Position the mouse pointer anywhere in the sentence and triple click.

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To select a word double-click the left button on your mouse quickly (as you did you before to launch a file or program) whilst the pointer is position on the word you would like to select. The word will then be highlighted. To select a sentence, triple-click with the left button on your mouse at the start of the sentence Move the mouse pointer over three in the first line and double-click to select the word Triple-click anywhere in the third paragraph to select the 3 entire paragraph You can also select text using..

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Using the mouse, which of the following options will select a sentence? a. Triple-click anywhere in the sentence b. Press and hold down the Ctrl key and click in the sentence c. Double-click in the left margin of the sentence d. Shift-click A triple-click within a paragraph in the text area selects the entire paragraph. A triple-click in the left margin (when the mouse pointer is an up-and-to-the-right arrow) selects the entire document Select with double and triple click Any word can be selected by double-clicking the word. If you want to highlight the whole paragraph or sentence, click the mouse button three times on any word. Try it now on this paragraph by clicking three times fast on any word in the paragraph A window tracks the position of the cursor by processing the stream of WM_MOUSEMOVE messages posted to the window as the mouse moves. Processing the WM_MOUSEMOVE message typically involves a repetitive painting or drawing operation in the client area. For example, a drawing application might redraw a line repeatedly as the mouse moves

Mouse shortcut method. Position the mouse pointer over any part of the desired text. Position the mouse pointer over the appropriate location in the left margin until it changes into a diagonal right pointing arrow. Drag or click the mouse button the appropriate number of times. To deselect text: Click anywhere outside the selection.o To select a whole sentence, press and hold down the _____ key and then click anywhere in the sentence. the mouse pointer displays with an image of a. paintbrush. Which of the following is not a component of a theme? position the pointer on the tab symbol, hold down the left mouse button, and then

a) Use your mouse to left-click and drag through all the words and characters in a sentence. b) Hold down the Ctrl key and use the right arrow on your keyboard to select all the words and characters in the sentence. c) Triple click your left mouse button anywhere in the sentence to select the entire sentence Triple-clicking directly on text selects the entire line. To use the double-click method: Place your mouse pointer directly over the word or phrase you want to select. Double-click. To use the triple-click method: Place your mouse pointer anywhere in the line you want to select. Triple-click. Pros: It's easy, with lots of control. Cons

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To select a sentence hold down the Ctrl key and click anywhere in the sentence To extend a whole sentence, hold down Ctrl and click anywhere in the sentence Selecting several Lines of Text Click and drag in the left margin In order to be able to select a portion of a word, you must clear the check box for When selecting, automatically select entire word at File | Options | Advanced: Editing options.But that doesn't explain runaway highlighting such as you describe unless your mouse button has a hair trigger: double-clicking will select a word, Ctrl+click a sentence, and triple-click a paragraph

When you position the mouse pointer to the left of the margin, it changes to a selection arrow that enables you to click to select the entire line to the right of the pointer. You then can drag down to continue selecting adjacent words, lines of text, or entire paragraphs. Table 2-3 lists this and other techniques for selecting text with the mouse So if the mouse pointer moves anywhere on the screen I get a call back. An approximation is possible with polling MouseInfo.getPointerInfo but there must be a better way. Thanks. To explain the use case: It's just for a pet project but basically firing events when the mouse hits the edge of the screen

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  1. Position the mouse pointer in the paragraph below the title and then triple-click; that is, press the mouse button three times in rapid succession, to select the paragraph Right-click the selected paragraph to display a shortcut menu Point to Styles on the shortcut menu to display the Styles submenu Creating a Quick Styl
  2. To select a single sentence, hold down the Ctrl key as you click anywhere on the sentence. (This only works if no other text is selected.) To select a paragraph, move the mouse pointer to the left of the paragraph and double-click. To select the entire document, move the mouse pointer to the left of the text and triple-click
  3. Types of mouse clicks and mouse click options Single-click. Pressing and releasing the mouse button performs an action if you clicked on a button, icon, file menu, or another object.For example, when you single-click a hyperlink in a browser, that link is opened.With a mouse with two or more buttons, the single-click defaults to the left mouse button, which may also be known as left-clicking
  4. Specific text Click and drag Click to position insertion point at the beginning of the text, hold the shift key and click at the end of the text Hold shift key while pressing arrows Word Double click on word Line Position mouse pointer in the left margin beside the line and click Sentence Hold Ctrl and click in the sentence Paragraph Position.
  5. Shift+click: Select from the current caret position to the mouse cursor location. Alt+double-click: Select from the beginning of a word to the mouse cursor location. Alt+click-and-drag: Select a.

Paragraph: Double-click in selection bar * or triple-click anywhere in the paragraph. Entire document: Triple-click in the selection bar * or press [Ctrl] and click in selection bar.* * The selection bar in the left margin is the area at the left edge of the screen where the pointer changes to an arrow pointing up and to the right Click anywhere inside the text of the Get_Cursor_Pos routine and press the F5 key to run the Get_Cursor_Pos macro. You will get a message box displayed with the coordinates of the current position of the mouse pointer. Click anywhere inside the text of the Set_Cursor_Pos routine and press the F5 key to run the Set_Cursor_Pos macro You see the mouse pointer also called the mouse cursor or simply the cursor To see a tool tip, position (only position) the mouse on the Recycle Bin icon and see the sentence that appears: From now on, unless specified otherwise, the word Mouse refers to the mouse pointer or cursor on the screen

When the cursor gets erratic, it's the mouse's nano-receiver at fault. It's common nowadays for wireless mice to be packaged with a nano-receiver, a tiny receiver the size of a small finger nail, that plugs into a USB port. On two systems, I've experienced erratic cursor behavior as I move the mouse. The cursor jumps or sometimes doesn't react. 10. Use ClickLock. ClickLock is a function enables you to select or drag an item with mouse pointer. In the Mouse Properties dialog, navigate to Buttons tab. Enable Turn on ClickLock checkbox. Click on the Settings button and setup the duration for locking your click. Enable ClickLock Millones de Productos que Comprar! Envío Gratis en Productos Participantes •To select a complete sentence at a time : Position the mouse point anywhere in the sentence and triple click •To select a complete paragraph at a time: Position the mouse pointer anywhere in the paragraph and quadruple click •A whole document: Press Ctrl+A on the keyboard. Drag the mouse pointer till you see a right arrow which is white.

If you start with one finger on the Spacebar, position the cursor where you want it and then tap anywhere on the grayed-out keyboard to start selecting. For easier selection of chunks of text, put the cursor in a word, let up, and then tap once with two fingers to select the word around the cursor, twice to select the sentence, and three times. hold down the left mouse button, and then drag the pointer over the text that you want to select. A Word Double-click anywhere inside the word with your I-beam cursor A Sentence Hold down the CTRL, and then click anywhere inside the sentence. A Paragraph Triple-click anywhere inside the paragraph. All of the text in a Documen a. Click on the Start icon in the lower left corner of the screen. Select Control Panel. Next select Mouse under Hardware and Sound. You can also left-click the touchpad while the cursor is anywhere on the desktop. From that screen, choose Mouse Pointers. b. Select the Buttons tab at the top of the dialog box that opens. This shows. Double Click to Type Anywhere. Since, Microsoft Office XP, the MS-Word has been coming with a feature that enables you to type anywhere in the document. Just double click anywhere in the document and your typing cursor will be placed exactly at that place. SEE ALSO: Learn even more MS-Word Tips to boost your productivity at work

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  1. Triple-click. A triple-click selects the current paragraph. Margin+click. To select an entire line, move the cursor into the left margin. When you see the insertion pointer turn into an arrow.
  2. a sentence Press the Ctrl key and click anywhere in the sentence. a paragraph Place the mouse pointer in the left margin and double click next to any line in the paragraph. multiple paragraphs Click at the beginning of the first paragraph then hold the mouse button down while dragging through your desired paragraphs. a document Press the Ctrl.
  3. [Shift] + Arrow keys -- Position cursor at start or end of text. Hold down the [Shift] key while you use the arrow keys to select the text. [Ctrl] + Mouse - Hold down [Ctrl] and click in a sentence to select that sentence. [Ctrl] + A-- Hold down the [Ctrl] key while you press [A] to select the entire document
  4. towards your sentences; a dotted box will surround the text. Release the left mouse button. Move the mouse cursor along the right edge of the dotted box, the cursor turns into a small hand. When the cursor appears as a hand, click the left mouse button, hold it down, and drag the text block to its new location. From the menu, you can position.
  5. 1 Open Settings, and click/tap on the Ease of Access icon.. Starting with Windows 10 build 21359, the Ease of Access category in Settings has been renamed to Accessibility.. 2 Click/tap on Text cursor on the left side, and turn on or off (default) Turn on text cursor indicator for what you want under the Use text cursor indicator section on the right side. . (see screenshot
  6. position the cursor anywhere within the document. Otherwise, the mouse pointer will be To select any menu, simply position the mouse pointer over the desired menu selection and click once with the left mouse button. A drop down menu will be presented across the screen, similar to the one shown on the following page..
  7. OO Press and hold the Ctrl key and then click anywhere in a sentence to select the entire sentence. OO Move the pointer to the left of text until it changes to an arrow shape and then click to select that line of text. Double-click to select the entire paragraph. Triple-click to select the entire document. OO

A sentence. Press and hold (Ctrl) then click the sentence. Triple-click with the mouse pointer to the left of any text or click SELECT ALL on the edit menu, or press (Ctrl +A) Position the mouse pointer over the shape so that it changes to a 4-way arrow; (ii). To copy, Right Click → Copy. The shortcut key is Ctrl + C. Paste. Select your text and then copy it.. Use mouse to move the cursor to desired position to paste the copied text. Click paste to insert the copied text in its new place. You can paste clipboard information as often as you like. To paste, Right Click → Paste. The shortcut key. 4.Select the entire first row of cells. Click the Home tab and from the Paragraph group click the Shading icon (Paint bucket) . 5.Apply a Tan or light pastel color. You'll see the cells changing while rolling the mouse pointer over the colors. 6.Press the . Enter key. 2 or 3 times . after the table. and type . your full name. h. Printing the.

Move the mouse pointer over the text you want to select. Release the mouse button when the selection is complete. You can select a large fragment of a document. Click the start of the intended selection. Hold down the Shift key, position the mouse cursor at the end of the selection, then click the left mouse button

The mouse cursor wanders around, is unsteady, jittery, sluggish, etc. If you move the mouse very slowly it's not too bad but faster movements result in unpredictable cursor motion. It's frustrating but usable if you're willing to slow down and even then it's difficult to position accurately for say editing a sentence after typing it In order to select a single sentence, hold the control key and click anywhere on that sentence. Word will highlight the entire sentence in gray color. For selecting a single line (not a sentence), first move the mouse to the left margin of the document. You will notice the cursor changes into an arrow symbol Double-Click and Triple-Click. You can select any word by double-clicking on the word. If you want to highlight an entire paragraph or sentence, click the mouse button three times on any word. If you double-click and then drag your mouse, it will highlight one word at a time instead of only one letter Download RPG AutoClicker - Simulates single or double, right, middle or left clicks right where your mouse cursor is or at a user defined location, anywhere on the deskto

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A computer mouse (plural mice, rarely mouses) is a hand-held pointing device that detects two-dimensional motion relative to a surface. This motion is typically translated into the motion of a pointer on a display, which allows a smooth control of the graphical user interface of a computer.. The first public demonstration of a mouse controlling a computer system was in 1968 ClickCount: The number of times to click the mouse. For example, Click, 2 performs a double-click at the mouse cursor's current position. If omitted, the button is clicked once. If Coords is specified, ClickCount must appear after it. Specify zero (0) to move the mouse without clicking; for example, Click, 100 200 0 Mouse action . Selection. Double click on a word: Entire word: Ctlr + click anywhere within a sentence: Entire sentence: Triple click anywhere in a paragraph: Entire paragraph: Ctlr + A: Entire document: Single click in left margin: Entire line: Double click in left margin: Entire paragrap

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  1. Otherwise, player dragging would start by clicking anywhere on the screen. Finally, in the _physics_process() function, insert this code immediately before calling move_and_collide(): # If dragging is enabled, use mouse position to calculate movement if drag_enabled: var new_position = get_global_mouse_position() movement = new_position - position
  2. You might see some extra mouse events, such as mouse-exited and then mouse-entered. Release the mouse button. You will see a mouse-released event. If you did not move the mouse, a mouse-clicked event will follow. Press and hold the mouse button again, and then drag the mouse so that the cursor ends up outside the window. Release the mouse button
  3. ation or storage using the Highlight feature. Click Annotate | Highlight. A color selector appears on-screen
  4. Select Paragraph - Quad-Click (4 clicks) This is the preferred method of selecting a paragraph.If you click and drag, you might miss the end of the paragraph.. Select Story - Quin-Click (5 clicks). Select a Word and More - Double-Click and drag your mouse. This also works with triple/quad clicks
  5. Place the mouse pointer to establish the position and left click once ; Left click on the Insert pull-down menu, then Picture, and then From File; Next, choose the folder where your photograph (or clip art, or other graphic source) is stored and double click on it with the left mouse button
  6. Highlights from the current mouse pointer position to end of line Selecting text with I pointer When the mouse cursor looks like this >> Selecting one word Double click Selecting one paragraph Triple click Selecting only one sentence Hold the control key down and click any part of the sentence. Other shortcut keys to select tex
  7. Then immediately click 'mouse-3' at the same spot, to delete the selected text. Similarly, triple-click 'mouse-1' to select a line, click 'mouse-3' to extend the selection through some other line, then click 'mouse-3' to delete the selected lines. Library mouse3.el. Perhaps you know about 'C-mouse-3' in Emacs. It pops up a.

Other Cool Mouse Shortcuts. Double-click on the split bar at the top of the horizontal scroll bar to split the window into 2 panes. Double-click anywhere on the top border of the lower pane to remove the split. (You can also click and drag these 2 locations to create a split). Double click in a header or footer to edit the header or footer. A triple-click in a text input field selects the entire field. A triple-click in a text document selects the current sentence. Use Ctrl+Del to delete everything from the cursor position to the end of the word. By using Ctrl and right or left arrow key, the cursor will jump from word to word; if you also hold down the Shift key, one word after. - Click three times (Triple Click) - selects the paragraph. - Click and Drag - With no selection, Click and Drag to select text. With a selection, Click inside and Drag to move the selected text. Clicking Outside Text Move your mouse into the left margin so that the mouse cursor turns into a white arrow that points back at the text and Please hold still while we locate your pointer.. your sentence at the end of the line. To move the cursor from its position at the end of the your sentence to anywhere else on the page, use the mouse or the arrow keys to move the cursor where you want the letters or spaces to be (left-click the mouse to place the cursor) and then type what you want to add—the text will adjust to include it

You can swipe the mouse cursor over text or use multiple clicks to select a word (double-click), sentence (triple-click), or paragraph (quadruple-click). You can also click in the text, press F8 to enter Extending selection mode, and then use the arrow keys on your keyboard to select a contiguous block of text A triple-click in a text document selects the current sentence. Use Command Ctrl +Del to delete everything from the cursor position to the end of the word. By using Command Ctrl and right or left arrow key, the cursor will jump from word to word; if you also hold down the Shift key, one word after the other is selected Another option that you have is to combine Extend Mode with mouse clicks. Enter Extend Mode and click anywhere to highlight anything between the initial cursor position and the mouse selection. Last but not least, use Ctrl-Shift-F8 and mouse or keyboard to select text blocks. Remember the press the Esc-key to exit Extend Mode once you are done

Assign a keyboard Shortcut to get Mouse Position and Add Action to the script as displayed in the screenshot above. Move the Mouse Cursor Manually to the Screen Location where you want this Mouse Clicking Software to Click. Now press the Keyboard Shortcut assigned in Step 3 above. Repeat Step 5 for other Mouse Clicks you wish to add to the Script And Clicker Sentences works anywhere, whether or not you have an Internet connection. PART OF CRICK SOFTWARE'S CLICKER FAMILY Based in the UK and US, Crick Software has a worldwide reputation for quality educational software for students of all abilities. Independent Consultant HELP EVERY CHILD ACHIEVE WRITING SUCCESS Students click words.

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If you double left click at the end of line : this is deemed as a blank area or anywhere in the blank text area then you are instructing it to highlight everything. A single left click at the end of a line will do nothing other than position the cursor for typing Bring your mouse in the selection bar and double-click in front of the paragraph you want to select. Bring your mouse in the selection bar and triple-click in front of the paragraph you want to select. Bring your mouse in the selection bar, hold down the Shift key and click in front of the paragraph you want to select

Click in the left margin (right-pointing mouse cursor ) to highlight a line. Drag up and down to highlight multiple lines. Double click in left margin to select a paragraph. Double-click on a single word to select it. Triple-click on a paragraph to select it (In reply to Heiko Tietze from comment #1) > Isn't shift+<ctrl>+cursor sufficient? No, it selects from current position in _word_ to end of word, and then expands at word bounds. The only functional selection that directly uses _sentence_ boundaries is the L-MouseButton triple click (don't know if it is counting the ButtonDown or ButtonUp) Mouse co-ordinates - show precise position of the mouse pointer (X, Y coordinates), and pixel color (Hex, RGB, HSL, HSV or CMYK formats). Make any window on your screen always on top, will never hide behind other windows, useful when you want to use some image for reference Some mouse wheels can be pushed left or right to also move back and forward between web pages. Select with double and triple click. Any word can be selected by double-clicking the word. If you want to highlight the whole paragraph or sentence, click the mouse button three times on any word

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  1. GNOME 3.0. Mouse: Drag with left click selects. Click outside selection de-selects. Right-click shows context menu (copy/paste/cut) Middle-click pastes last selection in the position of the (mouse) cursor. Shift-click expands selection until (mouse) cursor. Keyboard: Shift+arrows without selection starts selection
  2. Mouse button. Click-related events always have the button property, which allows to get the exact mouse button.. We usually don't use it for click and contextmenu events, because the former happens only on left-click, and the latter - only on right-click.. From the other hand, mousedown and mouseup handlers may need event.button, because these events trigger on any button, so button allows.
  3. Place the mouse pointer in the selected area where you want to set the starting point of the gradient and drag to define the end point (Fig. 7.27). The Color Replacement Tool in Photoshop enables you to replace the colour of an image with the colour of the foreground. When you choose this tool, the mouse pointer changes to the target symbol
  4. Triple-click to select one sentence. Ctrl-a to select the whole document. Add text. To add text to your document, use the keyboard or the mouse to position the cursor where you want to add your text, then type. If any text is selected, your typing will over-write the selected text
  5. Position of the Cursor: To get the current position of the cursor, PyAutoGUI has a function position() that returns tuple of integers: (x, y) for the current position of the mouse cursor. pyautogui.position() # outpu: Point(x=487, y=664) Credits: Images are taken from Google Images. Thanks to Al Sweigart for the awesome Module
  6. The position property specifies the type of positioning method used for an element. Elements are then positioned using the top, bottom, left, and right properties. However, these properties will not work unless the position property is set first. They also work differently depending on the position value
  7. I would like to make this into a custom step-by-step sort of macro program. Example (prompt the user): Step #1 Left click on such-n-such icon (user can move the mouse and click on that icon, program saves coordinates) Step #2 Left click on the file menu. Step #3 Left click open

Position the mouse pointer in the flagged word (feture, in this case) Right-click the flagged word, feture. click the Center button on the Formatting toolbar Selecting a Graphic Click anywhere in the graphic If your screen does not display the Picture toolbar, click View on the menu bar, point to Toolbars, and then click Picture Resizing a. Step 1. Put your mouse cursor anywhere in the Word. Step 2. In the Home tab, move to the Styles section. There, right-click on the Normal style and select Modify. Step 3. In the pop-up Modify Style window, click the Format in the bottom left corner and choose Paragraph in the pop-up menu. Step 4. Then, it will open the Paragraph settings window In addition to the standard way to set the cursor, select a word or the whole sentence by means of single, double and triple click, the following shall apply: If the input focus is moved into the textfield by means of a single click, then the whole sentence in the textfield shall become selected

Click and drag the I-beam mouse pointer across a series of paragraphs to select them. Release the mouse button, then click the Numbering button or the Bullets button. A number or bullet will precede only the paragraph where the insertion point is located. Click anywhere on the editing screen to deselect the highlighted paragraphs The middle click wheel button and two thumb buttons can be re-bound to any keyboard function, Windows functions like volume or zoom, or Logitech's mouse gestures. You can do the same for the pointer speed button on top, which defaults to pointer speed but you shouldn't. Here's why The control is part of a sequential task. The targets on a screen can have different purposes and uses, and this Success Criterion specifies how each is to be handled. Equivalent targets: If there is more than one target on a screen that performs the same action, only one of the targets need to meet the target size of 44 by 44 CSS pixels Double-click anywhere on the word you want to select. 3: Selecting a paragraph. Triple-click anywhere on the paragraph you want to select. 4: Selecting a sentence. Hold down the Ctrl key and click anywhere in the sentence you want to select. 5: Selecting a column of text. Hold down Alt, click and hold the mouse button, and drag over the column. Click on Pair once you receive the prompt, and your device should start working once the connection completes. Note that you can also connect pointing devices to new iPhones. According to some reviews, you're better off using a third-party mouse or trackball as the connection to the Magic Mouse 2 remains problematic

Position the pointer (+) anywhere in the document window and click. The original structure remains in its position. Release the mouse button when the copy is clear of the original. the click is interpreted either as a double-click, which opens a text box or a triple-click, which duplicates your last atom label The standard mouse has two buttons toward the front (to left-click and right-click) and a scroll wheel in the center (to quickly move the screen up and down). However, a computer mouse can have anywhere from one to several more buttons to provide a wide variety of other functions (like the 12-button Razer Naga Chroma MMO Gaming Mouse ) 4. To deselect a selected word, use your mouse to left click anywhere in the document. 5. To select an entire line of text, move your mouse cursor to the left-hand margin of the page next to the line you wish to select. Hover and move your cursor until it changes into a right-pointing arrow. 6

Here are a few easy selection techniques for mouse lovers: To select a word, double-click it. To select a single line of text, click in the left margin next to the line. To select a sentence, hold. When mouse hover on text, it shows translated tooltip in any desired language. # Features - Visualize tooltip on any web page (except chrome web store site) - handle google translator and bing translator for translation - In the setting, google TTS (text to speech) is available to listen text - Support pdf to display translated tooltip using PDF.js - Filter out when source language and target. Some mouse wheels can be pushed left or right to also move back and forward on a web page. Select with double and triple click. Any word can be selected by double-clicking the word. If you want to highlight the whole paragraph or sentence, click the mouse button three times on any word A sentence - Hold down the Ctrl key, and then click anywhere in the sentence. 3. A paragraph: Triple-click anywhere in the paragraph. Or double-click when the mouse pointer turns arrow at the left side (home) of the text. 4. Multiple paragraphs: Move the pointer to the left of the first paragraph until it changes to a right-pointing arrow. Draggable Elements That Push Others Out Of Way. Aside from a few esoteric tricks involving stuff like the resize handle on textareas, draggable elements is JavaScript territory on the web. E.g. click on element, hold down mouse button, drag mouse cursor, element drags with the mouse, release mouse button to release element

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  1. If you need to reposition the text box inside the document while you're adding your text, move your mouse cursor anywhere outside of the text box. You'll see the cursor change temporarily from the Type Tool's I-beam into the Move Tool. Click and drag the text box to its new location, then continue typing
  2. A Sentence Press and hold <Ctrl> and click anywhere in the sentence A Line Click in the selection bar next to the line A Paragraph Triple-click the paragraph Everything <Ctrl> + <A> The Fundamentals •The File tab menu and Backstage view contain commands for working with a program's files, such as Open, Save, Close, New, and Print. To Move.
  3. Drag the mouse pointer to move an object to a new location. Drag the scale handles (red circles) to resize an object. Drag the handler to rotate an object. To get the rotate cursor shape, click the red circle above the object. Drag it in the desired direction. While dragging, the cursor shape will change again
  4. In addition to the above users can use the mouse to drag and select desired numbers or text in a cell. The behavior described above is similar to MicroSoft Word ad Mac OSX, a single click positions the cursor, a double click highlights the selected work and a triple click highlights the whole sentence
  5. Turn your mouse on, and you should see a small round mouse cursor. You can change the way the cursor looks via Settings > Accessibility > Pointer Control. Use the controls to change the cursor's.
  6. Try triple clicking inside any paragraph of this document? What happens? Try single clicking to the left of the word number 6 at the start of this line. What happened? What was the shape of your mouse pointer when it was to the left of 6? Hold down the Control key (Crtl) and single click to the left of the number 7 at the start of this line
  7. 3. solution (how to get out of it) To get out of this, locate an unfamiliar new icon on the task bar. That's the icon for Narrator Settings. If you're using a mouse (or a laptop trackpad), click on that icon to switch to the Narrator Settings window and then you'll know how to get out