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Schnellmontage auf zwei Containern mit Kroftman Containerklammern mit Eurocode-Statik. Perfekt für Baustellen mit Lagercontainern. Sägen, schweißen, lagern und schützen Flexibel einsetzbar & bester Service. Ihr Containerdienst in Norddeutschland The CSC plate is fastened to every shipping container at the time of manufacture and is typically riveted to the outside of the left door. Each CSC plate must contain a certain level of information, in either English or French. The words CSC SAFETY APPROVAL are prominent on the plate, along with the country of approval and the approval.

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Containers inspected under the ACEP must reflect the inspection program number on the CSC plate and a container with the ACEP information on the CSC plate means that the container has been inspected and examined every time there has been a change to the structural integrity of the container such as repairs done to it. What is a CSC plate on a shipping container? A CSC plate refers to the 'Container Safety Convention'. In 1972 at a joint conference with UN and (International Maritime Organization) adopted the convension requirements as drafted by the IMO and the Economic Commission for Europe The CSC Plate. A Convention for Safe Containers (CSC) Plate supplies essential information about most shipping containers not transported by air. For instance, this plate typically reports the date when a manufacturer produced the shipping container. It also indicates the location of manufacture Shipping Container Plates CSC Plates. One of the main requirements outlined in the CSC guidelines is the application of custom data plates to every shipping container. Note that only containers actively used for shipping need to be marked with a CSC plate. It specifically calls for a rectangular data code plate at least 200mm x 100mm. It is. The CSC plate must then include information that the container was Approved for Continuous Examination Program (ACEP), as well as the name of the country that granted ACEP approval, year when it was granted and the Registration Number. New CSC plates also include additional information: g) Manufacturer (name, container's model and serial numbers

International Convention for Safe Containers, 1972, as amended (CSC/Circ.100). 2 The Committee, at its seventy-fifth session (15 to 24 May 2002), agreed that information on the implementation of the requirements for material characteristics of the CSC Safety Plates Tip 1: Check Container CSC Plate. All containers, particularly COC containers are mandated to have a CSC plate welded onto the container, at the front door of the container.. CSC Plates are required by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) to ensure a safe environment for logistics service providers to operate the containers.. The IMO also tries to protect the interest of the container. On many containers, this is not only pointed out on the CSC plate but is also highlighted by the provision of special plates. Transverse racking test load value. In this instance, this value is 15,240 KGS or 33,600 LBS

CSC 1972 sets out procedures whereby containers used in international transport must be approved for safety by the Administration of a Contracting Party or by an organization acting on its behalf. The Administration, or an organization authorized by it, will then authorize the manufacturer to affix a Safety Approval Plate containing the. Lower portion of CSC Plate for ISO Containers (ISO/TC 104/SC 1) [Credit: GreenCube Research] Thus the creation of the CSC plate which certifies the Shipping Container or ISBU module was legally inspected by a certified Engineer at the factory-of-origin, and fully complies with the ISO/TC 104/SC 1 standards set forth by the IMO and approved by. Container inspection (CSC) [German version] In general, any container used for international transport must have a valid safety approval plate or CSC plate. CSC is the abbreviation for Container Safety Convention. Figure 1: In order to avoid damage in transit, the container should, however, be properly inspected before and after packing.. containers designed and built to meet the requirements of Annex II of the CSC, but have reduced stacking and/or racking strength. Such reductions are to be marked on the Safety Approval Plate (see paragraphs 2.10 and 3.6). 2.3.2 Offshore containers. It is agreed that the CSC does not apply to offshore containers that are handled in open seas A CSC (International Convention for Safe Containers) plate is required on all ISO containers that are being used for Intermodal transport. The CSC plate acts as a container's certificate of safety, and allows container depots, and international ports the assurance that a container is safe to be handled and transported whilst fully loaded

The maximum gross mass shall be identical to that shown on the CSC approval plate. The mark shall be displayed in two places on each container, i.e. near the right-hand edge of each side, at a distance of no more than 1,2 m (4 ft) from the top of the container and within a distance of 0,6 m (2 ft) from the right-hand edge, below the. The CSC Plate. Is attached to the rear of the container & gives basic information about the container: The Approval Reference is the reference that is supplied by the Underwriter such as Bureau Veritas, Lloyds Register of Shipping, American Bureau of Shipping, etc. they will have vetted the drawings of the container prior to production and supplied this number as an acceptable reference In general, any shipping container that is used for international transport must have a valid safety approval or CSC Plate (Container Safety Convention). To the layman, this will not mean much, however, it does tell some of the detailed information about the specific container. You will typically find this small metal plate fastened on the outside of the container on the left (secondary) door It decrees that every container travelling internationally be fitted with a CSC Safety-approval Plate. [33] [34] This holds essential information about the container, including age, registration number, dimensions and weights, as well as its strength and maximum stacking capability

The information listed on intermodal shipping container doors is standardized so that the container can be handled at any port in the world. From the manufacturer information on the CSC plate, to the size & capacity information, to the container identification number, everything is standardized on a shipping container This plate has all the details of the Owners, Technical Data, and ACEP information.. ACEP being short for, Approved Continuous Examination Programme.. In short, every 30 months a container must be turned into a Container Depot for examination.. The CSC plate also shows the gross weight as can be seen in an example below. an obligation only to remove the Ownership and ACEP numbers and stickers, but CSC plates may remain. It is of course the new owners responsibility to ensure ongoing compliance with CSC Plate. Leasing companies also have an obligation to adhere to these procedures. Shippers Own Containers Refers to the plate affixed on the door of a container which records containers serial number, technical data (MGW, tare, payload) manufacture data, owner data and date of last CSC inspection. Example of a CSC plate: Demurrage: Fees charged when containers are left inside the terminal for longer than the agreed free days and applicable to all. The CSC requires the container to have an approval reference on the Safety Approval Plate. For instance, the approval reference GBLR 8653 975, means that the container is certified by Lloyd s Register under authority of Great Britain, 8653 is the approval number and 975 is the date of the approval, i.e., September 1975

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Understanding a CSC plate or a Combined Data Plate is therefore very important when it comes to buying or leasing containers for transport, storage, or any other purposes. It is the container owner's responsibility to maintain a container in good condition and ensure that it is inspected at the appropriate intervals Category: business and finance logistics. 4.5/5 (195 Views . 30 Votes) A Definition of CSC (Convention for Safe Containers) Plate. they ship by sea or on land within ships, trains, or trucks. The goal of CSC is to formalize international safety requirements for structural design and consistent inspection and maintenance of cargo containers CSC plate stainless steel. 2015. CSC Reinspection Label. Starbox International BV has over 20 years' experience selling container parts to clients across the globe. We specialise in the supply of container parts for Dry Box Containers, Reefer Containers and Tank Containers manufacturer is responsible for providing CSC-certified containers with the CSC plate affixed to each container provided. Figure 603-2 shows a typical CSC Safety Approval Plate. The initial CSC inspection of a new container is valid for 5 years. Reinspection and recertification of the container is required at intervals not to exceed 30 months. Convention for Safe Containers (CSC). Check that the next test date, marked on the CSC plate, has not been exceeded OR Check that the CSC plate contains registration information for Approved Continuous Examination Program (ACEP) General Check that the inside of the container is dry an

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  1. the cargo containers at the point of manufacture, and if they pass the inspection, places a CSC safety approval placard (CSC plate) on each container and assigns a unique CSC tracking number to each container. The inspected containers will also have the selected CITA organization logo affixed to them
  2. manufacturer is responsible for providing CSC-certified containers with the CSC plate affixed to each container provided. ISO containers in service that do not have a CSC safety plate do not . Defense Transportation Regulation - Part VI June 201
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  5. The CSC plate is not necessary for use as an ISBU module, however it's important to know if, and why it does not have one. For more than 100 detailed graphics, photos, and commentary of the key ISO Container parts, sections and areas to check before buying, Login to the Members Section

ACEP number is either printed on the CSC plate or on a separate ACEP sticker placed on CSC plate. If such ACEP sticker is missing or unreadable, please place a new ACEP sticker if container has a valid inspection date in RKEMH1 and container is found in a good and safe condition under the rules of CSC. Maersk Line ACEP number is DK-AT-842512-35 of containers Note: The tare weight is mentioned on the container's door and the CSC plate. It is also mentioned under the cargo details, while submitting the shipping instructions. *In case the cargo is out of gauge, the customer should provide the tarpaulin. Please contact your Maersk sales representative for assistance regarding this service

Containers. Containers must display a valid identification code in accordance with ISO 6346, including details of height or height and width, and be provided with a valid CSC plate with the due date of the next inspection or with proof of participation in the ACEP programme. The top and bottom corner fittings must be in good working condition Among other things, the 1972 Convention provides uniform international safety regulations and requires all containers to include a CSC plate. The CSC plate includes information that date of manufacture, dimensions, weight capacity, and stacking capabilities International Convention. For Safe Containers (CSC), 1972. 1. Paragraphs 14 to 16 of article II (Definitions) are amended to read: 14. 'Maximum Operating Gross Mass' or 'Rating' or 'R' means the maximum allowable sum of the mass of the container and its cargo. The letter 'R' is expressed in units of mass A CSC Plate or CSC Verification can be described as a shipping containers'passport'. It is a small metal plate fixed to the doors of the container to confirm to shipping lines that the container is structurally sound and safe to ship cargo by vessel around the world. The container the plate is fitted to can be new or used and in any.

The contents on the CSC plate are: Mame of owner, Name of manufacturer, Date of last survey, Racking stresses, Stack weight, Nature of timer treatment The 1972 Convention for Safe Containers has two goals. One is to maintain a high level of safety of human life in the transport and handling of containers by providing generally acceptable test procedures and related strength requirements. The other is to facilitate the international transport of containers by providing uniform international. Contact: tony@contservice.co.uk. Shipping containers used for export must have a valid CSC plate which is part of the consolidated data plate and normally found on one of the container doors. CSC is an abbreviation for the International Convention for Safe Containers,1972 and is the responsibility of the owner to carry out any maintenance to. This number needs to be displayed on the CSC plate of the container. PES and ACEP container inspections compared It is the responsibility of the owner to maintain the container in good condition and arrange for the container to be inspected at regular intervals to check for defects and potential dangers

CSC Plate. CSC stands for International Convention for Safe Containers. This convention refers to a set of standards for shipping container design to prevent structural failure and protect human life when handling. The CSC plate affirms that the shipping container has been examined by a qualified inspector and is safe to transport cargo THE CONVENTION FOR SAFE CONTAINER (CSC) Containers which are manufactured to meet CSC requirements have a safety approval plate (CSC plate) affixed, containing technical data as prescribed by CSC. all contracting states to the CSC. This is the cornerstone of the has been approved and plated it will be able to move i 4) Reduced exposure to CSC violations. Should a container owner fail to update the CSC plate following a periodic examination, the incorrect plate represents a violation of the CSC. This can attract a penalty from the US Coast Guard (or other similar national authority) if it is discovered. Since the CSC plate under an ACEP removes the.

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  1. The goal of the CSC is to formalize international safety requirements for structural design and consistent inspection and maintenance of cargo containers. When a container is manufactured, the CSC plate is valid for 5 years. From the point forward, if the container is to remain certified for shipping, it must be reinspected at least every 30.
  2. The Convention for Safe Containers (CSC) Plate includes information on the date and location of manufacture, as well as other specifications. Learn more about the Convention for Safe Containers on the International Maritime Organization's website. And make sure to purchases CSC survey if you need to use your shipping container for export
  3. CSC Plate. The CSC plate is located on the door of the shipping container and is engraved with the owner, the unit number, manufacting information, flooring material, and other information relevant to the specifications of the container. When neutralizing a container most lines require that either the entire plate must be removed, or the prefix must be ground off
  4. This convention created several important provisions including uniform international safety regulations and a requirement for all shipping containers to display a CSC plate. The CSC plate contains a variety of information including weight capacity, stacking capabilities, dimensions, and date of manufacture

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CSC Plate Inspection. If you have a shipping container and you are looking to move it by sea at the end of this season you will most likely need to check you CSC plate. Containers need a yearly or bi yearly MOT depending on their age. It involves an inspection from RINA or Lloyds Surveyor to make sure that your container is in good condition. The CSC plate must contain all details on the container, including type, manufacturer, approval number (also important for customs), year of manufacture, serial number, weights, and the expiration date of the plate. The CSC plate must be renewed at the latest five years after the initial inspection and can only be carried out by authorised.

qualify containers for shipment of United Nations (UN) Hazard Class 1 explosive materials. The third part provides additional criteria for Service-owned ISO-configured shelters. 6. This standard provides a variety of helpful illustrations. While some illustrations depict acceptable container repairs, it is not to be used as a standard for. A CSC Plate is basically like the MOT of car but for a container. It has information about the container and confirms that it has been inspected and it is safe to use for shipping for an establish period of time The prefixes are usually attached to a line, or asset owning entity, but do not constitute a title to the container (owner's name is usually listed on the CSC plate). The two things one must ensure are 1) that the prefix on your container is valid and registered with BIC (Bureau International des Conteneurs), and 2) that it is not a prefix of.

CSC plate: The Container Safety Convention (CSC) plate is required for international trading. It highlights the most important owner and safety information in one place. What about hazardous materials Shipping Container Features. CSC plate applies only to shipping worthy containers. For more information about the size dimensions and weight of the containers (tare), see below. Storage Container Dimensions . External Dimensions. Size/Type. L. W. H. Area L x W. Cubic Feet L x W x H. 20' Dry Van. 20' 8' 8' 6 160 Sq. Ft. 1,354 Cu. Ft CSC Plate An ISO container should undergo static longitudinal restraint, concentrated loads, and stacking tests to be approved for transport under customs seal and gain CSC safety approval. Usually located on the exterior doors, the combined data plate should be a permanent, non-corrosive, fireproof rectangular plate with alphanumeric. Note that a properly completed CSC plate with all required details will indicate compliance with ISO 1496 (see Guidance on CSC plate details following). 4. ACCEPTANCE OF SHIPPER OWNED DRY CONTAINER - ALL TYPES A. Approvals • Must have a valid CSC plate permanently affixed to the container Doesn't matter if COC or SOC Container, it would not be able to move the equipment for international maritime transport without a valid CSC plate. However, be advised that DNV 2.7-1 containers are not required to be certified and plated CSC. For a container to be CSC plated, a separate set of criteria and testing must be met

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  1. International Convention for Safe Containers, 1972 (CSC Code) Resolution MSC.355 (92), Amendments to the International Convention for Safe Containers, adopted June 21, 2013. Revised Recommendations on Harmonized Interpretation and Implementation of the CSC Code (CSC.1/Circ. 138/Rev.1), adopted June 21, 2013
  2. As already described in Section 3.1.2 CSC & structural and testing regulations, the International Convention for Safe Containers specifies that the maximum gross weight must be marked on the CSC plate. Other regulations require the maximum gross weight and the tare weight to be indicated
  3. About product and suppliers: 1,669 container csc plate products are offered for sale by suppliers on Alibaba.com, of which dry containers accounts for 3%, steel sheets accounts for 1%. A wide variety of container csc plate options are available to you, such as 40', 20'. You can also choose from cutting, bending, and welding container csc plate.
  4. CSC Plate. The Convention for Safe Containers (CSC) Plate includes information on the date and location of manufacture, as well as other specifications. Learn more about the Convention for Safe Containers on the International Maritime Organization's website. And make sure to purchases CSC survey if you need to use your shipping container for.

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CSC is the International Convention for Safe Containers established by the IMO in 1972. The convention establishes uniform international safety regulations and requires all containers to be fitted with a CSC plate. The CSC plate includes information on • Identification number • Date of manufacture • Weight capacity • Stacking. Container Safety Convention (CSC) Certified Used Containers The Container Safety Convention (CSC) is the internationally adopted health and safety criteria, used to ensure the safety of all those involved in the handling of containers. Valid CSC plates are required for any shipping containers that are being used for ocean voyage transport purposes. Under the widely [ The information on the CSC plate communicates key details about the container's life history, but the jargon can be difficult to translate for the uninitiated. Here's our point by point explanation on how to read a CSC plate, so you and code officials can understand the safety standards the container has been held to. 1

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In addition to the CSC information, the consolidated data plate contains the following information: TIR Approval Confirmation that the container meets the requirements for international transport under customs seal. The container is designed such that goods cannot be removed from or introduced into the container without breakin What is a CSC Survey? CSC is the International Convention for Safe Containers established by the IMO in 1972. The convention establishes uniform international safety regulations and requires all containers to be fitted with a CSC plate. The CSC plate includes information on . Identification number; Date of manufacture; Weight. CSC Safety Approval Placard. Containers that are built, tested and inspected to ISO standards by a Classification Society are identified by a CSC Safety Approval Placard affixed to the rear door of the container. Information on the data plate can be used by the design professional to confirm the required ISO 1496-1 testing. Such information. any type unless the container is structurally serviceable as evidenced by a valid CSC Safety Approval Plate and verified by a detailed visual examination. The CSC Safety Approval Plate and the visual examination must conform to the mandates of 49 CFR, parts 451 and 452. Furthermore, if the MCS has any Hazardous Material, it must mee

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1 CSC Plate The CSC plate may remain affixed to the container in the event that the container is subject to sale agreement between the seller and the buyer. The buyer (the new owner) is responsible for maintenance and examination of the container in accordance with CSC. Ref. Article II (10) The CSC safety plate displays CSC Plate. The previously mentioned CSC Plate or Combined Data Plate is the most information-rich part of the container. It's a permanently attached metal plate with relevant statutory information. We'll use the example CSC Plate below to help explain some of the different pieces of data CSC Data Plate. Containing general information about the container. Product feature. Articlenr 9010000900; omschrijving Csc data plate CSC Plating. Containers supplied by Pentalver can also be used to ship cargo around the world. However, in order to comply with international regulations, these containers must be fitted with a valid Convention for Safe Container (CSC) plate. A CSC plate can be best described as an MOT for a container, and our workshop teams are certified. A container is considered overloaded if the gross mass exceeds the maximum allowable weight embossed on the CSC plate of the container including the tare weight of the container. If the CSC plate is no longer readable, the terminal representatives should refer to the ISO standards for maximum weights of containers according to size

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CSC — The Convention for Safe Containers (CSC) established safety regulations, which included adding a CSC plate on each container, listing its manufacture date and safety information including stacking capacity and maximum weight. CWO — A cargo-worthy container that is certified for shipping The information on the CSC plates must also be either in French or English showing the following information. The words CSC SAFETY APPROVAL. The country of approval and approval reference. The month and year of manufacture. The manufacturer's ID number of the container or the number allotted by the administration if the existing. Through our supply chain container inspection programme, you can make sure that your containers meet your specifications in areas such as: Construction materials. Paintwork and markings. Dimensions (random checks) General finish, welding, paintwork (including random thickness checks), floors decals, identification plates The CSC plate on my Shipping Container has expired. Can I get a new one? Can I get a new CSC plate on my shipping container is a very common request we get. You may have owned a shipping container for some months or years. You now have an export project and you would like to use this container to send your goods around the world

Corten steel 20 feet container for sale with CSC plate. US $2100-$2400/ Unit. 1 Unit (Min. Order) 6 YRS Qingdao Rayfore Container Industry Co., Ltd. Contact Supplier. Compare. * If you have special need, we can let our engineer to help u in person. ,LTD is a container factory located in qingdao near Qingdao port When a container is manufactured, the CSC plate is valid for 5 years. From the point forward, if the container is to remain certified for shipping, it must be reinspected at least every 30 months (by a licensed/certified maritime surveyor). Below is an example of a CSC plate on a container Containers loaded and for transport by rail, road and/or sea almost always need to have a valid data or CSC plate. This is the container's certificate for safe operations. CSC validity is 5 years after manufacture and can be extended thereafter by maximum 30 months whilstever the container is in safe structural condition Most containers used for international transport must have a valid safety approval plate or CSC Plate affixed to certify each unit complies with international shipping regulations. A Container Safety Certificate (CSC) issued from Western Containers assures your containers will be interoperable with all major seaports and transportation systems CSC safety approval plate means the safety approval plate specified in Annex I of the International Convention for Safe Containers (1972) and conforming to the specifications in 49 CFR 451.23 and 451.25. The plate is evidence that a freight container was designed, constructed,.

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Section 8 Appendix A Approval plates required for containers certified in accordance with the Interna-tional Convention for Safe Containers (CSC) and the International Convention for the Transport of Containers under Customs Seal (TIR). Section 15 Appendix B Association of American Railroads Container Chassis for TOFC Service Standar CSC Reinspection Decals (DD Forms 2282) can be obtained from Container Fleet Division, HQ MTMCEA, Bayonne, New Jersey, 07002-5302, DSN 247-5126 or (201) 823-5216

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This resulted in the need for a valid safety approval plate (typically attached on the exterior of the left container door) to be fitted on every shipping container used for international transport. MFC Concepts team is fully qualified to provide CSC inspection and validation The right container for your cargo. Whether for general or bulk cargo, perishable, heavy, over-sized or liquid cargo - we have the right container for each cargo. And our LOTUS Containers quality requirement applies to each and every container. Our commissioned depots also ensure that the containers are transportworthy and have a valid CSC plate CSC Plate: fitted to each container in line with Container Safety Convention regulations, this plate contains statutory information about the container. Dry Box: see Dry Cargo. Dry Cargo (DC): is the standard shipping container used for dry cargo. Made from corten steel, it is predominantly in 20' or 40' lengths and has loading doors at one end ''(b) On each container, all maximum operating gross mass markings shall be consistent with the maximum operating gross mass information on the Safety Approval Plate.''; 3 Subparagraph 2(a) is amended as follows: ''(a) The plate shall contain the following information in at least the English or French language: ''CSC SAFETY APPROVAL'

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As a sign of approval, the container has a CSC plate, which also includes the information on the container's subsequent inspections. Inspections In accordance with the authorisation granted by Tukes in August 2015, DEKRA services include the structural inspection of standard and storage containers in addition to the scheduled inspections of. The second part examines the allowable stacking height, as regulated by the CSC, and the maximum operational stacking height of containers. The final section, Part C, details the more specialised information on the CSC plate and outlines the processes for container approval and both the PES and ACEP container examination schemes Offsite CSC & R-Series Inspections. We can come to you for Container Safety Convention (CSC) and Rail Compliance (R-Series) inspections and certifications, Australia wide. To make this process smooth and easy please follow the steps below: Step 1: Using the form below send 3 photos of your container showing all sides. see examples belo Get up-to-date local information about export procedures and restrictions, demurrage and detention, container pick-ups and more. There are no limitations in any port as long as the weight does not exceed maximum allowable payload as per Container Safety Certificate (CSC) plate The CSC plate indicates conformance with CSC requirements. It does not indicate conformance to Type IP-1, Type IP-2, Type IP-3, or Type A package design requirements. Unless the container supplier has certified the container meets the requirements for the specified contents, the shipper must determine that the package meets the applicable.