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Now presenting Asundra Blog from Asundra Corp. Feel free to subscribe and share! For all your writing services, crochet, arts & writings, etc Zuni Jewelry is best known for intricate stone work, mosaic inlay and stone animal carvings Zuni Jewelry History The Zuni tribe, now located in northwestern New Mexico, was the second Native American group to learn Mexican silversmithing techniques. Navajo artist Atsidi Chon initially taught the art to a member of the Zuni tribe The Story of Zuni Jewelry Posted by Claudia on Jul 27th 2016 The Zuni are known for being especially rooted in spiritualism and tradition, and both elements shine through in Zuni jewelry and artwork. For centuries, the Zuni people have been highly skilled lapidary artists, passing down stone cutting techniques from generation to generation Truly, Zuni jewelry is a beautiful combination of historical art creation and traditional symbolism for anyone to enjoy. We encourage all visitors to browse the unique and imaginative art from the Zuni tribe

Zuni Jewelry The Zuni Indians are located just south of the Navajo Indian Reservation which is about 32 mile S.E. of Gallup New Mexico. Zuni Jewelry began around 1880 when the Navajo Silversmiths taught them the trade The Zuni Inlay Jewelry, Zuni Needle Point Jewelry, Zuni Petti Point Jewelry being made today is some of the most popular southwestern silver jewelry of the times. The Zuni Indians focus on stone cutting, they make simplistic silver pieces to accommodate their fabulous stonework Zuni Jewelry Directory / Guide for top rated Zuni Silversmiths. Guide to accomplished Zuni silversmiths who work entirely by hand in silver, gold and rare gem turquoise. The Zuni are noted for their precise turquoise, coral and other gem inlay. It was they who introduced turquoise to Southwest Native American jewelry in the late 1800's Zuni Indian jewelry is most well-known for various stone cutting techniques, the use of turquoise, silversmithing, and fetish carvings. To learn what makes this jewelry so special, and why Zuni jewelry has become one of Southwest Silver Gallery's most cherished collections, read more about the techniques and traditions of this tribe

Zuni Jewelry The Zuni jewelry makers are known primarily for their intricate stonework designs. Stones for these pieces are cut down and shaped for placement in precise and intricate designs. The main styles of Zuni jewelry are Clusterwork, Needlepoint, Petit Point and Inlay Bargain Necklaces. Frank Dishta, Zuni. Vintage Museum Quality. Squash Blossom Necklace. 26 - N555 - $4,500. Vintage Turquoise Squash Blossom Necklace, Bracelet, Ring and Earrings Set 28 - #S495 - $2,500. Vintage Petit Point. 28 - N585 - $1,050. Vintage Stamped Sterling Silver Spiny Oyster and Turquoise Zuni Inlay Dangle Earrings Delbert Kallestewa Jr. $90.00 $120.00. Sterling Silver Zuni Sunface Necklace and Earring Set Delwin Gasper. $345.00 $460.00. Sterling Silver Zuni Inlay Post Hoop Earrings Delberta Boone. $120.00 $160.00. Sold. Old Indian Zuni Inlay Sterling Silver Thunderbird Bracelet Vintage Jewelry The Zuni are known for their very intricate stonework and almost never do plain silver jewelry. The most traditional Zuni style of jewelry is called petit point, which can be identified by tiny turquoise stones each supported in its own bezel, or metal sleeve. It is extremely time-consuming work and is very delicate in appearance

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In addition, today's Zuni bird fetishes often incorporate heishe beads in multi-strand necklaces. Consequently, Lanyade becomes the first Zuni silversmith in 1872. Kineshde, a Zuni smith of the late 1890s, is the first craftsman to combine silver and turquoise in his jewelry. Later, Zuni jewelers become known for their cluster work Zuni jewelry-making dates back to Ancestral Pueblo prehistory. Early Zuni lapidaries used stone and antler tools, wooden drills with flake stone, or cactus spine drillbits, as well as abrading tools made of wood and stone, sand for smoothing, and fiber cords for stringing Zuni Indian Jewelry The Zuni are known for several styles of craftsmanship. The most common is stone and shell inlay, in which shells and slices of stone are individually cut and set in silver jewelry to fit closely together in specific patterns ~ ZUNI HALLMARKS ~ ZUNI JEWELRY ~ ZUNI ARTISTS ~ NATIVE AMERICAN JEWELRY ~ ZUNI HALLMARKS: M-Z << ZUNI HALLMARKS: A-L. We have listed most of the Zuni Artist, whom we have came across, below, along with their hallmark and item of jewelry we have/had offered on our website Zuni necklaces usually feature needlepoint designs. Although there can be any number of squash blossoms on each side of a necklace, there are often six on each side, making twelve squash blossoms and one central naja. Full size squash blossom necklaces are often quite large and heavy and most suitable for occasional ceremonial wear

While the Zuni tribe first perfected Inlay style jewelry, many Navajo Indians have become some of the most prolific inlayers around. The craft of inlay starts with a piece of jewelry, usually in Sterling Silver, with channels or voids that allow the piece to be inlaid with endless combinations of colors and cuts of gemstones Zuni turquoise is one of the most sought after gemstones on the planet, and rightly so. Its beauty and unique characteristics make it one of the most treasured forms of turquoise in existence. Zuni turquoise is sourced and crafted into jewelry by the Zuni Indians. The Zuni people have been creating jewelry with turquoise fo Native American Indian Jewelry. Necklaces & Pendants. Earrings. Inlay Jewelry. Bracelets for Men & Women. Old Pawn Jewelry. Rings. Opal Jewelry. Tommy Singer Jewelry Zuni Silver Coral Needlepoint Pendant This Zuni Silver Coral Needlepoint Pendant by Cora Lonconsello is pretty, pueblo jewelry inspired by tradition! The hand-cut slivers of red Coral are set in Sterling with tiny twist wire and drops with curled wire.. Ve los libros recomendados de tu género preferido. Envío gratis a partir de $59

zuni natural turquoise pin zuni jewelry-making dates back to ancestral pueblo prehistory. early zuni lapidaries used stone and antler tools, wooden drills with flake stone, or cactus spine drillbits, as well as abrading tools made of wood and stone, sand for smoothing, and fiber cords for stringing The Zuni word for turquoise can be translated as sky stone which accurately captures the essence and beauty of the stone. Turquoise jewelry can be a common thing in certain regions but even with all of the competition our products stand out because each one has been handcrafted to perfection and nothing less Cluster work is a jewelry style that is unique to the Zuni people and not found anywhere else in the world. Early Zuni jewelry resembled Navajo silverwork, but in the 1920s and 1930s Zuni artisans developed a signature style that involved setting large groups of hand cut gemstones into extremely intricate settings Al-Zuni Global Jewelry (is) the wholesale business that received thousands of pieces of counterfeit Native American style jewelry and other arts and crafts and sold it at the wholesale level.

Zuni Carvers. Each of these artists is a master of design and styling, using their favorite materials to create compelling images: Maxx Laate, Claudia Peina, Claudia Peina GNB, Lena Boone, Emery Boone, Ruben Najera, and Dan Quam. View our Zuni carver galleries... Each of the pieces shown in these galleries is currently for purchase Indian Turquoise Jewelry. The items seen on our Old Pawn web pages would have a long, probably sad, story to tell if they had the ability to tell us their history. In times past, the people of this area made, wore, and treasured their turquoise jewelry as not only a thing of adornment, a protector of good health, but also as portable wealth

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Zuni Jewelry - Let the Buyer Beware has 1,177 members. The objective of this group is to Make the Buyer Aware. Providing a forum in which to communicate awareness of Zuni jewelry fakes and copies, to learn to identify them, and to share and discuss our findings. Pictures of fakes, copies, and real Zuni jewelry are welcome Navajo and Zuni jewelry can often look similar, Dr. Mark Sublette with 30 years in the Indian art business gives you his tips on how to tell the two apart an.. Effie Calavaza. The work of Calavaza is easily identified by her recurring symbolism - a snake portrayed in her jewelry. In Zuni belief, the snake is a positive sign of rebirth and renewal. Items 1 to 32 of 53 total ZUNI HALLMARKS: A-L << ZUNI HALLMARKS: M-Z. We have listed most of the Zuni Artist, whom we have came across, below, along with their hallmark and item of jewelry we have/had offered on our website

Welcome to The Best of Zuni. After 40 years as an itinerant trader, mainly buying and selling Native American art including Zuñi fetish carvings, Native American jewelry, vintage Navajo jewelry, Santo Domingo necklaces and other crafts, I am now for the first time offering my inventory and private collections to the public Quality Native American Jewelry and turquoise Coral all at NativeIndianMade.com Enjoy Native American Art with Authentic Navajo and Zuni Jewelry. 48 HOUR SALE! 90%OFF!!! Extra 30%Off on top of 60%Off All Items including Clearance! The Coupons will be Automatically Added to Your Shopping Cart The Sunface is an ancient symbol in Zuni culture, where it represents the sacred Sun Father. The Zuni have always honored the Sun's vital role in the cycling of seasons and the success of crops, recognizing that the Sun's warmth sustains life, enables growth, and brings joy and prosperity to the people Nov 9, 2011 9:02:34 AM. I have been trying to identify a Navajo/Zuni hallmark MY sterling on a pendant I purchased. The pendant is a micro inlay bear decorated with Yei Bi Chei in a night ceremony design. It is similar in design to a Ervin Tsosie bear pendant. The only clues I could find indicate that it may be done by a member of the Yazzie. Zuni also make fetishes and necklaces for the purpose of rituals and trade, and more recently for sale to collectors. The Zuni are known for their fine lapidary work. Zuni jewelers set hand-cut turquoise and other stones in silver. Today jewelry-making thrives as an art form among the Zuni. Many Zuni have become master stone-cutters

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Jun 24, 2021 - Explore Janet C's board Zuni Jewelry, followed by 180 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about zuni jewelry, zuni, jewelry Unusual Zuni Fetish Abstract Bear Shape w/ Snake Symbol Sterling Turquoise Ring. $128.99. $3.95 shipping. or Best Offer

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All of the jewelry and art we sell is handmade by Navajo, Hopi, Zuni and other Native American artisans and craftspeople. Each piece we sell has a story to tell. Some stories tell of the artist who crafted the piece, others tell of the journey it's taken and some stories tell us much more about the life of Native Americans past, present and. Fine jewelry means more to us than something that is simply worn to accent an outfit. At Al Zuni, our jewelry is made to represent a tradition and speak for itself. With each element meticulously chosen, and all details thoughtfully designed, a piece of Al Zuni jewelry embodies elegance, sophistication, and the lush history of culture and. Authentic Navajo, Zuni, Hopi, and Santo Domingo Pueblo old pawn and contemporary Southwest Jewelry. Silver jewelry is one of the most recognizable forms of Native American art in the world. American Indians have worn shells and stones as adornments since prehistoric times but did not begin incorporating silver until the Navajo learned the craft of smithing from Hispanic blacksmiths in the mid. Discussions about Vintage, Dead Pawn and Contemporary Native American handmade sterling silver jewelry featuring jewelry made by Navajo, Zuni, Hopi and Santo Domingo Indians. This blog is maintained by www.tumbleweedsjewelry.co This lovely, all handmade sterling silver cuff bracelet honors the traditional Zuni petit point way of making jewelry. It has an entire inner circumference of about 6 1/8, including the opening of approximately 1 1/8. The center station is about 1 in diameter. Signed by the artist. View item

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  1. Zuni Indian Jewelry The pueblo of Zuni Native American Indians is located in western New Mexico (south of Gallup) near the Arizona border. Jewelry-making is the major craft industry of the village. Like other Pueblo peoples, Zuni Indian artisans possess a true talent for lapidary work
  2. Ugly Otter Trading Post believes Indian American Jewelry holds significant historical and cultural values. We deliver customer service that is like no other with our No Quibble Guarantee, and our Layaway Program gives you flexibility. We only sell unique Navajo and Zuni jewelry that is made right in the heart of New Mexico. Among this navajo jewelry you will find beaded hat bands, bolo ties.
  3. Zuni jewelry and pottery is still a major part of trade for the tribe as well as tourism. Thousands of visitors travel to northeastern New Mexico every year to see the ancient dwellings and learn more about the Zuni Indians. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked
  4. Author, Mr. Sei's, contributions to understanding and appreciating both Zuni artists and the meanings of the knifewing and rainbow man design elements of the Zuni artists' unique and magnificent jewelry, is in many ways, a welcome addition to the literature that was existing at the time this book was released
  5. ALBUQUERQUE, N.M.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--While Native Americans began crafting silver jewelry nearly 200 years ago, the 1970s can be referred to as the industry's gold rush.Turquoise squash.

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SALE. Zuni Fetishes Direct. Your Source The Finest in Zuni Fetish Carvings. FREE USA SHIPPING ! At Zuni Fetishes Direct we strive for the highest quality in Native. American Art. Working directly with Zuni artisans, ZFD specializes. in finest selection of authentic Zuni fetishes The Zuni jewelry is wonderful and any attempt to identify it is important, but because of the weaknesses inherent in his methodology, this book cannot be considered a bible. As with the other volumes, there is a fair number of incorrect attributions in the volume, even fakes presented as genuine The Zuni word for turquoise can be translated as sky stone. This link between turquoise and sky is also true outside the Southwest; for example, in Tibet, the sky is sometimes called the turquoise of Heaven. Pueblo dancers wear turquoise regalia during the summer growing season to ensure rain Save 84% off the newsstand price! Adhering to tradition is a way of life among the Zuni Indians of northwestern New Mexico, whether it's dryland farming or wedding ceremonies. The Zuni's complex. Jewelry Wholesaler. Jimmy Mora, Realtor. Real Estate Agent. The BLU SPOT Kyle - CBD, Smoke & Vape. E-Cigarette Store. SA Avengers 13U Baseball. We stand together as a team. Amateur Sports Team. Zuni Beauties. Accessories. Lonestar Cucomade. Food & Beverage

Zuni, North American Indian tribe of what is now west-central New Mexico, on the Arizona border. The Zuni are a Pueblo Indian group and speak a Penutian language. They are believed to be descendants of the prehistoric Ancestral Pueblo (Anasazi). Zuni traditions depict a past in which thei Vintage Zuni Turquoise & Sterling Ring. MJG Designs. $255. Moon Over Mesa. Vintage Zuni Earrings, Sterling Silver, 1960's, Handmade. Moon Over Mesa. $235. Catgre2157 Jewelry. Vintage Native American Indian Zuni Sterling Silver Thunderbird Inlaid Stone Pin Brooch Pendant Zuni Jewelry. Most relevant, Zuni Jewelry (Zuni: A:shiwi; formerly spelled Zuñi) is made by a Native American tribe, one of the Pueblo peoples. In addition, most live in the Pueblo of Zuni on the Zuni River, a tributary of the Little Colorado River, in western New Mexico, United States. As a result, Zuni jewelry comes from 34 miles south of.

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Zuni Inlay jewelry is among the most coveted hand crafted Jewelry in the world today. You can be assured they are 9.25 silver and the stones are genuine. The coral is Italian Red Coral and the turquoise is mined in New Mexico. Please check back often for newly listed items. Please remember these are HAND Made in case there are small and minor. Zuni Indian jewelry has changed in appearance and purpose greatly over more than a thousand years. Modern techniques have certainly influenced contemporary Zuni Indian jewelry, yet essential traditional characteristics have been maintained in the elements used to create the jewelry, and in the iconography depicted

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Handmade, one-of-a-kind Native American jewelry dealer in Gallup, NM Authentic Zuni Fetishes at And The Crow - Shop Native American Zuni Fetishes, Native American Indian Turquoise Jewelry, Art & Moccasins

zuni jewelry Don't be fooled by imitations learn more. zuni history Travel back in time with us discover more. zuni brochure Download your free copy Effie Calavaza, Zuni. Effie Calavaza, with her hallmark EFFIE C - ZUNI is perhaps one of the most widely recognized Zuni artists. Her wonderful snake patterned jewelry is unmistakable, and very sought after by collectors. New pieces using her patterns are made by her son, Randy Calavaza and his wife, Amelia (Joy) Calavaza under her supervision UNLESS the proceeds are put towards buying new jewelry from the Zuni and Navajo (Din'eh) families making jewelry today! And this is exactly what we do. The profit we make from the sale of vintage jewelry is used to buy new items from Native families producing NOW. So now is the opportunity for you to add something wonderful to your collection. Zuni culture is also closely tied to their agricultural history. They settled along what is now known as the Zuni River before 2500 B.C. To this day, Zuni farmers grow wheat, maize and make beautiful baskets, pottery and jewelry

Whenever you work with Native Zuni Jewelry, you can trust that you're in great hands. Spiny Oyster Shell Bracelet. All hand stamped - Oxidized for vintage look - heavy gauge sterling sliver. Store Hours. Come Visit. Mon - Sun: 9 am - 6 pm. Phone (435) 444-0510 ©2020 by Native Zuni Jewelry. Accordingly, Sunface is a cultural symbol which is present in Zuni jewelry and fetishes and represents their sun father. In like manner, other materials are travertine or Zuni rock, fish rock, jasper, pipestone, marble, or organic items such as fossilized ivory, bone, and deer or elk antler The Zuni traditionally were a peaceful tribe that centered on agriculture with their main crops being corn (maize), squash, and beans. Gradually, farming gave way to cattle and sheep herding and since the early 19th century, vocations such as making silver and turquoise jewelry, baskets, beadwork, animal fetishes, and pottery have greatly added.

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Zuni Pottery and Jewelry Developments. They have been trading their ceramics, basketry, and other products since the 1700's. In earlier periods, elaborately painted Zuni pottery was used on a daily basis. Studies. indicate that nonspecialist potters produced most of Southwestern pottery for household. use, although specialized production of. Turquoise Village changed ownership to the Dodson family in October of 2019. Turquoise Village functions as a liaison between admirers of handmade Native American jewelry and crafts and the artists themselves. We are located directly on the Zuni reservation, and purchase all of our jewelry and craftworks directly from the artists Vintage Jewelry - Spirit of Santa Fe. Often defined for its age and or time period, our collection of VINTAGE JEWELRY has been hidden away for many years with a private collector. Released under the promise anonymity, this collector is letting Spirit of Santa Fe offer it for sale. We guarantee its 100% authenticity along with all natural stones. Zuni fetishes and authentic Native American jewelry. Shop for Indian jewelry at these links: Native American Belts. Native American Bracelets. Native American Crosses. Native American Earrings. Native American Necklaces. Native American Pendants. Native American Pins Our body of work features Elk and Deer antler as the main Medium, to make exclusive Zuni Fetish carvings, Jewelry and Sculptures. We also produce rare and exceptional works in Natural, Gem & Top Quality stones. These figures and jewelry pieces are embellished with a wide variety of natural materials

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The Zuni people, like other Pueblo Indians, are believed to be the descendants of the Ancient Puebloans who lived in the desert Southwest of New Mexico, Arizona, Southern Colorado, and Utah for a thousand years. Today the Zuni Pueblo, some 35 miles south of Gallup, New Mexico has a population of about 6,000.Archeological evidence shows they have lived in this location for about 1,300 years Shop Zuni Jewelry More on Z uni Indian Jewelry Development What separates from other carvings is their use and power. A carving is decoration; a animal symbol offers a connection to the larger world. Through a stone carved like a bear, one comes into contact with Bear, the embodiment of strength and introspection Don's work is published in many books on Zuni jewelry, Zuni - The Art and the People, Vol. 2, pages 24 and 25, and Zuni: A Village of Silversmiths, University of New Mexico Press, pages 93 and 94, to name two Zuni Chandelier Earrings (left) c. 1940. Pierced turquoise and silver earrings. Circles cut to emulate the filigree style of European jewelry. 4 Long. $ 995.00. Zuni Chandelier Earrings, c. 1940 (right) Pierced turquoise and silver earrings. Circles cut to emulate the filigree style of European jewelry. 3 1/4 Long. $ 950.0 Jewelry by the early Zuni masters is superb and sometimes still unmatched today. Three early Zuni artists - Leo Poblano (1905-1959), Teddy Weahkee, and Lambert Homer, Sr. are recognized as being the greatest mosaic jewelry artists, but there are other traditional greats as well like Frank Vacit, Juan de Dios, Dan Simplicio, John Gordon Leak (or.

about fort tumbleweed's native american indian jewelry collection During the past 50 years, Fort Tumbleweed has made countless buying trips out to the Pueblo, Navajo, and Zuni Tribes of New Mexico and Arizona and are pleased to offer some of these fine silver and turquoise treasures created by Native amertican artisans through our online store Zuni Inlay Art Jewelry. There are six cardinal guardian fetishes which are symbolic of the six directions. The first is a mountain lion which represents the North. The south belongs to the badger, the west to the bear, while the east goes to the wolf. Additionally, the mole guards the inner earth, while the eagle protects the heavenly regions

Although many different types of stone were used, turquoise quickly became one of the most important for a handful of groups in the Southwest. The main turquoise jewelry makers were the Navajo, Hopi, and Zuni. The Start of Silver Smithing. Prior to the mid-1800s, Native Americans primarily worked with beads and hammered and formed copper Zuni Silver Turquoise Coral Ring Size 10 Regular Price: $608.40 SALE PRICE: $243.36 Product ID: 2-39988 Zuni Silver Multi_Stone Ring Size 9 1/2 Regular Price: $105.30 SALE PRICE: $42.12 Product ID: 2-3774 Ancestral Rich Treasures of Zuni (ARTZ) Cooperative is the only Zuni company owned and operated by Zuni Artists, and it's the only known Native-owned artist cooperative in New Mexico! ARTZ formed last year to empower Zuni Artists to take control of our collective livelihoods by collaborating to create a fair market value for Zuni Art

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Zuni Corn Maidens. There are 10 products. Corn Maidens appear in the Spring at Corn Planting. They bring a good crop, prosperity and happiness. These are art, made by some of the best stone carvers in the world. As in most art, these are ideas within other ideas. All the gemstones, shell and pearls are real. Perfect from start to finish For centuries, the Zuni have worn jewelry made with simple designs of turquoise and other gemstones, but it was the art of silversmithing combined with their stones that created such beautiful art in jewelry. Over the years, the Zuni have slowly developed their own unique techniques and styles to their silver jewelry making The Buffalo Bill Center of the West is thrilled to offer this gorgeous turquoise and silver jewelry set of Zuni origin. This vintage suite includes: Naja Squash Blossom Necklace; Needle Point Cuff; Cocktail Ring; Earrings (clip) Detailed craftsmanship and tooling are present on every stone placement. Thoughtfully donated and recently checked. The Zuni developed silversmithing from the Navajo people around the 1870s, but quickly became a very successful art form. Both pottery and jewelry are major sources of income for modern Zuni.

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Thunderbird Jewelry's relationships with the Navajo and Zuni Native American silversmiths allow us to offer quality Native American jewelry which is authentic and carries the prestige of being a part of the Indian jewelry tradition which has been passed from generation to generation for many years Jun 23, 2016 - Zuni artists have been perfecting the art of inlay for decades. Inlay involves precisely cutting stones to fit together, typically in a mosaic pattern. Stone to stone inlay is a technique in which the artist fits stones directly against each other. It requires great precision of cutting and design to avoid gaps. Channel inlay is a technique where the stones are set into channels. Gallup, New Mexico (505) 863-6504. Since 1960, Turney's Trading Company, in Gallup, NM, has specialized in quality, handmade Native American Indian jewelry, pottery, rugs, fetishes, and kachinas. We buy directly from artists of the Navajo nation, Zuni pueblo, and surrounding area, and we wholesale directly to you

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Jewelry; Zuni Fetishes; NACC; Gallery Artists; Contact Us; Acoma, Laguna & Zuni. Home / Pueblo or Tribe / Acoma, Laguna & Zuni. Showing all 37 results. Sold. Laguna Calvin Analla #8816 $ 550.00. Laguna Calvin Analla (CH-CalvinA800) #12011 $ 800.00. Sold. Pottery Frederica Antonio #090214 $. The pueblo of Zuni Native American Indians is located in western New Mexico (south of Gallup) near the Arizona border. Jewelry making is the major craft industry of the village. Like other Pueblo peoples, Zuni Indian artisans possess a true talent for lapidary work We offer sterling silver jewelry with turquoise, black onyx and mother of pearl inlays. Handcrafted pendant, pins, watchband, earring, belt-buckles, liquid silver necklaces and more by Navajo, Hopi and Zuni silversmiths. Some items such as Kachinas and Navajo rugs are offered on-line and also at old time trading posts, (see About Us) Specialties: Keshi: The Zuni Connection is a business specializing in Zuni Pueblo art such as Zuni jewelry, petit point and inlay work, Zuni animal carvings known as Zuni fetishes and Zuni pottery. We are located in downtown Santa Fe just two blocks from the old main plaza. Established in 1981. Started in Zuni Pueblo by Zuni teachers and artists as a direct outlet for Zuni Pueblo art.