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The characters on this list have mastered their control of ice or the freezing of water to the point where they could be considered the greatest anime characters with ice powers ever. If your favorite made the list, make sure to vote them up so they can get to the top Must be a defining trait - Characters with access to vast powers (i.e. magical spells, advanced technology, genetic engineering, etc.) who are theoretically capable of this superhuman feature or ability - but whom have neither made regular use, nor provided a notable example, of this extraordinary or supernatural feat - are not listed here Ice Powers characters. These characters have an elemental connection with ice, enabling them to call upon it to use as a weapon in combat, as a barrier to defend themselves, as a power source to strengthen their bodies, or for other reasons. In some cases, their bodies may actually be composed of the element. See all characters tags. Name

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Originally, Ice's powers were limited to the creation and projection of snow and ice, but over time, she has become increasingly more powerful (and occasionally destructive). At times, she has also had super strength, the ability to fly, to create figures out of ice, and to create blizzards/control the weather A Capcom character that seems to have ice and cold based powers as inferred from the name and appearance. Icy A character with ice control powers from Play Press

List of characters with Cryokinesis the ability to manipulate ice and cold. Wanda Maximoff (Earth-616) William Kaplan (Earth-616) Ororo Munroe (Earth-616 Tora's first appearance was in Justice League International #12 (1988) and she is unique among most ice-wielders because her powers are cryokinetic; she was born in a gypsy traveling tribe in the Norwegian area as a metahuman and gifted with the ability to create ice (cryogenesis) and manipulate it Aliceliese Lou Nebulis IX, or Alice for short, is the main heroine and deuteragonist of the series. She is the second princess of the Nebulis Sovereignty, and the so called Ice Calamity Witch. 1 Appearance 2 Personality 3 Abilities 3.1 Astral Arts 4 Trivia 5 References 6 Navigation Aliceliese is a beautiful young lady with long blonde hair and nice ruby eyes. She is very developed for her. As most fans of the Mortal Kombat video games already know, before he became a wraith ninja, Noob Saibot was the original Sub-Zero, a mercenary assassin from the Lin Kuei Clan and a stone-cold killer, emphasis on the cold: his powers of ice manipulation enabled him to shock, impale, flash-freeze and shatter his opponents, and his.

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  1. Ice Bolt Projection. Ice Bow Construction. Ice Breath. Ice Bullet Projection. Ice Constructs. Ice Cream Generation. Ice Cream Mimicry. Ice Cutting. Ice Embodiment
  2. Ice element is one of the special ability that an anime character can have. It is usually used as power to protect, attack and defend themselves in order to survive in the battle or war. All ice users in anime are invulnerable to cold and does not take too damage when it comes to ice attacks
  3. Some Street Fighter fans who are also Disney fans have compared Kolin to Elsa from Disney's 2013 film Frozen because they are both female characters with similar ice and snow powers. Her Christmas DLC costume has her wearing a winter outfit similar to Elsa's younger sister, Anna , but the color scheme of her outfit (blue) makes her resemble Elsa
  4. The power to manipulate ice. Variation of Water Manipulation and Solid Manipulation. 1 Also Called 2 Capabilities 3 Applications 3.1 Basic Level 3.2 Advanced Level 3.3 Expert Level 3.4 Master Level 4 Techniques 5 Variations 6 Associations 7 Limitations 8 Known Users 8.1 Anime/Manga/Manhwa 8.2..
  5. May be used by Bigfoot, Sasquatch and Yeti, Snowlems, a Winter Royal Lady, a Yuki-onna, or even the Ice Queen. May be a Tragic Ice Character. People with these powers may also have An Ice Suit, a Freeze Ray, and Icy Blue Eyes, or be subject to Elemental Baggage. They'll also often have blue clothes, hair, and/or skin because Blue Means Cold
  6. ating a mage's greatest weakness
  7. ine species with no male counterpart. She is known for her busty figure and large lips, which she uses to perform her signature move, Lovely Kiss, to put enemies to sleep
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  1. Tora Olafsdotter Appearances • Images • Quotes Ice is a female super-hero with the ability of cryokinesis. Despite her shy and reserved personality, she is an extremely powerful metahuman
  2. In Tangent Comics (taking place on Earth-96 of the Old Multiverse and Earth-9 of the New Multiverse) Ice is a female supervillain with cryo-kinetic powers and is a member of the Fatal Five. In the future continuity of Justice League 3000, Ice has become long-lived
  3. This list encompasses fictional characters with the supernatural, paranormal, or superhuman ability to generate and manipulate water and/or moisture. This includes the abilities to generate manipulate telekinesis in relation to control the water. It does not include magic users or wizards who can control water but whose primary focus is not water magic. For this list Media refers to where the.
  4. After returning to Storybrooke, Ingrid resumes her job at Any Given Sundae.During a power outage, she uses her freezing powers to keep her frozen goods from expiring. Meanwhile, the Ice Queen, Elsa, recently created an ice barrier at the town line in order to keep everyone from leaving until she finds her missing sister.Having gained an ally in Emma, Elsa returns to the town line with her and.
  5. 25 of 27. Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. Kiernan Shipka is at the center of this original series inspired by the Archie comic. Borrowing from the fantasy of Sabrina the Teenage Witch, the show is dark, mysterious, and focuses on Sabrina, a teenager who grapples with her life as a witch and human. Watch Now
  6. Is it possible to complete a list of the most powerful female characters in the Marvel universe and not include someone who is literally named Ms. Marvel? Carol Danvers was introduced in 1968 and would be a tremendous candidate for any superhero team. Danvers' powers emerged when she had her human genes mixed with Kree (alien) genes
  7. Water Powers characters. These characters have an elemental connection with water, enabling them to call upon it to use as a weapon in combat, as a barrier to defend themselves, as a power source to strengthen their bodies, or for other reasons. In some cases, their bodies may actually be composed of the element. See all characters tags. Name

Frost Walrus. A robot master from Capcom with ice control powers. 105 results. 1 As many of you know, I'm super fascinated with mythical creatures of winter, ice and snow. (After all, my entire DA account is pretty much dedicated to ice dragons.) So, to celebrate the coming of winter, here are my personal top 10 mythical creatures of ice and the winter season Characters by Power arranges characters by their superpowers or abilities.. Distinction should be made between the power itself and the origin or source of that power. Characters with an immunity to a certain power will be included in a subcategory under that power, as with Telepaths and Telepathic Immunity.. For a list of superpowers, see Category:Powers

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Esdeath was a tall, beautiful, and slender woman with long, light blue hair and blue eyes. She wore a General's apparel with long sleeves with buttons on the upper arms, a blue scarf on her neck, and high-heeled boots. She also has a tattoo on her chest, which is the sign of her Teigu . In the anime, Esdeath was shown to have a porcelain white. Genshin Impact: Every Cryo Character in the Game (December 2020) Genshin Impact's Cryo element offers a lot of utility, but is at the moment one of the least represented elements of the seven so far Frost is a female Lin Kuei warrior in the Mortal Kombat fighting game series, who made her debut in Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance. 1 About Frost 2 Combat Characteristics 2.1 Powers and Abilities 2.2 Signature Moves 2.3 Fatal Blow 2.4 Other Moves 2.5 Fatalities 2.6 Brutalities 2.7 Other finishers 3 Quotes 3.1 Mortal Kombat: Armageddon 3.2 Mortal Kombat X 3.3 Mortal Kombat 11 3.3.1 Story Mode 4. Ice Mimicry - The being has a body composed of ice. Mask Manipulation - The character gains powers when wearing and/or using a mask. Mask Manipulation is also known as Mask Attachment, Mask Creation, Mask Empowerment, Mask Generation, Mask Power and Power via Mask

Princess Bonnibel Bonnie Bubblegum (often called PB and occasionally Peebles, Bub-Bubs, or P-Bubs) is one of the main characters of the series Adventure Time and first appeared in the animated short.. Princess Bubblegum is the current incarnation of the Candy Elemental, comparable to the inhabitants of the Candy Kingdom, who are all composed of types of desserts and candies This page lists all the characters appearing throughout the My Hero Academia manga, anime and My Hero Academia: Vigilantes manga. 1 U.A. High School 1.1 U.A. Staff 1.2 U.A. Students 1.3 U.A. Alumni 2 Ketsubutsu Academy High School 3 Shiketsu High School 4 Isamu Academy High School 5 Seijin High.. Check out this cast and characters guide to help make sense of the world of the 2021 movie. his powers obviously involve the wielding of ice as a power, with his ability to fling ice balls. These are the current rosters. If we count Goten & Trunks and Mr. Random, there are 83 characters in total in Anime Battle Arena. In Anime Battle Arena, there's a specific set of characters for each anime/manga series the creators of the game decides to take characters from. These rosters are what separate each anime's fighters from one another.

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Tōshirō Hitsugaya in THE BURNOUT INFERNOAs long as I can strike you down, I would gladly abandon my status as captain right here and now! Tōshirō Hitsugaya (日番谷 冬獅郎, Hitsugaya Tōshirō) is the captain of the 10th Division in the Gotei 13. His lieutenant is Rangiku Matsumoto. He formerly served.. To help you get acquainted with some of the best female superheroes, we've put together a list of our favorites. They run the gamut from weird vintage characters (Ma Hunkel) to modern fan-faves.

Characters gain experience primarily by using Character EXP Materials and completing quests, as well as negligible amounts of experience for defeating monsters.. Ascensions. Characters can be ascended to their next ascension phase once they reach their current max level and the player has the required Adventure Rank.Characters can be ascended up to 6 times (Lv. 90) Marvel launched the all-female team in 2015, and since has released four issues of bad-assness. The team, comprised of characters like Captain Marvel, Spider-Woman, Scarlet Witch, Pixie, Storm, and more, is led by She-Hulk, and works together to defend their island nation of Arcadia in Battleworld. #AForceIsTheNewAvengers. 13 Valorant is a 5v5 tactical shooter where each player plays as a character called an agent. There are currently fifteen agents in the game: Astra, Breach, Brimstone, Cypher, Jett, Killjoy, Omen, Phoenix, Raze, Reyna, Sage, Skye, Sova, Viper, and Yoru.. Each agent has four unique abilities (including one ultimate)

Tora Olafsdotter is Ice, a superhero who wields ice magic. She was a member of Justice League International, where she became good friends with Fire. She was the on-again-off-again girlfriend of Guy Gardner. 1 History 1.1 Early Life 1.2 Global Guardians 1.3 Justice League 1.4 Ghost Appearances.. Lana Lang as a little girl. I'm a fairy princess. — Lana Lang, Pilot When Lana was three years old, she saw her parents, Lewis and Laura Lang, struck and killed by a meteor during the 1989 meteor shower that hit Smallville.She became the poster child for the disaster, her cry of anguish captured forever on the cover of Time Magazine.. Her aunt, Nell Potter, adopted her and gave her a. Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. D&D Beyon Annie acquired her Titan powers while she was a Warrior candidate in Marley and was trained with using them by the military of Marley and by her father. During the 57th Expedition Outside the Walls of the Survey Corps, she was far more experienced in using her Titan form compared to Eren, who had only discovered his Titan powers recently. She.

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This page lists all characters from the A Song of Ice and Fire series alphabetically according to the characters' first names, regardless of if the character is better known by a nickname. For example: Sour Alyn is listed under A for Alyn and not S for Sour. If possible, unnamed characters are listed under their House name. For example: Lord Redwyne is under R Elemental Powers: Superheroes match their element's behavior.. Earth: Earth-powered characters tend to be stubborn and headstrong.May be solemn and down to earth, but occasionally may also be Boisterous Bruisers.May or may not be Dumb Muscles.If female, they may be motherly. When they're sand-based, on the other hand, they tend to invoke the harshness of deserts Female Marvel Superheroes of Color Of course, we have Shuri and Okoye who have quickly become two of the best known black female Marvel superheroes. The character of Valkyrie was not a woman of color in the comic books, but the role was given to African American actress Tessa Thompson, much like the Ghost Character Frosta is the princess of the Kingdom of Snows and a member of the Princess Alliance in The Rebellion. She is the youngest of the princesses on Etheria. She is one of the Elemental Princesses. 1 Appearance 2 Personality 3 Powers and abilities 3.1 Powers 4 Weaknesses 5 Relationships 5.1 Glimmer..

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Using her psionic powers, Emma learned that the project's actual purpose was the annihilation of all genetic deviants. After Shaw's lover, Lourdes Chantel, was murdered by one of the Sentinels, Shaw and Frost staged a coup that saw them seize control of the Council of the Chosen, which they renamed the Inner Circle Kula Diamond (クーラ・ダイアモンド, Kūra Daiamondo) is a character who first appeared as a hidden character and potential mid-boss in The King of Fighters 2000. She enters as a normal participant in subsequent appearances. Her original hair color is strawberry blonde (confirmed after the game's release), but changes to a light blue when she activates her powers. She's often seen. So far, the Jump Force characters come from many different anime franchises are included in Jump Force - including Dragon Ball Z, Bleach, One Piece, Death Note, One Piece, and Hunter x Hunter Mizore Shirayuki is a Yuki-Onna who becomes part of the Newspaper Club at Yōkai Academy and one of the romantic admirers of Tsukune Aono who is a stalker that she has obsessive love for him. 1 Appearance 2 Personality 3 Manga 3.1 Year One 3.2 Year Two 4 Anime 4.1 Year One 4.2 Year Two 5 Powers and Abilities 5.1 Powers 5.2 Abilities 5.3 Techniques 5.3.1 Solo Techniques: 5.3.2 Partner. Betty Grof was a human-turned-wizard woman revealed to have once been the fiancée of a man named Simon Petrikov, who would much later become the Ice King.She and Petrikov were in a committed relationship until Simon obtained an enchanted crown, which gradually began to alter his body and warp his mind.. In the series finale, Come Along With Me, Betty is consumed by GOLB with Ice King and Finn

The Female Titan hardens its fist to deal a severe blow to the Attack Titan. The Female Titan possessed the ability to harden its skin, able to shatter blades of ultrahard steel upon contact. Besides its defensive properties, this hardening made the Female Titan's melee attacks significantly stronger, with a single well-placed blow being capable of dismembering or even decapitating other Titans Shoto effortlessly defeating villains at the U.S.J.. Overall Abilities: Having been trained by his father, Endeavor, at a young age, Shoto entered U.A. High School through recommendations, and has been established as one of the strongest students in Class 1-A.He earned 2nd place in both the Quirk Apprehension Test and U.A. Sports Festival. Shoto also has a great handle over his versatile and.

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The strongest female protagonist of the Fairy Tail series, Erza the Titania is my fifth strongest female character in the anime. She has the power to Requip, it allows her to swap weapons and armors simultaneously. She is said to have over 100 armors and 200 different weapons. She has an enhanced strength, immense durability, immense magic. Annie (MS005) Annie Proctor. Anthea and Concordia. Anthea and Concordia (Adventures) Anthea and Concordia (anime) Arcade Star Dahlia. Arcade Star Dahlia (Adventures) Arena Tycoon Greta. Arena Tycoon Greta (Adventures Flora is a playable character in Fire Emblem Fates and an ally on the Conquest and Revelation routes. She is the older twin sister of Felicia. 1 Profile 1.1 Prologue 1.2 Birthright 1.3 Conquest 1.4 Revelation 2 Personality 3 In-Game 3.1 Base Stats 3.2 As an Enemy 3.2.1 Birthright Chapter 17 - Lost in the Ice 3.2.2 Conquest Chapter 8 - Cold Reception 3.2.3 Revelation Chapter 12 - Frozen Sea 3.3. Carol Danvers is just about the most powerful woman in the Marvel Universe and is arguably the publisher's top female hero. With cosmic powers, a background as a fighter pilot, a high-profile. Yet there's a small pantheon of comic characters that defy these well-trodden clichés, and boast powers that stretch the limits of the superhero genre. We're going to steer clear of joke characters (such as Arm-Fall-Off-Boy and The Color Kid), godlike characters with undefined powers, and one-shot characters—within those.

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The Traveler is the playable protagonist of Genshin Impact.At the beginning of the game, both genders are twin siblings from another world, traveling throughout the universe, until an Unknown God ambushed and captured one of them, and sealed their ways of travel, leaving them stranded on Teyvat.They are accompanied by a travel companion named Paimon throughout their journey Stay Cool! —Chill's official catchphrase Chill is a former Ice Kingdom guard who is one of the newSkylanders in Skylanders: Giants. Her Series 2 counterpart is called Blizzard Chill. 1 Background 1.1 Personality 1.2 Biography 2 Story 2.1 History 3 Gameplay 3.1 Stats 3.2 Abilities 3.3 Quests 4 Quotes 4.1 Battle Cries 5 Character Trailers 6 Gallery 7 Trivia 8 References As captain of the.

Character&Design. From the 8th to the 11th of July, 2014, Monty hinted at Neo's Neapolitan ice cream theme by tweeting pictures of Neapolitan ice cream, long before the character's first appearance in the show, a few days after her appearance in the Volume 2 Trailer This page lists all of the female X-Men related characters. Trending pages. Scarlet Witch; Rogue; Jean Grey; Psylocke; Emma Frost; Hope Summer Sub-Zero, also known asKuai Liang, is the current Grandmaster of the Lin Kuei and one of the main protagonists from the Mortal Kombat fighting game series. 1 Appearance 2 Personality 3 Powers and Abilities 4 Quotes 5 Trivia 6 Navigation Sub-Zero dresses in the familiar blue-garbed ninja-like..

Another character who abused his position of power, and with happiness. The worst thing about Warden Norton (Bob Gunton) is the fact that despite Andy's continuous help, he refuses to even give. Hypothesis 2b was mostly supported: female characters wore more sexy and revealing clothing than males. Table 4 indicates means for female characters were significantly higher than means for male characters on variables measuring the revealing nature of non-costume clothing (e.g., clothes the character wore when not acting as the superhero) and costume clothing (e.g., superhero costume) LEGO Marvel's Avengers is the second installment in the LEGO Marvel Video Game series which was released on January 26, 2016.It is based off of the films Marvel's The Avengers, Marvel's Avengers: Age of Ultron, Marvel's Captain America: The First Avenger, Marvel's Iron Man 3, Marvel's Thor: The Dark World and Marvel's Captain America: The Winter Soldier

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Jericho「ジェリコ」 is part of the New Generation of Holy Knights after drinking the demon's blood. When she was an apprentice, she served the Weird Fangs and was stationed at the Baste Dungeon where Ban was imprisoned. 1 Appearance 1.1 Armor 2 Personality 3 History 4 Abilities and Equipment 4.1.. So, like Supergirl and Batgirl before her, the Bionic Woman was really just a female extension of a male character. 9. Chloe Bennett as Daisy Johnson As seen in: Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Rapunzelis the main protagonist of Disney's2010CG animated feature filmTangled. Rapunzel is loosely based on the classic German fairy tale Rapunzel by the Brothers Grimm. She is a very beautiful princess with long magical hair who, with the aid of a handsome thief,Flynn Rider, leaves her secluded tower to explore the outside world. She is voiced byMandy Mooreand is the 10th official member of. Emilia engaging in hand-to-hand combat. While she leans more on the magical side, Emilia is also apt at close-quarters combat. Like Garfiel, rather than having a known practiced form, she is a more instinctual fighter, relying on her body's natural talents such as its high nimbleness, sharp senses, and above-average physical strength combined with her magical arts