text Wrapping menu. Choose In line with Text. The only time you need to float an image is if you want text over it, behind it, or to wrap around i
  2. Prevent text form overlapping cells. To prevent text from overlapping cells, you can do as follow: 1. Select the cells you want to prevent cell contacts from spilling over and right click, then select Format Cells from the context menu. See screenshot: 2. In the Format Cells dialog, click Alignment tab, then select Fill in the drop down list of.
  3. utes on the document, characters start to overlap as in the screenshot below. Not all text is affected but ~80%
  4. Word 2007 Overlapping Text. I have a document with 2 continous section breaks. The middle section is formatted to use 3 columns and the vertical alignment is set to justified. The middle section of many of the pages show the text from the top of column 2 overlapping the text at the bottom of column 3. I have attached a sample document with this.

Right-click in the first table and select Table Properties from the Context menu. Word displays the Table Properties dialog box. Make sure the Table tab is displayed. (See Figure 1.) Figure 1. The Table tab of the Table Properties dialog box. In the Text Wrapping section choose Around. Click the Positioning button Steps for Microsoft Office Word 2007. Go to the Home tab. Search for the Paragraph group and click the Paragraph dialog box launcher. Take one of the following steps: Look under Indents and Spacing for the Line Spacing box and set it to something different than Exactly. For example, change it to Single Click the outer edge of the text box to select it. On the Shape Format tab, click Format Pane. Click the Shape Options tab if it isn't already selected. Click the text box icon , and then click Text Box. You can adjust the left, right, top, and bottom margins. Align text horizontally. In the text box, select the text that you want to change the.

While most other characters have proper spacing that is equal, these problem words experience massive overlap on text that should otherwise look like the correct portions of the page. Please note that the image is from the PHYSICAL print of the document, and not a screenshot of the document on Word Text being overwritten is a very common mistake that will have been caused by a single press of a button on your keyboard. If you have accidentally pressed it then you will be wondering why your text is being replaced when typing in programs such as Microsoft Word, Libre Office, and Wordpad, etc 2 years, 1 month ago. 1. Go to Customize > Typography > Page Title and increase the line-height to fix it. 2. You also have the breadcrumb issue which is not displaying on your site properly. To fix it, add the below code to the Customize > Custom CSS section - Type your text again. Now that you've pressed the key, you should be able to type without erasing what's already on the page. If you're using Microsoft Word and find yourself accidentally pressing the ⌤ Ins key too often, you might want to disable overtype mode. See the Disabling Overtype Mode in Microsoft Word method to learn how.; If you're still having trouble entering new text, save your. Changing text and item size (DPI) in Windows. Note: Some environments may require the user to log out and back into Microsoft Windows before seeing the changes to desktop settings. 2- Systems having HD+ screens: If point 1 doesn't fix your issue, it's probable that your laptop/desktop is having a HD+ screen which are not supported by BP by.

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Wrap text is off. Text is NOT spilling over. For text to be truncated at the cell's edge, any one of the following conditions must be true: The adjacent cell is not blank. Either the current or adjacent cell is merged. Wrap text is on. The Show Formulas mode is enabled. The cell's horizontal alignment is set to Fill It's a standard feature of most software that accepts typed text, and an important function for anyone using a computer to understand. It's not something OOo dreamed up. You can switch between insert typing mode and overwrite typing mode by pressing the keyboard key labeled Ins or Insert. As I said, most software will support these two. A quick fix. Finding formatting problems is the key to fixing them and regaining stability. Often, the fix is easy. You can select each paragraph and press [Ctrl]+ [Spacebar] to remove direct. Relevant Answer. Editing the slide (anyone with a link can edit) from the incognito account allowed me to make the changes to the slide without having the text overlap. Once the changes were made, going to the original slide and refreshing showed the changes without any of the overlapping, after that, I was able to edit the text in the original.

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When I add the new line to the textbox, my current textbox is overlapping with next textbox instead of making the next textbox shifting down. Here is an example that explains my situation: How can I fix that? Currently, I am using method 3 to edit PDF but I am open to new advice. Method 1 : Converting PDF to the other text-based format The Borders and Shading dialog box opens. On the Borders tab, select All. Click OK. Once you can see the table borders, you can drag the cell border to shrink the row that is causing the white space below the heading.When you are finished, follow the same directions as above, but on the Borders tab, select None

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  1. If text doesn't look clear on your computer, try changing your font settings. Step 1: Use the text tuner. On your Windows computer, click the Start menu: or . In the search box, type ClearType. When you see Adjust ClearType Text, click it or press enter. In the ClearType Text Tuner, check the box next to Turn on ClearType
  2. The object is now removed from the normal flow of the text. Text will, however, flow around the object -- as long as it can break the lines at convenient places. If it can't, then it has no choice but to appear superimposed over the floated object. If you didn't float the object, and the object was too wide, it would force horizontal scrolling
  3. Tip: A line height of 0em may cause overlapping text, especially on mobile devices. Fix heading issues If a paragraph doesn't have a full line break, trying to apply Heading 1, 2, or 3 to one line of text can apply the heading to the whole block
  4. Well organized and easy to understand Web building tutorials with lots of examples of how to use HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL, Python, PHP, Bootstrap, Java, XML and more
  5. Text in print preview and when printing to PDF is overlapping Difference of text appearances between Revit screen preview (font appears correctly) and PDF print preview (font is overlapping) A font that is not a true type font is being used. Revit only works with TrueType fonts that are ANSI character based (these are fonts that can be used in Microsoft products such as Word) or OpenType Fonts.
  6. Solution 2: With a lot of fiddling, I figured it out. Again credit for the original solution goes to the answer for Matplotlib overlapping annotations . I don't however know how to find the exact width and height of the text. If someone knows, please post an improvement (or add a comment with the method). import sys

It was to do with the word wrap of text around images using a responsive theme. So I thought I'd review: How WordPress text and image wrapping works What can go wrong How to fix it For my demo, Continue Reading How To Solve WordPress Image Alignment And Text-Wrap Problems [] Reply. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Tables in Microsoft Word can be incredibly useful for an assortment of things. They allow for basic data alignment, organizing of rows, columns, and even the layout of entire sentences or images In Internet Explorer 7 there is an overlapping in the first article with the footer. I did not study your css. If the problem shows only in IE you could try to give the site a special print-css. I couldn't edit the text that was already typed. It overlaps the existing text. The cursor itself looks boxy instead of line. It's hard to explain with text, So here is a GIF what I mean. Any idea how to get rid of this annoying thing? Some details. Chrome Latest ; Windows 8.1 64 bit; I tried refreshing my Pinned Tab, But it still exist

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Use Images and Other Objects to Enhance Your Word Document. Using images, shapes, and other objects on your Word document can add a pop of color or a refreshing sight to an otherwise page of dull blocks of text. And, by grouping objects together in a Word document, you can easily manipulate them or move them around the document Using the Paste Options button. Click the down-arrow on the Paste Options button and you'll see a menu with icons that lets you format copied text in different ways. The options you'll see depend on where you're cutting and pasting from and to, e.g., from within or between documents. Roll your mouse over the icons and you can see how your. Overlapping numbering series. When you plan numbering. process of assigning position numbers to parts, cast units, assemblies, or reinforcement. In Tekla Structures, the position numbers assigned in the numbering are shown in marks and templates, for example. , ensure that you reserve enough numbers for each series Negative Kerning is that overlapping of letters aka removing that horizontal gap. The letters are the same size, but the kerned word takes up less space along the line because all three letter combinations have kerning. Look again at the final A Y combination, the two letters now overlap each other to eliminate the visible gap

This is a very easy fix though, and one I recommend getting in the habit of doing so that you can keep your text lines perfect. What you will do to group your text is just drag your mouse across the entire word to make sure that all letters in the word are selected, in this example, the D and the ance pieces are both selected Stop Pictures Moving Around on the Page. Q: Whenever I insert or delete text in Microsoft Word, the pictures I have on the page below the text all move around.How can I make them stay still? >Joellen, Buffalo NY A: What you need to do is right-click on the picture and select Format Picture.Click on the Layout tab. Click on the Advanced button The problem was generated by a fixed row height, compounded by word saving it to the 'latest format' and then finally fixed by cycling text-wrap on and off for the whole table. (In times when there isn't a whole table fix needed, I have also been able to force a row to wrap by inserting a new row and copying in the content. another, they are next to each other, or perhaps each is on their own line. To fix this, select an image, and then from the Picture Tools menu at the top of the screen, click Wrap Text-In Front of Text. This will allow the images to layer and overlap. Follow the same steps with each image. 3 Adding a text box in Paint 3D is a two-step process and not one, as many assume. Here are the actual steps: Step 1: Launch Paint 3D and open the image where you want to add the text. Step 2: Click.

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On the Format tab, click Text Wrapping in the Arrange group. Click In line with text. Word 2010. Click the picture or the object. On the Format tab, click Text Wrapping in the Arrange group. Click In line with text. When you use the In line with text option, the picture or the object will be displayed in any view Collaborate for free with an online version of Microsoft Word. Save documents in OneDrive. Share them with others and work together at the same time

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I am looking for a solution how to create a line that automatically spans to the right from the conditional text: Language 1. As you can see above I just solved it at first with a static line. As soon as we change the language this doesn't work as the text is longer and crosses the line: Language 2, Text crosses the lin Take action. TELL congress: END federal use of face surveillance. 7. Surveillance of Cell Phones. Cell phone surveillance can happen in a number of ways, based on text messages, call metadata, geolocation, and other information collected, stored, and disseminated by your cell phone every day.Government agencies at all levels, from local police to international intelligence agencies, have. In order to do that, simply follow these steps: Select the text you want to condense. Display the Font dialog box. (The easiest way is to press Ctrl+D .) Make sure the Character Spacing (Word 2007) or Advanced (Word 2010 or a later version) tab is selected. (See Figure 1.) Figure 1. The Advanced tab of the Font dialog box The definition of text effects in Microsoft Word is changing the look of text. It can be done by adding shadows, reflections, or glows and by changing the fill or the outline of the letters.

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  1. I opened a Word 2003 document in Word 2007 and if I delete or add a line, then the images from the document won't move. They simply overlap the text and I have to move each image whenever I edit the text. Any fix
  2. Cleaning up text pasted from emails or Web sites. The ease of copying and pasting text from Web sites and email greatly simplifies many tasks in Word, but problems often arise in making the pasted text conform to the style of the document into which it is pasted
  3. Fixing right-to-left text in Microsoft Word. Release Date: November 7, 2018 Category: Writing Tools Author: Amanda W., Ph.D. Many versions of Word allow users to enter text in right-to-left format to accommodate other languages. Most of these change the formatting to left-to-right text direction when users select English for the text language
  4. Text does not display or print correctly after you convert or combine documents in Acrobat 9. Text appears to melt or characters overlap. Text is scrambled, garbled, or displays as garbage characters. Some text appears in subscript. Text prints incorrectly
  5. > I get a weird issue with text overlapping each other when i type into > any large text space in firefox. It happens in gmail, it happens in > facebook & it's even happening as I type now. > > I did find an answer in the mozilla help forum, but tried it and no > fix. This is exactly the problem i'm talking about
  6. Use the Send to Back command to move the waves behind the Martinique text box. Move the Martinique text box so it is near the bottom of the waves image. Make sure the waves picture and Martinique text box are no longer selected. Hold down the Shift key, then select the text boxes containing Cleaning, Maintenance, Repair, and Restoration

1. Select the table which breaks across two pages, and then click Layout (under Table Tools) > Properties. See screenshot: 2. In the popping out Table Properties dialog box, (1) enable the Row tab, (2) uncheck the Allow row to break across pages option, and (3) click the OK button. See screenshot Questions: I'm trying to stop annotation text overlapping in my graphs. The method suggested in the accepted answer to Matplotlib overlapping annotations looks extremely promising, however is for bar graphs. I'm having trouble converting the axis methods over to what I want to do, and I don't understand how the text lines up. import sys.

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Wrap text. Open the Excel file that you want to fix the overflowing text in. Select it, and on the Home tab, look for the alignment toolbox. Click the Wrap text button and the text will fit inside the cell without changing its width. The height will change instead to accommodate the text A local version of your writing, like on your computer via Microsoft Word, or a cloud computing solution like Google Docs, can help you to avoid these problems while also introducing a host of new issues. Many times, when transferring content from one text editing program to your WordPress editor, a number of annoying formatting issues occur To change Word's default margins on your computer, hit File-Page Setup, choose the Margins tab. Change your margins and hit the DEFAULT button at the lower-left of the dailog. This will NOT change existing documents; only new ones. Text Prints with Spaces Between Letters or Overlapping Text. This is a definite printer driver issue To fix that problem, we'd like to have the text flow around it, but still keep it on the same page as the paragraph that references it. Word manages that by having an 'anchor' in the text. For example, in the layout here, the anchor is set at the text 'See Figure 1 here.'; the image stays at the top of the column Overset text is easy to fix. It all starts with identifying it as the problem in the first place. Click on the red 'error' circle at the bottom of the workspace to open the Preflight panel (or go to Window > Output > Preflight)

Recover and Repair Word Document Opens with Random Codes. If the Word document contains a font that is not installed or not compatible on the system, or if the Word document is corrupted, or if the Word documents being transferred over internet being have been edited on multiple platforms/systems, the Word file may open with weird symbols or gibberish When printing, some lines come written with double letter effect: For example, the word bad looks like bbaadd. The letters are so close that are almost on top of each other. This does not happen to all of the text on the page, but to many lines. Printer is MX922. Print from Word doc (or any text editor) onto plain paper Click on the first icon next to the Change Format field and set the Horizontal Scale and Vertical Scale to a lower percentage (e.g., 90%); Click on Change All - All the text in your document will be scaled to 90% and should fix the overflow text by taking up less space. 2. With a keyboard's assistance

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2. Step Two. Select the Text Size setting. 3. Step Three. Just like with the Larger Text setting, adjust the slider so that it sits in the middle of the bar which is the default text position. 4. Step Four. Compose a new email and send it to yourself as a test I have a two column document and a table that I want it to be page wide. The problem is the table overlaps with the text after the table. Here is the table: \begin{tabularx}{\textwidth}[b]{ | p{1.. Select the Type Tool (T), choose your font and type your text. 2 - Right-click on top of it and choose Create Outlines. Then, right-click again and choose Ungroup. Arrange your individual letters where you want to place them overlapping one and other and change their Fill color to White Stop Labels overlapping chart. There is a really quick fix for this. As shown below: Right click on the Axis. Choose the Format Axis option. Open the Labels dropdown. For label position change it to 'Low'. The end result is you eliminate the labels overlapping the chart and it is easier to understand what you are seeing

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Add text to boxes if required. Step 3: Hold Ctrl key and select all the individual elements that you want to make a group of. Hover and click on an element (to select it) when a + mark appears No. Text Wrapping has its own dedicated menu on a Word Document. To do it on Microsoft Word, click on your image, then click on Layout on the top menu. There should be a Wrap Text Icon on the Arrange menu that will allow you to choose how the image will interact with text. Can you overlap images in Google Docs? Yes Title for Primary Vertical Axis is overlapping the values. Thread starter DashboardNovice; Start date Nov 29, 2014; D. DashboardNovice Member. Nov 29, 2014 #1 I added a title to my Primary Vertical Axis but it is overlapping the values. I want the title box to move to the left of the axis values so that the axis values can be seen In MS Word 2016 or Office 365 just go to View and select on Print Layout. 3. Enable the Show drawings and text boxes on-screen option. Go to File and select Options. Click on the Advanced tab. Scroll down to see Show document content. Enable Show drawings and text boxes on-screen option. Hit OK

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As you can see the second curved text is different from the first one. The arch is different. To fix this, go to Spacing and set the letter spacing to 3.Also set the size of the Curving to -155.You get an arch text that matches with the first one.. Depending on your font type, font size and letter spacing, you might have to make other settings To wrap text in Google Sheets, follow these steps: Select the cell with the text to be wrapped. Open the Text wrapping menu, from either the toolbar or the Format menu. Select Wrap . (Optional)- Adjust the column width so that the text fits exactly how you want it to. Below are more detailed steps on wrapping text Be sure to weld if you have used a script font. Otherwise, the overlapping letters will still cut out individually. I also want to talk about line spacing. I use this much less often than letter spacing because I usually just cut a word or two, and not a whole phrase or block of text

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Note: If you are writing with a font, you can use the character spacing slider in the text panel to make sure the characters are overlapping just perfectly to weld. Select all overlapping designs by clicking one, then holding shift and clicking the other(s), or using the select tool to draw a box around the shapes/text How to fix: Page preview and actual print don't match (Word 2013 & Word 2016) Print problems in Office or other programs, typically occur because of invalid printer drivers or a defective third-party add-in that affects the document layout. So, before you continue to the fix below, try the following steps: Step 1

Improve this question. I'm trying to label a pretty simple scatterplot in R. This is what I use: plot (SI, TI) text (SI, TI, Name, pos=4, cex=0.7) The result is mediocre, as you can see (click to enlarge): I tried to compensate for this using the textxy function, but it's not better. Making the image itself larger doesn't work for the dense. By default, text boxes are a fixed size. You can set options that let a text box expand or shrink based on its contents. These options correspond to the CanGrow or CanShrink properties in the Properties pane. To Allow a Text Box to Grow or Shrink. Right-click the text box and click Text Box Properties. Click the General tab

The position property specifies the type of positioning method used for an element. Elements are then positioned using the top, bottom, left, and right properties. However, these properties will not work unless the position property is set first. They also work differently depending on the position value Discussion Lightbox buttons have overlapping text -- how to fix? Author Date within 1 day 3 days 1 week 2 weeks 1 month 2 months 6 months 1 year of Examples: Monday, today, last week, Mar 26, 3/26/0 Compressing an image in a photo-editing program is one way to adjust the resolution and file size. For example, when using the Save For Web & Devices option to save JPG images in Photoshop, you can choose preset quality settings (Low, Medium, High, Very High, and Maximum), or fine-tune the quality with the corresponding sliding bar that you can adjust between 0 (Low) and 100 (Maximum) Select the text box, and click the ribbon's Drawing Tools/Format tab. Click Text Effects (if you don't see the words 'Text Effects', look for the softly glowing blue letter A)

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The Alignment toolbox has nine buttons for aligning text in a table in Microsoft Word. From left to right, and top to bottom, the buttons let you align text to the right, and top, center and top, and left and top. The second row lets you align text to the right but center it from the top, center the text from the right and the top, align text. Here is a run down of how I cleaned up my fonts and fixed the overlapping and smashed text issue: 1. Go to Applications —> Font Book. 2. In Font Book, click on All Fonts (under collection). 3. Click and select all the fonts that have a dot next to them. 4. In the menu bar, select Edit, then click on Resolve Duplicates To do this, type your word into Silhouette Studio using your chosen font. Right click on it and in the menu, choose Weld. The cut lines around each letter will disappear and one will form around the word as a whole. Weld is mostly used for script fonts - when you need them to be overlapping - but sometimes you might want to use it. In the Format sidebar, click the Style button near the top.. If the text is in a text box, table, or shape, first click the Text tab at the top of the sidebar, then click the Style button. Click the disclosure arrow next to Spacing (to open it), click the pop-up menu below Spacing, then choose an option:. Lines: The distance between ascenders (parts of letters that extend to the top of the. Microsoft Word offers a stunning range of amazing fonts to create a logotype. Plus, you can make all kinds of creative choices, including pasting a text into different shapes, experimenting with WordArt objects, adding patterns, and playing around with textures and backgrounds 1. Format your tables to have zero cell margins (if you have saved a style for your tables, easy pie; right-click the style, modify the style, choose format>table properties>options>default cell margins - set each to zero - voila, all tables should follow suit) or right click each table and do the same). 2