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Here are the steps: Open the Finder Window. Click on File -> Find . In the top right search textfield, enter the folder name you want to link to In the Safari app on your Mac, move the pointer over the Smart Search field. Click and hold the One-Step Add button that appears at the left end of the field, then choose Favorites From your New Finder Window, you have the option to use the Search button. Just type in the name of the folder you want to add to Favorites, and it will pop up ready to drag and drop into your sidebar. You can also use the search button in the top right-hand corner of your desktop, whichever is more convenient for you If you mean a folder in the Finder sidebar that you've added, hold down the Command key and drag the icon of the folder out of the sidebar. If it's one of the Apple-supplied favorites, go to the Sidebar pane of the Finder preferences and uncheck the appropraite items Ever wondered how to add folders inside Mac's Finder? I show you how to add the pictures and movies folder into the Favorite's drop down inside Mac's Finder..

It is possible to simply Drag and Drop the Applications folder (or any other folder for that matter) under the Favorites sections of the Finder Sidebar. Just locate the desired folder in the Finder window, and drag and drop it under the Favorites section of the Sidebar Using the Finder window, locate the folder that you'd like to add to your Favorites sidebar. Click and drag that folder's icon into the Favorites list. (If the Favorites list is collapsed, click the small arrow beside it to expand it. By default, it usually sits in the Favorites sidebar in Finder on macOS, but it can easily be removed by dragging it away. Luckily, it's easy to add it to Favorites again if you accidentally misplaced it. First, click the desktop to bring Finder into focus. Click Finder in the menu bar, and then select Preferences from the menu At the top menu bar, click Finder → Preferences. Next, select Sidebar from the options at the top. Here, you will see a list of items added to the Sidebar. Enable or disable the items you want to add or remove from the Sidebar Add a folder or disk to the sidebar: Drag the item to the Favorites section. If you don't see the Favorites section, choose Finder > Preferences > Sidebar, then select at least one item in the Favorites section. Adding an item to the Finder sidebar only creates a shortcut to the item; the item isn't moved from its original location

Click Finder in the Dock. You'll see a list of files. Find the application, file or folder you want to add in the list of files. Click the item in the list and drag it over to the Favorites section of the Finder sidebar I'm guessing that what you actually are looking for is a means of adding OneDrive to the Finder window Sidebar.If that's the case, you can't actually do that because OneDrive is a program, it isn't a Device or Location. Assuming you have downloaded it, OneDrive should be in your Applications folder How to Add Dropbox to Favorites in Finder Sidebar on your Mac. Step #1. First off, open Finder on your Mac. Step #2. Next, you need to click on the drive, in this case, Macintosh HD. Step #3. Now, you have to click on Users. Step #4. Click on your Username This video guides you in quick easy steps on how to add folders to favorite on mac OS.Just follow these simple steps:1. open up your finder.2. select any fol.. Add Recent Folders to Finder sidebar. Open Finder, and select your home folder from the sidebar. On the menu bar, go to File>New Smart Folder. This will open the New Smart Folder window with your home folder pre-selected as the location to search. Click the little plus button at the top right

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  1. Here in this article, we are specifically talking about adding Google Drive to Mac Finder. So let's get started with it! 1. Download Backup & Sync from the web. The very first step on adding Google Drive to Mac finder is to download Google Drive on your Mac. It is important to download Backup & Sync from Google Drive
  2. Tap on Finder in the upper-right corner; Click on Preferences; Select the Sidebar tab; From here, ensure that there are ticks next to some of the options under Favorites; If this was the issue, just tick the options you'd like to add. Some Mac users report that this patches a Favorites issue in Finder, but not the Open File dialog box
  3. Check out the products mentioned in this article: iMac (From $1,099 at Apple) How to add favorites on a Mac using Safari. Your Favorites should consist of whichever the sites you find most useful
  4. Make your selections and click the Start Sync button. Google Drive will start up. You will see a Google Drive folder added to the Finder sidebar, as well as a Google Drive item added to your Mac's menu bar. That's it; Google Drive is now running. Try opening the Google Drive folder from the Finder sidebar; from here, you can add folders, add.
  5. Add Items to Mac Finder Sidebars with a Keyboard Shortcut. Like many other things in Mac OS X, there's a keyboard shortcut to add items to the Finder sidebars. The shortcut is slightly different depending on your version of Mac OS. To get started, select any file or folder in the Finder and use the appropriate keystroke below:.

First, select Show Path Bar under Finder->View. This will show the breadcrumb path at the bottom. Next, go into the network folder you want to add. At the very left it will have the root folder with the network drive icon. Drag that over to your favorites. This was vexing me as in SL I was sure I could do it from the network browser, but can. Got an Apple, Mac or iOS tech question? We have the answer. This time we have a reader who wants to know how to customize the Favorites section of the sidebar that appears in Finder windows of OS. Repeat with other folders to favorite as necessary; The drag and drop approach to adding items to favorites in iOS Files app works just like adding folders to the Favorites sidebar in Finder for Mac OS, so if you're on an iPad and coming from a Mac background the process should feel similar.. Drag and drop support also works in vertical mode and Files app on iPhone, but you'll need to tap. Click Finder in the menu bar, and then select Preferences from the menu. In Finder Preferences, click the Sidebar tab. In the Show These Items in the Sidebar section, select the checkbox next to AirDrop.. Now, when you open a new Finder window, AirDrop should be restored to the Favorites section. If you find yourself frequently searching for a certain folder in Finder on your Mac, you can create a quick bookmark to that folder instead. Here are three ways to do it. Method 1: Add a Favorites Sidebar Shortcut. The easiest way to add a bookmark-like shortcut to a folder is by dragging it into your Favorites sidebar in Finder.

Open Finder on your Mac. Click on the Finder option in the top menu bar. Select Preferences. Click on the Sidebar tab. Check the box of AirDrop under Favorites. Now, AirDrop is Accessible on Finder's Sidebar. and Quickly Transfer files with another nearby Apple Device via AIrDrop. here's Airdrop not working for many reasons If you find yourself frequently searching for a certain folder in Finder on your Mac, you can create a quick bookmark to that folder instead. Here are three ways to do it. Method 1: Add a Favorites Sidebar Shortcut The easiest way to add a bookmark-like shortcut to a folder is by dragging it into your Favorites sidebar in Finder. First, click the Finder icon in your Dock to bring. To add your user's Home folder in your Finder Sidebar (under Favorites): Open Finder to activate the app. Now, in the top menu (next to the Apple icon ) click on Finder and go to Preferences. Then click on the Sidebar tab, and under Favorites. Now just tick the checkbox next to your user name (and the Home icon) and now your user home folder.

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  1. Click the Finder icon in your Dock or File > New Finder Window from your menu bar. Then, do the following. 1) With Finder open, select Finder > Preferences from your menu bar. 2) Click the Sidebar tab. For each section; Favorites, iCloud, Locations, and Tags, check those items that you want to see in the Sidebar
  2. Select Applications from the sidebar. Locate the application you wish to change the icon for. Click on the app to highlight it. Press Command + I to reveal the Information Panel. Drag the ICNS file from the icon folder to the small icon in the top right-hand corner of the Information Panel. Enjoy
  3. 1. Switch to the Finder and press Command-N to open a new Finder window. Navigate to the folder that contains the application or file you want to add to the Favorites section of your Finder windows
  4. The Finder in macOS is your gateway to all of the files, apps, and downloads on your Mac. Everything, from your Dropbox folders to your cool new desktop wallpaper, can be located in the Finder. You also have a lot of control over what the Finder will show you and how different parts of the Finder will work
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  6. Well, it's the place where Mac power users cannot skip or avoid. It'll contain preferences, files, cache, application support data and much more. But, for an ordinary or casual user, it should say that there is no space for them. Moving User Library Folder into Favorites in mac Sierra: Method 1. 1. Open your Finder Menu. Select Go-> Go to.

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How to Add Dropbox to Favorites in Finder Sidebar on your Mac. Step #1. First off, open Finder on your Mac. Step #2. Next, you need to click on the drive, in this case, Macintosh HD. Step #3. Now, you have to click on Users. Step #4 Next time you want to connect, it will be right there as a Go -> Favorites menu item, or in the Favorites folder from any finder window. If you find yourself regularly accessing a particular folder on the server, drag that folder icon from the host to your Favorites instead of the disk icon -- saves you from having to drill down each time you. To find your Home folder, open Finder and use the keyboard shortcut Command-Shift-H. You can use the Go pull-down menu from the menu bar to go to the Home folder. (Oddly, the home folder is called. In this guide, I will tell you how to show Mac HD in Finder window and on desktop. Step 1: Open Finder from the top finder menu and select Preferences. Alternatively you can press Command + , after launching Finder to open preferences directly. Step 2: In General tab, check the Hard disks option. This will make your Hard drive visible on Desktop

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0. @Asmus : By default 'command + T' is the shortcut to add a folder to sidebar in finder. Applescript pointed by u is working fine when keyboard shortcut key 'command + T' is assigned manually to other tasks. The applescript fails if executed after setting 'command + T' as the shortcut key to show my other desktop in osx lion (10.7) Share At the most basic level, this is very simple to do. In the Finder, first set a window to column view mode (Command-3), then press Shift-Command-G (the shortcut for Go -> Go to Folder). In the drop. 2. Find the Junk Folder, drag and put it under the Favorites section. Method 3: Create a smart album in Mac Mail. 1. Find the plain text Smart Mailboxes in the left sidebar. 2. Hover your mouse over Smart Mailboxes until you see the Add icon. 3. Name this album and check the filters as the picture shows up: 4. Click OK to add this under Smart.

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Select the '+' icon to add it to your favorites list. Enter the username and password to access the resource when prompted. Select 'Remember this password in my keychain' to avoid having to enter the every time. Select the new icon to access the contents of the network drive On your Mac launch Finder. Click on the Finder option from the menu bar and click on 'Preferences'. On the Finder Preferences click on the 'Sidebar' tab. Under 'Show these items in the sidebar' click on 'Hard disks' option. Once you do so your Mac's hard disk will appear in the sidebar of every Finder window, giving you quick.

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Open Microsoft Edge and go to the site you want to add to your favorites. Select the Add this page to favorites button in the address bar. Rename the favorite (if you want to) and/or choose a different folder to save it in, and then select Done. Note: This topic is for the new Microsoft Edge . Get help for the legacy version of Microsoft Edge To create a new favorite manually or folder to organize your links, use these steps: Open Microsoft Edge. Click the Favorites (star) button. Click the More options (three-dotted) button and select.

Once in OneDrive or Sharepoint click on the sync icon. This should force the OneDrive app to open on your Mac (SharePoint uses the OneDrive App) Select the files or folders you wish to sync. On the top taskbar of your Mac, you should see the Onedrive icon start to become animated as the the files start to sync, depending on the number of files, these may take some time to downloa In the Finder Preferences box, click the Sidebar tab to see a list of all the items you can show or hide in the left pane of a Finder window. In the Favorites area, turn on the checkbox next to.


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Add or remove folders to Favorites. To add or remove folders in the Favorites section, do one of the following:. In the Navigation Pane, click the folder that you want to add, and then on the Folder tab, in the Favorites group, click Show in Favorites.The ribbon command is highlighted when the selected folder appears in Favorites.. Right-click the folder that you want to add or remove, and. How to place app shortcut icon on your Mac. First of all open a Finder window and click on the 'Applications' option from the sidebar. Now look for the app you want to have a shortcut icon for, and simply drag and drop its icon to the desktop in order to create a shortcut. Repeat this step for any number of icons you want to place on the. Finder is the one-stop shop for every shred of data on your Mac. It is sometimes the best way to find what you are looking for (though Spotlight really gives it a run for its money). The best part is that you have direct access to cloud-based programs in Finder, too. So, you don't have to go digging around in the Dropbox app or iCloud Drive Missing Trash Folder. If you can't find your Trash or Junk folder, you can easily get it to show up again. This also works for any other mailbox or folder you want to see. Go to the left sidebar in your Mail app. Hover your pointer over Favorites and a plus sign (+) should appear to the right of Favorites. Click the plus sign (+)

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  1. Right click Favorites folder and click Pin to Start. This will add Favorites tile to the Start menu, see below. Select it with your left mouse button and drag to recent items menu shortcut list then release. Favorites will be added to the Start menu. Unlike Favorites in Windows 7, this does not have the sub menu links, see below
  2. Method 3of 3:By Right-Clicking Download Article. Right-click the icon you want to remove. If you're on a mouse with right-clicking disabled, press Control as you click. If you're using a trackpad with multi-touch gestures, tap the trackpad with two fingers. Select Remove from Sidebar
  3. Click Upload. Click Files or Folder . If you choose Files , select as many files as you like and click Open. If you choose Folder, select a folder and click Upload. Note: Each file or folder that you upload through dropbox.com must be 50 GB or smaller. For larger files or folders, use the desktop or mobile apps, which don't have a file size.
  4. Here you will find all your system folders, including Pictures (Photo folder). Finally, drag the photos folder into the Favourites column on the finder side menu. Dragging the photos folder to the favorites column on the side will allow you easily access the photo folder when you access finders
  5. Favorites still exists - do a search for the word in Help and the first result covers this. The folder is in your ~/Library folder. The help file does suggest that the Finder sidebar be used in place of Favorites, and the icons in the sidebar will scale as you add more items, which is nice, but if you have a lot of favorites you'll probably be happier adding the folder to the sidebar
  6. Saved searches show up in Finder's sidebar (also under Favorites) and can be named whatever you want. To do this, navigate to the folder you want to add to the sidebar, hit COMMAND-F to start the search, select the folder name instead of This Mac at the top, modify the search criteria to show all files (I use File Size-is greater than-0 KB.

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Successfully Tested On: Mac OS X 10.11 - macOS 10.14.3 Finder includes the Connect to Server option that is useful for a variety of things. Connections can be added to a Favorite Servers list by clicking the plus button which then remembers connection paths: The paths added to Favorite Servers are actually stored within a fil Open Qfinder Pro. Qfinder Pro displays all QNAP NAS devices connected to the local area network. Select the NAS and then click Network Drives. Type your NAS username and password and then click OK. The Mount Network Drives window appears. Select Add mounted folders to Favorites in Finder and then click OK. Note: SMB/CIFS is selected by default Click Add Bookmark. And a dialog box will appear saying add this page to. Choose a folder (you can create folders see the how to manage bookmarks section below). The default folder is Favorites. You can change its name and add a description. When you are done, click the blue Add button

How to add an alias/shortcut to the Finder sidebar Adding an alias to the Finder sidebar can also come in handy. All you need to do is drag the item into the Favourites section of the Finder's. In Safari, click the small icon next to the website address, and drag it onto the desktop. This will automatically create the Webloc file, using the same name as the page title. In Chrome, click. Tap the toggle next to Include in Favorites to add or remove your device from the favorites grid. On the Mac's Home app, you can right-click on a device, choose settings then toggle the Include. Step 1: Save a Location to Your Favorites List. With the Maps app open, type your query in the search bar, then hit Search or tap on the winning result. Alternatively, you could locate it on the map if you have a general idea of its location, then tap on its name. If you don't know the address or name, you can just long-press on the area in.

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Yes, you can manually add any folder or file you want into the Favorites section at the top of the Finder window sidebar. In older versions of OS X, this section is called Places In a new Finder window, click File > New Smart Folder. Click This Mac and then click the + in the right corner. From the drop-down menus, change Name to Kind and Any to Image. If you want to save the Smart Folder so you can come back to it, click Save and then name the folder

If you want to keep a Mac connected to a network drive, even after restarting, the easiest way to do this is to follow the three steps above then add these: Hit the Apple menu, then System Preferences > Users & Groups; From here, select Login Items and click + to add a new item; Find your network drive and click Add, then close the windo Click General, and select desired options in the Favorite Items area of the Preferences dialog box. To add items to Favorites, do one of the following: Drag a file or folder to the Favorites panel from Windows Explorer (Windows), the Finder (Mac OS), or the Content or Folders panel of Adobe Bridge

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  1. To create your own guide, open Maps and click Add Guide in the sidebar. Give it a name, then navigate to a place you want to add. Click and drag the place's icon from the map to the guide, then.
  2. To add a landmark, restaurant, shop or landmark to Favorites, click the location, or its pin, or its name in the search list on the left, any of which will make a little banner pop up (if it's not.
  3. Click the small icon thumbnail that is present at the top left-hand side of the Get Info window. Once the thumbnail of the icon is highlighted, press the Command + C keys, or select Copy from the Finder's Edit menu. Right-click the drive or folder whose icon you wish to change. Select Get Info from the popup menu
  4. Add Websites to Safari Favorites on iPhone and iPad. 1. Open the Safari browser on your iPhone or iPad. 2. Using Safari browser, visit the Website that you want to add to Favorites on your iPhone. 3. Once the desired Website is open in Safari browser, tap on the Share icon located in the bottom menu (See image above). 4
  5. Open the Finder. Navigate to your Applications folder. Look for Slack. Choose Slack and hit CMD + I or right-click and choose Get info. Drag the icon you download (it should be in .icns.
  6. If you want to add a search engine that's not listed there, select Manage search engines and click the Add button. Fill out the details for the new search engine and click Add to complete the process. How to change search engine in Mozilla Firefox on Mac. Open Firefox, click Open menu (the three horizontal lines icon), and select Preferences
  7. Enter the name of the favorite group, then click Go. A new favorite group that includes the selected radio station is created. Internet Radio stations added to favorites in vTuner can be played from radiomarantz.com link with this unit. You can also add a radio station that is not in the vTuner list

Step 1 Open Finder on your Mac and go to the Preferences menu. Step 2 Open the Sidebar tab and set your preferences for the favorites. You can choose any folder to show up in your Sidebar. Choose Documents folder in preferences to add it to the Sidebar. Step 3 Click, drag and release Sidebar to change its arrangement The logic is to add a web page to the list once and then be able to navigate to it directly from the new tab screen, the Favorites bar, or from Safari's Sidebar. To Apple's credit, this functionality is extensively customizable, allowing users to specify where they want the list to be shown and which locations to hide it from The window that opens will ask you to name the favorite; Select a destination for the favorite under the drop down menu labeled 'Create in' Click 'Add' Example: You can also right-click on any blank spot on the webpage and choose 'Add to Favorites' from the drop down menu. Then follow the same steps from here (4-6) Show or Hide the Reading List sidebar - ctrl+command+2 Remove a page - Control-click the page summary in the sidebar, then choose Remove Item. Open all bookmarks from a folder in the Favourites bar - Command+click the folder in the Favourites bar; Add the current page - Shift-Command-D Add a linked page - Shift-click a link to the page Show or Hide the Bookmarks sidebar - Control.

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Navigate to the desktop of your Mac. 2. Right click on your mouse, or use two fingers held close together to create a right click on your trackpad. 3. Click New Folder in the menu that appears. How To Copy and Paste Files In the Mac Finder Instead of dragging and dropping files to move them in the Finder, you can simply use Copy and Paste. This will create a copy of the file in the new location. But if you hold down the option key, this moves the file instead. This is similar to cutting and pasting files in other operating systems Next, connect the new Mac to the source Mac over the network: with a Finder window active on the new Mac, go to the Finder menu at the top of your screen and choose Go > Network, then select the.

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Command-click to add more photos to your selection. To make it a multiple photo selection, click on the first photo, then hold the Shift key. Drag to click on the last. All the photos within that range will be selected. Use this method if your multiple selection photos are all in a successive order and you want to include them in the selection Click Add. You may find that after you click on Add, the link might not appear in the desired position in the Favorites bar. You can reposition it within the Favorites bar by clicking on the icon for the site and dragging it to a different location. Now, when you click on the icon you added to the bar, it will take you quickly to that site Fortunately you can delete your favorites from Safari to keep your list of bookmarks accurate. How to Delete Safari Bookmarks on a Mac. The steps in this article were performed on a MacBook Air, in macOS High Sierra. By completing the steps in this guide you will delete a bookmark, or favorite, from the Safari browser

By adding them to Google bookmarks, you can just sign in using your Google account from any device and find your bookmarked sites. Here is how you can set it up: Open Google Chrome Add a bookmark. On your computer, open Chrome. Go to the site you want to visit again in the future. To the right of the address bar, click Star . Find a bookmark. On your computer, open Chrome. At the top right, click More Bookmarks. Find and click a bookmark. Tip: You can open bookmarks faster with the bookmarks bar. You'll find your. All you have to do is connect your external drive to your Mac, launch the app, click on the icon of the disk you want to format, navigate to the Erase tab and click on the Erase button while having Mac OS X Extended selected as the volume format, as seen in the image below. If you like, you can also add a name for your future volume Here's how you connect your Mac with OSX to a SharePoint library — this requires Office for Mac 2011: From Spotlight look for Microsoft Document Connection and open it. Click on the Add Location button in the upper left and choose to Connect to a SharePoint Site Press the Connect button. And that's it How to add a mac OS service item directly in the contextual menu instead of services submenu? Ask Question Asked 4 years, 5 months ago. Active 1 year, 2 months ago. Viewed 2k times 8 2. I am implementing a contextual service for mac OS. When you select a text in an application that support services, a new subitem is added to a services menu

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Making favorites - Add your plugins to your 'Favorites' list the Plugin Database, the Effect and Generator folders above the Installed folder. This will allow you to add the plugin to projects from the standard locations as mentioned above (see point 2 above) Here is how you can access these image files: Open the Finder on your Mac and look for the Home Directory. Then click the Pictures folder to open it. Right-click on the Photos Library.photoslibrary and select Show Package Contents. Open the folder called Masters to view the image files stored in the Photos app How to save a bookmark on iPhone Add a bookmark. Photo: Cult of Mac . This is the basic unit of bookmarking, so we'll cover it first. To bookmark a web page, just tap the share arrow in Safari. Click on This Mac next to Search to locate results for your search query on through the entire machine. [ To create a Smart Folder in your preferred location, go to that location and select File.

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Hi, If you can't find all of your bookmarks and bookmark folders after updating to the new Firefox Quantum (version 57), try this solution: Click on the Library icon on your Firefox toolbar.; Click on Bookmarks, then click on Bookmarking Tools.; Click on Add Bookmarks Menu to the Toolbar.. A Bookmarks Menu icon will be added to your toolbar.; Click on the new Bookmarks Menu icon Apple Pages is full of tips and tricks. One of them is the ability to add special characters and symbols in the document. Read the post to see how to insert that and other hacks of the Pages app If the Outlook Favorites are not visible, you can quickly find and activate them. The Favorites section can be activated and deactivated at any time if you do not want to use this function, for example, for more space to display the e-mail and other folder lists in the MS Outlook directory structure of the folders

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Step 1 Edit bookmark. Run Safari on your Mac. Click Bookmarks in the top menu, and select Edit Bookmarks option from the drop-down list. Step 2 Delete bookmarks from Safari on Mac. Here you will see all the bookmarks classified by the different folders. Delete a or multiple bookmarks: Navigate the bookmark folder > Expand the list of. Click the Facebook banner. Type your Facebook email and password. Review the information that will be synced. You'll be shown the content that will be synced with your Mac computer. Click Sign In to confirm. This will add the Facebook account. Click the Contacts box to toggle contact syncing

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To add a contact to your iPhone's favorites list simply launch the Phone app and tap on the 'Contacts' tab from the button bar. Scroll through the list of contacts until you find the one you want to add and tap on it. Then simply hit the 'Add to Favorties' button, and that will add the said contact to your favorites list In the Folders panel of the Library module, click the Plus icon (+) and choose Add Folder. Do one of the following: (Windows) In the Browse For Folders dialog box, navigate to the location you want, select the folders you want, and then click OK. Or, navigate to the location you want and click Make New Folder Restore Deleted Applications on Mac From Trash Bin. Right after you have deleted an application or program, the very first step would be to check the Trash bin on your Mac and see if you can find the deleted Application there. 1. Click on the Trash icon, located at the right corner of the Dock on your Mac (See image below) 2