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Travel comfortably with of without your pet. Your source for all essential pet travel item Nature's Mace Cat Repellent 40oz Spray/Treats 1,000 Sq. Ft. / Keep Cats Out of Your Lawn and Garden/Train Your Cat to Stay Out of Bushes/Safe to use Around Children & Plants 2,805 Liquid Fence Dog & Cat Repellent Ready-to-Use, 32-Ounce, MULTI, Quart - 100047372 19 No Scratch Cat Spray, Cat Repellent Spray for Indoor Outdoor Use, Protect Plants, Furniture, Floors, Bitter Cat Deterrent - 200ml 4 $17 99 ($17.99/Count No Scratch Spray for Cats, Cat Repellent Spray for Indoor Outdoor Use, Cat Spray Deterrent - Protect Plants, Furniture, Floors $11.99 #27 QUTOP Cat Scratch Deterrent Training Spray, Cat Repellent Spray for Indoor and Outdoor Use - 175m

A proven formula is the garlic, pepper, and lemon cat repellent spray. You'll need to use crushed garlic, as the dried version won't be as effective. Add a clove's worth of garlic to the mix, and then add plenty of lemon juice. Next, sprinkle some pepper on top and let the whole mixture sit for 24 hours There are many products on the market to repel cats and help to keep cats out of the yard. For instance, citronella is great to use, as it's not only safe but also works at repelling other animals too. However, you can make cat repellent at home as well Granular: A large jug of granular repellent is ideal for safely scattering outdoors and uses smell to keep cats out of gardens. As with sprays, frequent reapplication can get pricey, and granular products seem to be the weakest of the choices

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  1. Commercial cat repellents use the odor barrier method to discourage cats from entering an area. Shake-Away powder has the scent of predators that cats fear, namely, coyote, fox, and bobcat. This commercial cat repellent comes in a granular form, which you simply sprinkle around the problem area
  2. If you specifically need to keep your cat out of your garden, Systemic Animal Repellent Tablets should do the trick. While this repellent is rated for a wide range of animals, including deer and rodents, it's also effective with cats. The product uses capsaicin, a natural component of chili peppers, to keep unwanted snackers at bay
  3. Repel cats from flowers in your garden by planting citronella or lemongrass on the borders or spray the area with this spray to keep cats out. Either works well to get rid of cats. tb1234 Citronella Oil Repellent Recip
  4. Combine the pepper, mustard, and cinnamon in a spray bottle. For the cat repellent, you'll need a 2-ounce (59 ml) glass spray bottle. Add 1 teaspoon (2 g) of black pepper, 1 teaspoon (2 g) of dry mustard, and 1 teaspoon (3 g) of cinnamon to the bottle. You can substitute cayenne pepper for the black if you prefer
  5. Nature's Mace Cat Repellent 40oz Spray/Treats 1,000 Sq. Ft. / Keep Cats Out of Your Lawn and Garden/Train Your Cat to Stay Out of Bushes/Safe to use Around Children & Plants 3.4 out of 5 stars 3,188 $21.97 $ 21 . 97 $66.99 $66.9
  6. Spray Away Scarecrow Cat Repellent is an excellent motion-activated sprinkler that effectively presents a humane way to keep cats from disturbing your lawn without the use of chemicals or complicated cat traps

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There's one more way to use a citrus scent as a natural cat repellent - you can use citrus essential oils. Any citrus essential oil - citronella, orange, lemongrass will work. Just dilute several drops of oil in water and use as you would the other two citrus sprays I Must Garden Dog & Cat Repellent is an environmentally safe, humane, and effective way to deter pets and stray animals from visiting forbidden areas of your lawn, and chewing or digging in unwanted areas. It contains natural ingredients and botanical oils that smell and taste bad to dogs and cats The 9 Best Cat Repellent Sprays — Reviews 2021. 1. Four Paws Healthy Promise Repellent Cat Spray — Best Overall. View Latest Price. Four Paws Healthy Promise utilizes the power of bitter limes to keep your cat at bay. The natural taste and odor are enough to deter most cats, and it even works on dogs, so you can protect your home from your.

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Cat Deterrent for the Garden — Are cats a constant threat to your garden? Read this article to discover a few easy ways to create an uninviting environment to prevent return visits. Plants to Deter Cats Naturally — In addition to granular and electronic repellents, there are some ways to repel cats naturally. Find out which plants in your. Cat MACE is the most aggressive, fully natural cat repellent on the market. Cat MACE will effectively protect your landscape, garden, shrubs and property from stray and feral cats. Shop Now! I mmediately watch cats disappear on contact with the first application. Cat MACE is available in many convenient sizes Ready-to-Use Spray, Plus 40oz. Concentrate, Treats 16,000 Sq.Ft. Repel and Train cats to stay away in a safe and humane way. Establish boundaries and correct bad habits. Prevent cat scratching, gnawing, or other bad behaviors. Enhance cat training and train cats to scratch on appropriate objects. Made of Plant-Based Ingredients and 100%. This recipe, also courtesy of Tips Bulletin, skips the additional spices and focuses on a strong citrus scent to put kitties in their place.In this case, however, the additional elements of lemongrass or citronella scented oils will help to keep mosquitoes, carpenter bees, and other pests out of your garden as well.If you don't want to spray it around, feel free to leave cotton balls soaked.

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Cat repellents are made of strong scents that cats hate so they act as natural barriers. You can use them to keep your cat from scratching up your furniture, stop them from eliminating outside of their litter box, or shoo the neighborhood cats away from your prized rose bed. A lot of cat repellents are expensive and use harmful chemicals Nuisance Cats - How to deter them from your garden . The problem: You may choose not to own a cat, but your urneighbo's cats keep coming into your garden or around your home to dig and spray. Cats spray to mark their territory and your carefully mulched, loamy garden soil is an attractive toilet for a cat. Other people's unwanted pets o

From water sprays to citrus scents, take a look at exactly how to stop cats pooping in the garden. 1. Odour repellent. Cats are renowned for exploring people's gardens, looking for places to leave their mark when homeowners aren't looking. One of the natural ways you can stop them from leaving deposits on your lawn is to scatter scents they don. Water Cat Repellents use a short sharp spray of water to scare cats off, rather than the ultrasonic sound emitted by other devices. When the unit detects movement it automatically sprays a jet of water for a few seconds in a small arc. The sound and the water act as a double deterrent to cats and other animals who immediately run off and. Even if you are a cat lover, you don't want stray cats wandering in your yard and you certainly need to know what to do for keeping cats from pooping in the garden. Growing cat repellent plants is a natural and effective deterrent Shop for Cat Repellents in Cat Training, Cleaning, and Behavior Aids. Buy products such as Natural Armor Peppermint Scent Gallon Ready to Use All Natural Animal Repellent Spray (128 OZ. Gallon) at Walmart and save

There are over 10 million cats in the UK and the RSPB estimates cats kill 55 million birds every year. If you don't own a cat, trying to deter them from your garden can be a constant battle. The pooing, digging and vomiting is frustrating, so it's understandable to want a good cat deterrent that will stop these problems in your garden Wash up to deter garden cats If your visitor has a favourite location, wash the area well with a hose (or water from your rain barrel) to remove the scent or urine spray. Boost your cleaning with eco-friendly liquid castile soap on doors, patio furniture, etc. Cats tend to choose the same spot repeatedly, so remove their previous claim to your. There are other repellents and deterrents that you can use to prevent cats from causing damages to your garden. Deterrents such as Cat MACE cat repellent , and there is always pine-cone mulch, citrus peels, can be as effective as cayenne pepper, they won't cause as much pain as cayenne pepper would on your neighborhood cats Cat MACE 40oz. Ready-to-Use Spray, Treats 1,000 Sq.Ft. Repel and Train cats to stay away in a safe and humane way. Establish boundaries and correct bad habits. Prevent cat scratching, gnawing, or other bad behaviors. Enhance cat training and train cats to scratch on appropriate objects. Made of Plant-Based Ingredients and 100% Biodegradable Try a Commercial Cat Repellent Spray. Commercial cat repellent sprays are made from the urine or waste of natural predators. Cats detect the presence of a predator, sense danger, and avoid the area. An occasional spray around the perimeter of the yard keeps cats away naturally. Remove Cat Scent from Your Yar

Cat spray repellents are fine for cat owners who want to keep their cat from an area in the house but for gardeners trying to keep their garden cat free, you are fighting a losing battle armed with one of these spray bottles. Not only that, they are false economy too. Sure they only cost a few quid but you have to constantly keep applying the. The best cat repellents walk the fine line of deterring cats from fouling in your garden, while not causing them any harm. With animal welfare at the heart of most cat repellents these days, it. Reinforce your garden repellents by planting some cat-resistant plant varieties, such as rue or lavender. While applying cat repellents and reducing attractants will help to keep cats out of your yard, you may also choose to take actions to control the stray or feral cat population in your area Uncle Ian's 2.3 lb. Dog and Cat Repellent has a natural, non-toxic formula to safely repel stray cats and dogs and help prevent unwanted droppings in your yard. 100% natural and non-toxic to birds, wildlife, plants and pets. Sprinkle on areas frequented by dogs and cats to control pests and deter them from entering your property

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The team at Cats Away.org provides an essential oil cat repellent recipe that uses orange essential oil. In a large spray bottle, mix in one part of orange essential oil with three parts water Get free shipping on qualified Cats Pest Control or Buy Online Pick Up in Store today in the Outdoors Department 2. If you see a cat urinating, immediately wash it away with soapy water to get rid of the smell. When it's clean and dry, place cat repellent spray or pellets in the area to cover up any excess. 3. If possible, pick up the cat before them every do their business and move them. If you can do this a few times they may learn not to go there Spray directly onto lawns, trees, shrubs, flower beds, garden areas and trash cans. This ready-to-use formula requires zero mixing. Safely repels your animal by masking scents. The 1-gallon spray can cover up to 2,000 square feet of area. Precautions. Keep out of reach of children. See all items by Liquid Fenc

Plant cat repellents. There are a variety of plants that look attractive in your yard, but are really unattractive to cats. Specifically, planting the herb rue in and around your garden will make cats stay far away. In the fall, you can harvest and dry rue to store it during winter and use as cat repellent Natures MACE Cat repellent Ready-to-Use Spray Formula 40 Ounce Treats 1000 sq ft. FREE 1-3 DAY DELIVERY WITH HASSLE-FREE, 30-DAY RETURNS! Brand New. 5.0 out of 5 stars. 2 product ratings. - Natures MACE Cat repellent Ready-to-Use Spray Formula 40 Ounce Treats 1000 sq ft. $25.99. FAST 'N FREE. List price

Types of Cat Repellents 1. Spray Repellent. There are different types of spray repellents that work for indoor or outdoor applications. These products are formulated with a combination of ingredients that are irritating or unpleasant to cats. Apply spray repellents directly on the area you want to keep your cat away from Effective in all weather conditions. Australian owned and made. Easy to use and completely safe. Multicrop Keep Off Dog and Cat Repellent Spray will assist in keeping cats and dogs away from sensitive areas. Designed to be non-harmful to humans, pets or plants, Multicrop Keep Off Dog and Cat Repellent Spray is non-toxic There are several types of natural cat repellent, but one of the most popular cat repellents is citronella oil. Citronella Oil Citronella oil is a strong smelling oil that is usually thought of only as a repellent for mosquitoes , but there are several other uses for citronella oil, one of which is repelling cats from places that they don't belong

With 746 glowing reviews, this Battery Operated Motion Activated will be the perfect for ridding your garden of cats, foxes and all animals and having a safe lawn foul free. Motioned Sensored This animal repeller is practical and robust, designed for outdoor use. It is a safe and effective repellent that will keep most animals, including cats. Homemade Cat Repellent - Garden Spray. If you want to protect your garden, yard or trash cans from the cats then this is your best choice. You are just going to need black pepper and hot water. This cat repellent is far stronger than the previous one but the smell of the pepper is not pleasant for us, humans, or to have inside a clean house. Ultrasonic Cat Repellent, prabensei Cat Dog Scarer Repellant, Ultrasonic Scarer Deterrent, Solar Powered&Waterproof Cat Dog Fox Rat Scarer Repeller for Gardens Yard Farm,Unique Dad Present (2 Packs) 3.7 out of 5 stars. 214. £37.99. £37. . 99 (£19.00/Item) 15% voucher applied at checkout. Save 15% with voucher For instance, you can make a simple DIY cat deterrent spray at home by combining essential oils, black pepper, cinnamon, garlic, and water. Once applied, this all-natural spray will be smelly enough to keep cats away from your lawn, garden, patio furniture, fence posts, and anywhere else you might want to dissuade them from going Train dogs and cats to stay away from flower beds, gardens, lawns, shrubs & trash cans with all-natural Dog & Cat Repellent. Uses botanical oils that smell terrible to dogs & cats but pleasant to humans. Safe for plants & animals

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Cat don't like the smell of certain spices, herbs, or other natural substances. These can be used to make homemade cat repellent to keep them out of your garden and parts of your house like food. Feral Cat Repellents. Cats' predating essence is genetic and can be removed neither by training nor by adjusting conditions. While domestic cats hunt birds and lizards occasionally, feral cats hunt all the time and hunting constitutes an essential part of their life. Feral cats are a threat to human-inhabited territories as first and foremost, they can be disease carriers Place your cat repellent in a spray bottle and give it a good shake before use. Recipe 3. Squeeze a lemon into a litre of water, add 2 dozen drops of eucalyptus oil and give it a good shake. Eucalyptus acts as a repellent to several animals including cats and they are supposed to find citrus off putting. My friends cat uses my garden and.

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PestBye® Jet Spray Cat Repeller This animal repeller is practical and robust, designed for outdoor use. It is a safe and effective repellent that will keep most animals, including cats and squirrels, out of your garden, automatically giving them a short spray of water when they pass in front on the motion sensor Cat repellents are designed to keep cats and other unwelcome visitors from entering a garden. Cat deterrents can include prickle strips, which work to prevent animals climbing over apparatus by making the surface uncomfortable for them to stand on, and cat scatter spray, which is used to prevent fouling on or digging up gravel or dirt How to make it: For a stronger solution, just mix a cup of white vinegar with two cups of apple cider vinegar in a spray bottle. Tip: You can even use this to keep dogs off areas inside your home. 3. Citrus Fruits Dog Repellent. While we love the citrus scent, dogs surprisingly dislike it (These repellents are also effective for other animals, like skunks and raccoons.) Citrus based cat repellents are usually found in liquid form, and are perfect for mixing in with the soil of a flower bed or garden that unwanted cats are using as a litter box or where they stalk harmless prey

Finding the best cat repellent spray to keep all types of cat off of and away from your property is a must for anyone that has experienced cats from their neighbourhood coming into their garden and pooping. This can be highly annoying and even dangerous if you have small children playing on your lawn. To help you find a means of stopping this, we have compiled a list of some of the best. Havahart Spray Away™ is 24-hour cat protection that won't wash away after a sudden rainstorm! In addition to writing about the best methods for how to keep cats out of a garden, Heather is a freelance writer and the resident blogger for Go college.com , a free informational website offering tips and advice about college sites online Cats stake out their turf by depositing pheromones, rubbing things with their face or scratching with their claws. An even more serious claim to ownership is made with a spray of urine or a deposit of feces. Cat repellent is one way of keeping the felines out of your garden or off of your furniture, and can be easily and inexpensively made at home How to Make a Handy Cat Repellent Spray. If you want to make your own spray, you need some of the scents in a concentrated form to mix with water. And, of course, you need a spray bottle. I like to use essential oils. I already have a bunch as I diffuse them around my home and use them for other wellness applications, so it makes sense

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Friendly (but Effective) Cat Repellent : Learn to make friendly (but Effective) cat repellent with ingredients you have at home.This spray is safe to use on your furniture and all other indoor and outdoor items and plants. This spray is great for training your cat or repelling the neighbo The best-rated product in Animal Repellents is the Gallon (128 oz.) Rodent Natural Peppermint Oil Spray - Non Toxic. What are the shipping options for Animal Repellents? All Animal Repellents can be shipped to you at home Spraying Outdoors Straight or diluted vinegar can be sprayed around the edges of a garden, and on plants, fences, posts and garden decor to keep cats away. Concentrate the spray on areas that the cats frequent or that you particularly want to protect. Spray every few days or as often as needed to repel cats Citronella oil in the garden repels mosquitoes and cats at the same time. To make an indoor spray, combine 20 drops of lemon oil, 20 drops of eucalyptus oil, and 1 quart of water. Shake the mixture well and then use a spray bottle to lightly mist around areas you want the cat to stay away from. Advertisement Alternatively, buy and use an all-natural cat repellent spray, which won't damage paint, or a cat-repellent powder. Just be aware that dry herbs or powders can blow away, so you may be better off using a homemade or store-bought spray. To learn how to prevent cats from scratching your car, read on

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  1. This SENTRY cat repellent spray offers double the action by combining pheromones and sound to deter pets from scratching up your sofa. The spray emits a hissing sound when used, as well as a cat.
  2. Ssscat! Automated cat repellent spray is one of the most popular products on the market. Using Multivet technology, it will detect the presence of a cat from up to one meter away before releasing its pungent non-toxic spray. Ssscat! is mainly used for indoor areas, such as rooms that are off limits, table tops and electrical wiring, etc
  3. Electronic cat repellent products use high tech methods to control cat behavior. Outdoors, you can use these products to keep cats out of gardens and yards. Indoors, you can keep your cats in line and deter counter surfers or furniture scratchers. Not all deterrents work on all cats all the time. Some products use more than one technique (sound.
  4. When Liquid Fence ® Dog & Cat Repellent Ready-To-Use 2 is sprayed in these areas, it will mask the familiar odors, causing the animals to become uneasy, thus repelling them. Harmless to plants and animals, when used as directed. Spray on lawns, trees, shrubs, flower beds, garden areas and trash containers. Prevents pets and strays from marking.

As a homeowner, you maybe wondering how to keep cats out of your yard. Here are 22 simple ways you can keep stray cats from pooping in your yard. settamoore78. S. settamoore78. Insects. Cat Repellant Garden. Cat Repellant Outdoor. Cat Deterrent Spray There is no need to purchase expensive pet repellents, there is the ever-affordable Nature's MACE Animal Repellent, and there are other inexpensive cat repellents that really work. 1. You have to determine whether or not you would need a repellent for cats or for dogs. If it is for cats, you must stay away from ammonia Cat Repellents Safe, reliable cat repellents and scratching deterrents keep your pets away from dangerous or sensitive areas, indoors and out. Whether you have an inquisitive kitten or an older cat with bad habits, you can deter unwanted behaviors using bitter-tasting formulas, cat-repelling scents, static pulses, vibrations or sounds Instead, make a repellent spray by mixing crushed red pepper with water and putting it in a spray bottle. Then, spray the plants or perimeter of the garden. It won't hurt the plants, but the spicy. Spray repellents offer one of the easiest solutions for keeping rabbits out of the garden, and this product from Liquid Fence is one of the best

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  1. To repel cats, make a solution of 20 drops citronella oil mixed with 200 mL of water and pour it into a spray bottle. Shake it well and and spray it on surfaces in your home or directly on plants in your garden. In addition, place citronella-scented candles around your garden as a long-lasting cat deterrent
  2. g with an intense ultrasonic wave, the repellent is extremely reliable and effective to disorient and.
  3. Summary. Get Off My Garden is highly recommended if you need to boarder a small space. It's not the most cost effective product if you want to cover an entire garden, but it will almost certainly work. Get Off My Garden Cat and Dog Repellent Scatter Crystals 400 g. 8.5/10

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Spray the liquid on and around plants to deter deer and rabbits. In the morning or evening, head outside and mist the leaves, stems, and soil surrounding the plants that the deer and rabbits like best. Make sure you spray every part of the plant that you want to protect, since the animals can sometimes eat around the unsprayed parts You can make your own inexpensive pepper-based critter repellent for the garden, courtesy of the environmentally safe hot pepper. Stir 2 tablespoons of powdered red pepper into 1 gallon of warm water Jun 30, 2019 - Explore Michelle Anne's board Cat repellant outdoor on Pinterest. See more ideas about cat repellant, cat repellant outdoor, keep cats away

Water Cat Repellents use a short sharp spray of water to scare cats off, rather than the ultrasonic sound emitted by other devices. When the unit detects movement it automatically sprays a jet of water for a few seconds in a small arc. The sound and the water act as a double deterrent to cats and other animals who immediately run off and remember not to come back again Patio & Garden Pets Grocery $0 - $15 $15 - $25 $25 - $50 $50 - $100 $100 - $150 Target Gardener's Supply Company Wasserstein buy online & pick up in stores shipping same day delivery include out of stock Cat Dog Animal Decoys Area Insect Repellents Insect and Animal Screens Insect Repellent Lotions, Balms, and Oils Insecticides. Our Cat Scat Mat is a chemical-free cat repellent. Plastic teeth irritate and deter cats (and dogs) without harming them. Orders of $125+ ship free For each of the cat repellents below, we've explained exactly what you need and how to go about using them. You can use the links below to jump to a particular item on the list if you want to: #1: Ultrasonic Cat Repellent. #2: Cat Repellent Plants. #3: Chicken Wire. #4: Cat Repellent Spray. #5: Chilli and Pepper Dust

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  1. Some commercially available pet repellent sprays use cayenne pepper as a main ingredient, along with other oils cats don't like, such as mustard oil, according to the Humane Society of Huron Valley. You can also make your own spray, mixing a cayenne-based hot sauce or ground flakes with water
  2. Using cat repellent plants is as natural as you can get in your battle to deter cats from your garden and this will appeal to those people who for whatever reason can't or don't want to use any of the commercial cat deterrents.. In the UK cats are allowed to roam wherever takes their fancy and if you are a gardener who doesn't want them visiting your garden, using plants to deter cats is.
  3. Let stand overnight and then transfer to a spray bottle straining with a mesh and adding 3/4 cup vinegar and 15 drops of orange essential oil. Spray on the areas where the cat usually appears. Lemon and eucalyptus: it is a refreshing combination for people but a perfect repellent for homemade cats, since for them it is an unpleasant smell
  4. Cat Repellent Garden, BeauFlw Ultrasonic Fox Repellent Cat Scarers for Gardens, Tri-Face Solar Powered & USB Waterproof Animal Repeller Deterrent for Cats Dogs Foxes 3.5 out of 5 stars 176 £21.99 £ 21 . 9
  5. How to Make an Animal Repellent Out of Hot Peppers. Gardening with hungry wildlife in the neighborhood creates a challenge for many homeowners, because four-legged visitors can easily make short.
  6. Step 5. Create a solution of lemon or orange juice diluted with equal parts water in a spray bottle. Spray surfaces such as window ledges and yard swings to repel cats. Citrus juice may bleach or fade fabrics or other surfaces, so use cautiously. 00:00
  7. If your cat likes to play on your kitchen countertops or if your dog tends to sneak into the trash can, use SSSCAT spray deterrent to teach them to avoid off-limits areas around your home. When your pet is within 3 feet of the spray deterrent, the motion-activated sensor detects your pets movements and releases a quick burst of spray

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I have finally found a cat repellent that works. My neighborhood cats were constantly using my garden as a toilet and digging up my plants, as well as fighting on my patio at night. I tried many types of liquids, sprays and pellets. They just didn't work. I finally installed a cat repellent fence,. Karlsten Cat Repellent Anti Fouling spray , Natural Humane Cat Deterrent Citronella 500 ML. 3.3 out of 5 stars. 236. £12.95. £12. . 95. Get it Monday, Mar 15. FREE Delivery on your first order shipped by Amazon You can keep cats away by spraying vinegar using a trigger-spray bottle on garden accessories, on tree bases, on plants, on your garden border, on posts and on your fence. Focus on parts of your garden the cats seem to visit the most. Repeat spraying several times a week or whenever the need arises. You also should spray after watering sessions. Cat repellents make felines uncomfortable by preying on three of their super-sensitive senses - vision, hearing, and smell - and conditioning them to associate your garden with these sensations. Cats are equally active both day and night and can see at a sixth of the light required for human vision Product Overview. TOMCAT Repellents Rodent Repellent Continuous Spray is engineered to safely and effectively deter mice and rats from entering homes. Featuring a no stink formula that is long-lasting and rain resistant, this easy-to-use, continuous spray formula is tested and proven to prevent rodent entry, nesting and foraging

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This sonic cat repellent device is a must-have for any prized garden, with a hyper resonance frequency system. The hyper-resonance system has been proven by countless users to be one of the most effective systems for keeping cats and other animals out of any garden Then it may be time to try our cat and dog repellent. These work to repel cats and dogs by using sonic sounds or aromatic plant oils which stop them from entering your garden and digging or fouling. And don't worry, our dog and cat repellent products are completely safe to use and won't harm the pets all - just deter them I Must Garden Deer Repellent offers superior year-round protection against deer damage. While totally harmless to deer, our deer repellent will keep deer from eating flowers, plants, shrubs and more. I Must Garden Deer Repellents are safe for people, pets, and the environment when used as directed Get set for cat repellent at Argos. Same Day delivery 7 days a week £3.95, or fast store collection Cat and Dog Repellent Spray - 1 l from Defenders is a ready-to-use spray containing natural aromatic plant oils to deter cats from digging, scratching and fouling in garden and patio areas. Directions for Use For outdoor use only. Do not use in indoor areas. Remove all signs of fouling and any digging holes from the area to be treated, remove.

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